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  1. Yeah, but both players are around 28 years old. These are their prime years. Do they really want to go to a rebuild?
  2. Id rather they sign Corey Linsley than Thuney. Move McGovern to guard. I also don’t think the jets have a chance with Robinson unless they get Watson. He has been dealing with crap at QB his entire career. He is going to have plenty of options. Why would he go to another young or iffy situation at qb?
  3. The jets are still bidding against other teams.
  4. 3rd rounder? 5th rounder? You people are crazy. He will get a first or 2nd at least.
  5. The bills? I take it you have never lived in Buffalo.
  6. I don’t think they want any qb in return. They will care about the picks. Its going to take at least 3 first rounders.
  7. Corey Linsley should be the focus. I don’t see the Jets signing a bunch of big names.
  8. Corey Linsley would be an excellent signing. David Bakhtiari is another but has been hurt. Didn’t they sign Ricky Wagner a few years ago?
  9. Either trade for Watson or trade down. I am not a huge watson fanatic, but three number ones for the best qb, by a wide margin, that I have seen play for the jets is probably worth it. Still have a #1 this year and next? For a sure thing? Otherwise, I trade down for more lottery tickets.
  10. You were the one who brought up stats?

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