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  1. varjet

    ESPN-NYJ 73% chance at Top 5 pick?

    We do have to think about whether the best OL available when the Jets pick is worthy of that spot, but if the Jets can trade down not too far and pick up a 2nd round pick, they could theoretically walk away with 3 offensive starters, including 2 OL, in the first three rounds of this draft. With a better offense and better coach, I could theoretically see the Jets leave the defense as is and win more games next year than this year.
  2. I am going to be optimistic: I think there are some guys on the OL can be salvaged with a few new better players. Winters, Shell. Beachum is under contract next year and should not be cut until he is replaced. A new C and LG would go a long way to making the whole line better. Enunwa and Robbie should be extended. Need a RB may be able to get one in 2020 with Crowell, McGuire and Cannon. Need a pass rusher. TruJo is under contract and is not cuttable to 2020. Maybe he and Roberts/Jones could do the job. Clearly the better way to go is to sign players to short prove its deals. There is no better motivation killer for anyone than the effect of a large second NFL contract on a player.
  3. This is happening. That is why Bell did not show up this year. He did not want to jeopardize his multi year pay day.
  4. I think this article eventually serves its purpose. The Johnsons have read it, and it supports the coaching ineptitude that we have observed all season. Interestingly, the defense played its best when Kacy was out. But Bowles appeared to give Kacy back full authority when he returned. That made no sense.
  5. The only way to give a guy like this a contract is to have it heavily incentivized. Let's say a guarantee of $5million/year for three years. So he gets a guaranteed income. $500,000 per game he starts. Excalators for yards for scrimmage, so he can basically make a ton of money if he produces. Give him $1,000/yard, or more. So it costs the Jets something to partner with him, but he gets paid real money only if he plays and produces. We call that "schmuck insurance."
  6. I think it is a 50/50 team effort. Bowles has been provided with subpar talent. The Stewart/Hansen Twins is the prime example of that. But it also seems that Bowles does not develop the players, build a staff or manage the game right. Fire them both.
  7. varjet

    Hue Jackson back to Bengals

    I am having bad thoughts on these situations that I cannot put into writing. The Jets need a change.
  8. varjet

    John Harbaugh

    I think we need to think about who is going to be available for the Jets to hire given that Bowles is now broken. Rex would be fine as the Jets'/Harbaugh's DC. I think he would do a good job. He always gave his all to game planning. He just could not manage the entire team. But Harbaugh as a HC has not figured out how to cultivate the offensive side. That is why offensive coaches are HCs-because you need to make them that. The Steelers (no surprise) have been able to have a good OC while having a defensive HC. It is not easy. The Ravens must be salivating over the opportunity to trade Harbaugh to another team. They are not firing him. All that being said, Harbaugh is a real executive. He is the Anti-Bowles.
  9. I actually believe that the Jets will do some type of keep Mac but promote Heimerdinger type move. They are not going to let Mac continue to select players like he has been. Firing Bowles this off season is going to kill the Johnsons, because they will need to pay Bowles for 2 years. But I think they do it.
  10. varjet

    #1 reason Todd should have been fired

    Bowles has flunked HC. Both his staff and the way he manages it is just terrible. Firing Morton for someone less capable was his ultimate undoing. Mac similarly did not manage the GM machine well enough to keep that job. But the biggest fault lies in the Johnsons for how they organized the reporting structure of the team and who they assigned decision making to. Until they fix that, this team will be well below average, and no one credible will work for it. Until they fix the organization, I don't care if they fire Bowles or Mac. It really does not matter. Whomever they replace them with will be just as bad. I do actually believe that Bowles and Mac will resurface and look better than they did with the Jets. Super Bowl? Probably not, but better than this mess.
  11. Firing the coach midseason is just spiteful and not fair to the players, and there is no on Bowles staff of losers to step in. Which is why he is getting fired. Let him start coaching for his next job, without Darnold. Start looking.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong, but I remember when Bradway was the GM and Tannenbaum did the contracts. One morning we woke up and Tannenbaum was the GM and Bradway was the Scouting Director. He stayed in that position a long time. In fact, Bradway was blamed for some of Idzik's picks. It would not surprise me is something similar happened with Maccagnan. I do believe that the combination of Bowles and the Johnsons affected Mac's GMing negatively. But in any event, Mac owns a very low talent roster and needs to be demoted or fired. I do think think there is an aversion to a complete redo, and keeping Mac around while potentially promoting Heimerdinger and/or bringing in a Director of Football Operations could make the front office work better. But Bowles is not working as a coach. And it is not because he can't coach at all-he did an ok job in 2015 and as a DC in 2014. He just seems too inflexible and stubborn As we all know, we are ultimately judged by the ability to delegate and build a team. It seems like Bowles was very fixated on surrounding himself with loyalists as opposed to people that would help him win. That was his undoing.
  13. varjet

    How low is this new level of low?

    Like the Lions with Stafford. I still believe that Bowles plus Mac is like 1 + 1 = .5. The organizational set up makes them worse than they really are, but they are not that good. The NFL knows the organization is a spoiled brat's dumpster fire, and no one self-respecting will join unless there is a better organization in place. History repeats itself. Leon Hess ran the team with Steve Gutman and Mike Hickey and it was not very good either. When Leon knew he was dying he hired new management which spiffied up the team enough to sell the Woody. It is very bad business in the NFL to have two bad NY teams. The NFL will step in and try to fix this.
  14. This is the John Harbaugh problem. He is a Special Teams Coach. He is a good coach. But his OC is Marty M. In order to get offensive skills, you have to make the coach an HC and pay them like one. Then they go and hire someone like Wade Phillips as DC. That will be Bowles next job, and his permanent one. DC to an Offensive HC. This was Dan Quinn's problem. He is a good coach but needed to hire someone like Sharkanian after Shanahan left him to be a HC.
  15. varjet

    Interim Head Coaching Options

    Bates was always not ready for this job. I thought it took him awhile to accept it. He needs to become reclimated in the QBC role. This is more Bowles fault for firing Morton and promoting Bates. My guess is that if Morton was the OC the Jets would be playing a bit better, but its the talent that brings them down.

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