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  1. Who cares. Season’s over might as well take the cannoli
  2. The big picture is that the Jets are currently the worst team in the league. It’s a damn shame but let’s be real it’s time to smash the reset button and hope we can lure Lincoln Riley to the NFL with the promise of coaching TLaw with a boatload of draft capital in the first couple years. And we watch Pittsburgh scoop up Darnold for pennies on the dollar and thrive as Big Ben’s successor
  3. He’s not as good as Bosa. 5/100 would probably get it done, that’s what Frank Clark got
  4. I’d rather they trade a 2nd round pick and sign Ngakoue for 5/100
  5. I would be all for putting together a Julio Jones esque trade for WR Justyn Ross but I just read about his spinal condition. I’d still take him in the first round though, if he drops to the late first he could be too much to pass up
  6. In a way even if Seattle did overpay it’s still justifiable. When you’re an 11+ win team as they likely are, there’s little you can do to improve as when the cap is pretty stretched and their window to win is right now. Adams is a luxury piece that they hope can bridge the gap between them and SF - he’s just not enough of a value for a team like the Jets to build around
  7. I remember wanting Hooker over Adams at one point in the draft- he was incredible at Ohio state. The injury history was/still is the issue with that guy though
  8. How do we start a petition to change the sponsor from MetLife to Trader Joe’s Stadium
  9. Oh you mean pre-draft. I thought you meant if they had traded Adams for the Dallas pick at the trading deadline
  10. If the Jets had sent Adams to Dallas though they likely would have had a lower pick. How would you rate if we had received #24 instead (hypothetical where Dallas lands post trade)
  11. If all Adams cared about was getting paid he wouldn’t have forced his way out. Seattle is much more likely to wait it out and tag him instead of giving him an early extension after trading all those picks
  12. It makes the Davis pick incredible value in hindsight too

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