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  1. I agree. What is the point of the ring if you can’t wear them. Might as well just hand out trophies.
  2. Such a sad situation. I hope he somehow pulls through. That being said, this is not a reason to stop cycling on roads. Life is dangerous. You are less likely to get hit while cycling than while in driving a car. Thats not a reason to stop driving. If anything, the stories do remind me of how glad I am to not be living in an urban area. I wouldn’t want to live somewhere that I didn’t feel comfortable walking or biking.
  3. True, he is just one who seems to have a lot of nagging injuries.
  4. I don’t think the issue with Fant has ever been that he is out of shape or doesn’t train enough. He just isn’t that great at football.
  5. You could say that about a lot of guys who ate themselves out of the league. I’m not saying Becton is that guy. But its not a good argument.
  6. Unfortunately, he might just be too big, and it might not matter if its muscle or fat. Its still a lot of weight on a taller guy. It puts a lot of stress on the joints and body either way.
  7. 7-9 million? I think he gets more than that. Probably 3 years, 30 million or so. George Fant already makes 9 million or so, and this guy is supposed to supplant him.
  8. I went once when they were at hofstra, and once when they were at cortland. Have also been to many bills and steelers camps since they were closer to where I grew up. Always a great time.
  9. In a perfect world, for his football career, he should lose some weight.
  10. Ok? What does that have to do with my response?
  11. Looking proportionate is great and all, but that doesn’t negate the additional weight that his joints, etc have to deal with. In basketball, taller players deal with joint issues all the time, and they don’t even have the added weight.
  12. Because as someone who has had it before, it can turn into a nagging issue.
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