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  1. Option 3 makes more sense, but the Jets will go with Option 2 to win as many games in 2022 as possible, even after the trade deadline
  2. There is not alot of cap space available. I think the best hope is to either trade Becton, Brown or Fant and basically "entice" McGovern to extend in season-basically guarantee him money now to take his injury risk off the table for his upcoming FA. The more games he plays, the less likely he is to do that.
  3. JD has a tough decision on Fant. Mitchell will not survive 17 games with his college body. He needs a year of training. Hopefully Brown can come back and Fant go back to the right. I wish Brown could play right. Brown was an impulse buy. Who plays next year? We own Brown and Becton’s contracts. Mitchell is signed for 4 years cheap. I think Fant is going to be the odd man out. Will he play RT smiling this year?
  4. No Jets' Medical Report has been accurate. The sound of Zach's injury is such that it will be awhile before he is completely better. Flacco looked washed up week 1 and solid in week 2. He can keep playing so long as he is healthy and plays solid. I do think there will be a logical point where Zach gets back in the game. He will benefit from opponents preparing for Flacco. I am finding it hard to believe that the Jets would renew Flacco for 2023. You never know though. JD may have found an efficient way to find backup/QB2s-old QBs. So I think at this point its day by day, week by week, and when Zach is ready and Flacco gets hurt or plays poorly, put him in. As opposed to most starting QB situations, I think Flacco's leash is shorter than usual.
  5. In the bigger picture JD is a story of hits and misses, pros and cons. How he has handled the S position has been a con. CB, a pro. DE, better, DT, meh. LB-work in progress. Davis should play more. Joyner is off the team next year. He should try and find another S on the waiver wire/practice squad.
  6. Duane Brown is $6.3 million dead money to cut in 2023, with $5.2mm in cap savings. I don't see JD/Woody paying for Duane not to play, unless he is completely broken.,
  7. OT. Duane Brown, Max Mitchell, Becton for hope, and draft pick. Fant unfortunately walks because he will cost 3x the draft pick. Round 2 is where we find a LB. Round 3 Safety.
  8. We thought we were going to be able to stash Pinnock on the PS. Tony Jefferson is still on the Giants' PS so Pinnock is protected on the roster. That will change soon.
  9. Ashtyn saved the game. Let's be grateful. JD has alot more work to do at this position. Joyner lucked out by getting hurt last year, because had he played, he never would have been extended. Hopefully Ashtyn can continue to make progress, but as I said, the S position is going to cost us at least 2 games this season. That is on JD.
  10. It is too early to start projecting the 2023 Jets Roster, but the Jets are starting to develop the cap issues more typical of a good team. I don’t think paying Corey Davis or Carl Lawson is going to make sense next season. Mims will have an opportunity to step up in a contract year for him. My guess is that when someone gets injured, which will happen, we will get Mims the Headcase again. I am hopeful that next season Mims, playing for a contract like he was against the Giants in Preseason, will look better. But Fant and McGovern need to get extended/replaced, Duane Brown is now on the roster in 2023, Mosley restructured so he is not easily cut, Quinnen is at his 5th year option, we will need another LB, etc. There is still a role to be played by Mims, if nothing else a comp pick in 2025.
  11. I am a conspiracy theorist: Joyner was guaranteed money this year. A. Davis was a high 3rd round draft pick with athletic upside. The Jets thought they could put Pinnock on the PS. We will lose at least one game from FS play. Maybe Ravens was one of them.
  12. I believe that the Jets should stick with Flacco so long as he is healthy and is playing well. The Jets (barely) beat the Browns, a talented team with backup QB and bad DC, with an immobile Flacco who had neck surgery. Zach does not need to be Josh Allen or Deshaun Watson to be successful. I am confident, that, one way or another, the Jets will see both Flacco and Wilson play substantial time in this offense. Have Wilson focus on the weaker part of the schedule is not a bad plan for me.
  13. How does the 3rd best G in the NFL only get a mid-starter’s grade from PFF and not a Pro Bowl grade? I don’t think people are going to argue with Joyner’s grade? He has been terrible. We should have kept Pinnock.
  14. Let's look at it another way. The Jets needed a QB better than what they had on the roster to develop it. They gave up on Darnold, and he was not JD's pick. They did not want to spend $20mm on a bad QB, and they did not want to draft a WR without a QB on the roster. I don't know whether I agree with any of these conclusions. The Jets could have: Taken Chase, Pitts or Waddle and found a veteran QB to throw to him. If we did not like the QBs, we could have traded down, ultimately taking Mac Jones. Passing on Lance and Fields for Wilson may have been ok. But if Flacco can beat a playoff team like the Browns with the other players JD picked up, maybe it is not that bad. Flacco was not beating Watson.
  15. Saleh is not out of the woods. I think the Jets still have to be playoffs or almost playoffs in 2023 for him to keep his job. The Jets were competitive half of the game against the Ravens. They were competitive against the Browns and won. The Jets are 1-1. Dolphins came back against the Ravens. Tyreek and Waddle are monsters. I think the Jets D looks pretty decent. Kwon was huge addition. Let's see how it plays out.
  16. Giselle is basically managing 2 children. I am sure they want to start their lives. She probably wanted to put them in the school they will stay in before college. I think that school is supposed to be in Miami. She wants her husband home to help. He wants to play football in Tampa. I can’t imagine Giselle wants to live in Tampa. These kids are only home for a limited period of time. I think that is the essence of her gripe
  17. Look at Page 6 everyday. You see pictures of celebrities out in public. You can usually see paid security accompanying them. Melinda Gates, etc. have been out and about NYC. They hire security. This is an issue for the corrupt State of New Jersey. I don't know why Rob Saleh should get government-paid escort, unless for some (possible) reason that he or the Jets reimbursed the cost himself. That is the question I would be asking if I was a NJ taxpayer.
  18. I am going to be positive: We all knew that the Jets were going to lose to the Ravens. At times it was closer than we thought it would. The defense at times played very well. There were a few "bad breaks" that changed the trajectory of the game. Yes, the offense stunk, but it usually takes a few games to get going. We also knew that the beginning of the season was going to be brutal, and our expectations were low. So let's start over and how the Jets play this week against the Browns.
  19. I honestly believe that the best strategy for the Jets is to accumulate as many draft picks as possible and sign reasonable, short FA contracts. Paying anyone serious guaranteed money is like the kiss of death for the Jets. They need to get to a place where they can pay players second+ contracts and not have them blow up. Under no circumstances should the Jets EVER sign a player to a contract that his is "last" contract. At least with McGovern and Fant, they were playing for a third contract, because they are OL. Ryan Kalil, Tremaine Johnson, Duane Brown, no bueno. Second DL contracts, like Wilkerson, no bueno. Its actually the GM' job to figure out which players have the character and motivation to be worth a second+ contract. JD knew to trade Jamal Adams, which was good. Some others? Not so good.
  20. There has to be some type of woke problem with that.
  21. When a Jets GM signs a veteran for guaranteed Johnson money, you know someone from the Johnsons are dropping down to the GMs office to make sure the money is not being wasted. I have said this for years. There is no other logical explanation. There was no way Joyner was getting cut, or not playing. Same with Flacco and others. Joe Blewett said he saw a different Mims in that Giants game. Played with focus and intent. Otherwise he just bumbles around. He put forth that effort because he wanted to be traded. Almost worked but JD won’t sell cheap. So my guess is that he is dogging it in practice again. It’s time for a divorce.
  22. In the end, if Saleh starts Mike White instead of Flacco and someone else instead of Joyner, this is a closer game and everyone is not so upset. Those decisions are on Saleh.
  23. Mike White is playing for his and his family’s future. He has upside. He deserves a chance. Flacco does not even want to play.
  24. Except as set forth below, I agree that everyone here is getting three years. JD got bonus years. But if the Jets are not much better after 2023, they start over. In the end that will help the process, as other hires from the same pool will continue to avoid the Jets if they pull the plug quick. But if Sean Payton wants to take the entire thing over, I think you write Payton, JD and Saleh big checks and go forward with that switch.
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