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  1. and now he’s starting drama with his passive aggressive social media nonsense. he needs to go
  2. I was completely against any idea of moving adams but not anymore. he talks a big game but is the first to throw his QB under the bus when things go wrong. it’s time to dump this phony while his value is high
  3. that’s fine, I don’t really care enough to try and make an argument here so I’ll concede. but just FYI the reason I give you crap about your adams bashing isn’t so much that you don’t like him- you weren’t out there pounding the table for any players you really wanted. if you have such strong opinions on draft classes then bring something to the table and put your name on it. because otherwise it’s just weak jocking
  4. LOL just imagine wanting to trade an all-pro safety for this god awful bust. still cracks me up
  5. lol you wanted to trade adams for solomon thomas just last year. sit down
  6. he’ll be a free agent next season. can the jags afford to tag him?
  7. sounds like a good opportunity to trade for TY hilton
  8. wow and mitch morse is already in concussion protocol as of today. good signing
  9. this kid is all ball. we are seriously lucky the jets landed him
  10. maybe if he wasn’t coming off a torn achilles
  11. he should have stayed for his senior season but some lessons are better learned the hard way I guess. in fairness to him though the UF program does not seem to be doing a great job of training their kids. their top prospects have a bad track record with staying healthy- you saw jawaan taylor fall all the way down to 35 too despite widely being considered as a top 15 pick this year

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