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  1. Mac thought McCarthy would have him fired Gase did anyway.
  2. If we thought Darnold needed better coaching get Cooter involved. He actually improved a young QB.
  3. FWIW, the percentage responding inept has been gradually increasing since it started. I like JD and Gase is doing him no favors, but he does have an Idzikian quality to him. My guess is that its part of the Johnson dynamic. It seems like his goal is to execute a plan, not to produce a winner. That is also what Mac did in a way-don’t draft first round busts, even if it was a low value player that you did not need, or a reasonable risky QB. Eventually JD will have to produce a winning team, and it will likely be without Gase and Darnold. This team really needs to get in alignment.
  4. How much extra to you think Gregg gets paid if he has to HC?
  5. The Jets need to make a change that inspires NFL Free Agents to sign with them. I think players actually liked Bowles. It is one of the biggest negatives to Gase that people do not talk about. Players really are not excited to play for him.
  6. I think if Mosley and Doctson did not opt out, Adams was still on the team and we did not have all the injuries, the roster is not great but not the dumpster fire that it currently is. $1.5mm was a good deal given the mess they had last year. I don’t blame JD for that. Paying McCown what they did to be a backup-that was crazy
  7. Not surprised its Atlanta. Watch out now for the Florida teams given that Florida is completely opened up.
  8. The problem with this is that players seem more willing to take the money and hide than honor their contracts, particularly with the Jets. Brandon Shell is making $500K/game from the Seahawks with roster bonuses. That is what the Jets need to do. Players need to be incentivized to play. JD should not be giving up future resources to save this season. The value in this season are the draft picks, getting rid of Gase and maybe toughening up Darnold. But if we gave up a draft pick to basically force JuJu to sign with us, and then made sure he was incentivized to show up, that could be good. The Shell contract is a good example, as is Robby Anderson’s. He wanted a two-year contract so he can try and get the super big contract after that. Personally, I think he was crazy and should have taken more guaranteed money this year. Even Cousins’ three year deal has that flavor. I really don’t see JD handing out super-big contracts like Mac had to do to get players to sign here. If I was a GM I am going for 1.5 year FA guarantees and lots of draft picks.
  9. Steelers need Draft picks offer them one for Schuster if he agrees to an extension. then put him on IR so he does not mess up the tank.
  10. All true. I don’t think the Seahawks extend him. He is a piece to get them to the Super Bowl.
  11. My research indicates that the Johnsons do not own meaningful amounts of J and J. I am not saying they do not own anything, but they are not major individual shareholders.
  12. This is a Jets thing. The trainers have been around for multiple coaches. They work for the team. The Johnsons want to keep employees around. The Johnsons hate severance. Idzik's scouts were basically around with Bradway. Maccagnan also worked with old timer scouts. The organization needs a complete clean out, from top to bottom, like Parcells did. Parcells was able to do that because Hess needed to sell the team. We need the Johnsons to do that.
  13. Look back over the last 20 years, the Johnson era, at what the Jets did with their first round draft picks. They are much more likely to bust or to be traded than to be given a large second contract. The Johnsons hate giving their draft picks those types of contracts, but seem happier giving them to players like Mosley and Trumaine. Look at the names of players run out who could have been extended (ignore the busts): Abraham, Vilma, Moss, Revis (to TB, the right move), Leo, Adams. Who got extended? Wilkerson, Sanchez, Ferguson (smart, which is why Woody's kid's nickname is Brick and Mangold). Both of those contracts lasted too long, and Brick had the honor to retire. I am not seeing the Johnsons extending Darnold. They will trade him if he can be replaced.
  14. Let's try and be civilized people here. Josh Allen and the Bills are playing well. Let's see how the season goes, but I don't see the Jets beating them in NJ either. When the Bills pay him $35mm/year and now have $30mm less to spend on other players, that is when things get interesting. But for now, let's see how we do next year when Darnold is on year 4 of his rookie contract, and Allen is extended.

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