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  1. yeah just like last year , defense was awful , not going anywhere but all the way to the SB go drink some more
  2. i wanted Rosen but i didnt believe Darnold will be there at 3 so i am good with this go Sammmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. i have been watching this on a loop for the past 30 minutes i am going insane
  4. i have been calling for the process since the Andre Miller ping pong killer days %100 behind Sam Hinkie Jets should have hired Hinkie i live in Los Angeles , i saw so much of Rosen it is as sure as it gets for me
  5. dont sell them short , they also drafted Darron Lee
  6. if its Josh Allen i retire , i would not be able to take it anymore my Sixers are unstoppable , DO NOT RUIN IT FOR ME JETS take Josh Rosen and lets celebrate !!!!!!!
  7. fusionCA

    NYDN: Gang Green Free Agency Grade

    the process?
  8. fusionCA

    What’s going on in NE?

    huh??? who do you think sent Woddy to London? Obama?
  9. fusionCA


    they thinking about putting it on you. what is top 5 salary in your field ?
  10. fusionCA

    Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    Flowers is awful , he is worse then Mo. mo is good but lazy and dont want to try after he got his money. Flowers is just bad all around
  11. fusionCA

    Sunday Games Thread

    so Peterman playing the Chargers is what it looks like if Hack would have play?
  12. they are playing in Carson , not even close to Anaheim
  13. fusionCA

    Todays games...

    Cousins looks good this drive
  14. fusionCA

    Todays games...

    AJ green wants to be Mike Tyson
  15. fusionCA


    Forte is getting cut in the off season
  16. fusionCA


    trade deadline has passed
  17. how soon people forget how Martin missed easy FG's any chance he got , while i dont think Catanzaro is good , the fact is that Martin is worse and Catanzaro made some good kicks for us this year.
  18. does anyone know who was the QB the Niners started today? how many here heard about him? he can start and Hack cant? its either Bowles hate him for some reason or Hack is the worst ever QB to be on an NFL roster
  19. nothing that you can think of
  20. what about Kizer ? he sucks but he play , his team just like the Jets is not going anywhere this year. maybe he will be out of the league in 2 years or maybe he will have a good long career but at least Cleveland letting him play and see if he can play.
  21. 100 yard INT return for a TD playing Miami and Matt Moore
  22. fusionCA

    How bad are Bowles & Rogers?

    lol how the **** did Matt Moore killed us so bad last week??? i mean WTF Bowels should be fired just for that game alone