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  1. fusionCA

    AB vs JuJu

    praise from a rapist? maybe Ben can show JuJu some of his own conduct off the field
  2. ok , i am stopping by and taking Josh Allen to TJ and i plan to leave him there next to a taco stand that may or may not be some kind of beef
  3. is that in CA? can i drive over there with my lawn mower and bump into Josh Allen by mistake ?
  4. fusionCA

    Barr to the Jets, or not

    nice signing , contract should be interesting
  5. fusionCA

    Jimmy Haslam

    the most important thing i got from this is QB coach Dowell Loggains who had a hand in picking Manziel and had a direct line to the owner. my god how do we find this awful coaches and get them to be on the Jets staff
  6. fusionCA

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    KC with a 3 men rush most of the OT drive , deserved to lose
  7. so we went from Kingsbury dreamy Ryan Gosling eyes to this??? the horror
  8. fusionCA

    Press Conference

    this thread is gold Jerry....gold!
  9. 100% i like Boyer but he was lucky to have Roberts running around with his air on fire
  10. fusionCA

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    you probably didnt even who Mahomes is when he was in college (most people didnt) if you think Mahomes play the same with QB whisperer Todd Bowles...
  11. fusionCA

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    Bob Sutton defense doing well
  12. fusionCA

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    #72 for the Colts with a blatant holding around the neck and still was not able to stop the DE from causing the fumble

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