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  1. Someone said it above-Herndon must be a knucklehead. He does this, ultimately gets suspended, and hurts himself before he ever plays this year, likely because he was conditioned. Something is going on with this guy. I don't think he ever amounts to anything productive.
  2. In a logical world, and in the Johnsons’ world (two different worlds), trading Adams for 2020 would not make sense. Logically, he is a great player, and even with the draft picks the Jets have, and their cap space, it is possible that Douglas can put together a team that is actually playing competitive games in December 2020 and maybe making the playoffs. A logical team would not overpay for Adams, knowing that he will need to get paid ultimately, and knowing that he is only a SS. From the Johnsons’ perspective, Chris already proclaimed stupidly that he wanted Adams to be a Jet for life. They look at things season by season-they are not building a long-term contender. Adams can add pizazz to 2020 and 2021 on his rookie contract, even if he walks ultimately as is typical with Jet 1st round draft picks (either that or bust). They are not looking to trade Adams. But let’s say Douglas wants to build a long-term competitor. He wants to build an OL. He wants OL, CB and EDGE under 4-5 year rookie contracts starting in 2020. AND let’s say that there is a team that is desperate for Adams, who needs Adams to maybe make the Super Bowl in 2021 while their window is still slightly open. They may need Adams on his rookie contract to make an impact, a homecoming impact. That desperate team may be Jerry Jones’ Cowboys. They are the potential sucker here. Jerry made a bet that he did not need Adams in 2019 and did not want to overpay (which could have been 2020 draft assets). Maybe he did not want to give a coach he knew was out another player. But not trading for Adams backfired on Jerry. I would give him another chance to help both teams.
  3. Maybe you should apply. Just read an article in the Wall Street Journal about LSU’s strength program. As we have seen, LSU is having a great season, and besides Joe Burrow, they are attributing it to their strength program which includes MIT technology that measures the velocity of lifts. The team is stronger, quicker, faster and healthier. If I had to guess, a college team like LSU has a more sophisticated strength program than the Jets do.
  4. Gase is not getting fired, but I predict that some replacements on the coaching staff will be made. Pollack will likely be one of them. At this point only Harrison, Edoga, Winters and McDermott are under contract. There is no reason any of them can go anywhere, except Winters. I can't see them bringing back Winters for $7mm, but any veteran player signed will be signed for alot of money. There are no bargains in FA. The Jets probably could extend existing OL now if they wanted to. But after the season, it is really about signing FA OL, which could be their own players or other players currently on other teams. Look at how many new OL the Bills brought in last season. That will be the Jets. Assuming that they need at least 10 real OL (injuries, etc.), the Jets will draft at least 3 OL and find a way to sign at least 4 others. That is alot of work.
  5. Thanks. I think the mature 2020 conversation would have included a pay cut with incentives. I predict that he plays somewhere in 2020 for $6-8mm.
  6. FWIW, OTC has KO's entire salary as Dead Money for 2019. My suspicion is that the Jets backpeddled on this and came to some type of settlement. You are not supposed to cut an injured player because you are supposed to treat them. My guess is that KO passed on the Jets' treatment. The issue with Enunwa is a bit different, a bit similar. Enunwa is injured, but he is supposed to rehab as a condition to continue to get paid. If he thinks he can't play anymore, he then retires, which my guess has a different salary result. So if Enunwa still wants to get paid going forward, he nees to rehab, and if does not the Jets can fine him.
  7. I don't know whether I would say that McDermott is an under-rated coach. He is a good coach by all accounts. Most critically, he as a defensive coach was able to hire a capable offensive coordinator. He worked with his GM to draft a QB and build around him. The Bills have been making good decisions. It is only fair to note that, up until recent years, the Bills and their owner the Pegulas were another dumpster fire. They appear to have gotten their acts together. The Jets only catch up to the Bills when they draft better and make better decisions, and if Darnold's second contract, if any, is a better value than Josh Allen's second contract. I don't think there is any doubt right now that Josh Allen will be getting a second contract. Darnold has looked good at times, but people tend to alternate back and forth. The Jets will be drafting higher than the Bills this year, and likely the next year, so they have a chance to catch up. But clearly, the McDermott/Beane team over the past few years ran circles around the Bowles/Mac team that ran the Jets. That is the cause of most of what we see now. Gase or whomeever/Douglas will need to out-manage the Bills' FO going forward to catch up to them.
  8. Then this would appear to be a big mystery. There would appear to be a few of them there.
  9. This is over my head, but since the Jets actually cut him and his contract was guaranteed, don't you think they already paid him?
  10. Winters is an old school NFL player who will play through pain probably to his own detriment. Osemele is more new school, self-interested. I suspect that the reports he gave the Jets on the way over here were a bit rosier than reality. He may have had a pre-existing condition that was made worse by playing on it. Osemele decided he was better off sitting himself for injury and getting healthier for next year, potentially getting cut as a result, than trying to play through his injury this year, getting cut for poor play, and not getting a new contract. He was able to make that call because the Center next him was completely useless, the QB had mono and at the time was not necessarily coming back, and he saw the season as lost. I think he made the right call for him, and if he is healthy he will get a Richie Incognito show me deal. I think the Jets should have had a mature conversation with him where they agreed that he would sit out the rest of the year for next year. This is basically what they did with Mosely, 6 weeks too late. 6 weeks ago the Jets could have poached another player off a practice squad rather than carry Mosley. But to me, this is just further evidence of the Johnson's being petty.
  11. Gase is not going anywhere. He is a flawed caretaker until Douglas can fix the roster. No one else is coming, and the Johnsons owe him three more years. I predict he gets fired next year because he will lay 2-3 eggs like the Cincinatti game next year that keep the Jets from making the playoffs. FWIW, if the Jets beat the Bills, Miami and Cincinnati this year, they currently would be the 6th seed. Matt Rhule makes over $4mm/year at Baylor, plus whatever extras he can make pitching cars, sportswear, etc., to mould young men, etc. in college. He is not coming to the Jets now. If anywhere, he goes to the Giants. I can see the Maras biting that bullet if for no other reason than to show the Jets up. I really don’t know from which tree the Jets look for the next HC from. I would suggest a CEO type with a solid staff below him. Could require recycling a McCarthy or Cowher. But nothing is getting better without a better S&C coach. Way too many injuries on this team.
  12. Brandon Shell seems like a player some team will pay more than they should in FA. The irony is that the Jets have one of the worst OL in the NFL, so that team theoretically should be the Jets. Shell was a fifth round draft pick, and for how he played generally and the number of games he started (and what he was paid), he was a very decent draft pick. The question now is now much to pay him to come back, if we want him back. Someone will sign him if the Jets don’t.
  13. The way the Jets are structured, Gase reports to Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson will be doing Gase’ review over the Winter. It would be Chris’ job to tell Gase that he needs to improve his offensive and strength staffs. I just don’t see that happening.
  14. This season is lost. Just protect Darnold and lose out so we get the highest draft pick possible. Draft a LT, WR or EDGE. Gase gets a second chance this year, but he needs to improve his offensive staff and strength and conditioning. If with an improved roster Gase still shows the same issues, give GW the interim HC with a big raise, fire Gase and the Hobbit and have JBC be OC.
  15. The post Adams Week To Week; Poole In Concussion Protocol appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story... I would like to understand if this is bad luck or if Adam Gase has an bigger issue maintaining a healthy roster (for whatever reason). Something was wrong in Miami, and something is wrong here.

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