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    AFC Game against Patriots were Sanchez defeated Brady and also when we drafted Mark Sanchez!
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  1. First time making a beef stew and it came out pretty good! Served with garlic & butter mash and seasoned green beans.
  2. I also want to add Maxman that I would definitely be interested in a jetnation mask!
  3. I think the emphasis of big plays would need to come from the commentators who would probably be prepped to come across as more enthusiastic! There is only one man for the job that can pull in the ratings for great commentary....GET HIM SIGNED!
  4. Fantastic post! I did forget to mention I was going to use a low sodium soy-sauce, I was contemplating adding sliced onions whilst I leave it to marinate over night though my concern was that the onions would go pinkish whilst being left in a dry marinade. I added everything I mentioned and the flour at the end was great because it helps add a thickness to the rub and keeps all the flavors intact to the meat. The plan is to slice an onion or two, pour a little bit of olive oil at the bottom of the crockpot and then add some onions, place the meat on top and then some more onion slices to cover the top of the meat, cook on low for about 3-4 hours and it should be good! My plan was to serve with veggies and brown rice but my wife is opting for mashed potatoes and green beans which sounds just as good!
  5. Nice, me and my wife are expecting our first child ...I bought some Jets onesies the other night but was thinking of getting them a Jets jersey. As they grow so quickly I was thinking of getting a Geno Smith infant jersey that is on sale, rather spend a low amount on a jersey than an expensive current jersey they will outgrow in a few months!
  6. This is great news for the teams and for those employees who work at those facilities that can now return to work by following the NFL and state protocols.
  7. I reckon there will be fans in certain sections and rows of the stadium and the lower stands will have huge banners of the team logo/ NFL advertising so when the camera is close the empty seats can not be seen.
  8. Your right it is complete greed, I hope that he does not get his deal and Dalton takes his spot. Hindsight!
  9. Sounds good! I have some small cuts of beef for a stew but was thinking of doing a dish in the crock-pot! I was thinking of placing the meat in a bowl with a little bit of olive oil, then putting on some salt, pepper, garlic & onion powder and then some McCormick's steak seasoning then sprinkle a little flour (I heard that holds the flavor well) then refrigerating over night. My plan was to add that to a crock-pot with some sliced onions and cook on low to serve with veggies? Any input on what you would do different or to accompany the meal?

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