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  1. Gruden was coach and GM , Mayock was there to get the title , do the leg work and leave all the big decisions for Gruden. Pete Caroll has the same setup with the seahawks
  2. huh? Groden hired Mayock and Mayock was working for him. it was the same like Belichick on New England
  3. Her husband will get Millions of dollars to do nothing the next few years?
  4. That's on gimmy g He took the snap before his lineman can be set
  5. For the 3rd time in this thread hurts sucks and should be benched
  6. This has nothing to do with Wilson. It's a stand alone statement
  7. Hurts passing the ball outside of the Tampa zip code
  8. I noticed in all the games so far that kickers are just good, almost never miss And the Jets can't find a kicker
  9. This is not week 6 The intensity of the Tampa defense is a lot more Hurts is not a qb you can win with in the playoffs
  10. He is not good enough to beat a playoff defense This is going to be a score similar to the bills last night
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