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  1. May just have been a precaution by team staff that isn’t familiar with him.
  2. Who knows, it could just be anxiety. I don’t really see it as any big deal. I played sports growing up (and still do), was always in really great shape, but would lose my breath, gag and puke in the middle of every game or practice. It never impacted my ability to play and play well.
  3. No state is tax free. They get you one way or the other.
  4. Favre doesn’t seem smart enough to do something like this. Then again, he got caught, so who knows.
  5. Sure. Personally, Ive known at least 7 people harmed or killed by a gun, but not a single person has stopped a crime. Strange.
  6. Yep. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care either way whether people have guns or not.
  7. And statistics still show that you are more likely to harm yourself or someone else accidentally with a gun than you are to stop a crime. Its strange.
  8. There seems to be no correlation between gun laws and crime. Statistics show they don’t make it better or worse.
  9. Which is why i led with, personally…
  10. Personally, i just choose to live in places that aren’t so dangerous that i feel the need to own a gun.
  11. Yeah, not much to worry about in the 3rd round.
  12. Your point being? I sprained my ankle 25 years ago and its never been the same. Not really relevant as neither of us are pro athletes.
  13. Thats ok, just means they don’t have to move us as far. I’ve never heard of a pec injury being a long term concern.
  14. Somehow go grab Nakobe Dean and call it a draft.
  15. Somehow get Nakobe Dean, call it a draft and have 5 starters from day 1. Thats how you turn around a team.
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