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  1. I thought he was called president because he trashes people on twitter?
  2. that’s a lie. it was a bad play by adams, but that was whiffing on a tackle not getting beat running downfield https://mobile.twitter.com/Chiefs/status/937401574321618944/video/1
  3. it’s funny how this guy cherry picks stats to support his agenda. adams was running in the 4.3-4.4 at LSU pro day
  4. come on man, this is kids having fun
  5. no I mean they would have taken chubb at 5 and packaged their second rounders to get back into the first round for jackson. I think baltimore gave up their 2 + next years 2 for #32
  6. no chance. someone was going to move up to 3 in any scenario
  7. jets would have probably traded back into the first for lamar jackson in that scenario instead of baltimore
  8. cant wait

    Josh Rosen: Huge A-Hole!

    jamal adams didn’t exactly grow up poor either
  9. cant wait


    the ravens got the steal of the draft, but trading sheldon + a pair of 2’s for the consensus top QB is an amazing deal
  10. they should make them take the wonderlic while being chased by pass rushers
  11. cant wait

    Paradis top 5's for 2018 (add yours too)

    no love for price? he should be healthy in time for camp
  12. cant wait

    Name the surprise Riser and Surprise faller...

    + lamar jackson & leighton vander esch - rashaan evans