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  1. jetsons

    RIP Bart Starr

  2. imo... Being selected an All Pro has Always been considered a higher achievement than being selected to the Pro Bowl.
  3. jetsons

    Jets add two more names to GM search

    Same can be said for a guy who felt that trading up to draft Trubisky was necessary.
  4. I want Douglas... he's the top tier... anyone else available just isn't.
  5. jetsons

    Gase Press Conference Tweets

    msm... enemy of the state.
  6. jetsons

    Tony Pauline Tidbits

    Which macc was clearly unable to do.
  7. jetsons

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    jets to minority candidate... hi... bye... Joe Douglas, welcome aboard.
  8. jetsons

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    and just 2 yrs ago Won the Super Bowl.
  9. I just want whoever we get to Become the Best in the League.
  10. Ty... Mods Please Delete Topic.
  11. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-brazil-corruption-healthcare-exclusiv-idUSKCN1SN0ZZ
  12. jetsons

    Manish Speaks

    manish… butthurt because he had ZERO clue mccags would be fired.
  13. The real question should be why was Gase even "offered" the job???... If true, THIS Is an indictment on the ownership more that Anything else.
  14. jetsons

    Mac fired!

    Same with ANY Coach?GM we have.

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