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  1. I am going to be an optimistic conspiracy theorist. Maybe JD knows that this is not a playoff team, so he is not signing a serious, real backup QB because the season is all Zach. If Zach cannot perform better than last year, then let the team crash and draft a new QB. There is no sense for this team to have the backup QB win games for it. I am at 55/44 Zach Wilson is much better. Zach and Josh Allen's rookie years were similarly bad. Josh Allen was better in year 2 and the Bills made the playoffs because their team was so good overall. I don't know whether the Jets defense is good enough, or if Zach can make the partial progress Josh Allen did. 3 wins is low, but if Zach is not better, its in the 4 range. Yes, this is negative, but I think its realistic to ask to see the progress before you can predict a better team.
  2. As a general matter (and I think JD/Woody/Jets want to be the exception, like the Ravens) it is tough to be very good in the NFL without "overpaying" players you need to be successful. One could argue that Fant is that player. This team needs three Tackles for 2022 and 2023. I would extend Fant and and find another swing T for this year, unless we think that Edoga/McDermott/Mitchell can basically fill that role. I think JD may think that and try and save the Moses money. That could backfire.
  3. Geno won 8 games with the Jets. When was the last time that happened?
  4. Hardee should make the team. Will have to see who does not make the team so that he makes the team. Could be Echols. Edoga is a tough one. McDermott also plays both Ts. Let’s see who is better. What we really need is a veteran swing T and Mitchell getting “hurt” during camp. I agree that Huff is likely done, subject to injury. The guy from the Texans has a big contract and replaces him. I think Curry is done too. Let the LBs play it out. Hamsah needs to show more. But, as said before, injuries will be as much of a factor here as actual performance.
  5. QW will not get a contract befitting a 3 pick. He will end up 5 and done. But Macc is gone. We can’t beat him anymore.
  6. This is a sign that JD still needs to work on this roster a bit. You keep guys like Mosley and Rankins at their age on your roster because they add something and they are worth it, not because you don't have a better, cheaper option or can't cut them.
  7. How many Jets' players actually were on the 53 at some point last year? 80? I don't see the Jets cutting anyone from this roster who actually goes to another team and does well. When was the last time that happened? Injuries will solve most of these issues. The biggest question on the entire roster is whether Rankins sticks, and I think he does because JD does appear to have overlooked that position a bit. The fact the Feeney is likely to make the roster over someone younger with more potential is also a shame. Bring it on.
  8. Look at Jordan Mailata of the Eagles. He is 6-8. He was a 7th round draft pick. He showed up at camp in the 370s. He was told to lose weight. He has been playing in the 340s ever since. He looks like a well-conditioned athlete, even though he is obviously a very big guy. Becton does not look that way to me. I hope he shows up in a month looking better than he looked at mini-camp. He can leave the T-shirt home.
  9. Wesco/Cager-you need to add Yeboah too. Wesco supposedly can block, but so can Ruckert. This is really a toss up depending on injuries and camp. Knight/Thomas-I went with Thomas because the LB room is so unproven. Feeney/Hardee-we did guarantee Feeney money. Feeney is the backup C. If Ross P can do it, he would be better, but I think Feeney sticks because is money is guaranteed and we have so many secondary at this point we can't keep a ST player. But I would rather keep Hardee and find a better, younger C/G backup. Huff/Martin-Martin got the contract, Huff can't stay healthy. Mims/Smith-They keep both if they have to, but I can see an injury/trade deciding it for them. Edoga/Marshall-we need DT. I think they go with Marshall and let Mitchell, McDermott and a veteran cover T.
  10. Quinnen-will be a solid DT for the next two years, then either will franchised and traded, franchise and kept if needed for playoff run, or just will move on. Becton-will be a Jet for 2 more years. Hopefully he works out. 5th year option 50/50. Mims-trade in Training Camp. Wilson-Mayfield/Cousins/Carr. Hopefully good enough for playoffs. 50/50 second contract. AVT-solid overpaid RG. Needs to move to LG to get second contract. Elijah Moore-will be great and entertaining. 50/50 on health for second contract. Bryce Hall-will get us a decent comp pick.
  11. Some podcaster I listened to today predicted that the Jets would play up/showcase Mims and then trade him for a 3 or 4, thus keeping Jeff Smith and Calvin Jackson. I can see JD doing that. You can add Mike White to that list too.
  12. When JD was drafting he was drafting based on his board and was likely not going to want to draft a T at 4 if Sauce was his best player and that would admit that he was giving up on Becton. The Plan B was to sign another veteran and give Becton another chance. Reiff is absolutely critical. I would cut Rankins if necessary to pay for it and let the defense figure it out this year. Next year is the year we get a DT and LB and then try for the playoffs. Becton is playing for his 5th year option this year. Hopefully he gets it together.
  13. I think of those 6 WRs, the odds of one getting hurt in training camp/being on IR is very high. Add to that the likelihood of Mims imploding. So I don’t think the Jets are practically choosing between Mims and Jeff Smith. That is good for Mims.
  14. Is this not the same older looking woman he was with in Florida right? She is the same woman from the Bahamas pictures.
  15. BM is under contract. He is required to play. He can play for his next contract. He should suck it up and play and move on. Watson should not get paid for the time he is suspended. The Browns should push for a long suspension. Like really long. Years.
  16. 400 pounds would make Becton one of the heaviest OL ever to play the game. I don't think the others in that weight range have ever been really successful.
  17. I think that was because the Jets receivers could not get any separation in man coverage. Hopefully this year they can.
  18. I completely agree with this, and Moore and Garret I think have the potential to do that. But I also agree we will see blitz until the entire team can get their act together long enough to allow Zach to connect.
  19. Mosley is a Businessman. HE knows that he can be cut easily after this season, and my guess is that he still will want to get paid something after this season. By someone, does not have to be the Jets. So, to the Jets' benefit, I would expect Mosley to have a good season this season. Everyone's interests are aligned. But JD and the Jets must not be fooled. Unless they use a supercheap contract that is not guaranteed, they need to let Mosley go after this season. He is not the future unless he agrees to pay MLB for $4mm or less next season. But its not like the pipeline to replace him is great.
  20. To me Becton does not look like an NFL T that is going to play more than 8 games next season. I could be wrong. Yes, he is big and tackles are big and carry weight in their mid-section. Yes, he is tall. But Becton looks like 400 pounds. That can’t work. JD needs to sign Reiff. Becton is not getting cut. His salary is guaranteed. Maybe someone would trade for him if the Jets sign Reiff and are sick of Becton. He will not get a second contract with the Jets. I am wondering about the Fifth year option. I am thinking it’s likely since he does not make the Pro Bowl.
  21. Beckon does not look as good as he looked 2 years ago. He still needs to lose weight.
  22. I look at it like this: At times ZW had serious accuracy issues last year. He looked very good in some games, and looked really bad most of the rest of the time. We were looking forward to improvement this year. He could have completed all of his passes in OTAs, without a pass rush, etc. That would have been good, but not really meaningful until we saw full contract 11/11, games, etc. Instead, he showed some inaccuracy in OTAs. End of the world? No. Meaningless? No. It is a negative that ZW needs to come back from.
  23. ^^^ This. They could also cut Sheldon Rankins and try to make do with cheaper players on the roster. I don't see the Jets doing that.
  24. Unfortunately the Jets are going to have to invest in Reiff, which probably puts their top 6 OL top 5 in the NFL in cap space. It will be a decent line, not a top 5 OL. By doing that the Jets will not have the cap space to invest in another LB or maybe IDL. That should be the answer, as the most important goal of this season is put Wilson in the best position to succeed. He can lose 34-31 if necessary.
  25. Watch how hard the Jets chase Reiff. I can see this heating up.
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