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  1. I did see some pre-draft writeups that were consistent with where Stewart was picked, but I just don’t get it. Did they do any scouting work on him? He has not resembled an NFL player.
  2. I don’t think Bowles is a good coach, but who do you replace him with? just like Marvin Lewis. They can “relate” to the players and are politically popular. I wish we could Parcells back, 30 years younger. That was a coach.
  3. Mauldin was a credible 3rd round draft pick. Passed over David Johnson and Eli Harold. The rest of them basically reflected zero scouting If any of the posters here were in the draft room, those players would not have been picked.
  4. I don't get the sense that the Jets are cheap with players-how can a team that pays Josh McCown $10mm as a backup be cheap with players. I think Mac gets too cute with not extending players. It is pretty much standard operating procedure in the NFL to tear up a good player's last year and extent them-the ultimate cost years 2+ ends up being less, you lock them up and avoid a bidding war. The Jets were way too cute with Wilkerson too and were outsmarted. It is nice to have $100m of cap space next year, but part of that is because the Jets have many expiring contracts this year. What WRs are under contract next year? Not many-the plan to draft Stewart and Hansen and have them locked up obviously backfired. I would extend Enunwa asap. I don't get the sense that the Jets invest in coaches. Look at the Eagles coaching staff last year? Pedersen, DeFellipo, Reich, Stump Mitchell, Jim Schwartz. Supposedly the Eagles assistant coaches also do more scouting/travelling for prospects than any other team. The Jets also apparently do not like to terminate people/eat contracts. I think that was the issue with the scouting department. I think Terry Bradway was doing the scouting for Idzik. The point about having other wealth is also a good one. Have you noticed how family run supermarkets tend to be older and dumpier, but when a big chain takes it over they spend alot of money and renovate. The family owners see every dime that leaves the store-corporates can just hide it.
  5. Who the Johnson's remind me of? Those old guys from Trading Places. They are so out of their element.
  6. Bowles will be a DC next year for another team and do well. He will have to do the work himself. That will be his future until the NFL twists another team's arm to hire him as a HC, probably for a team that is basically there and just needs a new face. Like the Jets were in 2009. Kacey will coach in college somewhere. We need to find our new DC, I would not be surprised to see us switch to a 4-3. That is the only way to keep Williams. DL is the deepest position group on the team.
  7. Anderson appears to be behaving. We have not heard boo from him really, and no gossip sightings of him running around Manhattan. My guess is that he has someone watching over him, which is good. Its when he goes home to Florida that he gets himself into trouble. Watch the Bye Week.
  8. If I ever run an NFL team, which I won't, it would only be the very rare occasion when I gave an NFL player their last contract. I think the motivation goes kaput. That is why the smart teams hoard draft picks-because those players are trying to get that next, and likely last, contract that they can live on for the rest of their lives.
  9. I think alot of the issue is based on the organizational structure. Bowles boss was/is Woody/Chris. I don't think they really mentor/guide/demand a young coach like a seasoned GM would. I think they are riddled with the Guilt of the Priviledged. What do you think Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone talk about? Standing for the National Anthem? But the heading of the OP has got it right. "Bowles got himself fired...." because of the lack of discipline and game planning/management. The Johnsons are giving him the rope to hang himself. I think the challenge now is to figure out who can manage the defense when Bowles gets fired. With Kacey there is no one to keep. The Bears got lucky being able to keep Fangio. If we can get DeFillipo as the young offensive minded coach, Bowles is toast.
  10. Dan Quinn-Falcons jumped the Jets for him. Dan Quinn is from North Jersey and started coaching with the Jets.
  11. Hue got lucky. He is just as dumb as Bowles. He was starting his veteran, who was horrible. Then he got hurt. People thought that the plan was to play Baker in the second half anyway. I would like to hear Hue say that. Maybe Goodell would have made him. But Bowles was beating Hue, until Taylor getting hurt saved Hue.
  12. Bowles can argue that Mac gave him a bunch of goo to work with, which in large part is true. But allowing players to behave like he apparently does, and making critical mistakes in game decisions and strategies, will be on him. All three games had that. To put it another way, could you see a Bellichick or Parcells team misbehave like the Jets have on the field? We wanted a disciplined, well-coached team that was developing its young talent. Instead we are watching 3-19 brain farts and players pretending to wipe their bottoms with the football. At this point I think Bowles is pointed out the door. He needs to correct the bad penalties and mistakes if he wants to reverse this course. Then we can see what Mac has to say.
  13. Adams and Q are playing well. The point, which is well taken, that in 4 years Mac's drafts were very poor, on an overall basis. He did obtain a Franchise QB. I think it ultimately comes down to whether the Johnsons think that Mac's team can turn it around and do better. My guess is that they have a WASPy chat about it and come to that understanding. Its 50/50 whether it works out. I am less optimistic that they come to the same conclusion on Bowles.
  14. Is Anthony Wint still on the PS? I agree we should have kept Wint. What WRs are under contract in 2019?
  15. That is pushing it. I am thinking 4-5 wins. We really needed at least one of the last two.

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