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  1. Not every year is there a qb worth that premium. This is one of those years. The jets won’t get a premium for the 3rd pick. They will have to take less or stay where they are.
  2. Butterfield

    Lee trade for Emanuel Ogbah?? (Rumor)

    Would rather keep lee.
  3. Just because the jets paid a premium for a pick, doesn’t mean other teams will too. I would be happy with a trade down that nets equal trade value.
  4. You are lying to yourself. You misrepresent the truth in almost every post you make.
  5. Butterfield

    Sterling Sheppard

    I would do something like jets get 6th pick, 2nd rounder, and shepard for 3rd pick and 4th rounder. That puts shepards value at a low 3rd round pick. Seems fair.
  6. We should take bets on how many times you are going to post this.
  7. 13.5 sacks in 5 pro seasons. Why is that?
  8. Butterfield

    What's the difference?

    There is barely a point in having a dedicated kick off returner. I bet if you looked at it closely, its better to down the ball and take it at the 25 almost all of the time. Waste of a roster spot. Whoever is running kicks has to be able to do something else productively.
  9. Barr would have been a great get if we didn’t get mosley, but imo, they are redundant. I don’t see Barr making some wonderful transition to pass rushing olb.
  10. That sounds good to me, as long as its not overly like the Ducks uniforms. Hopefully the logo and helmet applique are well designed.
  11. As much as folks think he is redundant with Bell on board, if he came really cheap, I’d think about it. He has played receiver some, can run all the routes and can still run the ball. Seems like you could use both bell and johnson on the field at the same time, with one of them basically playing receiver most of the time.
  12. Butterfield

    Trading out making less sense

    I am hoping Bosa is there, and we are able to get a bunch in a trade down. He, and his family, are all injury prone. Take the picks.
  13. If thats all it takes, you weren’t much of a fan to begin with.

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