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  1. why just stick to QB? how about if any player get picked anywhere in the draft and the Jets ddnt pick him it’s on the GM for not doing his job? is that too much to ask? for the Jets to hit on any player? if next year 1st round pick is not an all pro like sauce the Jets should clean house , I can send them my cleaning lady to help
  2. Jets fans after the season: Lafleur suck , get rid of him asap!!! Jets fans after Leflore is fired and hired by a different team : how did we let the great Mike Leflore who could not score a td in the last 3 weeks go ???
  3. why? he is not even calling the plays in Dallas
  4. that's what i mean . tell the chargers its a once in the history thing to make them feel better
  5. What players the jets got rid off on the same level as Jones and Barkley?
  6. Vikings run out of luck 11-0 one score wins Not tonight
  7. so its not just Jets the QB who look like sh*t and make horrible mistakes
  8. I see TL already crushed and burned
  9. so after the Jets trade for Purdy , does he come with the coaches and players he have in San Francisco ?
  10. i wish we had a player like Nick Bosa
  11. Niners coach and GM are so much better
  12. You forgot the jets don't have me irrelevant Only the 2nd pick in the draft
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