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  1. Compared to something like anthem kneeling, this is a non story. No one at work or anywhere else even realizes this is going on. Is it a story on sports talk radio? Maybe. Ive heard it mentioned a few times. But compared to the entire public, very few people even listen to that.
  2. Says the same people who thought he would get an indefinite suspension by an impartial judge. Lol.
  3. What public outcry. Outside of this message board, I don’t hear anyone talking about this story.
  4. The league is going to end up losing a lawsuit over this one.
  5. If you don’t count Peyton’s signing bonus, that is just about guaranteed. I think Manning got a 1.1 million dollar salary, not counting the 11.6 million signing bonus, as a rookie.
  6. Yeah, but that doesn’t mean HE is wealthy. His Dad is worth $13 million. Rich. But not beyond all means. And that doesn’t mean his family will share it with him. Plenty of people get very little from their parents. And how many people share the wealth with their nephews? Probably not many.
  7. And you fall for it, hook, line and sinker?
  8. I agree. I wouldn’t even go out to dinner with my coworkers. No way am I paying anything for them to eat.
  9. Fans should stop trying to be psychologists. Stop caring what players tweet.
  10. Sorry, it wasn’t funny so i didn’t know it was a joke. I didn’t know i could only respond in the way the opening poster requests.
  11. Sorry, not that worried about it. If you had something important to say, you would just say it. Thanks again for nothing.
  12. He realizes he has to strike now. He knows he will not have the same numbers without Wilson and that will impact his future earning potential.
  13. His supposed small size had no impact on his success. Plenty of players his size are now playing linebacker. They don’t seem to lack success.
  14. I have no idea what that is, or what it means. But, thanks for nothing.
  15. I didn’t say i was bothered by it. I asked if thats really the position YOU want to take.
  16. People are always quick to tell you that interest in the league is fading, but the sale prices for teams sure doesn’t reflect that.
  17. Its cool to disagree. I am fine with that. Its the attacking, negative, way that people do it. Maybe thats the world today. I don’t enjoy it, and realize why i barely post anymore.
  18. Thats cool. I am willing to accept that. I just don’t want to be around negative people. Mocking. Trolling. Its cool if you like it. I am disinterested in dealing with it.
  19. No, before I can. You can do whatever you want.
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