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  1. Based on what we have seen so far, notwithstanding his signing bonus is Yeboah making the team over Cager? I think not.
  2. I have to say, there are few similar threads out there, and I really can’t answer any of them. I don’t know how the bottom of this roster is going to shake out. My only hope is that they keep players with upside/future rather than 1 year veteran hold the spot rentals.
  3. Darnold seems like a nice guy, but at least Sanchez has a personality and is able to do broadcasting. Darnold will end up a boogie boarding instructor in Dana Point.
  4. Let’s talk about the winners and losers here. GB above presented the outrageous comparison of DW’s punishment with that of other NFL violators. Typically, when a player is suspended, his team gets to save what they owe the player on a per game basis, and the player does not receive the compensation. So the team does not pay the financial penalty of a player who has committed the violation. The NFL allowed Cleveland to structure a contract that paid DW almost no salary in 2022, even though his average compensation per hear is $46mm. So, theoretically, were he suspended for 11 games, he would lose almost $30mm, but the penalty to DW directly is only $5m. So the Winners? Watson-see above. He saves his body 11 games and only loses $5mm, not $30mm, as part of the penalty. Texans-trade stands, it receives the compensation and got Watson off its books. Browns (partially)-they get Watson back after 11 games. NFLPA-this is not a correct result, but the NFLPA scared the NFL from doing anything harsher. Losers? NFL-they look like idiots as described above. Browns-they basically get no savings for Watson being suspended for 11 games this year. This season is likely ruined for them. Watch out next year. Watson is effectively costing them $52mm/year, not $46mm. For the Jets? the Browns took Mayfield at 1 and he helped them build a team and made the playoffs. They were able to trade him for something, but they should have just declined the 5th year option (tough to do after a playoff year). There is hope for the Jets to be able to do the same thing after Wilson proves to not be worth it. We just need to keep reminding ourselves that, although Wilson was picked 2 in the 2021 draft, he is still paid less than Fitzpatrick and McCown were for the high paid years. Wilson was a risk worth taking.
  5. I don't disagree, but with the Jets schedule, depending upon injuries and if the QB position comes together, the Jets could be a bottom 10 team.
  6. At this point this is all true until Zach, MF and the Jets prove otherwise. If the Jets are drafting high enough to draft another FQB you do it, if for no other reason than to reboot the rookie contract. Let someone else take ZW unless he is irreplaceable. He is not looking irreplaceable. At best he is looking like Carr/Mayfield/Goff. But I would be nice to JD. The Bucs took Winston and then continued to build a team. Winston helped the Bucs build their offense. Winston walked after his contract expired, and then the Bucs were able to sign Brady to an otherwise strong team. Players like Jensen and Godwin were there before Brady. Let’s see what happens. For better or worse, this is looking like a team that is not necessarily picking in the top 5. Top 10 maybe.
  7. I thought that the issue with Mims could be intelligence, but at least his Wonderlic score (17) is not terrible for WRs. Most of the top WRs in his class had lower scores. But he definitely has some type of comprehension/attitude issue. But he is under contract 2 years. The Jets would save real money by cutting or trading him, but I agree that the downside to JD is just too great for that. If he ends up playing well for another team while Becton, Davis, Zuniga and Wilson bumble around, it will not be good for him. Unfortunately, Mims is better off riding the bench on the Jets and seeing if he can produce. You almost wonder if Mims is intentionally throwing plays in games so the Jets cut him....Its a trap.
  8. I agree with both of these thoughts: Flacco, who the Jets almost did not sign, is the best QB we have right now. Maybe in week 5 that is not the case. Zach is understanding right now that if he does not show up with his head and knees screwed on straight he is going to be Ryan Fitzpatricked this year. Zach should be better than Flacco in this offense, but he currently is not. Hopefully he figures it out.
  9. If I am JD/RS, I am sitting Zach on the bench as much as possible and seeing how the team looks with Flacco. This system made Jimmy G look good. If they can put a decent team on the field with Flacco and it looks good, that is validating for them. Then they can try Zach out when he is FULLY healed. If the team is an uncompetitive mess with Flacco, and the same or worse with Wilson, I think that will start a death spiral. But, I agree with those who have said that JD gets another chance if Zach bombs if the rest of the team is good. He also has to dig his way out of his 2020 draft hole. I never liked the Zach draft pick, but it was a trap. JD was scared to pass on him. He should have.
  10. Jamal will continue to make a living as a chess piece. Picking him 6th on a bad team was just moronic drafting. The Seahawks paying him all that money on a team without a QB is also moronic. The best hope is that he stinks again and helps them lose more games so they can draft a QB. If I am Jamal I am getting healthy and in shape so that a contending team is willing to sign me for short good money. If he keeps himself together he can make a good living that way for another 5-10 years. If the Seahawks are not confident he is going to lose them games, they should trade him to a contender and eat some of his salary, while offloading the rest of it.
  11. Jury still out on Zach Wilson, but the bad passes, bad judgment and fragility are all repeating itself. I think historically he has needed time to learn, adjust, etc. Hopefully he can catch on. He and Trevor Lawrence looked similarly bad last season. Trevor had a terrible coach. Let’s see how they look with better weapons and better coaching. Yes, I think LaFleur is a good coach. I think Trevor ends up looking much better with Pederson than Wilson with LF. That is a comment on Wilson, not LF. To that point, the Jets will look much better with Flacco and White, and even the other guy. Let Zach watch it and get better and see how he does the last 3/4 of the season or so. Zach does not need to play against the Ravens or the Browns while he is still recovering. I can see the Jets declining the 5th year option on Wilson and rolling with the FT for upside. That is what I would do for a QB. I don’t have as much faith in Ulbrich as LaFleur. Hopefully Saleh intervenes and does not make like Bowles and let his friend DC run the show unsupervised. That got him fired before, and could get Bowles fired again. Becton will never play LT for the Jets. Less than 50/50 RT. We are not picking up his 5th year option. Its tough to be a successful NFL team that does not pick up the 5th year option/extend its first round draft picks. There will be more to see in the preseason, but I don’t think this is a playoff team. If I am JD I am competing hard but not keeping around 1 year rentals to fill holes and would rather give the younger players a chance. So there is no need for guys like Rankin and Curry. I think we are stuck with Shepherd. Go with guys like Marshall, Huff and Smart. Trade Bryce Hall. If a team offered a 3rd for Mims he is gone. Maybe a 4th.
  12. Flacco is showing in practice how effective this offense is when you have the right weapons. A guy like Flacco, Jimmy G, Cousins and first contract Goff can look good. Even Mike White. But Wilson can’t, and he is getting hurt just moving around. it does not look good, but he will get 3 years.
  13. Who looks in better shape and more like an NFL OT? Duane Brown at 37 or Becton at 23?
  14. Remember how when players got injured the team doctors at the team hospital did the surgery? Like at Lenox Hill? The Jets players won’t touch the Jet doctors with a ten-foot pole. Wilson can’t be running past the line of scrimmage.
  15. If we cut White do we save the money? I don’t think so.
  16. On one hand you have to tip your hat to Becton. He did manage to prepare for and play his final season at Louisville, and prepare for the Combine, in a way that masked his issues. It carried through into his rookie year, although even then he was injured. Becton could not keep up the preparation. But that does not mean that we should not hate him for fooling JD+. But you have to be frustrated for JD for making that type of investment in Becton. Look at the Ravens. They look an oversized Orlando Brown. IN THE THIRD ROUND. That is where they also picked Failele. Becton's size should have dropped him on the board-you don't pass on Wirfs for Becton. This was an example by JD of swinging for upside with a Top 15 pick that I don't think we see again.
  17. Sorry if someone posted this- Although I am supportive of the DB signing and think it’s a sign JD is playing for real this year, where do the Jets rank in the NFL in terms of cap space for the 5 starting OL? It’s gotta be up there. JD needs to find more in the mid-rounds before some players need to get paid.
  18. I got Edoga, Feeney and Herbig. This is ok. I would like to see more young developmental guys. The whole plan depends on being able to keep Ross P and Hermanns on the PS. I don't like the idea of saving roster spots for guys like Feeney and Edoga who definitely will not be here next year. But this was not who do I want to make the roster, this was who do I think makes the roster. And that would be Edoga, Feeney and Herbig.
  19. I thought Hamilcar was a bit undersized for this defense and maybe he does better at Pittsburgh. They do know what they are doing there.
  20. Becton had the potential to play LT, the Holy Grail of Offensive Lineman. Wirfs was going to play G in the NFL. People overlooked whether Becton was actually too big to survive the NFL, and in JD's defense, he was duped by his Combine prep, which was impressive. I think with Covid and the old scouts, the risks were overlooked. But it is clear that Wirfs was going to be a guaranteed NFL starter at a G or RT. We drafted AVT almost as high. JD got greedy and when for high ceiling/low floor. I don't think he does that again.
  21. As we have discussed before, GMs are torn between picking the flawed player with physical skills that could put them in the HoF, as opposed to taking players they know will be effective. Becton was just bad judgment all around. JD signed Fant who could play LT. He did not need to reach for a player with size issues and long arms to play LT, when he could have taken Wirfs. The Draftniks were also projecting Wirfs at G-a good GM should know that he could be an All Pro T. Zach Wilson was a similar reach but I think if he stays the course he will be worth it. QBs cost big money. If he helps install the MF system for 4 years and then moves on and is replaced with Kirk Cousins, that is fine. The issue will be if we end up paying him Kyler Murray money to be imperfect. It does seem like JD got it right with his draft this year. Like Gettleman taking Barkley, the teams before the Jets took players with elite physicals but not great play per se. Sauce and Wilson will contribute. JJ2 will be decent and is a good use of a low first round pick. But the trades for AVT and JJ2 used valuable 3rd picks that could have been used for more OL, like Brady Christensen. The Jets do need more OL depth. Becton was a gamble, but having OL6-8 be Feeney, Edoga and McDermott is not great. Thank heavens he signed Herbig. Although the trend has been higher-end RTs, many teams have used rookies, FAs, etc. at that spot and been successful. Hopefully JD can find someone to fill that role. He should consider use of a draft pick in a trade. Every team needs a good swing T. For the Jets, the 2023 Swing T Plan A is Becton. We should not be surprised by his weight in March. Plan A LT should be a Fant extension for 2 guaranteed years. Plan A RT should a FA or high draft pick that can move to LT when Fant moves on, or Mitchell. Plan B swing T is Mitchell.
  22. He needs to weigh himself everyday. He basically gets ZERO carbs while he rehabs. He needs to lose weight during this process.
  23. Does it appear that Becton looks like a real NFL athlete under that T-shirt? Is that all good weight that he is carrying? The Jets PR team were morons for letting him get up there and speak. Every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it.
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