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  1. Baker Mayfield

    Good job coach... Starting QB's are there to Lead by example.
  2. Goodell on thin ice (finally)

    They should hire Condoleezza Rice.
  3. The former yes, the latter no.
  4. Petty Deserves the opportunity @ least he has shown flashes... hack has shown Zero.
  5. Unknown at this time but I wouldn't be shocked if it was.
  6. If this is true sounds like a sh*t storm could be brewing.
  7. Jets D Dancing in 3rd Quarter

    Helmets too.
  8. You get what you pay for... $14 to watch the jets in a swamp... a little high in my opinion.
  9. these Are the jets... so to answer your question... no
  10. NYG Wheels Are Coming Off

    funny thing is the Giants will probably end up with a better record than the jets.
  11. I still think Our Own Chad Pennington would be perfect for this, still don't know why that hasn't happened yet.