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  1. fusionCA


    they should have let Gronk scored . that was there only chance
  2. fusionCA


    i saw it too lol 52 jumped at his feet and tackled him
  3. fusionCA

    Jets Colts Game Balls

    hell yeah , deserve a game ball
  4. i thought it was you , if it wasn't i apologize
  5. 2 weeks ago you said they need to dump him and draft a QB next year
  6. the Center Long is not good at all , he is an upgrade over last year but thats an upgrade from dog sh*t to cat poop so many low and high snaps in all games, penalties and he just taking points from the offense and putting Darnold in a bad position many times .
  7. fusionCA

    Thursday Night Football Eagles-Giants

    Barkley is a Jets fan he is doomedddddddddddddddddddddd
  8. fusionCA

    Thursday Night Football Eagles-Giants

    hmm..right now with Brakley they are a 1 win team...
  9. fusionCA

    Pats/Colts Thursday Night Football

    the Jets will look like the Colts in 5 years if they dont wise up and fire both coach and GM a franchise QB with an awful team all around
  10. fusionCA

    Two Brief Observations

    WTF are you talking about? i thought Mayfield would be a bust(i still do) and was dreading the Jets picking him. find one post that i say anything about Mayfield so when Darnold make mistakes and someone pointing it he is a troll? regardless of any Darnold future (which i think will be good) he missed open guys today.
  11. fusionCA

    Two Brief Observations

    wtf are you talking about? the read was part of the play , he know where the route is. the route was good , the player was wide open and he miss the throw , he was not accurate there is no if and buts about it
  12. fusionCA

    Two Brief Observations

    so he didnt miss wide open players for TD's?
  13. fusionCA

    Two Brief Observations

    thats not what i said , i believe in Darnold . but i cant lie about what i see with my own eyes and he missed wide open players for easy TD's. he will get better but today there was no excuse to it and it was one of the reasons for the bad loss

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