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  1. That, has had Disastrous results... just look it up.
  2. I see a move to safety in his future.
  3. Really??? well blacks make up about 12% of the country... your logic suggests we Need to reduce the percentage of black players in the NFL to better reflect their population percentage. Going by your 70%... in the NFL you would Need to reduce that amount by 58% to have the proper 12% population reflection. I'm sure the black players will be All for that.
  4. It's more that Science is for the enlightened not gullible....
  5. Here's why there are so many covid reported deaths...
  6. That is Correct... Completely Ineffective.
  7. Only certain specific masks can provide you with a modicum of protection... 99% of the masks worn by the public are Useless.
  8. Been outside since day 1, been working outside since day 1, been shopping at stores since day 1, haven't worn a mask since day 1, been fine since day 1.
  9. If you live in NYS you can apply for a "PINS" Petition... (Person In Need of Supervision)... Doesn't hurt him but makes him understand if he continues doing what he's doing the Police & Family Court will be involved. http://ww2.nycourts.gov/COURTS/nyc/family/faqs_pins.shtml
  10. I agree, that's why last year the jets had the 32nd rated offense out of 32 teams... so far the only good thing that gase can take credit for is getting rid of mccags.

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