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  1. If he gets hurt again put him on IR and send him to the gym so he can come back looking like Ed Oliver.
  2. This is one of the biggest problems. The Jets' medical and training staff seem completely inept.
  3. I will stick with my story here: Gase has appeared to do a terrible job preparing a bad Jets team to play. The OL in particular has looked awful. In the prior three years watching teams he coached in Miami, although he made the playoffs year 1 they never looked great (with another bad roster), but they never looked this terrible. Gase actually coached decently against the Bills and Patriots. There have been glimpses of this team looking OK. I don't think Gase makes it easier to fire him after 1 year. This was the brutal part of the Jets schedule-should have been 2-4 at best, but are 1-5. Could easily have been 0-6. The physical condition of the players is on the coach. The injuries for this team can't be an accident. I think its a combination of bad strength and conditioning, and players not wanting to play for Gase. I think that is what does him in, but he gets another year with a better roster.
  4. I don't see the Jets signing 3-4 edge rushers. More like 4-3 edge rushers. Jenkins could be out. To the extent we have seen high available cap space for the Jet in 2020s, that ignores the numbers of players who are actually under contract. If I am JD, anyone I want next year I am signing now.
  5. Quinn’ failure supports the Offensive HC theory. He could not hire anyone good to replace Shanahan. Then it all collapsed. I don’t think the Personnel Management was great either.
  6. This is basically one team trading its expensive trash for another team’s expensive trash.
  7. No Alex Lewis is a big loss this week.
  8. What we are seeing in the NFL is a continued social evolution and a generation that is used to thinking more individuallly and less deferentially to “the Man.” Teams have abused their right to make players play through injuries, but obviously there is potential for players to abuse this as well. Didn’t Brian Winters play through a torn abdominal muscle a few years ago, and we wondered how he did that (while also playing pretty terribly)? I am actually somewhat ignorant about what the official policy is, but David Chao seems to think (likely without all of the information) that the Jets are behaving badly. I would think the only way to really manage this is to have an independent board decide these disputes, and in the event a player elects surgery with a medical basis that can be played through, the team and player should split the comp. That should incentivize the team and player to act fairly. The player by making that decision would be damaging his reputation and future market value, maybe.
  9. This situation is completely messed up. It must be a combination of: The Johnsons being cheap and petty. Douglas and the Johnsons being frustrated with Macc’s ineptitude. KO trying to move forward with his life and capitalize on a loophole. The Jets corrupt and inept medical staff. Is the concussion guy still around? The Jets and KO should settle for half of his remaining comp and give him an injury settlement and move on. But assuming that we have fixed our GM function, which I think we have, the conditioning and condition of this team is just awful. I don’t believe it is an accident or fluke. The soft tissue issues are just overwhelming-shoulder, groin, hamstring, etc. There are exercises you do in the off-season to strengthen that stuff. I do it and am a 55 year old male. Bring back Sal Alosi. That was a bad a@@ team that he trained.
  10. Something is going on here with Harrison. Either he is really bad or is being hosed and should ask to be traded/cut.
  11. This is like the Leveon Bell strategy, sort of. Do you take the one year of money this year, which is a lot and guaranteed, and see how things turn out next year? Or do you sit out, give up the money you would been paid, and sign a new hopefully multi-year contract next year? My two thoughts. Will his market value next year be negatively effected if teams think he dogged the Jets? I am sure the quality teams have psyche evaluations for potential players. Mac obviously did not. He picked and signed all sorts of losers.
  12. In the big picture Mac was a terrible GM. If he knew Darnold was so good he should have been selling players and not signing one year rentals to properly tank. That gives us Darnold and the draft picks. What this QB draft shows is the importance of character and psyche in drafting. Mayfield and Rosen are punks. Haslam likes punks and moxie. Look at his team. He will suffer for it. Keim overlooked Rosens flaws. Allen is a good kid and good athlete-he is surviving. Jackson is a quality person as is Darnold. Look at Polite. Gettleman got caught up in BPA. The Browns fell for Mayfield-that story is not over. The Colts wanted more picks to surround Luck. Mac and the Jets were lucky to get Darnold-pure and simple. Darnold is the real deal. The only reason he is not a top 16 QB in the next 5 years is because the Jets screw it up. Pay him ASAP to spread the cost and get as many draft picks as possible.
  13. This is what the Lions has to do with Stafford. They drafted poorly after extending him. There you have it

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