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  1. I actually believe that the first three rounds of next year’s draft plus the available cap space should be able to fill a lot of holes. I believe that Trumaine Johnson will play much better because he is not stupid, and he is in a position to be overpaid if he can just play decently. The Jets have too many holes to cut Johnson, take a cap hit and find a replacement if Johnson is playing decently. If he plays like last year again, you cut him on principle. But I also believe that we really can’t afford Leo, Henry and Quinnen, together. Someone needs to go. We also can’t afford Jenkins signed to a new contract and Avery.
  2. That is really the right way to look at it. The blame for this year, from a personnel standpoint, is on Mac. Douglas should be thinking about finding ways to get more draft picks.
  3. This ^. Although theoretically the Jets could cut DL that get picked up by another team, most of the NFL teams have CB, S, OL, RB and WR that will be cut who are much better than players the Jets have on their roster. There will certainly be pickups.
  4. From everything I have seen, Gase, the Hobbit and Williams will do a better job coaching than Bowles, Bates and Kacy, and Douglas and staff will do a better job acquiring talent than Mac and staff. Given how Mac and Co went about their jobs, the Jets are lucky to have won 14 games over the last 3 seasons. Gase has shown glimpses of competence and of craziness. I really think he could have used a year to reflect. But Bellichick did not look great with the Browns. Hopefully Gase has had a chance to reflect upon his time in Miami and upgrade his coaching. We shall soon see. I am optimistic about the Jets...in 2020.
  5. I actually think there is merit to both sides of this argument. I think it comes down to how each of the Bills and Jets approached the 2019 off season. It was clear to me that the Bills were going for it-they built up their OL and made other strategic moves to make a difference this season. By bring aboard Andre Roberts, they add a returner who might win them a game (which could make a difference in a playoff run) and hurt the team that they need to beat at least once to make the playoffs. The Jets led by Mac, on the other hand, bumbled through the off season and left FA and the Draft with a still unbalanced and incomplete roster. I think the Bills have a better overall roster than the Jets, although I like Darnold much better than Josh Allen (and that can be all that really matters).
  6. The fact that Qvale is number 33 on this list pretty much sums up the state of the Jets roster.
  7. Despite the new FO, the roster is not well-constructed. Douglas does not have the means to fix it now. It will be a tough season. I may be overly optimistic, but I am highly confident that the new FO will draft and acquire players much, much better than Mac did. The Jets will add at least 5 players a year through the draft that are likely better than guys we currently have. If I were Douglas I would try and trade D players for value and accumulate OL now and picks for next year. I would rather have future draft picks used by Douglas than Leo and Jenkins in 2019, for example. Douglas should build to make a serious run in 2020.
  8. She was a star lacrosse player at Penn State who is trying to be a sportscaster. Her Instagram shows a happy, family oriented person and also a happy, relatively normal Christian Hackenberg. I wish them every happiness. I am very curious what Christian ends up doing with himself.
  9. The Jets will have cap room. CBs are usually available as FA. The Jets will sign a CB. I can see Douglas going BPA, with ties going to the OL.
  10. These are interesting questions but I think the Jets deserve the most focus. The Jets should have 3 clear years of Darnold. Let other teams keep drafting QBs. My prediction is actually that Murray negatively surprises and Rosen positively surprises.
  11. That culture there really is not nice to the bulls, but that is another story. What happens to the bulls after they run?
  12. This ^. Under the prior regime, I had no confidence that players were being evaluated objectively. Hopefully Douglas and Gase can let players compete fairly for positions.
  13. This is right. You can’t pay all of these guys. The only reason we are having this discussion is because Mac’s drafting has been so bad. Williamson was an expensive plug. The Jets can’t afford all of these guys in 2020. If Jenkins was smart he takes a fair extension this year. He makes too little this year. He should get some money in his pocket now. In 2020, one of Anderson or Leo is not on the team.
  14. There is no way Douglas stands pat with just Harrison. The Bills supposedly have 13 decent OL going into training camp. Just statistically-if we think the Jets have the 20-25 best OL in the NFL, that means that someone cut from more than 10 teams should be better than what the Jets have. I also think Toth is better than we think he is. Eduma probably worse.
  15. Mac has been fired, so it does not make sense to talk about how bad he was and the roster is. But basically, for a team that is rebuilding and an NFL where you can carry forward cap space, it is sad to keep relatively expensive veterans. So.... Powell-one would have to believe that the Jets could find somebody else less expensive and less likely to get hurt. Winters-I can see Compton starting. The Jets need OL depth, so he has them over a barrel a bit, but spending that much money on a mediocre G is not good. The Jets could have drafted someone in the 4th or 5th round to replace Winters, but Mac choose not to. Qvale-I would have to think that Mac or Douglas could have found someone to replace Qvale. Shell-this is the last year of Shell’s rookie contract, and he has been decent. He can be extended or the Jets will get a comp pick. No need to get rid of him. If he is still injured PUP him. McClendon-after continuing to draft DL, having to keep Steve around for what he gets paid is a shame, although he is a good guy and player. He should be a back up on a playoff team. Jenkins-see Shell. With Mac gone I am wondering what defense Douglas and Gase ultimately choose to run. But Jenkins is cheap this year and will be signed by another team next year if the Jets don’t renew him. So in a perfect world, Powell, Winters, Qvale and McClendon would be replaced by younger, cheaper players.

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