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    Newish official Jets fan (previously followed as a 2nd team for over a decade now)

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    AFC Game against Patriots were Sanchez defeated Brady and also when we drafted Mark Sanchez!
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  1. So the MLBPA came back with a 70game season....I want baseball to return but when it does it sure is going to feel off considering how much these negotiations have been dragged through the mud.
  2. He actually has a list of 7 teams he would like to be traded to ..his way of saying goodbye to the Jets, he is probably waiting on those offers coming in now
  3. Yes!!!!!!! I must admit I loved watching The Office the US version and will admit it is better than the UK version, I feel like the British version is like an olive in the sense that you need to have a unique taste to understand or get it ...I suppose that is dry British humor in general though. If you are a Ricky Gervais fan then do check out "An Idiot Abroad"
  4. I have said this for a while, I reckon we will finish 8-8 and considering this is a rebuild I consider that a success!
  5. Yikes ..crack a smile or tell a joke Flacco... just kidding well not really 🤪
  6. If the Jets were a household item it would be a broken alarm clock
  7. Just when we thought there may of been a glimmer of hope that the NFL will expand its licensing to 2K sports, now we have to play the same old recycled Madden game each year 🙄 NFL, NFLPA extend long-term deals for simulation football video games Electronic Arts’ Madden NFL series will remain the only game in town for a while longer, when it comes to simulation football video games. The company announced Thursday that it has agreed to “multi-year” renewals of its exclusive licensing agreements with the NFL and NFL Players Association, shutting the door on the possibility that the league would open up the simulation license for other game publishers to enter the fray. This ensures that EA will continue to hold what the NFL contract describes as “the exclusive right to manufacture, market and distribute NFL-themed realistic action simulation video games.” In other words, if you want to play a simulation football game with real NFL teams and players, your only choice is Madden — as has been the case for the past 15 years. While the NFL’s renewal was technically up for a vote at Thursday’s meeting of league owners, an EA spokesperson told Polygon that the parties had agreed to terms ahead of time, and that the vote “is seen as a formality.” Financial terms of the renewal were not disclosed. Asked for information about the extension’s length, an NFL representative confirmed to Polygon that the new contract runs for six years “starting today,” taking the agreement through May 2026. The rep also said the contract includes a provision for a one-year extension at the end. That additional year depends on EA hitting certain revenue targets, reports The MMQB’s Albert Breer.
  8. Cheers, it tastes a lot better than it looks ...I added some corn starch and warm water which had some seasoning in it to thicken it up at the end. I used the McCormick's spicy steak seasoning and it gave it a really nice spicy/peppery taste.
  9. First time making a beef stew and it came out pretty good! Served with garlic & butter mash and seasoned green beans.

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