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  1. varjet

    Which teams are actually looking QB?

    Like the Colts did last year?
  2. varjet

    Josh Allen bidding

    I think if Josh Allen is the next great EDGE rusher and Mac trades out of picking him, he is toast. I think if Josh Allen is an ok EDGE rusher that Mac overreaches for at 3 rather than trade down to fill multiple needs, he is also toast. So, probability of toast is pretty high.
  3. varjet

    Pass Rush Help?

    The college game is different than the NFL game. Most great college DTs are more easily neutralized in the NFL.
  4. varjet

    Pass Rush Help?

    I think thus far we can make excuses/rationalize Mac missing out on signing players like D. Smith, Morse, Paradis and even Houston. This draft is going to be very hard for him. Even if Quinnen is a "great" DT, unless he is Aaron Donald or JJ Watt, and I don't think he is if for no reason that his body fat percentage is much higher than theirs and he still weighs about the same, I can't see drafting Quinnen rather than filling 2-3 other holes with very good players. If Allen or Bosa could be great EDGE players in this defense, they are worth it at 3. But they both have negatives. If they are not, taking them and not trading down will go down as a big mistake if a trade down opportunity is available.
  5. varjet

    Houston to the Colts

    Unlike some other teams, Mac is not pushing the envelope so that the Jets compete this year while mortgaging their future as a result. He is putting a value on players and not overpaying. We can all question whether that is the right strategy. I don't know if it is, to be quite honest. One can argue that the future is now. If Mac was trying to keep his job, he would have paid the premium to sign Paradis, Z. Smith, Houston, Myers and/or Roberts. The Jets do have cap room. There may be a plan to trade down and accumulate lots of picks. Maybe next year is the year they go for it and pay stupid/premium money. After this year the contracts of Robby, Beachum, Shell, Winters (maybe), Leo and others expire. My point is NOT that Mac is trying to win now and doing a bad job. My point is that Mac does not appear to be attempting to win now. I don't know if that means that there will be an effective strategy to winning later.
  6. varjet

    Da’Zarius Smith

    I don’t understand how the team with the second most cap space in dire need of an edge and center got outbid for both of those positions.
  7. When you need OL, these are the types of guys you add and how to develop/workout in rounds 3 and 4. Not Ardarius Stewart and Chad Hansen.
  8. Who is Josh Allen’s NFL comparable based on Sparq/athletic ability. I do think in a 3/4 he is the best edge the Jets have had in a long time. I don’t know if he is all pro/pro bowl though. Maybe a younger Clay Mathews?
  9. Do that and sign Houston, make the playoffs.
  10. The Giants have that option. The Redskins don’t really.
  11. My gut tells me the Jets are trading this pick. I hope we don't end up missing out on a truly elite player. I am not sure that we would.
  12. Reading more about Ogbah, I think we are better off either getting a draft pick for Lee or keeping Lee than getting Ogbah for Lee. At least the other two options offer hope in Lee's play this year and a draft pick this year or next year, even if used on a punter again.
  13. varjet

    Siemian to Jets

    Its amazing how parochial the NFL is. Coaches go with coaches and players they know. This also shows how much coaches are involved in personnel. But agree-good backup QB. Exactly what we need. Can't believe we paid $10mm last year.
  14. I would trade our first next year for someone’s low first/high second this year. Would have to figure out the pick math as to extra picks on either side. We can throw in Darron Lee. Use the pick to draft a Center. Basically it’s a bet the Jets would be picking much lower next year.
  15. How many of these guys are out of football in September?

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