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  1. Keeping up with the Tank.

    I heard on NFL Radio was that the rumor was that the the giants would hire McDaniels and Caserio. If they pick 2 they draft Darnold-he comes out if the Giants or 49ers are picking 2. Great job on the meaningless Jets wins.
  2. This is absolutely true. Let's say the Jets are picking between 8-10. I don't see them taking Rudolph, Falk, Allen there. If there is a defender, OT or RB rated better, that is what they do. But for those who say the Jets need a QB and more good players, they should trade down to a place where they are comfortable picking a starting QB. I don't know where the Jets would come out if Jackson or Mayfield were available when then picked. I just don't know, but I have a tough time seeing Mac taking a QB like that with such high of a pick. Given the teams that need QBs, I actually don't see that as being a practical problem, as if Jackson and Mayfield are graded that high by other teams, they will go before 8. On the flip side, if those teams like them slip through, I don't see Mac catching them.
  3. As we recall, the Jets were trying to sign Tony Jefferson and Donta Hightower in FA. They had David Harris and Eric Decker. They appeared to be trying to compete. Then someone in OTAs realized that they were not going to compete and cut Harris and Decker. Then they scavenged the waiver wire for a few other 1 year players right before the season started so that they would not be Browns awful. Unfortunately, Browns awful now has the potential to solve your QB problems for many years. It is clear how these draft rankings can be easily skewed. In retrospect, I don't know how a professional scout rates Adams the best player in the draft. The same with Leonard Williams. This must be a diversionary tactic. They are both good players, but not that type of players that take over games and make a huge difference. I have sensed that Mac drafts with a copy of the draft guides on his desk.
  4. Playoff team next year?

    To be credible next year, the Jets need a QB, C, CB (or 2), RB and TE. LT should be upgraded long-term, but Beachum was not a problem. If the Jets sign a QB, then the 1st round pick can be used for the best of a CB, LT or EDGE. They can use 2nd round picks for a RB and C. Other picks can be used for the next generation of G. The FA money can be used for a CB and to resign Davis, ASJ and Ealy. So actually believe that, hypothetically, the Jets can be a playoff team next year.
  5. Baker Mayfield

    Baker Mayfield is an imperfect NFL prospect, but for PR and strategic reasons, they have to take him if they do not sign Cousins. Other teams need to know the Jets are going to take him, so maybe they trade up ahead of the Jets or offer the Jets a great deal to trade down. No one was offering the Jets anything last year, despite the worst QB situation on paper (at the time) and McCown only under a 1 year contract, because they knew how Mac drafts and knew he would get suckered into Adams and not draft Mahomes or Watson. The fans will go absolutely bananas if we leave Mayfield on the board. Mayfield will be an entertaining NFL QB. He is clearly worth the chance for the 8th pick in the draft. The Jets can also sign a McCown or someone else mid-tier and still have a below average QB budget. But Cousins is clearly the easy way out for this team. To respond to another thread, if they use their draft picks on pure BPAs and spend smart in FA, this IS a playoff team next year with Cousins. Is Cousins a Super Bowl QB? I don't know. I think a Super Bowl QB needs a great long ball and great WRs to stretch the field against top defenses. Cousins is worth alot to the Jets. Just not stupid money, and it would be great to be able to get out of a Cousins deal after 2 years, maybe 3.
  6. I think a real president that oversees both a GM and HC can work. In your structure, there are 2 layers above the HC, which may be too much. in the triangle structure I prefer (the Jax structure) the GM is really head of scouting. Caldwell has gotten much better with Coughlin to report to. The NFL is a copycat league. If Jax gets a playoff run, people will notice. It is a good but expensive structure. Owners are cheap.
  7. MacBowles in year 3 were playing the short game. In their view the 2qbs were not winning them games in 2017. They saw Adams as turning around the defense and saving their jobs. In end they were wrong, and it was McCown, Morton and Kearse who saved their jobs if they are saved. In my view, they should not be saved if we can find a better alternative.
  8. Marrone

    I agree. The change required is to the org structure. The characters are interchangeable and not good without a better org structure. Who can be team president? Dorsey is taken, Gettleman likely back to NYG.
  9. Kirk Cousins is trash

    There are perhaps 10 NFL teams that need QBs, and plenty of them have cap room. So this should be a good, efficient market for him, and we can see what team's bid. Stafford got a 5 year contract for $135mm with $92mm guaranteed. I don't know whether anyone bids that for Cousins. If the Jets had to pay him $27mm for 2 years and then get hit with $10mm to cut him in year 3 (because they had drafted and groomed a replacement), that would not be a horrible deal to me. I do think it is possible that Mac believes, in this draft, he can find a QB at the top of the second round-like a Stidham or Falk. Maybe he is ready in Year 3. I do think the market pays Cousins a bit less than Carr/Stafford/Luck. A bit less. It would be looney tunes to pay Cousins all that money after trading a first round draft pick that could used to draft a salary capped QB.
  10. Baker Mayfield

    The question is really what type of offense a team wants to run. Mayfield would appear to be able for to play like Wilson, Brees, Rodgers-mobile, WCO. Allen is more the Patriots type, as is Hack. Petty is a better fit for the Jets offense today. I thought Bill O’Brien was against the Watson pick but changed the offense to make it work. I am not convinced Mac is working with the offensive staff.
  11. The Jets are going to be drafting too low to be assured a chance at Mayfield. Based on prior years, I would think they would be assured assuming the Jets pick around 10, but I think it is really uncertain given all the teams that need QBs. They can't really trade up until you know who is available. If the Jets are picking top 6 or so, I think their chance of getting Mayfield is very good, and if he does go before then, they will get an impact player at another position.
  12. Head Coaching Candidates

    I really think the most important thing is to build up the front office so the Jets can maximize the talent acquired. I just think that Mac is light. That would be a great idea for both of them. Let both of them go through the offseason and prove what they can build together.
  13. Where is Ardarius Stewart? How has Elflein been playing C for the Vikings?
  14. Baker Mayfield

    I can definitely see that happening. I just don't see Mac reaching for a 6-0 tall QB. See above. Mac won't do it. Answer is to bid hard on Cousins, re-sign McCown and trade down if necessary. There are other QBs with potential. Mac needs to figure out which one to take without picking another Hack. I wonder whether teams will pay big money for an Osweiler or Glennon again, particularly given the production the Jets got from McCown. McCown could have gotten the Jets to the playoffs if Mac built a better line. I would be interested to see how these QBs are graded.