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  1. varjet

    Dowell Loggains Hired as OC

    Its amazing how thick headed some of these coaches are. Hopefully Gase proves us wrong. Bowles was this defensive genius who was going to work with his pal Kacy to run the defense. It was a trainwreck. The best the Jets' defense looked was when Kacy was out sick and Bowles took over. But then he handed the reins back to Kacy when Kacy returned. The thesis on Gase/Loggains is that they are offensive genius' who got stuck with bad quarterbacks. Let's see what happens. In this Gase, it is hard to attract a real OC because Gase calls the plays. I hope they looked well coached, and I hope Bilbo is cut loose if the defense does not look good.
  2. It will be very simple. Bosa and Haskins will be gone at 1 and 2. The Jets can then auction their pick and see what they get, and take it or not.
  3. The Jets are not in a position to cut loose many players under contract who may be overpriced. Guys like Leo, Lee, Beachum, Long, Winters and even Crowell, all players that you would think are not good values for the money, will likely need to be kept because there are so few players on the roster.
  4. Next year would be a year too early for the Jets to try that strategy. A Mawae like FA signing would be a good thing. It would be interesting to present not only available cap space, but available cap space per open spot. The Jets have the fewest players under contract in the league. When that is taken into account, the Jets do not have that much cap space.
  5. As we saw in 2017, trading down does not work if you have bad scouting. More picks just means more bad picks. The lower you pick, the harder it is.
  6. If you analyzed NFL trades over the last 10 years (players for picks), who would you think comes out ahead? I think paying for a high pick for a veteran player most often turns out to be a loser. The Steelers may need to get comfortable getting little if anything for Brown. Whether the Jets keep Leo or try to get something for him is another story. I think the Seahawks regret trading a second round pick for SR.
  7. varjet

    Dan Snyder wanted Todd Bowles bad

    Snyder is worse than the Johnsons. That is one owner who is.
  8. Maybe trade someone for Brown. Like Williams or Lee.
  9. Mangold was great. Mawae was better. Best Jet FA signing ever.
  10. Where Foles will go will be all settled before the draft. Then we can see who may want to trade up. If there is a Donald type DL available at 3 I am not seeing the issue in picking him, so long as we get rid of Leo and use the money to buy FAs who fit the other needs. But in that case, a trade down, even if for less than "Draft Chart" value, would appear better. FWIW, despite the flaws people see in Jonah Williams game, there is likely not a FA T as good as he is, and the best one would be alot more expensive than Jonah Williams,
  11. I won’t quote the entire brilliant analysis, but nycdan has hit it right on the head. Bosa and Haskins are top 2, just like 2 years ago Where they leaves us at 3, who knows
  12. Shell can basically replace Qvale as T depth, and someone like Ju'an James on a 3-4 year deal is a better plan at RT for the next 4 years of Darnold. If the Jets signed a real center, the guards would look better. Long can replace Harrison as the backup G and C if he is not upgraded. A roster with better players than Carpenter, Qvale, Dozier and Harrison? How can you not like that?
  13. I think this is Long's lucky day. The Jets have to invest in the OL in 2019, with the hope that guys like Winters and Long can be replaced in 2020 with good draft picks. This is the year that guys like Dozier, Harrison, Carpenter and Qvale get replaced by FAs and draft picks. How many guys can you replace in a year?
  14. varjet

    Re-Sign Henry Anderson

    I like Anderson, but I can see the money being better spent on a 4-3 DE.
  15. I think Mac studied this and thought he could also lowball OL like the Patriots. What he failed to realize was that that requires an excellent coaching staff, which Bowles was not going to put together.

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