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  1. The brother of GB coach will the jets OC, might as well fire him now HOW CAN YOU KICK THE FG YOU BUM
  2. Not on Sunday when the chiefs play But don't worry many of this fans will watch the super bowl from the ICU bed
  3. F but this has nothing to with Saleh i would put F for any DC we hire
  4. This might be the best thing the Johnsons may have done for the jets Don't hire a defensive coach
  5. This will be such a bad hire JD is turning out to be awful
  6. no dont want any DC because if the OC they hire is good he would just be hired by a different team to be head coach you cant have a young QB start looking good for a year or two and showing progress and then change his OC and system because your current was hired to be head coach somewhere else. the head coach the has to be the offense guy

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