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  1. the quote I heard was specifically “WR + RB” but I’m not really familiar enough yet to really have a good opinion right now but I would seem to agree it seems to be mostly WR talent at least at the top https://mobile.twitter.com/draftnetworkllc/status/1204423221732360192
  2. the early hype is “best class ever” for offense skill positions. that 3rd round pick from the giants is looking pretty sweet right now
  3. jets absolutely must take OL early- darnold needs protection or he’s not going to have a long career. and with the talent level of some of these monster DL’s right now it elevates the value of some of these elite OL just due to their relative scarcity
  4. bUt YoU cAn’T pLaY LiKe ThAt iN tHe NfL
  5. robby isn’t a #1, he’s 100% a flanker. like a taller djax
  6. you know *in theory* you could actually beat me instead of whining about losing
  7. If I do it again next week I’ll stop picking on you guys if you want me to
  8. sup buddy. judging by how quick you are to try to dunk on me I can tell you didn’t win squat this time. better luck next week 😘
  9. LOL yeah I whiffed on my 5 teamer this week but lamar jackson bailed me out. oh and I took both first and second place in the JN fanduel league along with quite a few other DFS hits so I did well for myself this week, thanks for asking. how’d you do?
  10. I’ve bet the jets exactly one time this season and that was week 6 vs dallas. I pick teams I think will win- which is why I rarely bet my favorite team
  11. LOL I don’t have any idea who you are but I’d gladly take your money too. unless you’re just another coward who just likes to talk
  12. on monday miami was running prevent defense on their own 30 yard line and then put xavien howard on IR after the game. they can’t even run a basic defense let alone exotic blitzes
  13. LOL nah that’s me laughing at you being too scared or too poor to put your money where your mouth is
  14. I took almost half the pool last week so thanks for your donations in advance

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