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  1. some things never change Kevin still crying about something and Sar wish for the days he would tickle Adam Gase balls
  2. I didn't know Savage but its very sad to hear , I hope he lived a full life and had the best time . I recently lost my father and after the initial shock time pass by and then suddenly I feel the urge to call my dad and I pick up the phone just to realize I cant do it no more. its hard
  3. at least something in football went right for me today... winner Parlay (4 Team) WON NFL - Football - 454 Tampa Bay Buccaneers -11 -110 for Game WON Football - 461 Detroit Lions +10 -115 for Game WON Football - 472 Los Angeles Chargers -2½ -110 for Game Football - 473 New York Giants/Dallas Cowboys over 53 -110 for Game $100.00 $977.62
  4. all your threads are the same 1or 10 , week 1 or week 5 constant whining , you can whine as much as you want , I am just pointing it out
  5. so what you saying is that he needs more weapons and better Oline? lolololololol
  6. yes they fall in the same space as you , crying and whining are you not tired to start 50 posts every time the Jets lose about how ****ed up you are in your feelings?
  7. your posts focused on crying crying and some more crying you sound like an 8 year old girl most of the time you need to take some time off and evaluate your reactions and fake outrage
  8. Jones is done What are they thinking running him like this at the goal line
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