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  1. Mac is re-fired virtually everyday. The Jets could have bumbled into the playoffs last year had they taken Allen and not Q. Mac is so finished in football.
  2. If Sam plays like he has, Sam will get paid based on his potential more than his actual play. He will be our Matt Stafford If the Jets want to keep Adams, the call could be to extend him for 3 years using this years money and then extend Darnold next year for 140/4, maybe three years guaranteed. Then we have the franchise tag and can hopefully draft defensive impact players Adams can walk after that.
  3. Its good that Warford and Winters got their money. It does not sound like Norwell earned the money the Jaguars paid him. I just don’t know how much teams pay Guards anymore. The Saints, who know what they are doing, are drafting OL and letting go the overpaid veterans. Seems smart to me. I don’t know what JD is thinking with the Winters contract.
  4. I will take the under on the Jets. I think the schedule and travel are too bad for the Jets to win that many games. I think they are a marginally better team with a worse record in 2020. Gase has assorted meltdowns and misfires and the Jets replace him. 2021 is the bounce back year. The OL jells and the 2020 rookies get a year of experience. There is more practice and training post-pandemic. There is a new coach, likely Bienemy. The Jets win 10 games and advance 1 round in the playoffs. FWIW.
  5. Edoga is a bit short-he is 3+ inches shorter than Fant and Becton. Let's see what type of physical condition he shows up to camp in.
  6. There is something going on with Gase and his player relationships. Hard evidence is murky. I actually strongly believe we will have a better understanding of this in 6 months.
  7. We can make a list of the reasons Mac got fired. The Enunwa, Trumaine, Wilkerson and Revis contracts are reasons enough.
  8. Does this sit around waiting for the Jets to use it? I thought they used it for other things.
  9. We are a union of 50 states. On this, each state has been given the discretion as to when and how to close. I believe that, push come to shove, the US Federal government could order states to close, but at this point President Trump is not looking to do that. There are things the Federal government arguably could have done to make this situation better (organize resources and testing, shutdown foreign travel earlier), but I am not going there, and what states do is up to them. Not everyone wants to hear that. But, I think it would be really bad, if a state like Texas, after "opening up," had to close again. It could be heading in that direction. Remember when the Jets had camp in upstate NY? It is possible that location is in a region that will be open. Teams in shutdown locations need to move camps, or generally, to quieter places. If we think that players and staff are going to mosey in and out of facilities in New Jersey and LA and stay virus free, we are kidding ourselves. FWIW, Cuomo and NYS is doing a great job with this, despite DeBlasio and NYC. He is opening up a big part of the state where the virus is not as problematic. That is smart. I see Cuomo as a better technocrat than politician. Other states shut down completely because that is what the party in power wants (despite some areas being fine), or on the flip side open the entire state despite their being problems. I am proud to be a NYer now. I don't like the result, but I don't see another choice.
  10. Given what the Jets have paid the FAs they did sign, I am just having a hard time seeing them pay up for Ryan, Clowney or Warford. At a minimum it alienates they guys who are currently on the team. I think the current FA holdouts are dreaming. I don't like the Gore signing. That is what a playoff team does. I would rather see the Jets develop a player who can be on the team in 2021. Bell and Gore will be gone in 2021. That means the Jets are starting with Perine. To me, its all about 2021. Most of what JD has done has been about 2021. Except the Gore signing.
  11. I am having a hard time believing that teams will be quick to spend too much money on FAs they can't examine, especially if they have to write checks now and that we don't know how much of the season will even be played.
  12. I continue to view this in two different ways: If players and staff are coming in and out of the facility for training camp or otherwise, keeping out the virus will be very hard. You can say it will be harder in NY, but the virus will look different then. NY/NJ area will have made more progress toward herd immunity than other areas of the country. The NFL is the perfect business, particularly during training camp, to run a locked down operation. If you lock down the operation and test everyone on the way in, there is no reason why each NFL could not run their training camps at home (if special state permission if necessary) if everyone is locked down. My concern would be that teams in areas less effected would have false confidence, allowing more movement of players and staff, and end up in worse shape then the teams in the Northeast. We have seen some interesting examples thus far. Professional basketball players and the related staff were surprisingly highly infected, very early during this Pandemic. Over in Europe, we continue to see soccer players running around with girlfriends/escorts, going to parties, etc. These young, male professional athletes will not just self-isolate. They will get around, and those with families will be at more risk, particularly if the wife/mother and kids are going to work and school every day. To me, there is no solution other than a closed system, but if the NFL teams do close the system, there is no reason they should no be able to successful run a season. The biggest challenge is getting the players and staff to lockdown if they still think they can get paid.
  13. People have to be smart. Let's say that there are 150 people involved to make the Jets run, including the players. The Archer Hotel, 4 stars, is right down the road. There are some people with families who will refuse to stay at a hotel. But why can't you take as many people as possible and put them in the hotel. They stay there. Maybe the hotel staff stays there. Staff wears masks. How many teams can do that? That does not sound hard to me. Close the system. Why is it hard to have training camp? That is when the players are supposed to be locked down. These are tough times. Business needs to make tough choices. Seoul, Korea? I really hope that, when we open up, we are not opening nightclubs until we get a vaccine. California? Fine-let the three teams move temporarily to Nevada, Arizona or Texas, together with the tax revenue. I think if the NFLPA wants the players to get paid, the players need to lock down, at least for awhile. When a player goes home to a wife and kids who have been and out and about, and then goes back to the team and facility, that just increases the risk exponentially. If half the players locked down, that significantly reduces the risk. More than half the players should be able to lock down. Look at The White House. The staff all goes home. Katie Miller is married to a top Trump aid. What is he doing?
  14. This probably repeats what others have said, but to me: If the Jets are 6-10, but at least in [7] of the losses the Jets looked well-prepared and well-coached, I can see Gase being retained. But we all know that, in most of last year's losses, the Jets did not look well-prepared or well-coached. I think the high likelihood is that, if the Jets are 6-10, they will not look like they were well-prepared and well-coached in many if not most of those 10 losses. So, I think it is highly likely that Gase is fired if the Jets are 6-10, and that is how I voted.
  15. I am not an expert, but for so long as those who were exposed before are somewhat immune, we have seen the worst of the disease. What we have seen through March and April is a population with zero exposure getting infected. By the time September rolls around, a significant portion of the country will have already been infected, so those people don't get it or spread it, hopefully. That is the herd immunity concept which makes sense so long as you are willing to bury the people who get the disease while you are immunizing the herd. The NFL and other sports are huge businesses, and they need to come back. But the teams and players need to make hard choices, and all available technology and medical strategies and testing need to be employed to monitor these risks. I worry about the players, coaches and staff going home to a wife and kids who are out and about. I think what makes the press is an older coach who gets it. I don't think someone like Andy Reid does well with COVID-19. The NBA players in particular were out and about. I think that is really where the rubber meets the road. The single players need to lock down during season. I think the "points of contact" a typical single professional athlete has are pretty substantial. If these guys are going out and then going back to the facility, that is where the problems will come from. For what these guys make for 20 or so weeks of work, I would be happy to move into a sterilized hotel.

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