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  1. I don't think Paye is there, but I think he grades far higher than 23, and the Jets could use a second DE. If you look at prior drafts Centers as gifted as Humphrey also go higher than 23. So I think we are looking at Jenkins or one of the Gs there.
  2. JD says he is going to get a QB and build the lines. That would tell me that at 23 his draftboard should look like: Kwitty Paye Creed Humphrey AVT Teven Jenkins. at 34 there should a WR replacement for Crowder.
  3. One can argue that the better strategy is to trade down when you are a bad team to accumulate alot of draft picks to build the team up and let QBs like Fitzpatrick be your QB, and then when you are in the middle of the pack trade an enormous number of draft picks to trade back up to take a QB when your roster is ready (relying on FAs and the rookie QB contract). Maybe that is what the Dolphins are doing, letting Tua be their Fitzpatrick after actually playing Fitzpatrick. I don't think Tua is the answer.
  4. Justin Fields is not falling like Lamar Jackson did, if for no other reason than people saw what happened when Lamar Jackson fell. For people concerned about Zach Wilson's build, why wouldn't you be concerned about Trevor Lawrence's build? Someone will find a way to design an offense around Justin Fields. You can say that is not a Shanahan offense, but look where the 49ers traded to, and what Mike Shanahan did with RG III, at least until he got hurt. JD is damned if he does, damned if he does not, because regardless of who he picks, for a variety of reasons (roster, senior
  5. I agree with the general sentiment that we should mostlyroll with the DBs we have for this season. Maybe look for value In the lower rounds/UDFA.
  6. In 2017 the consensus was that Trubisky was better than Mahomes and Watson. The debate was whether the Jets should take him at 6. I think in today’s NFL QB size and athleticism will catch up to you.
  7. This is apparently the great mystery of this draft. Why would the 49ers like Fields and the Jets not?
  8. I agree that JD needs to put the player grades to the side somewhat and overdraft offense. He can make up for it by signing Steven Nelson to play CB. If he actually picked offense with his draft 4 picks or so, and then found CBs, and LBs with his next 4 picks, and then a kicker, and could also work. But the offense needs a big boost here, and that is also where cap savings can come. He can cut Lewis, Van Roten and Crowder, saving an enormous amount of money, if he found their replacements in the draft. There is no one to replace on defense like that.
  9. Assuming that at least a substantial portion of the Jets' draft will be focused on offensive support, the Jets that Wilson will join is far better put together than the team that Darnold had to play for in 2019 and 2020 for sure. And a bad defense would just put him in bad field position, so they can't really ignore that either. Unfortunately, the OL is only as good as its weakest link. The Jets have a first round LT and C and RT making $9mm/year. Alex Lewis makes $6+mm/Year. If JD can plug some holes and add depth, this team can be better. But I would still find a way to
  10. The J&J vaccine is actually a more effective vaccine, but appears to be linked to some reactions. Although rare, I believe those reactions are more frequent than that of the competitors. There is no question that the J&J vaccine causes more severe side effects, buts it’s single does and effectiveness are pretty compelling. My guess is that the competitors are playing this up.
  11. I think this analysis was simpler than we think: Sam has good QB and physical skills and based on his overall college performance was worth a top 5 draft pick. The Jets completely under-supported him in talent for 3 years (plus the preparation for his arrival) and in coaching, particularly last two years. The two of the three guys the Jets hired to lead their team (Mac, Bowles and Gase) will likely not work in the NFL again-that is how bad they were. But since the Jets were so bad, they get to draft a QB top 2, and given who is available, and the rookie contract, it i
  12. It’s the Johnsons. The NFL views them as entitled weasels.
  13. There are going to be impact WR available at 34-no doubt. There should be a T at 23 that can play G I don't think there will be T or Humphrey at 34. I am pretty confident that there will be a C/G better than what is currently on the roster at 66.
  14. Interesting about the Zuniga pick is that he really was not a great fit for the 3-4-he is more a 4-3 end. But at 23 Kwity Paye would be great value-so great that I don't think he is there. Based on prior drafts, from 17-32 you so WR, CB, OT, C, LB, EDGE being picked. Few G. Good EDGE usually goes earlier in the round. From the looks of some mocks, I would think the following players, in close to this order, would be the right pick for the Jets at 23: Paye Jenkins Humphrey Newsome
  15. This is a fantastic point. I have no doubt that the BPA at 23 will be a defensive player or RB. No doubt. That is why the Jets always drafted too many defensive players. With their dual reporting system, the GM wanted to draft players that would not bust. You do that by taking the highest rated players. Easy Peasy, bad team. So if the priority is offense, you trade that pick. But it Kwity is there, you take him. I think in the 2nd round and below players should be close enough such that BPA is pretty bunched. If JD takes BOPA in rounds 2 and 3, and then looks for TEs
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