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  1. Don’t blame me I wanted Lamar Jackson Wait that was 2018... in 2017 I wanted Jamal Adams
  2. Darnold wasn’t a fast riser, he was a breakout freshman who made a name for himself with a great Rose Bowl. If anything he was the heralded prospect in that draft class who stumbled a bit his last year and Mayfield ended up as the top guy
  3. You better not trade too far because I could easily see him going as early as 8 to Carolina
  4. I read some reports it was one of the best senior bowl showings in the last 10 years
  5. The reports I’ve heard were that Jones and Najee Harris were the two best players there. Also that Jones is being considered a top 10-15 talent in the draft so he may go a lot earlier than people think
  6. LMAO great idea put Reggie White on the helmet
  7. Plus if he could bring a title to the Jets it instantly vaults him to legendary status
  8. NY drip is like no other. I still see Namath on TV hawking medicare plans to old people almost every day it seems like
  9. The question should really be do you want Lawrence on a rookie contract + draft picks or Watson
  10. It’s amazing- the Jets hire Saleh and overnight the Texans become the new Jets of the league
  11. It means he’s likely a flanker and not an X receiver in the NFL, same with Robby
  12. This would be great news for the 2022 draft picks
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