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  1. Dilfer on Rosen

    Josh Rosen's upbringing was about as far from Derwin James as is possible within the 50 States. The guys at the table seemed amused by the whole thing.
  2. Josh Allen has the potential to be a cross between Hack and Mike Mamula, particularly with the Jets. I think his ceiling is Blake Bortles, which is not horrible.
  3. Rosen too much a risk?

    A few random thoughts: Alot of college players were pretty skinny coming out of college. Goff was not muscular, and was 10 lighter than Rosen. We have seen pictures of Brady. Manning I guess was built very similarly to Rosen. I note that the S&C Coach at UCLA is the guy the Jets used to have who tripped the Dolphin. He is actually very, very good at his job, and UCLA players have done better in the NFL with him on staff. Puffy Combs also tried to hit him with a kettlebell. But in any event, Rosen has put on 10 pounds+ of muscle since December, and he can get built up more in a fulltime strength program. If the Jets draft Rosen, none of this is doing to work unless the Jets get the ball out of Rosen's hands, and they build a line and get him a TE.
  4. Dilfer on Rosen

    Allen's Pro Day will be telling. Hack could not even hit a swing pass in OTAs. If he can hit 75% of his passes at his Pro Day, he is top 3. He could epically fail, but he has enough sturdiness and atheticism, and does not present the Rosen issues, to make him pickable by Stodgy NFL types. A few recent examples will be dispositive: Is Allen worse at t this point than Bortles or Cutler was? Probably. They were made into QBs that could get the job done. Manziel, in addition to his drug issues, has a family that is very wealthy. He shares that problem with Rosen.
  5. Darnold #1 after pro day

    Cleveland will be a much better team than the Jets next year. I predict that the Giants trade the pick. If they take a QB at 2, which is where the value is, obviously, given what the Jets paid for 3, they are giving up on Eli and the rest of them. The only way you win at NFL football is if you are all in winning now. There are teams that are all in, and teams that are rebuilding, except of course if you are the spineless Jets. If the Giants want to win with Eli they need a talent infusion. Maybe Barkley does it, but probably not at that value. If they use 1-2 on a QB, that is one less potential pro bowl starter for 2018.
  6. Josh Allen

    The problem with Allen is that the Jets will destroy him. Haley will make something of Darnold or Allen. I think Shurmur can make something out of Allen. My guess is that the Bills offense under Daboll could coach Allen. The Jets and their WCO would not be good for Allen. Theoretically Rosen could run it, but if he drops out of the NFL because injuries the Johnsons will never hear the end of it. Mayfield is the safest pick for the Jets. He is a football player. He needs the job. He does not get hurt. I think he ends up more like a Cousins than a Brees, but we almost paid $30mm for that. He will be a good QB to help advance the Jets, and there is always Teddy too.
  7. Note that Heimerdinger was at Darnold's Pro Day. Heimerdinger is the PRO Personnel Director. Mac is the GM with a college focus. He has someone who works for him scouting college players. The Jets have done much better with their Pro acquisitions than their college drafting. Issue with the pro acquisitions has been converting the contracts right. There may have been a power shift here.
  8. I was not looking at their 40 time. I was looking at their overall percentile and z-score, the latter of which is slightly negative. They both are low 40%s, with Mayfield a bit lower than Rosen. That means, according to the Sparq score, Mayfield and Rosen have lower scores/are worse athletically than approx. 60% of NFL QBs. My guess is that Petty and Hack have higher Sparq scores, so that obviously does not mean too much.
  9. The bad news is that both Mayfield and Rosen are below average athletes for an NFL QB. The good news is that Mayfield and Rosen are basically the same athletically.
  10. My question is whether the picking process is “who do we really think is going to be the best NFL QB for the Jets” vs. who will be the best CYA pick. With these guys, I think they only know how to do the latter. Flacco, Roethisberger, Vick-those were picks with some nerve.
  11. How many QBs or other professionals “regress.” Only the Jets can take a QB high, have him take you (or take him) to 2 AFCCGs, give him a big contract, and have him regress. Unprecedented. You have to think the organization is equally at fault.
  12. One can argue that Allen is similar player to Simms coming out of college. Simms took awhile to develop too. But that is the standard model of an NFL QB when players were not freely moveable and the game was different. Now, the ability to process and be accurate is more important than having a strong arm and being big and strong. It would appear to me that Mac has been stuck in the old model.
  13. I think Woody had similar issues and is somewhat sympathetic. The principle is pretty basic-DUI is illegal-you can ruin your life, your family's life, and the life of others and their families. Drink can be enjoyable, but when you are unable to control your ability to limit your drinks when driving, or to make the decision not to drive, you need to get your drinking fixed. Sad but true. A good portion of those in an AA meeting were sent their by a judge for DUI.
  14. The Giants have a dliemma. I think the only way they save face is to put the number 2 pick up for bid. They can use the extra picks to make a run this year. They can basically build the OL with the Bills first 3 picks. They can pick Sony Michel or Ronald Jones in the second round. I don't think Mac is making this pick. He would pick Allen. That is why everyone is so scared. If you owned a restaurant and your customers wanted pizza, would you serve sushi? The Jet fan base is terrified of Josh Allen. He has the same ah shucks look that Hack has. The Johnsons see Mayfield running around the parking lot headbutting Jet fans and grabbing his crotch, and being able to start by mid-season next year. So I predict that the Giants or someone else pick Rosen and regret it. The Jets take Mayfield, and he becomes the king of 9-7, which is virtually paradise to the Johnsons.
  15. What I don't understand is paying $10mm for Josh McCown. Bridgewater was a good flyer, and he gets us a comp pick if he signs somewhere else next year. Meeting Todd Bowles is the best thing every to happen to Josh McCown. We will see how the QBs work out. The Jets missing out on a top pick this year, not picking a QB last year, and picking Hack are all giant holes to dig out of. But the Eagles also dug out of holes, so it is doable. Theoretically, Hack, Bridgewater and the rookie should have been sufficient.