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  1. If anyone suspected that the Jets scouting department was adrift last year, taking Stewart over Kareem Hunt pretty much confirms it.
  2. There were alot of nice players picked after Stewart. It will be hard for both Leggett and Stewart to make the team. I think Stewart turns out to be a dud pick.
  3. varjet

    Case for Teddy?

    The goal of any team should be the win a Super Bowl. Many moves the Jets have made over the last 4+ years were designed to prevent them from being horrible, and not to win a Super Bowl. This Jets team is not a Super Team this year. Next year they could win a playoff game or more. Teddy is a great guy and story. But he is not taking the Jets to the Super Bowl this year. The Jets should be looking for a QB2 somewhere. The best move that helps the Jets win a Super Bowl during Darnold's rookie contract is to trade TB for some value and find a second QB who would be under contract next year. Teddy could possibly win more games this year than McCown or Darnold, but that should not be the goal. I can see it being the goal so Bowles gets more job security.
  4. I think initially they were planning on using the second round draft pick for a Center. But they still could have signed someone after they traded the picks.
  5. He was defensive player of the week one week. I don't know what the explanation for that is.
  6. I believe USC treats the children of its alumni (and their friends) very favorably in admissions. If you are not one of those, you need to be very, very smart. Those students are often on scholarship. It is effectively 2 schools-the social kids who populate the fraternities and sororities, and the other students.
  7. I think we overestimate what a GM alone can do when drafting. Drafting right requires an army of people who know what they are doing. Tanenbaum and Idzik both come from the business side. Some GMs like Newsome come from the Scouting aide. Tannenbaum, Idzik and initially Macc all were saddled with the old Jet scouts-Bradway, Bauer, Clinkscales. These guys are awful. Only Mangini was able to push through them and find players. With their writeups, the Jets drafted like garbage. Only lately does it appear that the Jets are scouting football players. My cynical theory is that the GMs were "encouraged" by ownership to keep the existing scouts, who were under contract, around. Just my theory.
  8. They will unlikely know what they will be able to draft when FA starts. They will need to fill OL and EDGE in FA. It will be expensive. The Jaguars drafted too well. Doubtful they can afford Fowler.
  9. The Jets may need to overpay a Fowler next year so they have someone to help get the most out of Darnold's rookie contract.
  10. I don't see the point of starting him week 1. Let's see of the OL can block. Based on the title of the article, I thought it was going to talk about how Darnold was a HS LB and could rush the passer.
  11. varjet

    NFL Draft Bust Analytics: Vernon Gholston

    This all goes back to Bradway, Bauer, Clinkscales (see Raiders) and the other clowns that Jets have had scouting. Even though Tannebaum was fired and replaced with Idzik, Idzik and even Mac was still using many of the same scouts. I think these guys were just terrible at what they did. Mac has been trying to replace them. The only reason the Jets are not the Browns is that they hired Heimerdinger who focused on the FAs, like Anderson. If not for him, this team would be surely terrible. I get the sense that they have improved the scouting program now. It is the lifeblood of an NFL team. But I think people underestimate how bad that department has been, and for how long.
  12. varjet

    Duke Johnson Contract

    Has Mac yet to re-sign an existing Jets player until after his contract expires?
  13. I was just about to pull up the OTC numbers for DL, but these numbers seem right for Leo. Not the Wilkerson numbers. For a good, solid, team guy and player, a contract like this for Leo would seem acceptable. I could see another team offering him more. Franchise will be $15mm+. But I think that is the right number for the Jets. The Jets only get that number if they sign him now.
  14. Cameron Wake was great in the CFL. Given that the Jets are supposed to be desperate at EDGE, cutting Bishop is telling. I thought they had like 20 WR.
  15. varjet

    Jets Offensive Line

    Objectively, the defense could be very good. It all depends upon the job that Kacey and Bowles do. I think the WRs, TEs and RBs will do the job against weaker teams. I think the QBs will complete passes. Against the better teams where the Jets need to pass block and run, the OL will fail them. 8-8.