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  1. I think for draft picks if you came up with a "Stink Factor," which was how BAD a player was, and how little they played or added, from 1-100 (I think Gholston is probably close to 100), and you multiplied it by the Jimmy Johnson Value of their draft pick, I think Gholston would have the highest score by a country mile. Hack at this point may be 100, but his draft pick value is way lower. Robertson played a few years-he is not a 100. Neither is Wilson, nor Geno. If we can draft someone just like Sanchez in 2018 and make the AFCCG in 2018 and 2019, I am taking him in a minute.
  2. I am one to have my hunches as to where picks come from-they are generally not verifiable, just hunches. I have recollection of a variety of articles, including on from SI, that discuss how Macc fell in love with Hack. It is what he is. Elway won a Super Bowl and took Lynch, who could be as bad or worse. Mac thought he could ride Fitz and have Hack learn under him-it did not work. But my gut tells me that Bowles does not know enough about offense to have pushed for this, and Woody was not involved either. I think Woody may have actively supported the Sanchez pick, given need for PSLs sales and his photogenic nature. I think Mac and Bowles drove the Williams pick as the ultimate safe pick. I think Bowles pushed with Mac's support Adams and Lee. I think the other picks, good or bad, were mostly Mac's. I think Mac needs help with his drafting. My prediction is that the teams ahead of us realize that QBs are where the value is, and they either pick them or trade the pick. The Jets will be left with a top EDGE, RB or CB. For those who think that Mac should have traded up for Wentz (from 20), that was not happening, particularly for a team that wanted picks to fill holes to mistakenly compete in 2016. The price for the Jets to trade up will be steep. Don't see them doing it for Allen. Mayfield is the wild card.
  3. The Giants (Maras) are secure in their fanbase/season ticket waitlist and know that the right answer is to get a franchise QB and build around that and a defense. They also traded a fair bit for Eli and it worked out. It tends to do that, unless you trade your entire draft. The Jets are still trying to sell tickets and are not comfortable with the tank requried to get a FQB. The problem Darnold faces is that he knows he should work on him game more, but I don't know whether a year at USC helps him. Maybe if he thinks he is getting a good team back next year. He gets hurt and its over-look at the QBs and other players from last year, including the Kelly guy. He will have great workouts and should come out, but he may not. USC is a bigger machine than Sam Darnold. They also have fans to account to. So they will want to win first before developing Darnold-they will run a spread system if that works for his receivers. He needs to come out. Darnold seems like a grounded, solid kid. A team dropping in the top 3-5 will be lucky to get him. Mayfield may be a different type of a jerk. I don't see him being a Ryan Leaf. Rosen casts a Marinovich vibe.
  4. I am not going to say that Mac needs to take a QB no matter what in the first round. Before the draft, most were convinced that Watson was not that accurate and did not have that strong of an arm. Both of those may be true, but the Texans used his strengths. Many also thoght that Mahomes as a project at pro QB, but he looked pretty good in preseason. We have also seen an interesting article lately that describes how the Jets are incorporating spread concepts into their offense. So, based on what I know now, Mahomes and Watson were improvements to the Jets roster last draft, and it would appear to me that Mayfield, Rosen and Darnold (and counting) would be an improvement this year. Let's see what pops up. Kiper already as the FSU safety in his top 5-since the Jets will not be doing that I hope, let's see if anyone else falls into that trap. My guess is that they don't
  5. I continue to push my QB draft theory: 1) Grade them by round. 2) If you are picking in rounds 1 and 2 and there is a round 1 or 2 graded QB better than your starter, draft him. 3) Repeat for backups.
  6. I think with that crotch grab Mayfield was secretly reaching out to JetsNation and letting us know he belongs.
  7. The Maras would like Darnold. They may not have a choice.
  8. This is what should happen and would have happened in the old NFL: Nothing would make the NFL happier if Darnold and Rosen played in NY. Ok, maybe LAC works too. Darnold and Rosen and their parents should call Goodell and tell them that they are not playing for the Cleveland Browns dumpster fire. Goodell can mediate how many draft picks the Jets need to dump on the Browns and/or They can have Leo, Mo, Adams. The Jets use their cap room on the rest of the offense, and draft defense when they can. The Browns can take Rudolph, Falk, Allen and work with Kizer and use their draft picks to put together the rest of the team. Just fantasizing, maybe.
  9. The media is obviously very influenced by the Jets organization. Many die hard fans want to see the Jets lose out so we get a high draft pick for next year, while also seeing how the young players play. Don't you think that is fair to the young players too? The organization, from top down, does not want to lose. They just don't. They want to keep the stadium filled. Now the Giants, who were supposed to be a SB contender, have crashed. But at this point they are going to keep the nose of the plan pointed downward until it hits earth. They will get a very high draft pick, draft a QB who can learn under Eli, and get 4 years of a rookie contract from him. With the money saved, they will sign other players. I guarantee you the Giants get deep into the playoffs during those next 4 years. Hopefully the Jets can at least draft a high value player high, like an EDGE, someone who otherwise will be very expensive, because Cousins or Garrapolo could be the best QB option here, and they will be expensive.
  10. In order, a GM neds to draft well, manage contracts well (primarily renewing contracts) and then scour the waiver wire. Mac, perhaps really Brian Heimerdinger, is best at the last one. The last one is helpful if you can convert the good ones into long term players. The first two allow you to build a cohesive team over time, because those players can be with your team over time. the Jets have 4 wins, and not 0 or 1, because of their one year rentals, so if they are not renewed (or if they have nothing left to renew), the Jets end up with a 5 win draft pick but are really a 1 win team, so they really are not set up to improve.
  11. Shell was a good FOURTH round pick (we traded a fourth to pick him). He should be able to provide solid RT play for the next 2 years. Maybe we then pay him if we don't have to pay for Guards. This and the Hack pick were Mac's worst move. I think ultimately, Mac has a draft grading/value/practical problem. Why he would pay $2.5mm for Johnson and not draft an Elflein or Pocic for maybe $600K in comp is beyond me. Elflein may have graded as athletically limited, but he must have graded better than Johnson. The Jets were projected to be virtually winless, but actually have exceeded expectations. They have lost games they should have won. If they drafted Elflein instead of Stewart/Hansen/Leggett (don't recall how exactly the trade worked), the Jets could actually be an almost playoff team. One player can make that much of a difference, particularly Center. One bad player on the line can make multiple players look bad.
  12. Has Mac ever extended a player before the off season?
  13. The Jets picked up players at the end of their contracts who have undoubted contributed to several if not all of the wins but are not assured (or are not likely) to be around for the future. They have potentially not built much. This is a team that is really trying to exorcise itself of Rex and Tannenbaum. Its roster needs alot of help. Mac on his own is not the answer, and Bowles is not the reason this is not a playoff team. Do I think Bowles is or will be a great coach? No and probably not. But he is a good man, and I like many of the assistants he has retained. Mac has to do a better job acquiring talent, and then we can see what Bowles really is. That is the highest priority, and I don't the current decision process works. Firing Bowles just muddles that process more. We all know a team that has talent but is poorly coached. That is not the 2017 Jets. I would keep the platform stable and get more talent, and then we will have more coaching options.
  14. I would have to think given our schedule our pick moves up from 11, but there also appear to be some teams really focusing on tanking. In a "weak" QB draft, Watson and Mahomes went 10 and 12. I think a team that needs a QB needs to take chances until it finds one. I don't know whether Mac would take his 30th rated player at 11 if he played QB, leaving behind a 9th rated CB. I don't know whether he should, but he should certainly take the 15th if a QB. I think given where the Jets are expected to pick, there will be a QB there worth taking, but I also think the better better is to take an OT or CB and pay Cousins big money for a few years. The Jets are too cursed to take a player like Rosen-he is too much of a head case. I can see him doing well in the Giants family. Darnold would be worth trading up for-all the cap space would be used for overpriced OL. Don't know how that works out. Sirius NFL Radio went through the teams that need QBs. Could be 10 or more. Also discussed how Seattle chased QBs until they found one-smart (from Mark Sanchez' coach).