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  1. So which are of our lineman does this suit, any of them?
  2. I have said this was happening for months. Neither Mac or Bowles, anywhere they have been, besides david carr, have been willing to invest or play a high drafted qb. Their emtire history has been signings or trades. I get that they werent making all the decisions but nothing in their background says first round rookie qb. They are going all in on cousins, and they will do the same with leveon bell if he isnt franchised. Im saying 6 years 180 mil for cousins and 6 years 90 million for bell.
  3. Rosen for sure. Darnold has a chance to be good, Rosen has a chance to be special.
  4. What would you give up for a Jets Superbowl?

    Honestly, I wouldn't give up anything. I have been waiting 38 years, I can continue to wait. It may never happen, and honestly, as much as I love football and the jets, that is fine. I enjoy the process more than anything else. Besides, without knowing what it feels like to win one, how do I know what I am missing?
  5. I wouldn't say that he isn't interested in the Jets. I would say he isn't interested in the Jets at 60 million. He is probably looking for a 5 year contract, so 5 years, 60 million is 12 million a year. He is said to be looking for 15 million a year. He may not think 60 million is enough from any team. Ask him the same question, 5 years, 75 million, would he take it? Not saying we should give it to him, but that may be closer to what he is looking for, from any team.
  6. Unlike a lot of others, I have no problem with Thursday Night Football. I just wish they would add an extra bye week before any Thursday night games, or oversees game. And give each team one of those. It would add another week to the regular season without adding an extra game, and would give the added benefit of having better rested teams. Seems like a no brainer to me. Much better idea than adding a 17th game.
  7. Quincy Enunwa 2016 Film Review

    He is done unfortunately. Was becoming my favorite player.
  8. My wife is the same. Was having as many as 8 grand mal seizures a day. No medicines helped, in fact they hurt the situation by giving her even more side effects. Moved to a medical marijuana state and switched to weed and she is doing so much better.
  9. If it was anyone but Vince McMahon, I would be very interested.
  10. Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    Agree with this 100%
  11. Minority owners want Tomlin out

    I think it was more emotionally tolling than anything else.
  12. It depends on what else we are doing at the position. If Forte goes, which he should, and we go with McGuire and another young back, I have no issues keeping Powell at a slightly reduced rate. Its nice to have a veteran at the position, and he seems like a good team player, who would help out the young guys. You can't have three young guys at rb, especially with a young qb.
  13. Kick ASJ to the curb and put Enunwa back at TE

    Every report is that they are.
  14. Kick ASJ to the curb and put Enunwa back at TE

    Lol. Watkins is getting the franchise tag. And Enunwa may never play another down.
  15. Why isn’t it a bigger deal that

    In all honesty, in a high income tax state like NY, it actually not that bad of a deal to subsidize the stadiums, if the alternative is, you are going to lose the franchise and all of that tax revenue.