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  1. This season on fox : Adam gase is the masked singer
  2. The Knicks are not good . I hope he doesn't take pointers and Bury is players to the ground like the Knicks coach
  3. This is a troll thread All Kevin wants is people to agree with him that JD suck
  4. Pure sign of a great pick , you hate it
  5. You talking about Wilson or fields ?
  6. They don't have a new regime They have a puppet unknown coach who will obey Roseman and the owner
  7. I believe Kiper was the one who gave Sam mono
  8. Both lead broadcasters in espn and nfl Network are jets fans. This can't be good...
  9. So the guy who has been posting doom and gloom for the past 2 months crying non stop is optimistic? LOL
  10. ok i misunderstood you i will respect the no politics in the website .
  11. but you, you are sweet and kind and donate your salary to the salvation army
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