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  1. 29:18 mark... Laken Tomlinson... "My first, I say 3 years of my career, you know, I've been trying to find my foot in this league". This is Mekhi's 3rd year and people want to flush him down the drain... some guys take a little more time to find their way... Look how Laken has turned out.
  2. Class Act… https://www.instagram.com/reel/ChDC7pLl6U2/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  3. I watch it on mute and play some good music.
  4. Just play at All-Pro Level at your position... That's all I care about.
  5. I'll just say I'm overly optimistic things will work out in the Jets favor this year.
  6. Muma ... I wanted the Jets to draft him... oh well...
  7. If Garoppolo wins the Browns a SB ala Stafford I'm Sure No Browns fan will be complaining.
  8. If Watson is suspended for the year, I can see the Browns making a push for Garoppolo as a fill in over Jacoby Brissett.
  9. Baker is not here the same way Jamal is no longer here the same way the Jets didn't draft Thibodeaux... They Are ALL ME 1st type of guys with Extremely polarizing personalities... JD & Saleh Want guys with High character & a TEAM 1st mentality... JD's draft picks and free agent signings show just that... I for one AGREE 100% with what JD and Saleh are doing. 26:45 mark... The Navy Seals Skill
  10. 1st game of the 2022 NFL Season for Carolina... at Home... against... the Browns... The NFL had a Very Good idea "this" was happening.
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