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  1. I don’t disagree. That doesn’t change my statement though.
  2. He is really 33rd. Looked this morning. Was 27th before the game.
  3. Its not a good excuse. Every team deals with injuries.
  4. To an objective centrist, yes. Just as many people praising and excusing as there are whining and complaining.
  5. They are years away from being decent. You would think people would be used to that by now.
  6. You know things have gotten bad when statements like this are made. Fought like bastards to win? They lost by 21. Had their score doubled. Pretty sad.
  7. He is 27th overall in qb rating. (Oops, after thursday he is now 33rd) Mediocre at best. And that is ok. Better than the jets have had in a long time.
  8. Just as many people are overboard with positivity as there are negativity.
  9. Why do people get so worked up anytime someone says that maybe Sam won’t live up to the hype? If you are so confident he will be a stud, you shouldn’t need to be so defensive.
  10. At this point, I think he is who he is. He will get better as he hasn’t been a qb for that long, but I think he is always going to make some great plays and some big mistakes. Overall it averages out to be mediocre, and that is okay. They can win with that. You just need better coaching and a better team around him.
  11. Yes, Gase is slow. Can’t devise a scheme that utilizes his teams strengths.
  12. I like football, but its doubtful I would go, even if the tickets were free. The team isn’t good, and I would rather watch on tv from home anyway. The last time I went to a game was almost 20 years ago. The lady in front of us was so drunk she pissed her pants.
  13. Not everyone feels like doing that. You can’t expect other people to post the way you want. Accept people for who they are.

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