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  1. well, it's Painfully Obvious it Isn't working... NEXT!!!
  2. who cares, they said the same thing about rex.
  3. really??? it's quite OBVIOUS.
  4. Macc Would Hire O'Brien in a second.
  5. Yeah, but he'll also have Cleveland.
  6. So the Texans are going to hire Bowles?
  7. Tank Standings

    That's the one I want.
  8. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2749776-report-bill-obrien-firing-could-be-imminent-amid-texans-struggles I'm not really a fan but Hack did play well under him at Penn.
  9. or we stay pat just where we are & have our good fortune allow to pick our franchise QB who'll lead us to multiple SB Wins ... oh, that's right we're the jets
  10. The Difference In Coaching Staffs.

    and get a New HC
  11. Seattle losing again-Thanks Macc!

    That was a BS call too.
  12. Bengals/Marvin Lewis to part ways

    The jets SHOULD FIRE bowles... forget about playing out his contract.
  13. Saturday games

    That's okay... to each his own... cheers