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  1. Agreed. Especially since we're not up against the cap. Having C. Davis, Mims, JuJu & Crowder seems like an embarrassment of riches.
  2. Between Fournette, Carson, Lindsey...... seems like a lot of quality RB's that're available. Normally don't like spending big money on RB's. But don't think we have too. And we still have a lot of cap space
  3. JuJu's a good kid. Maybe needs some maturing. But he's not a "me first" diva WR and seems pretty likeable. Definitely not a malcontent.
  4. JuJu is younger, more durable and more diverse (can put him on the outside). Also, this is Crowder's final year. Good idea to look ahead.
  5. Agree 100%. People say JD is a bargain hunter and won't overpay. But we have a unique opportunity this year with all this cap space (compared to other teams that are up against it). Also seems like there's a lot of quality young talent that's available, more so than other years.
  6. Good point. Last year Conklin was the only clear opportunity in free agency to really make a difference on the O-line. This year Thuney and Linsley are 2 guys that could have a positive effect. Hope we get one of them (even if JD has to overpay).
  7. LOL. Sorry Jimmy G. is on a different level than Darnold. We'd have to throw in some picks along with Darnold to get him.
  8. Would love to have Jimmy G. (especially over Darnold). But Niners aren't trading him unless there's a clear upgrade (Watson, Russell....). When healthy he's a potential top 10 QB. Btw, anyone that thinks Niners believe Darnold would be an upgrade over Jimmy G. is nuts.
  9. If we're drafting Wilson, we better have a quality backup QB. This kid looks very delicate. That said, I'm not sure Sam is that guy. Especially based on last year's tape.
  10. None of the QB's you named was within the last 4 years (Haskins aint athletic). Times have changed. The new breed of athletic QB's are pretty close to sure things. #JustDraftJustin is going viral.
  11. I'll accept that. But quite a while ago (4 years). Also, Mariotta's undoing had more to do with injuries.
  12. Can you tell me the last mobile (and athletic) QB taken in the 1st round that was a bust? Fields fits that profile of recent 1st round QB success stories like Allen, Watson, Kyler, Lamar......
  13. Fischer is only 30 (and still one of the better Tackles). He'll eventually get paid. Wonder how KC addresses their Tackle issue. They're still over the cap.
  14. Most of the current top WR's were taken in round 2 or later (Devante, M. Thomas, Tyreke, Metcalf, AJ Brown, Arob, K. Allen......). No way I take a WR or RB in the 1st round.
  15. Hard to believe the Lions didn't tag Golloday. He's arguably a top 10 WR in his mid 20's. Those guys should never be made available.
  16. In what world is Darnold an upgrade over Garoppolo?
  17. Agreed. Same might be true for Godwin. But prefer giving up a 2nd rounder for Godwin or Golladay.
  18. Agree with this. The eye test should make Fields the pick But more importantly, Fields just seems like the safer pick. He's bigger, more athletic, more durable and has done it longer. We'd all love to have Watson, Russell Wilson or Dak. Well which of the 2 QB's reminds us most of them?
  19. Almost always the 4th Tackle off the board. The surprise was that he was taken ahead of Wirfs.
  20. Both Becton and Edoga are injury prone. Don't think Fant should go anywhere (even if we draft a RT). Having a good swing tackle is a necessity, not luxury. Hell, it might've cost KC the Super Bowl last year.
  21. Agree strongly with this post and I'm also anti-Zach Wilson. However I felt the same way about Josh Allen. So I've learned to never trust my instincts (or judgement).
  22. Realistically speaking, Arob, Godwin and Golliday will not be available. These are 3 of 10 best WR's in the league and should be franchised or renewed. So we're looking at JuJu, Samuel and C. Davis. Corey Davis is my choice here. He showed signs last year and shouldn't cost a lot.
  23. Prior to last year, Ertz was regarded as a top 5 TE. Don't mind him at all.
  24. "Wilson a lock to go #2 overall". Anyone else see a hidden message from McShay to his buddy J.D.? Let me translate: Zach Wilson = Drew Lock. Go Fields instead.
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