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  1. When do preseason games and schedules get announced?
  2. So I have been reviewing fanatics all players get the number 1 jersey and a few rookies and traded players have updated to their selected number. Travon is now showing as 44, AJ Brown as 0, Pickett 8, Tyler Smith 73 ... If that is all correct looks like Breece Hall is going 0!!!
  3. My bad on suggesting 12 I was just thinking of all the numbers he wore at Cinci 4,12,11,1,3 I know Reed has 1 so wondering what he will take ...we can punt White with 5 and give it to Garret. Also anyone laughing it's been a minute since we can get properly excited so behave haha
  4. I'm too excited after our first round yesterday ... predictions on what jersey numbers each guy will have knowing what is already assigned to current roster? Wilson - 5 Gardner - 12 JJ -11
  5. Me and a buddy did a mock draft with no trades, I can't see Kayvon going to Houston (his pick) but hopefully we keep 10 and can get Wilson or Williams. This draft is with no trades..take it with a grain of salt
  6. Sauce or Kayvon at 4 and Wilson or Williams at 10.
  7. Sorry for the noobish question but what is this game ..is it some form of trivia that happens with each netflix tv show?
  8. What's the format do you pay per item/donation or is it like $50 per ticket?
  9. Tailgate: For MetLife tailgates how does it work for randoms who just turn up does everyone pay like $30-50 for a wristband or are there some tailgates where you can pay per item? MetLife food: Is there a specific concession that MetLife is known for or is it all basically chicken tendies and fries (standard stadium food) I know most ballparks have signature dishes folk want to try. bag policy: am I correct in saying that you can't take in a purse and everything should be in one of those clear bags. Can you take food or drinks into the game (carton juice/milk for a kid) can you also take in one of those kid carriers you wear, I was planning on taking one in case the little one got tired at the end (this can fit in a poly bag) pregame activities: Besides the tailgate lot are there other activities that the jets host for fans like a kids area, ex player autograph signing, pictures with cheerleaders etc. Team store: How much merch do they usually have out since they have to transform this from Giants to jets? Is it a good array like they have at Yankee stadium? first game, apologies in advance for all the questions I'm just stoked to be going! Sitting in section 148 for what it's worth is that the wide where the away team tunnel is?
  10. Does anyone have the image showing the sunny/shady side of MetLife looks like it expired.
  11. Are the 200s the club sections Meh distasteful post ..as someone who has been to multiple NFL games both in US and internationally I'm used to it all, it's just a bit different when you are taking your kid to the game. Vroom vroom!
  12. I guess what I mean is I don't mind fans being passionate but how often do fights happen with pats fans in the stands and do tons of pats fans come for the game or just a small minority on comparison to a Giants/jets game etc.
  13. How rowdy does it get at MetLife when the pats play ...albeit this will be the Bradyless Patriots. I am looking at maybe getting tickets to the game and going with the family, I know 224B is the family section where alcohol is not permitted. What percentage of pats fans turn up for the game and are there any other sections which are more mellow.
  14. I know the helmet rule got dropped but not sure if it is for this upcoming season or the following season, I noticed GB Packers have a new throwback uni for this year and the Browns are also implementing something. With a new rookie QB and highly touted WR ..can we bring back the 1968 uniforms I am sure Nike will make a good few dollars by releasing throwback jerseys for each team. Looking at the NBA model and the city edition jerseys that come out each year these are a huge money maker for Nike and the league when it comes to jersey sales.
  15. I am based in Minnesota can some give me the TLDR options I have of watching NYJ games via the different NFL packages they offer?
  16. Very true I can go with a few friends to that game. We have both been to NY a few times previously so some things we have checked off so some of this is doing what we enjoy the things we are definitely going to do as this is more of my wife's birthday trip and my daughters first time are: Coney Island/ Shopping at Primark in Brooklyn, NY Times Square - I believe the store is called Grand Slam NY, I enjoy their sports merchandise and getting some souvenirs for family. Yankees game in lieu of missing out on NYJ opener? 5th Avenue shopping ..aka my wife wants to go to Tiffany's and I am sure there is a Disney for the little one (Is the NBA Store the only sports league store) 53rd/6th Ave for that amazing gyro cart Central Park Questions: Since Modell's is closed is there any specific chain now that carries a lot of sports equipment and merchandise like Modell's in the city, I enjoyed buying NY Sports team stuff from there as it was always current. I also enjoyed owning a Jets, Yankees or other NY team jersey knowing when I brought it home it is from NY! How far is the Bronx Zoo from Chelsea and is this Coney Island - We both have not been before is there anything specific along Brighton Beach we should view, and generally is this area free to enter and you pay per ride etc. Central Park - Any specific area we should go to ....is it beside the John Lennon Imagine that there is the small river with little archway bridge? I recall that area being nice with some nice seating ..potential picnic!. My wife used to love going to the Century 21 store in the financial district - is this open again as I heard they briefly closed during the pandemic Yeah, we are going to skip the Jets game for sure and go to a Yankees game instead, a bit less intense and we can walk around and go into the indoor sections ...I recall there were tickets you could get which granted you access to the Audi Mohegan Sun Club? Mods if you would like to move this topic to the Lounge section feel free to do so as I know it has drifted away from discussing Jets.
  17. Thanks for the input everyone a lot of solid points, unfortunately I think we will give it a miss, maybe we may substitute it for a baseball game which will be less loud and a bit more kid friendly that a NFL opener ...still need to get myself to a Jets game! I have been to NYC a few times but always look for recommendations on placing to see and things to eat that the local tourist would not be aware of. We are staying in Chelsea for what its worth .....mods if you want to move this thread to the lounge section and rename it that would be awesome I don't want to take up and sway the conversation to non jets in the jets sub. Cheers!
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