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  1. Its honestly been a win, win, win for everyone. It just sucks that the jets will blow those picks and ruin it.
  2. When I was younger, in the 90s, we had a weight limit of 120 lbs for skill positions and 138 for all players. That was 10-13 year olds. How are they even letting this kid play.
  3. No, you just suck forever. This team does not a single thing right.
  4. I don’t know...I am not in the interviews. I want to see an actual plan. That being said, Greg Roman has to be on the short list.
  5. He has always been delusional. Whats new?
  6. Underreaction? The jets will be lucky to win a single game.
  7. I was a 5 before the game. 3 after. Nothing has changed for the better. Its starting to look like the jets will need to draft another qb. Hopefully its not until after a new coach is hired.
  8. I agree with those that say Mims won’t have much of an impact for the first half of the season.
  9. No one would trade anything for Fournette. Why do you think someone would give anything for Bell?
  10. Yep. Good coaches mold their system to the players they have.
  11. He just doesn’t fit the style of play Gase wants. Gase wants a rb that hits the hole fast, and gets the 4 yards he is looking for. He doesn’t know how to use Bell’s patient running style. I think Bell can still be an effective player, but it has to be in the right offense. Its not with the Jets.
  12. Not in gase’s nature. It doesn’t matter what the strengths and weaknesses are, he will continue to run the same system.

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