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  1. cant wait

    Darnold's throwing mechanics

    he’s got a funny little windmill but it doesn’t seem to be holding him back so whatever
  2. these days if you have a good OC you need to make him your head coach or another team will poach him from you. I say give bates a shot this offseason, he’s much harder to replace than bowles
  3. I’m expecting the jets to make a big trade sometime between now and the offseason, they have a ton of cap space next year and will probably be looking to add an impact player to sign while darnold is still on his rookie deal. not really sure of what’s going to be available in free agency other than bell
  4. honestly the kid is so naturally gifted he really could take some time off and make a real comeback in a year or two. he’s like the football equivalent of josh hamilton
  5. NE is probably the best place for him honestly. the browns have been such a joke that he never really got a dose of any real discipline. I could see gruden trying to take him under his wing too, although they probably don’t have room for him and martavis bryant
  6. cant wait

    Bucky Brooks On Jet Defense

    williamson is that kind of guy, a rock solid run stopper that gives lee more of a cushion to use his speed in space
  7. cant wait

    Deion Jones put on IR

    wow congrats anyway though, that’s the kind of move that could win your league. rule #1 of Big Ben: never start on the road
  8. cant wait

    Deion Jones put on IR

    wait you have connor? then you absolutely fleeced that guy— bell/connor + thomas > kamara
  9. cant wait

    Khalil Mack couldn't protect a 20-0 lead.

    rodgers is the reason mack couldn’t get on the field in the second half, they kept running the hurry up offense keeping the bears from making any subs on 3rd down... remember Mack missed the entire offseason so they were really only using him in pass rush situations. he’s still a game wrecker and will play more as the season goes on
  10. cant wait

    Deion Jones put on IR

    wow Deion jones & keanu neal out for the year... huge losses for Atlanta
  11. cant wait

    Awesome game! Lots of thoughts...

    lee looks a lot better with a better run stopping MLB next to him, he has sideline to sideline speed in coverage. adams made a couple splash plays, one on a run blitz and one on the hit on tate in the end zone, also had his 1st career pick. D Line play was stifling, and the lions OL was considered one of the better units in the league. Trumaine Johnson is a beast. Nickerson had a couple nice plays and an extremely stupid taunting penalty on 3rd down. Enunwa is the slot beast he was before the injury. and THE KID IS GOOD
  12. don’t sleep on bates for HC if this offense does decently well

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