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  1. Ryan Shazier

    I too have grown tired of the big hits, especially the illegal ones. Hits like Gronks should be outlawed from the game. He should see a much more severe penalty for what he did. Hopefully they make some major changes.
  2. Yes, in North Carolina, that is how it works.
  3. North Carolina law states differently.
  4. The NFL has a big problem

    Yet, you are spending your time on a forum dedicated to the sport. Got ya. Lol.
  5. The NFL has a big problem

    I never said it was better. I think it is, I don't really care for college football at all, but the conversation was regarding a declining viewership. The fact is that it may be declining, but its still getting far better ratings.
  6. The NFL has a big problem

    Its an anomaly. The TV ratings disagree with you. NFL ratings may be declining but they are still getting far more viewers than college football.
  7. The NFL has a big problem

    Nothing lasts forever. The NFL has been on top for a couple decades. Things have changed a lot in that time. Interest in sports in general is declining. Personally, I think there is a lot the NFL could do to make the product better, and I would be very happy to see that happen, but I don't think it would have much impact on viewership. There are just a lot of different options for your dollar and for your hour and the more casual fans are turning to other things. Personally, I am fine with that. NFL ratings are still higher than most things. Its still on TV. I am still able to watch. I would be fine with it becoming a niche sport again.
  8. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    I still watch football because I find it enjoyable. I enjoy the chess match aspects of the game. I for one am also fine if casual fans tune out. It would be nice if it would go back to the niche sport it used to be.
  9. Would Eli To The Jets Be A Possibiity?

    He's going to Jacksonville.
  10. Brisset - Luck

  11. Brisset - Luck

    So you pick another qb that is partially black. One who has never played. You cant play the its not racist comment card anymore after that.
  12. Its not terrible, just terribly mediocre.
  13. Thats not what you said. After trying to look it up, you still dont have it right, lol. What a ding dong.
  14. Jets D Dancing in 3rd Quarter

    I dont think anyone is disparaging it. We just don't care what you do. I for one would be fine if the casual fans stopped watching.
  15. Lol, no one is mad. Stop thinking people are angry just because they correct your mistakes. Look up the etymology of the phrase. You still don't know what the statement means.