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  1. Didn’t Fant play some guard with the Seahawks?
  2. I don’t think most fans understand that football is a job to the players.
  3. An nfl wide receiver should catch anything that hits them in the hands.
  4. If only gruden were smart enough not to write down obscene things… The man is an idiot.
  5. Again, Gruden is gone bc he failed an iq test. No matter what you think, don’t put it in writing.
  6. At a minimum, he failed an intelligence test. Even if you think it, why do you put this stuff in writing?
  7. It really doesn’t matter. He stepped down because he realized he lost the team. No way they were going to keep playing for him.
  8. Terrible in short throws. Reminds me of Browning Nagle with the inability to throw screen passes.
  9. I am all for player safety and usually err on the side of caution but that should not have been a penalty. It was a perfect hit.
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