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  1. As long as we draft Mayfield I can care less.
  2. Darnold #1 after pro day

    Good for him... just have to Hope the jints have it hard for Rosen.
  3. 5'6...5'7 is not a midget... half the guys in the mma are that size.
  4. #1- Mayfield #2- Darnold #3- Rosen
  5. nah... I see it as 33.3333% at being happy.
  6. USC Pro Day on now

    There's about 6-7 rb's in this draft who will have exceptional NFL careers if they stay healthy.
  7. USC Pro Day on now

    He's looking good, so far he's taken all "snaps" from under center... good velocity, good anticipation, and good throws on the run... his throwing motion is good as well. Figures the moment I went to post this he started taking snaps from the shotgun.
  8. USC Pro Day on now

    He's looking to see if Darnold has perfected the "handoff".
  9. unk... 1 has barely played in the NFL & the other has yet too... ask again in 3yrs... you should get a more difinitive answer.
  10. people can give accolades ALL they want... show me the #'s... NOT even in the TOP 25 in rushing... I'll pass.
  11. I agree... but they're the browns.
  12. Shaun O'Hara suggests Jets take Barkley if QBs go 1, 2

    shaun... you should stick to broadcasting.