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  1. Hi, I hate to bother you but I just wanted to say you really did an Amazing job on the new helmet design... I was looking to see if you can the same thing but show the jet plane facing forward... still have the jet underneath the word "Jets" just facing forward instead of backwards... just to compare which way looks best, I'd really appreciate it, thx.

    1. JetFreak89


      Hey man, I wish I could! I guess I should have been a little more clear in my post, I didn't make that. A person posted it to one of the Jets Facebook pages and I figured most here didn't see it. I was just sharing it here. I agree with you thought, it's great work. 

    2. jetsons


      okay, no prob, I appreciate the reply, be safe & thanks again.

  2. Hey, I've been giving likes on your posts that "jeremy2020" gives you negatives on... he obviously has a dislike to you for whatever the reason but it's pretty childish on his part to do that... I figured I even you out.

  3. I guess your mommy has changed your diaper yet... keep crying she's bound to hear you. ;)

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