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  1. maybe if he wasn’t coming off a torn achilles
  2. he should have stayed for his senior season but some lessons are better learned the hard way I guess. in fairness to him though the UF program does not seem to be doing a great job of training their kids. their top prospects have a bad track record with staying healthy- you saw jawaan taylor fall all the way down to 35 too despite widely being considered as a top 15 pick this year
  3. gotta use the rookie QB contract years while you can. chicago and cleveland both made splash trades after their QB’s rookie season - jets need to consider trying to acquire a difference maker while they have the extra cap space advantage
  4. both sides need to balance each other, if the defense can get stops and turnovers the offense can run efficiently through bell and darnold to win a bunch of games. gase has made brocktoberfest look like a decent NFL QB
  5. my thoughts exactly. if we get lucky and polite & edoga are effective starters this team should have enough depth to compete immediately
  6. if both of the jets 3rd round picks hit then this team is ready to compete now IMO
  7. LOL the guy with the brilliant insight like “shane ray had a bad combine too”
  8. the fair comparison for QW is fletcher cox. 1.67/1.64 10 yd split 4.83/4.79 40 303 lb / 300 lb
  9. I think it’s more likely polite played at 235 last season. both him and brian burns had a similar profile but burns (2” taller) showed up at the combine at 249 and ran well but reports are he’s back down to 240 which is probably where both of these guys should be at right now. remember josh allen was right at this level coming out of his junior season before he decided to stay and turn himself into an NFL ready day 1 starter. this is the guy I would be telling polite to model himself after- the people saying he looks like shane ray are smoking crack. ray’s problem was that his hips are too stiff to play OLB and his frame is too small for a DE. he never had the ability to bend the edge like this kid showed
  10. with a prospect like polite you simply just throw away all the testing and hope your support system is strong enough to teach this kid how to be a pro. he’s a sloppy 258 right now so after a good NFL strength and conditioning program his target playing weight should be a lean 245-250

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