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  1. Way, way too early. Those all look like good players. I think the key is to pick players at that spot that were great college football players who can contribute right away. They should not draft any projects. A DL is ok too, considering that the Jets could losing 1-2 of them this year, and potentially another in time. DL tend to sign very lucrative second contracts, which are not always worth it. The Jets may be better off to keep drafting them and letting them go. Being able to fill holes with draft picks will be the key to this regime being successful. That could even make Elliott a good pick. They have too many players (Marshall, Decker, Mangold, Brick, Revis) who classify them as "win now."
  2. The Jets are better managed than they have been, but the number of free agents they currently have, and who they are, is a bit frustrating given the money they handed out last year. The money spent on Harvin and Cromartie could have been spent on Wilkerson or even Ivory.
  3. The Jets are in an interesting spot for 2016. They are not rebuilding, but they have gaping holes in their roster. Many of the players that they have who perform anywhere from ok to very good (if not great) are north of 30. Thus, if I were the Jets Brain Trust, I would err slightly on the side of pushing problems down the road to make sure the team can compete for a playoff spot in 2016, but not too much such that the future is mortgaged. It is a fine balance, but not that different from the position Tannenbaum was when the Jets built themselves up for their last playoff run. In general they should be keeping draft picks to continue to build out the roster. When in doubt, they should err on the side of younger players. I think they should also value loyalty/good behavior. So, based on that, in brief: QB-resign Fitz to a contract that is longer than it should be-he will the back up later on. Thus, we can guarantee him the money he wants but push the cap cost out. Hopefully, when he is the backup, the starter is on a rookie deal and less expensive. For 2016, Geno is a good a backup as any. if a QB presents himself in the draft, they must take him, and then Geno can be cut and they can go with Fitz, Petty and newbie. They should consider extending Petty in return for a commitment to develop him. RB-offer Powell and Ivory very fair deals, and do with the first one who bites, and scour FAs. Draft at least one in first three rounds. This offense needs RBs. WR-it would be nice if they can find one to develop in the mid-rounds. Marshall and Decker will need to be replaced in 2-3 years. Redshirt Devin Smith so he can actually contribute in 2017 while the veterans winddown. TE-if Amaro does not have his act together, cut him. Continue to search for/draft. Replace Cumberland/Davis-its worth the gamble. OL-restructure Mangold and Brick. Put Mangold on a diet. Guarantee them more money assuming they play for 2-3 more years. Breno stays or goes depending on draft. DL-try and sign Harrison and Wilkerson. Push cap cost out so they can carry all of them for now. Let Richardson go at the end of his contract, or sign and trade. SR will likely be suspended again, saving some cap room. I don't think the Jets as a team want to invest in a guy with SR's issues. LB-draft, draft, draft. A Trevathan type FA signing could payoff. CB-Try and trade Milliner for the cap room. If not, give him a shot knowing he will be motivated. Restructure or cut Cromartie for cap room. Draft some and let them all compete. S-these guys get hurt. AA would be nice to give another try, because he can cover tight ends. Let them all compete and see what we get.
  4. I can see Devin Smith getting redshirted next year, like they did with Amaro. He needs another year to work on an NFL body. But obviously some receivers come into the league more ready to play. Smith could end up being good, but he is not ready now.
  5. Given what defensive linemen cost, one can argue that the best strategy is to keep drafting them, keep them motivated for their next contracts and let them move on and collect the compensatory draft picks. Instead, the Jets are using their cap dollars for veteran FA WRs and DBs, and for signing their own OL. The key for the Jets is to draft well going forward. How good they are next year will be in large part dependent upon how much the 2016 draft picks are able to contribute.
  6. this is a great opportunity for Geno. The likelihood of Fitz playing 16 games next year is very low. He has the opportunity to play under a system that he has invested in for over a year and put up good numbers. That could help him sign a lucrative contract with another team, which can result in the Jets getting a good compensatory pick. As a backup, Geno would be more than satisfactory for a team that is continuing to build. In 2017, Fitz and Petty compete. Same thing with Milliner. Its now or never for him. He should be motivated to play well and hurt in 2016. The Jets already own him. Let's see if he can show himself off for another contract. If he gets hurt again, put him on IR.
  7. We should continue to remind ourselves that QBs get hurt often in the NFL. When you allocate too much of the cap to them, and then they get hurt, the rest of your team can end up stinking.
  8. The Jets are one of the oldest teams in the league. To stumble on a QB who can keep the Jets competitive for the next 2-3 years is an absolute miracle. But what Fitzpatrick and his agent need to understand is that although Fitz is having a good season now, it is in large part do to his reprise with Chan Gailey and having Marshall and Decker to throw to. Unfortunately for the Jets, they have an enormous number of free agents after this season. They will have to be very nimble in how they manage their cap and sign the players that they need to sign. This is where the weak drafts of Idzik/Late-Tannebaum era will come to roost. The Jets veterans in particular should realize that this could be the last shot at the playoffs for awhile. if the Jets make the playoffs, they could go far. You have several players on the wrong side of 30 who are not getting better. It will be very hard to sign new free agents. It will be hard to sign all of the free agents currently on the team that we will want to keep-Harrison, Wilkerson, Ivory, Powell, and of course Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick should take a deal that is longer, with more guaranteed money, but of less money per year. Hopefully 10 or less. In order for him to be good, he needs a good cast-he is not Brady doing it on his own. I can see them signing Harrison, letting Wilkerson walk, cutting Cromarie, and hopefully restructuring the three linemen over 30. The Jets need to find $5mm+ of cap room on the OL. I would also keep Geno Smith for next year. He has been practicing in the system, and Fitz has an injury history. in 2017, its hopefully Fitz, Petty and someone new. The draft is absolutely critical for 2016.
  9. I guess you win some and lose some. if they can re-sign Fitzpatrick, the Jets will pick up a QB and WR having Pro Bowl like seasons for 5th and 6th round draft picks. But the Amaro, Milliner and Smith picks have the potential for disaster. These WRs, and QBs, basically need a redshirt year. Hopefully Amaro comes back in shape and focused. They should have kept Walter Powell or that other guy and IR'd Devin Smith in 2015. I think he may need to get IR'd in 2016-if he cannot get in a 6 months of hardcore strength training and conditioning before camp, save him for 2017.
  10. If Smith is not ready for training camp, or if he cannot build his body up in the offseason now, he should be redshirted next year.
  11. Looking at 2016, based on things today, I see a team that could compete for a playoff spot. They are not rebuilding. Geno can be a backup. They would need to look at another developmental qb as a 4th. Geno can walk in 2017. Contracts get restructured and money reallocated. Draft bpa down the line.
  12. As always, the team that goes BPA ends up the best in the end. I would ascribe to a modified BPA-we really don't need another 3-4 DL. This team is overinvested in the DL. Something has to give.
  13. Brick is not great but functional. The reality is that he is slightly overpaid. If he was truly awful the Jets would not be 1-2 in pass protection regardless of the offense that they ran. I think he is a good guy who takes pride in what he does. He is also very fit. The right answer is to restructure his contract, getting him down to 8-10 per, and guarantee him 2. Hopefully 16-20 million in the bank would motivate him to perform until he can get replaced. Mangold's fitness and recent injury history worries me. He appears let fit, but I am not the expert. To me at least, the idea of paying someone alot of money is that they can cover for players who can be had for less money. Brick and Mangold are no longer doing that. The Jets need a right side of the line now, and a running back who needs less blocking. Brick and Mangold are consuming too much cap space and need to, in fairness to the rest of the team, restructure so that they can invest in Fitzpatrick, like Ivory, another RB, and another RT (hopefully a draft pick that can be moved left). Remember Marvin Powell. He was also skilled and fit, and relatively better than Brick is. His play just collapsed. it is coming.
  14. Concussions affect different people in different ways and sometimes changing ways. Revis has been playing defense a long time. This can't be his first time getting hit in the head. Not a good sign that this is taking long to heal. Could also cast some doubt about ability to move him to safety.
  15. Idzik's drafts were awful. He did better with FA/trades. I think he understood pro personnel better, as did Ryan. I think he really relied on Bradway, which was obviously a problem. Drafting that bad for so many years is not fixable overnight. It will take years to recover. I am surprised they are doing as well as they are.
  16. Many of us thought that the Jets were carrying too many DBs on the roster. Given the rate at which they are injured, the emphasis on the passing game, their use on special teams, and the flexibility to use S as basically LBs, that appeared to be a smart strategy. Subject to BPA as always, I am thinking this offseason is one where the Jets do not focus on the DBs, use the ones we have/coming off of IR, and see how it goes. Specifically: Cromartie will start playing better to get renewed for next year. We must not be fooled, unless he comes back super cheap. We should move on without him. At this point I am ok really not playing Milliner now. Let him practice now. If Milliner is smart, he wakes up in the offseason, realizes that next year is his contract year, and has a James Farrior moment and gets it all together. We must not be fooled by this either, regardless of how the Farrior situation worked out. We can let him go and take the compensatory draft pick, but hopefully he can put it together in 2016 to be an asset to the team. If he is not great, or is hurt, during Training Camp 2016, the Jets should just cut him and move on. Hopefully Antonio Allen can return and add to the mix at Safety. I don't think Jacquan Jarret is needed anymore. The others are developing depth. Revis hopefully trains hard and can come back in the same place he was this year. In 2017, the Jets should be looking for a shutdown corner, in the draft or FA.
  17. The NFLPA should be furious with Suh. Teams will think twice and three times before shelling out that type of money for second contracts if the player dogs it like that. I would rather have lots of draft picks to find players working for their second contracts.
  18. I have this bad feeling that what goes around will come around. Bowles ripped into the team and cut Coples, producing a team that is motivated. The Giants lost to the Redskins, so they will now get ripped into and motivated. That is what made Parcells and what makes Bellicheck great coaches. They were/are able to motivate their players and coaches all the time. The ups and downs are the mark of the Rex Ryans. These players are human beings, and in made cases immature human beings. They need to be professionalized. The coaches who can do that are successful. It took Pete Carroll 10 years to figure that out. Bowles needs to push the button again. Injuries are not helping.
  19. It means the Leonard Williams pick did not result in a platinum DL. It resulted in the Jets having too many 1st round DL. One needs to go. Only they know whether Richardson is worthy of a long-term contract commitment-not by how much he plays, but by whether he can stay out of trouble. If I am Woody I am calling Goodell and asking him to suspend Richardson the entire year. Sends a message, saves the money, opens a roster spot, teaches him a lesson. Then we can trade him.
  20. Woody Johnson is much more stealth this year, but he is still the Wizard behind the curtain. He has no stomach for a rebuild. HIs business people will still want to run their ads, and they will still run their P&L They will not cut veterans and run the risk the team could completely stink. Unfortunately, completely stinking is how a team in the NFL rebuilds and becomes very good. With Pace, Cromartie and Davis you just replace them with whomever we have or can get. For Brick and Mangold, they need to restructure. The Jets should start looking for their replacements now. How long they last will be dependent upon how long it takes to replace them. The same thing with Smith/Fitzpatrick.
  21. This past offseason Mac, Bowles and Woody thought they could put a team together that could make the playoffs, thus entertain the fans. I don't think that anyone thought that they were going to go deep in the playoffs. I think the overall injury situation, plus the suspensions, really hurt them. Some of the injuries were not necessarily bad luck (players getting old, not conditioned, etc.). I think the better approach for next year is a 2+ year rebuild. Seeing how Brick and Mangold have deteriorated, I would presume next year that they are functional but potentially even worse than this year. Giacomini will only be worse too. Key in a rebuild is good drafting, particularly next year players who have longer lives (not necessarily running backs). More picks is better. The only personnel move I begrudge Mac from last year was Cromartie. He should have given that money to Wilkerson for a long-term contract. Signing quality players to second contracts is good (Gilcrist, Skrine, Carpenter). We need more of those. Brick and Mangold must free up cap space, one way or the other.
  22. Williams was a good pick. It was justifiable. I think though, for a team that is really rebuilding, it required letting one of the existing DEs go. The three of them are somewhat of a luxury given the other needs. I also think at this point Gurley was the better pick, but he had injury issues, and I am sure Mac wanted to avoid that from backfiring. At this point in time, the Devin Smith pick is not looking good based on the other players available. He was picked because there was a perception that the team lacked a Desean Jackson/Brandin Cooks type (they are hurt all the time too). Mac likely reached for him so that they could compete today with a deep threat (assuming Geno Smith would throw to him) I could be wrong. I think we will have a better view of Devin Smith at this time next year. He needs to spend the WInter in Florham Park, lifting.
  23. Great analysis. There is an awful lot of work to do, and a good portion of the roster is deteriorating, not developing. Mac, Bowles and Woody need to realize this, ASAP, and stop wasting money on temporary fixes. I hate the Cromartie signing. Hopefully its not too late to lock up Wilkerson longterm. Unfortunately, by drafting Williams either Wilkerson or Richardson need to be traded. It is highly likely that the conclusion is that the Williams pick should have been Gurley, Beasley or Flowers.
  24. When you are an NFL QB and you publicly go to rehab for a multiple month stay, at that point you have basically publicly given up drinking. I do not recall what prompted him to do that, but obviously it was an interesting decision. If he really needed that and not something of lesser scale, that he is partying again is obviously troubling. If he went to rehab for publicity purposes, he basically gave up his right to party like he is now. Brett Favre parties like crazy his rookie year. He basically got traded, went clean and the rest his history. Manziel and the Browns are obviously on different pages.
  25. Decker does drop more passes than he should, but overall I agree with the notion that he is probably the best, most-consistent Jet on the team. Up there is Wilkerson, who has been consistent just is not JJ Watt, Harris and Harrison.
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