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  1. JD/Saleh had to hire an experienced coordinator. They missed Kellen Moore. But that was the only type that was going to work. MLF was a flawed idea. He will be fine long term. Hackett could help get Rodgers and really the best hope. Someone like Brian Johnson was not going to work here. Tennessee has been good the past five year and great running the ball. I don’t entirely get the negativity. But I don’t think he is Bill Callahan either. These were ok hires by a coaching staff on year 3 of possibly 3 years. Whether it works out is dependent on whether the Jets can sign some type of QB that works for this team. I don’t see this coaching staff coaching anyone up.
  2. Mixon obviously has a screw loose. Maccagnan would not take him-he took Marcus Maye instead. We all screamed for Mixon. He made it 8 years staying out of trouble. That is more than many of us. Where there is smoke, there is fire, regardless of whether the charges are dropped. Mixon needs to get back with his handler and try and stay out of trouble before he retires. He has already exceeded the average shelf life of a RB by a bit.
  3. Jerry is a brilliant businessman. He keeps that stadium humming with the Cowboys always playing meaningful games on Thanksgiving and in December. It is good business.
  4. Jimmy G and his injury history has a Spotrac MV of $35mm. I think he gets that for 3+ years. With Zach already on the roster, hopefully Hackett can make some progress with him and Zach and step in for 4+ games when Jimmy G is hurt. That puts the Jets at $45mm for QB cap cost, which is a lot, but not unlike many other teams.
  5. I respectfully disagree. If Rodgers costs $50mm, plus an exploding cap hit when he retires, plus high draft picks, that just seems like took much. Carr for a straight $40mm+ seems like a better deal. But in my heart I don’t see Carr coming to the Jets for reasons others have said. I think Woody is the only NFL sucker to pay the price for Rodgers, and the Packers jump at the chance to reboot and move on with a significant but manageable hit.
  6. Mangini was the talent spotter and architect, but he did not have the personal qualities to lead and execute. Remix took what Mangini made and almost made the Super Bowl. 2x. And the people on this board laugh at him. Look at what we have now.
  7. We can say its February 2 and it has to get warmer, but it is February 2. We can say it is year 4 of JD and year 3 of Saleh and there is a playoff mandate, but was the basis of that? The irony is that, with last season’s roster, maybe we make the playoffs if White plays a little more and some other balls bounce the right way. So now we are supposed to pay a new QB $40mm+, cut some good but overpriced players, and then make the playoffs? I don’t know if that happens. I think last season was the year we made the playoffs. I think next season is worse.
  8. Jerry is right. I has built a team that should win most years. But for the above and other reasons, I don't feel it winning a SB.
  9. There is a not a big market for premium priced backups. The Jets did it with McCown.
  10. Did the Eagles bet is all to win this year? They have $4m of cap space and their QB under a cheap contract. They have 2 first round draft picks. I would think they are the favorite for next year. Yes, the Rams bet it all last year.
  11. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-jets/connor-mcgovern-19098/market-value/
  12. The JJ II pick will not be a "bust," but ultimately he will not grade as high as other players picked after him.
  13. Yes, we hired a GM who worked in Philadelphia and Baltimore to try and replicate that model. JD's execution here at the Jets has not replicated what he did in Philadelphia. Look at the players her drafted in later rounds in Phila starting for a SB team?
  14. Spotrac has CM highly rated with a MV of $12.5mm, more than his current contract. He is a solid center. CM's contract was another 8 figure JD deal with the "flexibility" to cut him after 2 years. We have not exercised that right on CM or Fant, or Rankins, and we have to see about Lawson and Corey Davis. The Grand Scheme was to draft and develop a player to replace CM after two years. Instead JD drafted CBs, S and LBs who are not starting either. If we want to "settle" for CM he will cost $12.5mm x 2 guaranteed, on top of the QB JD thinks he is signing. Otherwise we sign a C who costs less (hopefully not Feeney) and is likely less good or be forced to use a draft pick for one. I think the forced draft picks for Centers tend to work out pretty cost effectively, even if it violates the BPA rule.
  15. A NFL first round contract is designed to control that player for at least SIX years. Jones only played 4 for the Giants. The Giants can franchise Jones 2x. If I am the Giants, I offer him three years guaranteed money in the low $30mms with a promise not to franchise him later, or basically franchise him for 1-2 years. Jones should take that deal. The Jets should offer him 3x35.
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