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  1. Just don’t be the one left holding the bag
  2. Also it’s not really fair to expect the Raiders to pass on Darrisaw for Leatherwood
  3. I doubt last year’s team with Adams ends up with pick #2 as well
  4. I would compare Moore to somebody like Tyler Lockett, Schwartz seems more of the deep threat type- he looks something like Ted Ginn to me. I do agree that a good interior guy would be preferable. Out of Ben Cleveland, Kendrick Green, Quinn Meinerz the last chance to grab one is probably pick 107 so I think I’ll swap that pick out over the TE now that I’m rethinking things
  5. Hey now lol. I did mock these Jets picks based off of need/pre-draft meetings/projected draft position not personal preference. Not too familiar with Snowden but he sounds like an interesting prospect- 6’7 240lb so more of an off ball linebacker rather than an edge, he would profile as a player like Leonard Floyd it seems like
  6. 1. JAX - Trevor Lawrence QB 2. NYJ - Zach Wilson QB 3. SF - Mac Jones QB 4. ATL - Trey Lance QB 5. CIN - Jamarr Chase WR 6. MIA - Penei Sewell OT 7. DET - DEN (trade) Justin Fields QB 8. CAR - Kyle Pitts TE 9. DEN - DET (trade) - Jaylen Waddle WR 10. DAL - Patrick Surtain II CB 11. NYG - Micah Parsons LB 12. PHI - Rashawn Slater OT 13. LAC - Christian Darrisaw OT 14. MIN - Jaycee Horn CB 15. NE - Devonta Smith WR 16. ARI - Alijah Vera-Tucker OT 17. LV - Levi Onwuzurike DT 18. MIA - Zaven Collins LB 19. WF
  7. Good one, Surtain to Dallas just seems like a lock. If Lance is gone I see NE possibly going OL to make up for losing Thuney
  8. 37M guaranteed over his age 32-34 seasons- I don’t want him unless Atlanta is giving us a pick. Too risky
  9. Second round seems to be the value zone for WR unless you have a shot at the big 3 in the back half of the first. Eli Moore or Bateman is who I’d be looking at with pick 34
  10. That’s not enough for #34, needs to be a 2022 second rounder there instead
  11. This kid really sounds like baby Aaron Donald/JJ Watt, 6’3 285 lb with superhuman athletic ability. He played mostly 5 tech at LA Tech but I would draft him with the intention of playing him at edge primarily. It will be very tough to pass on this guy if he’s there in the 3rd round, I would think he’s probably vaulted himself to the 2nd considering the lack of depth at DL in this class
  12. Just wanted to see how ridiculous a mock I could get out of PFF- 15 picks + 2 2022 firsts and 3 seconds lol
  13. Don’t blame me I wanted Lamar Jackson Wait that was 2018... in 2017 I wanted Jamal Adams
  14. Darnold wasn’t a fast riser, he was a breakout freshman who made a name for himself with a great Rose Bowl. If anything he was the heralded prospect in that draft class who stumbled a bit his last year and Mayfield ended up as the top guy
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