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  1. 85 years old ,long life I wish I could be sure i have 40 more years
  2. Not sure anyone can be better then a John idzik draft pick
  3. All jokes a side about Enunwa, Bell is a better player then OBJ and it's not even close. When was the last time we could say that about player who is considered a superstar offensive player in the league ?
  4. Yessssssssss I would **** a different prostitute every day
  5. for some reason for the last few years Baldy love everything the Jets do
  6. huh? you think someone will lose interest because that poor excuse of a GM was fired? i suspect more people will tune in
  7. i believe Andy Reid will do better then Gase with any team and any kind of players
  8. "Can’t tell you if it’s happening tho" wtf is this lol spew some bullsh*t and finish with this
  9. i am shocked you didnt give him A+++
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