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  1. JD is the GM who works for the Johnsons. What is his job description? Is it to win football games? He is not doing too well at that. It is to not pay players too much money and minimize coach and player spend? At that he looks much better
  2. Let Becton get to 100%, get in shape and get his head screwed on straight. The goal is next year for him. Maybe he plays in late November. He needs to stay in Florham Park in the off season.
  3. With the Mahomes and Allen contracts being even more confirmation, millions of great athletes throughout the US will flock to QB camps to become QBs, despite the risk of brain and other injuries. Zach has a lot of potential but Is undersized. If the Jets can reboot with a QB they have ranked higher, get another cheap year and get the option of trading one of them now or later, they should have at that.
  4. This has always been a Johnson thing, and is now a JD thing. They overpay to keep players rather than let them walk (and get comp picks). The Jets think they own these people. Sometimes its better to just go.
  5. The Jets are furious that they gave him the Franchise Tag AFTER he got arrested. Have to be. Not only will they not sign him next year, but they will try and screw him.
  6. I don't disagree, but 5 years later teams could be willing to give the Jets in a trade more value than they used to draft them (Adams pick + Maye pick < Adams comp + Maye comp).
  7. We liked the RB (and WR) at the beginning of the season but realize now it needs more work, and physically bigger players.
  8. This is what teams do that are trying to make a playoff run. Make the playoffs and win at least one game. You don’t get there unless you reach and are aggressive. If you overreach and are over aggressive, you blow your roster up and then stink. See Jets 2011-2021. If you don’t you end up like the Colts.
  9. Dozier and Obooshi have played ok since leaving. To respond to the downvote, Pat Elflein is no Hall of Famer, but I think he showed the difference between what someone like he costs and someone like Dan Feeney costs. With a rookie Qb and our cap space, Elflein with GVR as backup and Feeney somewhere else was a better use of resources
  10. Pat Elflein was picked up on waivers from the Vikings and he was an immediate upgrade. He should have been retained.
  11. Let’s say the Jets owe Maye another $8mm. They can absorb $4mm of it, shed $4mm and get a 4th round draft pick. Similar to what they did with Leo. I can see JD doing that. The acquiring team gets a good safety for a playoff run that they can try and resign, with the suspension next year saving some money Win, win
  12. I think if someone is willing to assume some of Maye’s Franchise Tag salary, which at this point JD probably regrets giving him, the Jets would move him for almost nothing.
  13. I think the suspension comes next year. The NFL is too distracted.
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