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  1. The Jaguars have a young QB who needs some solid NFL offensive nurturing and support. Shah and the Jaguars are coming off of a history of hiring grumpy, middle-aged and recently morally compromised white guys as HC. I think the Jaguars need to give Leftwich a chance. He is a great OC, learned from a great HC and QB, and can't be worse than Urban Meyer.
  2. All team beat writers, other than the Jets of course, are generally upbeat on their team. Its nice to see that a top 4-8 NFL team can have Perriman as one of their 5 WRs and the beat can feel good about him potentially being replaced by Vyncint Smith. So guys that the Jets feel can't help them at WR are good enough for the Bucs? But seriously, I think the Jets/ML require very specific things from their WRs. So we should be careful about replacing Saleh and/or ML too quickly, because it will basically mean that the Jets will need to replace its roster, again. That is why Saleh a
  3. There are several RBs that fit this system that are big, fast one-cut backs. Allegier is one of them. My guess is that, at this point in the rebuild, JD will take the best one left in the 4th round.
  4. To my recollection these trades for older players who do not play QB typically involve low draft pick compensation, particularly when assuming 2nd or more contracts, Brandon Marshall, Santonio Holmes, etc. The Jets have cap space to help take contracts off teams hands who have cap issues in 2022. Those teams have cap issues in 2022 because they "went for it" to compete in 2020/2021. Teams like NOLA are now rebuilding, and they should be shedding expensive veteran contracts and rebuilding with draft picks. The Jets have a QB, money, and to a lesser extent draft picks, and should be p
  5. We all thought Mims was a steal when he was picked in 2020 and was happy to have him. Some of us did wonder why he acted so strangely on video at home when he was picked by the Jets. I think that was the red flag. He gave us hope with some big plays after he recovered from pulling BOTH hamstrings. Becton also gave us some hope in 2020, and we thought he was the right pick there generally. There was some concern, but based on the draftniks Becton had the arm length to play LT, the Jets needed one because Fant was still developmental, and Wirfs was likely looking at playing G bec
  6. JD is not drafting Linderbaum at 10. He is drafting the best impactful athlete who can play football. It would expect Karlaftis is her drops, even Cameron Thomas, Hamilton if he drops, an Andrew Booth perhaps, or reaching for a WR. The best thing the Jets can do at 10 is trade down.
  7. I would expect a very similar free agency this off season. Some Tier 1B contracts, like Lawson and Corey Davis, and then others. Hopefully Lawson and Corey Davis can come back and contribute. The Jets really got nothing from their 2021 FA class, other than Tevin Coleman. Joyner and Lawson did not make it past game 1, Corey Davis was in and out (but looked ok while in) and Jarrad Davis and Dan Feeney were actually certified busts in performance. It would not surprise me though to see JD do almost the same thing. He will look for a WR at $10mm+. He will look for a safety.
  8. This draft looks about right. In FA need a RG and another WR.
  9. I don't think the plan was to be talking about extending McGovern and Fant. I think they were supposed to be bridges to "building an OL through the draft." Although JD took 2 first round OLs in 2020 and 2021, that was basically it. So there are not lower round players at RT, RG and C who can step in. So JD basically has to pay up for his original, and actually successful, FA signings to maintain continuity. But as I have also said in other posts, JD needs to be extending his good OL so he can draft the other positions of need. It is highly likely that the strong BPA at 4 is OL. T
  10. What do we think Laken or Daniels will sign for? I would think $10mm/year, 2 years guaranteed.
  11. The Chiefs' OL fell apart last year, which was one of the reasons they lost the Super Bowl. The Chiefs' playmakers were found lower in the draft. They built and rebuilt their OL with high draft picks. They coached up and developed a great QB prospect that the Jets passed over. The Bills are a very well-built football team. They have a great defense on all levels. I have not figured out why they could not stop the Chiefs. It does not appear to me at 4 that the right pick is an offensive playmaker. I don't think it is Karlaftis either. Based on history, it is likely a
  12. NFL GMs and Jerry Jones are licking their chops knowing that the Jets need a WR and will try to trade JD one. He should show restraint. You build a team by drafting or signing FAs. When you trade for a player you have to pay, you pay 2x. Yes, other teams have done that, but the Jets have too many holes.
  13. I think this is the key point. In retrospect, the call last year was to potentially keep Darnold, or Joe Flacco for that matter, and draft Jamar Chase or Kyle Pitts. Wilson will be an OK QB, but I don’t think he is in the class of Burrow, Mahomes, Allen, Watson and even Herbert for that matter. All but one of those guys were picked below 2. Wilson at 2 would appear at this point to be bad value, and an example of what happens when you fixate on a position rather than picking value. The question is whether the Jets are looking to the same thing this year by focusing on EDGE at 4.
  14. I heard Trey Hendrickson interviewed, and he knew Burrow from New Orleans/Brees/LSU. He wanted to play with Burrow. The question is who is signing up to play with Zach Wilson. The Bengals with the 1 and 5 pick ended up with Burrow and Chase. The Jets with 2 and 4 will end up with Wilson and….
  15. A better team could pick him as a developmental project later in the first, like the Ravens did with Lamar Jackson. The smart team to take him is Carolina, because they paid Darnold to play this year. That gives them a year to develop him. But a team that feels the need to start him year 1 could actually damage him and the team.
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