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  1. varjet

    My Thoughts on Leonard WIlliams

    Every team needs at least 2 solid DL. There are some teams that need another one. A team like that will pay Leo what he is looking for, especially since Leo will likely have a solid year this year. The Jets should not be that team. This is, in part, based on what Mac did. If the Jets drafted someone else in round 1, the case for keeping Leo, and paying him decently, would be much stronger. Leo will do fine in the NFL, and make a lot of money. He will just need to work for it, year after year.
  2. I honestly think Gase’s job was to develop and protect Darnold, and he basically went to Johnson and said that Mac was not helping him do that, and got him fired. If you look at other 3-4 teams, I would have to think that the resources that the Jets have now on the DL for a 3-4 defense are pretty excessive. Maybe Leo was the right player to keep, but not if you are drafting a bunch of other DL and paying Henry $10mm. It would be extraordinary to have all of those resources paid to the DL. Saving the $14mm and getting a 2nd or 3rd round real pick in 2020 in a 2019 trade would be a good deal for the Jets. Otherwise, getting a comp pick for him and letting him move on is a good result. Were the new GM to project that the Jets would not get a comp pick for Leo in 2021 because of their FA spending in 2020, I would trade Leo for whatever they can get this year. I really don’t see Leo on this team moving the needle. They should use the $14mm for something else in 2020 and let Quinnen, Henry, McClendon, Foley and Shepherd figure it out. Mac was so bad.
  3. varjet

    Jets officially request interviews

    True, but this is a bigger job than just the Draft. Free agents, our own free agents, etc.
  4. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be negative on the Jets yet. Let's see how everything turns out. I can see Gase getting at least three years unless he completely implodes and embarrasses himself and the team. The flaws in the roster will be blamed on Mac. He and new GM will get 3 years to fix it, unless they just completely stink the place up. But for now, we should give them a chance.
  5. varjet

    Jets officially request interviews

    I think Douglas has a bigger job/more responsibility than Kelly currently has. Kelly is only an Assistant Director of Personnel. One of Mac's problems was that he did not know how to be GM. Douglas' experience, plus working under Roseman, should position him well. The Bears have been drafting well. Let Kelly continue to develop.
  6. varjet

    Maye sitting out

    So on a team with at least 6 CBS on the roster that the former GM drafted, Mac takes another CB in round 6 while allowing the back up safety Brooks to walk to the division rival and SB champion and not drafting another safety. Good safeties are found in the lower rounds. Maye is very good but injury prone. He is in year 3 of his 4 year contract. Hopefully he gets it together.
  7. Although it feels like the Jets should have received more for Lee, you seldom see teams get exciting compensation for players they are trying to get rid of. At least in recent years. The Sheldon trade was one of the best for the selling teams in recent past. I think teams are putting much more value on their draft picks, because of what FAs cost.
  8. If the Jets 3-4 DL was Leo, McClendon and some mid-round draft picks, and Leo was playing well, I would be good with that. But when you add Quinnen and Henry, that seems like too many resources applied there, and Leo’s contract is up now. To me this is more of an odd man out thing rather than is Leo worth it. Leo is not that different a player from Trey Flowers, at least statistically. Just too expensive for a 2nd contract DL who oftentimes don’t work. If I am a GM I draft DL and sign FA to short contracts, even if expensive per year.
  9. Although you would think differently watching games, Leo’s and Trey Flowers stats last year were not that different. He could conceivably get a large contract. But for where this team is, and after drafting Quinnen and the other DL, and signing Henry, I would rather have a 2 or 3 draft pick and Leo’s $14mm to use next year to sign an OL.
  10. Briefly, and probably late, all the events listed in the OP are good for the Jets. All of the people cut or fired were bad fits for this team. What concerns me is not what just happened, but seeing what has been behind the curtain the last four years. I am disconcerted and doubtful of the ability of the Johnsons to actually build a new front office in place that will do better than the old one. I, among others, consistently criticized what I saw Mac doing and not doing, and some here replied essentially that he was a professional and knew what he was doing. The news I hear now confirmed my fears about both Mac and Bowles, and the Johnsons were asleep at the switch. Given the Jets structure a Johnson is essentially the Head of Football Operations, and they did nothing and allowed anarchy to thrive. I am glad that Mac, Bowles and the bad draft picks are gone, and I think more will follow. Teams can fix themselves and get better. But after what we have seen from the Johnsons over the last 8 years, I will believe that we have better management when I consistently see a better product on the field.
  11. In the list of Mac mistakes, this one is usually not included, although it should be, because the Jets wasted a fair bit of cap space on this experiment.
  12. From Douglas' perspective, he gets a big paycheck and a big job. He is walking into a poopshow. Honestly, I think his biggest risk is Gase. I don't know what to make of this team. Don't know how much of a problem the Johnsons would really be for someone who was competent. Its just really remarkable hearing all of the incompetence that Mac exhibited.
  13. I think this is certainly true for 2018 and 2019. Cousins and the draft picks, used well, would have created a better Jets team than what we had in 2018 and will have in 2019. Darnold will be better long-term. But Mac was not thinking about any of that. I don't blame Minnesota for signing Cousins. It was a good move at the time given their roster. I do blame Minnesota for stealing Barr from the Jets-they did not need to pay that type of money for a 4-3 LB who does not rush the passer. They should have let him sign with the Jets.
  14. That is a two win improvement, which is an improvement. We are going to understand just how bad Mac and Bowles were individually and separately. 1 + 1 = -2 with them. You can see how Mac drafted all the players who did not fit on the team-he was drafting for a draft score, not a football team. But it will be hard to fix the team at this point. The Jets will be much better, but will need at least another off season with a real GM to even sniff the playoffs. There was a lot of wasted time here. There was just no way Mac was going to turn it around.
  15. It would appear that Gase’ perspective is that there is very little to work with from this mess after four years, as opposed to “thank you Mike for leaving me these players, and I look forward to working with them.”

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