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  1. no but they should use it as a learning point going forward. the camera footage is so good now that it’s a bad look for the refs to be missing calls that every fan can see on replay. they should have a judge in the box plugged into the camera feeds that can call official reviews in egregious cases to avoid making it a coach decision. and refs wouldn’t have to worry about “make up” calls anymore either
  2. he wouldn’t be nearly as good here. the KC offense is a cheat code for RB’s, just look at what damien williams is doing with them coming off the street and into the playoffs. not worth the baggage
  4. cant wait

    Jets Should Pursue Jadeveon Clowney in FA

    not interested, knee microfracture = short career. give me frank clark, dee ford or d. lawrence
  5. cant wait

    Okay... it has to be Josh Allen

    beasley was primarily a pass rusher at clemson. allen can set the edge in the run game and cover in space, he’s an every down player in any scheme
  6. cant wait

    Okay... it has to be Josh Allen

    agreed. allen has von miller/khalil mack potential
  7. cant wait

    Congratulations to Chris Herndon

    herndon is extremely promising for a 22 year old rookie TE. keep in mind TE’s can take a little while to break out, you look at the top guys like kelce, ertz and kittle and they didn’t really start to break out until age 25. he’s ahead of the curve
  8. this has to fall on tomlin. every year it’s always a new drama with that team. I don’t blame him for not wanting to put up with the BS from roethlisberger either- AB is twice the competitor he is. it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s tries to force his way to the pats this offseason
  9. cant wait

    PFF Mock Draft- Top 10

    100% correct, the truly elite athletic monster edge rushers are gold. jets have drafted what, four 5-tech DE’s in the first round since gholston? if they can draft a talent like allen and then sign one of the free agents like clark or ford they could go from one of the worst defenses to one of the best overnight. then they would have 6 more picks and 70M to invest in offense
  10. SAS also said he’s been loving watching his boy hunter henry tear it up all season
  11. he could play 4-3 too most likely. a khalil mack type edge rusher that you can line up anywhere in the front 7, potential DPOY upside
  12. cant wait

    Bring back Woody

    the team hasn’t been the same since he went down right before the AFCCG 2010
  13. cant wait

    Pats are winning the super bowl

    pats defense isn’t bad but they are slow. they can’t handle speed like KC has. not to mention arrowhead is going to be absolutely frigid next week
  14. cant wait

    Top 50 Free Agents 2019

    #1 priority has to be C, I’d probably want morse the most since he’s young and can also play swingman OT. one of the edge rushers- frank clark, dee ford or lawrence. then if they could add an LB like barr or if they could draft allen the defense would be radically transformed. I’m not in love with the skill positions but I’d like a speed WR like john brown who would probably come cheap too. if there’s money left for bell then sure why not but they need to load up on depth here

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