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  1. Harrison is a possible RT. Not sure about LT. (not long enough)
  2. You can make a case that Brick is the one player on the Jets offense that they can't afford to lose. Not much depth there at such an important position.
  3. D-brick's one of my favorite Jets. But I thought our front office made a mistake not drafting a swing tackle in the early rounds this year.
  4. It'll be interesting to see how he compares with the OLB's we could've had like Beasily in round 1 or Herold in round 3.
  5. So in the 2nd round if the best player on the board is another DT, do we go again in that direction? BAP doesn't work in the modern day era
  6. With OLB being a position of need, you got to go Beasily or Dupree. To me, trading for Marshall means no wr in the 1st round.
  7. Interesting Thread. Just off the top of my head I can think of 2 teams: 1) The 2007 Giants picked up at least 3 prized free agents in Plax, Mckenzie & Pierce. 2) The 1994 49ers Super Bowl team seem to have a lot of free agents (Sanders, Norton Jr. Plumber, etc...)
  8. I agree. To me, run stuffing NT's are the 3rd most valuable players on defense (minimum) behind a pass rushing DE/OLB and shut down CB. I don't think they get enough respect.
  9. Not Gurley in the 1st round. Hate the idea of taking a RB coming off ACL injury in the 1st round. Pretty sure most teams feel that way too.
  10. Yes. But higher percentage if it's a 1st round qb
  11. Leaving 20 Million in cap space and failing to land a WR in one of the most WR rich drafts in history also did him in.
  12. I don't know much about Mariota, but if there's even a chance he's a franchise QB, you grab him. We all know how hard it is to find a young stud QB. Might not have an opportunity like this for a long time (especially when you consider how much talent we've added to our roster this year).
  13. Enough signing free agents. We've done a great job already. Time to consider future cap implications and focus on the draft.
  14. I fully agree. Always liked how Rex tells it like is. Just wanted him to tone it down a bit.
  15. Hopefully never. Rice isn't in the NFL because of his deteriorating skills. Definitely past his prime.
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