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  1. and he was 4-12 last year with the texans... in a year in which he played statistically better than above... You NEED to Build The TEAM... 1 player will Not Do Anything for the jets.
  2. Creed Humphrey, Josh Myers & Landon Dickerson are top 3 Centers... I have Dickerson last because he suffered a knee injury late in the season... imo Humphrey & Myers are equal. Same reason I'm not too high on Wyatt Davis ( I'm aware he's a guard) but he hurt his knee in the championship game against Alabama & previously hurt it in early December against Michigan State... before his injury in the championship he wasn't having such a good game.
  3. Farley, Surtain, Horn, Campbell, Stokes, Samuel... just naming a few cb's who have a 1st / 2nd rd grade... their are several other good ones available later in the draft... their are several de's as well that are worthy of a 1st / 2nd rd grade.... more than enough for the jets to improve at those positions... all on rookie contracts.
  4. Did someone say "Fullback"!!! 😉
  5. Trading down will afford the jets the necessary capital to draft such players... there are several very good pass rushers & cb's in this draft.

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