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  1. I’d be surprised if they don’t bring in someone like Nick Mullens.
  2. They really need Lawson to be good, and someone to step up on the other side of him. Got to think DE will be a target in next years draft.
  3. There is no way they are keeping 9 wrs. 6 or 7 at the most. Also missing a full back, which is a necessity in this offense. I think they are more likely to keep 5 te/fb than 7 wrs.
  4. He is a situational secondary wr. He will probably get time as the 3- 5 wr on the field.
  5. If they were going to trade him, it probably would have already happened. He is a good player, hopefully the year off rejuvenated him. I don’t understand fan hate because he took a year off. Good for him. Anytime anyone can take some time off from work, I am happy for them.
  6. I keep reading that, but his agility numbers seem elite. I have not seen him play much though.
  7. Why is it that everyone is ready to push someone out the door anytime a new draftee comes in at a position. Depth is a good thing. Jets aren’t up against the cap. No reason to get rid of good players. The jets need more, not less, of them.
  8. My hopes... 4th Jabril Cox 4th Dylan Moses 5th Shaun Wade 5th Deonte Brown 6th Ben Mason 6th Jose Borregalas
  9. He is not just a slot receiver.
  10. A trade back would be great. Any chance the Chiefs, who have the 58 and 63 want to move up? Getting those 2 picks would be a great get. I would hope Rondale Moore and Quinn Meinerz were there.
  11. I have posted this thought a few times, #23, Fatukasi and Mosley for #35, 68, Deion Jones, Mykal Walker. The traded players all fit better on their new teams. Jones and Walker played under Ulbrich and Mosley played under Dean Pees.
  12. Trust a jets GM, haha. Why would anyone blindly trust the jets to do their job? The track record isn’t good.
  13. Hopefully more people walk away. Less competition for tickets, etc, would be a good thing for me.
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