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  1. if I was the redskins I’d be offering the #12 pick for rosen. AZ messed up by overplaying their hand at the combine now every team is trying to fleece them
  2. I mean if it’s a player that’s rated very highly that slips like tunsil did then fine but that’s a risky proposition. I don’t expect the dolphins to do us any favors either by giving up #13 for a worse pick next year. I’d say more realistic is trading back into the second round if bradberry falls
  3. you want to trade next years #1 and then draft a player and have him sit for a year? doesn’t seem like a great deal
  4. if I were the chargers I’d get rosen to groom under rivers
  5. cant wait

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    UK pro day (friday) will be very important
  6. cant wait

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    edit for double post
  7. cant wait

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    that’s interesting- I don’t think it’s enough to really change my opinion overall but I guess the metrics really do hate the 7+ second 3 cone. especially without plus explosive power in the jumps
  8. cant wait

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    is that accurate? I saw nick bosa had a 1.55 10yd split at the combine so I would have figured he would have the higher score of the 2. unless the height is what’s skewing the number here
  9. here’s the rumors I’ve collected so far that sound the most accurate: brighter green (more saturated than the 80’s green) black alt (makes sense that the brighter green would be suitable for numbers on black) triangular “speed” line (similar in usage to the top line from the 80’s jets logo. heavily hinted at in the promo materials) chunkier logo (needed for legibility on brighter base) I have 100% faith in the nike design team, this is a franchise with a classic look and identity so I expect them to do a tasteful upgrade like they did with the lions
  10. if you’re good at breaking down OL play, take a look at FA tyler shatley former backup C for the jags. I recall him doing well in backup for the games linder was out. both last year and 2017 (he was starting the 2 games fournette ran all over pittsburgh and the rams)
  11. robby anderson’s new green car... speculation is it’s the new jets color
  12. cant wait

    Tyreek Hill to be released???

    and travis kelce turns 30 this year 🤐
  13. cant wait

    If the Giants are dumb enough

    there’s a decent chance SF takes quinnen williams. they apparently like both but they could also just be signaling to the raiders for a trade
  14. cant wait

    Justin Houston

    greedy at 3? or you thinking trade?

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