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  1. Yeah that’s a good one. The way he uses his long arms to keep defenders away is very reminiscent of DT
  2. Yes I absolutely love this kid. This is the kind of player that can give the team a true identity
  3. Mims reminds me a lot more of DeVante Parker than Metcalf. Hopefully he doesn’t need 5 years to break out like Parker though
  4. When I see the pancake block highlight reel of his he really looks more like a defensive player out there than any OL I can remember. He actually reminds me of Kris Jenkins with his sheer power out there. It’s fitting that he’s going to wear #77 for the team
  5. Mims was the best WR at the senior bowl. IMO Philly should have taken him over Reagor but the Baylor WR bias is a real thing. This kid puts in work
  6. I believe that, they loved using him on fades in end zone. IIRC he had 50% of Baylor’s pass TDs in 2018 and last season
  7. Yes and keep in mind Mims caught 50% of Baylor’s receiving TD’s
  8. Absolutely not true. I know Mims is a Baylor WR but he’s also one of the smartest WR’s in this class, a former QB who understands how to play the position. Go back and watch the senior bowl if you haven’t already and you’ll see that Mims is a well rounded receiver and not just a tall guy that can run fast
  9. The broken tackle rate is a concern. I’ve seen on Perine “a 3rd down back in an every down back’s body” although on the bright side he does know how to pass block which the Jets will most definitely need from him if anything happens to Bell
  10. Joe D has ice in his veins to trade back and still pick up Mims like that. Finally a GM that knows how to play the game
  11. The shuttle measures start-stop, the 3-cone measures ability to accelerate while changing direction
  12. The draft picks and trades are a lot more likable too
  13. Baylor WR bias. Mims is a true size/speed freak

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