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  1. This is what happens when peaceful protests don’t work.
  2. The team has been pitiful. No one deserves to be on the list.
  3. As someone who has never lived in NYC or nearby, but has lived in at least 4 cities or at least rooting areas of rivals, no one hates the jets. They laugh at us for liking them. They might make fun of them. But no one hates them.
  4. Very good move, and one everyone should have seen coming.
  5. This question is not answerable with the information we have. I don’t know what he is asking for and I don’t know what teams are offering for him. It all depends.
  6. Can’t really say I disagree. Every qb has their weaknesses. The best players fit really well into their systems.
  7. You are both right. This is what a wonderlic score of 11 gets you. We are lucky QW can tie his own shoes.
  8. I think both make it as backups this year.
  9. Lol. And yes, I am laughing at you. Thanks for confirming your delusions.
  10. The ratings seem fair. Someone has to be last. I can see why people wouldn't like the Jets uniforms. There isn't anything special about them. Not even history.
  11. Its not likely to happen, unless they decide to move teams. All of the states are not going to be reopened in the same fashion at the same time. There are going to be restrictions in some places for years.

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