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  1. Paradis top 5's for 2018 (add yours too)

    no love for price? he should be healthy in time for camp
  2. Name the surprise Riser and Surprise faller...

    + lamar jackson & leighton vander esch - rashaan evans
  3. the point is that he faced just as much, if not more tough competition as the rest of the top prospects (other than darnold)
  4. If you like freak athlete TEs

    nice will be intriguing to follow his development. speaking of big WR- you familiar with allen lazard? seems like he could be a brandon marshall type and a nice day 3 option
  5. I prefer rosen but your statement about weak defenses is false https://www.diehards.com/oklahoma/baker-mayfield-pass-defense-sam-darnold-josh-rosen-sam-darnold-josh-allen
  6. If you like freak athlete TEs

    sounds like he might be more of a big WR like calvin than a true TE at that weight
  7. If you don't want Allen, who you taking??

    he’s got a really nice compact motion and quick release, the only problem I’ve seen is that the ball tends to sometimes flutter instead of coming out as a tight spiral coming out of his hand- you see it mostly on the out routes. part of it might be how much pressure he saw carrying that louisville team behind that garbage OL (sacked 46 times last season) so I think he could benefit greatly if he was drafted by a team that could afford to have him sit initially and let him refine his mechanics. at #3 I think that means he’s out of the picture for the jets but I’d still take him ahead of allen
  8. Trading Up Will Happen

    I think that remains to be seen, I haven’t heard much about what they plan on doing next season other than switching to a zone blocking scheme. regardless if he’s a good coach he will hopefully adapt his system to play to the QB’s strengths and not force a round peg into a square hole like they did with shotty and sanchez
  9. Trading Up Will Happen

    I’m actually pretty high on bates and I’ll tell you why- first, the jets promoted him not because morton deserved to be canned but because they saw a bright up and coming coach that they didn’t want to lose to another team. the shanahan coaching tree couldn’t be hotter right now, if you’re looking at what mcvay and kyle shanahan are doing with their teams. so if you’re the jets and you’re looking at potentially moving on from bowles in the near future, it’s a smart move to look internally and identify someone you consider a rising star and give them an opportunity to climb the ladder
  10. What position do you want taken in Round 3?

    would love to get price or sweat
  11. Trading Up Will Happen

    by their track record with rookie QB’s then no, probably not. but in terms of coaching I will say that I didn’t think morton did a bad job with the offense last year all things considered, so I am intrigued to see how bates runs things. I was glad to see at least cousins co-sign for him so maybe there’s some hope for him to turn things around. but for real I’m just sick and tired of taking chances on these project QB’s that never go anywhere so why not make the move to get a franchise guy if they really believe there’s 3 of them in this class. because you really can’t just sit there and wait for one to fall to you like a safety or 5 tech DL
  12. Trading Up Will Happen

    I’m just happy the team feels like they are drafting a difference maker
  13. that’s what I would tell cleveland if I was macc. make them cough up a 4th to swap picks 3 & 4 if they draft a QB #1
  14. Rosen, Darnold, or this trade was an epic fail!

    it’s not gambling if you have 3 guys rated highly. mortgaging next years 1st round pick would be too much