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    Newish official Jets fan (previously followed as a 2nd team for over a decade now)

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    AFC Game against Patriots were Sanchez defeated Brady and also when we drafted Mark Sanchez!
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  1. My wife's family are huge Auburn fans, it was only a matter of time until this happened the Gus Bus was definitely on its way out! The new coach who they brought in seems a bit meh...
  2. Tezza

    2020 NY Yankees

    Do we have many other fellow Jets and Yankees fans on here? I think we need a new Yankees 2021 thread!
  3. Mods this can be closed, I didn't realize there was an existing thread related to reading/books
  4. Let's give Morgan a try, I don't care if he is not ready by being on the practice squad if his role is to secure our Tank for Trevor so be it!
  5. The only places I see a Jets win is against Cleveland in my opinion.
  6. (way to go buddy to derail the way it is meant to be played, good job!) Curley Snow or Sun
  7. (stick the two options given) Silver Microsoft or Apple
  8. (don't like ribs or red meat) Pulled chicken Rocky or Scarface
  9. Not a huge reader but I definitely want to get back into reading I'm more of a fan of autobiographies and sci-fi fiction. If anyone else is into reading feel free to drop the book you are reading currently and a brief overview of the plot of the book. I have a Amazon Kindle Fire and if there are any good free or cheap books that y'all can recommend that would be great.
  10. Neither Summer or Winter
  11. Joe D needs to tell Gase to handle the play calling for this one
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