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    For what the Jets are building, they picked the perfect players for them. Thib was not worth the trouble, and the drop off for CB to 35 was too great.
  2. BB builds his team with an objective to win games. He needed a G that could do what he needed him to do. Strange was not going to be there when the Patriots picked next. So BB picked him, he is worth what he will get paid and BB filled a hole in the team that he is building. That sounds a lot more sensical to me than the Maccagnan “value” approach where you take players like Darron Lee that don’t even fit the 3-4 defense. JD is obviously doing his own thing but working with Saleh and Lafleur. After his Becton/Mims dalliance, the reason that people like this draft is because we do believe that were not going to see Gholston or Devin Smith. These guys will play football. I don’t know whether any of them will be All-Pros (probably Sauce eventually), but they will contribute and be good football players. The floors are high, and given what FA/second contracts cost, they are good value. So I think both the Jets and the Patriots did right in this draft.
  3. Let's see who ends up the better football player. There were issues with Watson. Wilson and Watson have similar attributes. Watson may have been the better long-term investment because of his size and speed, even if he lacked skills. He has been compared to Mims. Watson has Rodgers. The Jets are win now and have Zach Wilson. Garrett Wilson is more ready today to help Zach Wilson.
  4. I get it now. Becton is smart. I was wondering why he posted an easy workout, but he was practicing LEFT tackle specifically. Not even alternating.
  5. Let's get him together with Duke M and Becton's hot nutritionist.
  6. He looks good, but I would rather see him squat like Tristan Wirfs. This is the year where Mekhi can make his first batch of real money. We decide to take his fifth year option in less than a year from today. It is highly likely we do, particularly if MB does not make the Pro Bowl next year. Making the PB will cost the Jets an extra ~$3mm. Otherwise the Jets would pick him up for about $13mm for 2024-based on Jonah Williams number this year.
  7. I think that the Jets are still trying to give people on the roster a chance to develop while also recognizing that the schedule with the AFC North and NFC North was very difficult. So we see Quincy and Mosley, but they also see Hamsah and Sherwood. I think they should be more aggressive about upgrading some spots, but money spent this year is money that is not available to spend next year.
  8. Something funny was going on with Mims last year. The Becton story does not compute either, but if it was really bad they Jets would have taken Ikey at 4.
  9. Not to jinx anyone, but someone will get hurt. Curry is clearly extra, as is one of the DTs. 2 of the safeties are gone. We need another LB and S on this roster. Injuries will play into how this shakes out.
  10. The Jets obviously have strengths and weaknesses on their roster. The DL they let go will find other jobs. Same thing for CB. Shepherd was only guaranteed $50K., The LBs and S they let go will end up working at Home Depot. On offense maybe Wesco or Yeboah find a spot. Don’t know about Edoga and GVR. WR looks better, but after top 5 who knows who is employable. This all will change with injuries.
  11. Players want to play for teams that have real, competitive QBs. Zach Wilson was bouncing screen passes last year. If Zach Wilson can be decent, like Jimmy G decent, with the other roster additions the Jets could be competitive. Competitive, when combined with cap availability created without paying a QB, WR1 and CJ Mosley, could make the Jets a desirable destination in 2023-2024.
  12. But can he lead a J-E-T-S chant? What a wonderful message. The Jets are definitely looking for competitors who come from families like this. This makes me feel even better out the draft pick and humanity in general?
  13. I am sure Denzel’s agent explained to him that he played the second most valuable position in football, and if he got his act together he would get a contract from some team that would set him, his parents, his children and his grandchildren up for life. Seems pretty basic actually. Hopefully he is working hard.
  14. Was it me or did it seem like James Cook and his family and friends were out of their minds? Beane made his choice. Elam and White will cover the Jets receivers. The question is whether the Jets can run on the Bills. That is the hard one, but it is possible Then the question is whether the Jets can defend the Bills. That is not a hard question-the answer is no. Elam was picked to defend the Chiefs and Chargers.
  15. The Jets make the playoffs, or they don’t, based on how the QB plays. It is all about Wilson. Wilson may have more upside than Mac Jones, and he would rather have him than Trey Lance or Justin Fields, but I think with Mac Jones this is a playoff team. Unfortunately, the Jets, as an organization, has passed on many of the QBs that are top QBs in the AFC and NFL. Following the Min and TB model, building the team and then filling In the QB is not a bad one. Hopefully Wilson works out.
  16. Unfortunately the New York listener and reader likes the Cimini and Manish type. When you listen to other NFL team press coverage, they are glowingly positive. Their fan bases need to hear positive news. We New Yorkers thrive on the negative. A reporter who covered with a positive spin will basically get run out of town.
  17. Good point on the other TE contracts. I think that is right-Ruckert is TE1/2 in 2024, hopefully. As I had said before, although JD did structure his FA contracts with “outs” after 1-2 years, he has not exercised any of those outs yet. McGovern, Fant and Rankins are still here. I would think that Davis and Lawson are still here next year. There is no rational explanation at this point for trading up and not getting more defensive help than the Jets liking their defensive players better than those on this Board do. We are a pretty smart group-we knew RG and T would be a problem, and it really, really was. I hope we can add at least one quality hold-the-fort veteran.
  18. We did drop down in the 3rd round like 30 spots, but probably picked the guy we would have anyway.
  19. The analytics nerds panned the trade for AVT last year, but the reality was that the Jets had no LG, they could not sign one in FA (and they were very expensive) and without one ZW would have been more killed than he already was. When you looked at the 2021 third round, it was hard to find players that we really missed out on. So we all agree that the trade up was a good one, at the time. We are now overpaying for a RG, but hopefully there is a plan. In this draft, I like the players we got, but given the team needs I do feel we were a 3 and/or 4th round pick short. Would have been nice to pick up another S, LB and/or DT, and there were guys on the board we could have used. I hope we were not watching Channing Tindal kill us for the next 5+ years. There was no way the Jets were not taking Jeremy Ruckert. JR was not just another football player from LI-he was like the best HS player on LI for 3 years. I do like the player, person and pick, but there is no way that there were not other considerations (PR, corporate, etc) in making that pick. But as we can see, and they have actually said it, the Jets are building a player pipeline. Many of these draft picks were made looking 1-3 years ahead. Eventually the QB, EDGE and WRs will need to get paid, like other teams do. So the Jets will have to find more affordable alternatives at other positions. Ruckert and Mitchell will be the starters in 2023.
  20. Becton has 2+1 years left on his rookie deal. Fant is on his last year of his contract and he is over 30. I think the best and fairest way to deal with this is to give Fant some guaranteed money for this and next season. If he is making $10mm in additional cash, and we think his value is closer to $18mm as a starting left tackle, give him an extension with $20 guaranteed over 3 years, with the Jets having another out in year 3. Becton can then work at RT and get his stuff together. If Fant falters and/or Becton looks good, Becton takes over LT in his option year and gets extended. Then Max or someone else takes over RT. Its a pipeline. If Fant turns to be another Andrew Whitworth Becton can be traded or let walk. But maybe the Jets think that Max can be the backup RT (if Fant goes down and Becton is ok, Becton moves to LT; if Becton sputters, Max plays RT). There is always the guys we have. If Becton and Fant go down, just play Flacco and for the draft pick.
  21. I think that trade would still be great and would be a fantastic way to take advantage of Zach’s rookie contract. When Moore or Wilson want more money, then Deebo moves on. I would not count on Mims. The Titans are a good organization. They decided to try their luck with Burks rather than ABB and his contract. WRs like Samuel are not playing for the 4th year of their second round contracts anymore. Don’t blame them.
  22. The Jets have the NFL’s 5th highest paid OL. Mitchell is a cheap T3 and will likely play in 2022. If we extend Fant a year Mitchell and Becton can be a more cost effective combo 2024-2025.
  23. The Jets need 4 veterans to round out this team: FS-Honey Badger-we can move on early from Ashtyn or he takes the spot of one of the random safeties. LB-Kwon Alexande-basically give him Cashman’s spot. DT-A bigger better run defender. He can have Rankins’ spot. Backup T-This year’s Moses. Redshirt Max and roll with McDermott and Veteran. Move on from Edoga. If we can do at least 2 of these, I think we could play meaningful games in November.
  24. Ruckert is going to be a very good player, and he seems like a great guy from a great local family of Jet fans. But, putting my jerk hat on, one can argue that the pick there that was going to win the Jets the most games in 2022 was Channing Tindal. The Jets already signed two decent TEs. They really needed a LB like Channing Tindal. But that is the last I am going to say about this.
  25. I said 5-8, but I think at best case its 9, and we won’t win all of the 9 winnable games. Mia (1) NEP (1) Jax Chicago Detroit Cleveland (if Watson is suspended) Pittsburgh Seattle Minnesota
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