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  1. It is possible that Mims looked like a much better fit in the "Gase Offense" (whatever that is) as opposed to the WCO?
  2. Corey Davis took a few years to get it together as a WR-they are not easy players to draft. The offensive coaching was not doing JD any favors last year, but it would appear that Mims was not a great pick, but E. Moore could be. Do we want to check in on the 2020 Draft Class again? Becton-getting toasted by Lawson. Mims-3rd team. Ashtyn-is he playing? Zuniga-hurt again. Morgan-see Josh Johnson. Perine-looks ok Clark-was he making the roster? Does he want to play football again? Hall-competitive, but competition. Its a good thing that th
  3. Here is another way to look at it-the value in the back of a mediocre 2020 draft was in the OL and WR. The Jets had no offensive coaching to help guide those draft picks, identify for system, etc. So JD essentially just followed the manual.
  4. It broke my heart to see Johnson's sons in the Draft Room. I was really hoping that he would sell the team before leaving it to them. His brother is not running the team. Chris was more concerned about PR than winning. They never earned their money. Personally, I think the signing bonuses should be deferred conditional upon not getting arrested, etc. But the downside to picking at 2 is that you pay the price of 2.
  5. I have gone on the record as negative on JD's first draft. But I think there are two other ways of looking at this. It was not a great draft. I read an article about how JD's 2020 draft basically followed one of the leading draft guides in terms of value. So many draft experts thought it was spot on in terms of selecting perceived value at each spot. But a good GM/scouting department needs to be better than a draft guide (although if Mac and Idzik followed the draft guides, they may be still employed). It is hard for a scouting staff to work in a vacuum. They need the input
  6. In the next CBA this offset thing should get standardized. The teams and players can agree whether the player gets a windfall if they are cut early and can get paid 2x. Otherwise, in the context of these large contracts, the rookie is signed for alot of money. If they happen to get cut in a few years, do they get to make more money? Maybe or maybe not, but they should decide and stop arguing about it. For this contract, it was most important that Wilson started practicing. I would not expect any more issues here for 4 or so years. Let's who the Jets sign long-term, s
  7. When you are bad enough to pick 2 in the Draft, you really don't have much bargaining position. The player you pick is supposed to be a great player. So if he busts, the likely reason is that the team did not develop or support the player. So yes, maybe Wilson says screw you, you are not saving money in offsets, because you messed my career up and I had to move before year 4. That is what I would say. My guess is that is the way Darnold feels now. When you pick a QB top 5, or top 3, and his agent wants to push for no offsets, I think you have to cave. This does not set
  8. The Jets are already starting behind with a rookie QB not in camp and a senior offensive coach no longer with us. There was very little wiggle room with this team.
  9. Yeboah is locked up for multiple years and is cheap but has looked out of shape and dropped balls. Kroft has a 1 year guaranteed contract and knows how to play, so he is on the team. So the wild card is Herndon, who can but cut for no cost, but if leaves at the end of the year gets a comp pick. I would keep Yeboah over Herndon, for upside and contract.
  10. JD's job is to win games, not win contracts. Wilson not being in camp on the first day is not winning games. Its not that simple. Particularly when its over points that are really not winnable.
  11. He is definitely in better shape now than he was a month ago. Not really that surprising. I started a half-marathon training plan a month ago, and I am in alot better shape too. Becton seems like a good guy who wants to do well, succeed and play well for his team. He needs to live in a constant state of food and exercise vigilance. If he takes his eye off the ball, he will veer off course relatively quickly. He was basically on his own from January-May and probably backslid somewhat. He appears to be on the right track now.
  12. I am not worried about Jet LB play really-that will equate to run and short pass defense. I am worried when the other QB passes more than 10 yards.
  13. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. I have been tempted to pick up road biking, and everyone says the same thing-it’s not if you will get in an accident, but when and how bad. But we don’t know if he was road biking or just cruise biking. Selfishly, if he cannot return to work it could have a meaningful affect on the Jets’ season and Wilson’s development. I hope he is ok.
  14. I think Maye knows that he will make guaranteed at least another $12mm next year, either from the Jets or someone else. If Ashtyn or someone else can't step into the role of 200 lb safety in 2021, JD will have to franchise Maye, if he is healthy enough to play. That is the option. Otherwise, if Maye was guaranteed over $22mm by the Jets in the last offer, he should have taken it, because, as it looks now, Maye's guaranty is only the $10.6mm for this year. At Maye's age, he should have taken more guaranteed money in 2021. He is betting that he performs AND does not get injured. It wou
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