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  1. Same here, but is Godwin (or Golloday) realistic? These are 2 top ten WR's entering the prime of their careers. Can't see either not being re-signed or franchised.
  2. No way Darnold is anything close to Wentz. In 2017, before Wentz tore his ACL, he was the leading MVP candidate. Wentz was bad last year, but that had a lot to do with a makeshift O-line that lost 4 out of 5 starters and a below average WR core. Wentz > Darnold. No should ever argue that.
  3. Great points. I'd add durability to that too. As far as I'm concerned, give me the best athlete at the QB position. Fields is that guy.
  4. That's fair. But doesn't it bother you that he also tore the labrum in the other arm too? Lets be honest, there are certain players that are more prone to injuries than others, and that should be a major consideration as far as the evaluations. Durability matters.
  5. For me it was. Never quite the same post-surgery. Wilson's shoulder combined with his slight frame makes me very nervous about selecting him at 2. #TeamJustinFields
  6. Best case scenario, even if you hit on a stud RB in the first round. Eventually you have no choice but to pay the man in 4 years. And giving a RB a big contract is a huge waste of money that could hamstring a franchise. Better invest in the O-line. It's been proven to be the way to go.
  7. That's where I'm at - Watson or Fields. The QB position has become an easy position to predict. ALWAYS GO WITH THE BEST ATHLETE! It wasn't always like this. But times have changed.
  8. I'm still on the "Justin Fields" train. Haven't seen any QB bust of late that fit his profile (mobile, athletic QB that can beat you with his feet). DeSean, Lamar, J. Allen, Kyler..... The list keeps growing. It's time for the Jets (and its fans) to jump on board and acknowledge that times are changing Fields at a #2. It's the safest pick. He's playing the QB position to where the NFL is going.
  9. I don't know about that. Those are some big names on that list. I'd think we'd have to give up mid-rounders (3rd - 5th) for some of those guys.
  10. There it is, Corey Davis. He looked good this year and shouldn't cost too much.
  11. JD and Saleh probably want a fresh start. Using the #2 pick on Fields/Wilson seems like the most logical way to go.
  12. 4 out of 5 of the top NFL coaches (and longest tenured) this past decade happened to be former defensive coordinators: (Bellichek, Carrol, M. Lewis and Harbough) Only Sean Payton is an offensive guy. No problem with Saleh (especially after the Gase disaster).
  13. Agree. Always go with the more athletic and more durable prospect. And it's time the Jets get with the program and draft a mobile QB that can beat you on his feet. These guys (Desean, Lamar, Allen...) seem to hit more often than miss (RGIII).
  14. You never know. I'll never forget when the NY Islanders made Garth Snow their GM.
  15. Darnold's poor play has made this a better pick for me. Is it possible J.D. wasn't completely sold on Darnold when he decided to go Morgan in the 4th? If that's the case, he deserves some credit.
  16. Not quite the same body type as Becton. Much leaner.
  17. I think Becton at the top of this list is a no-brainer. Problem is his size/health. Guys as big as Becton can't stay healthy and don't last as long as the others.
  18. I'm thinking of doing the same. It looks like Fubo and YoutubeTv have the most channels and sports options.
  19. I agree 100%. Trevor Lawrence can't pass up the Jets. New York is still a major media market that will elevate his brand and put more money in his pocket. These media guys/athletes that are encouraging him to stay in school are idiots. Come out next year so he can go to Jacksonville? Or maybe he can go to beautiful Cleveland (if they start stinking again)?
  20. Hate to say it, but there is a way to predict - body type. Unfortunately, it's not easy for a 370 pound left tackle to stay healthy. Becton might have great potential, but he's gonna have problems staying on the field (especially as he gets older and bigger).
  21. Amazing, they shut down an entire practice/facility for 1 positive test. Might be time to change this policy with the improvement in treatments and miniscule mortality rate.
  22. Agree with this. And I like Becton and all, but would've stayed away from drafting him in the 1st round (especially over Wirfs) because of the injury risk. Big dudes tend to get hurt often.
  23. Agree. But doesn't it depend if it's the labrum or rotator cuff? I tore my labrum and was fine for 4 years (then had surgery). I think rotator cuff tears are much more serious (and painful).
  24. It's a good sign. Jeff Smith seems like a competent WR to go along with Crowder. If we get Levian and Perriman back healthy (and Becton), I think we'll see an improved Darnold. Not interested in tanking. It never works. I want Darnold to be our QB for the next 15 years. Wish more Jet fans felt this way too.
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