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  1. LMAO great idea put Reggie White on the helmet
  2. NY drip is like no other. I still see Namath on TV hawking medicare plans to old people almost every day it seems like
  3. The question should really be do you want Lawrence on a rookie contract + draft picks or Watson
  4. It means he’s likely a flanker and not an X receiver in the NFL, same with Robby
  5. This would be great news for the 2022 draft picks
  6. It’s true in the case of Devonta Smith and Jamarr Chase, but Smith outplayed him and won the Heisman. I’m just saying I don’t see what OL stood out that much to put above Sewell after the season he had
  7. I think some of that has to be recency bias- it’s hard to imagine a LT who received heisman votes not being the best at his position
  8. I would say the Jets trading for Watson would make more likely that Robinson would want to sign with them too
  9. #2, #23, #66, 2022 seattle first round pick, Sam Darnold (or whatever pick he’s traded for)
  10. Also SF had the #4 ranked pass defense last season without Buckner, Bosa, Sherman etc
  11. Lance’s tools are too tantalizing for him to last until the 4th. He’s not getting out of the 2nd round- especially if he’s as sharp in interviews as he supposedly is
  12. Do people seriously want Urban Meyer? I thought the Jags just wanted him to attract Gators fans

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