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  1. yes, it was Bates who made Anderson fumble the ball twice in the last 2 games
  2. good stuff from Bart Scott he is really tearing up Bowles defensive scheme and putting in the wrong places
  3. fusionCA

    Robby Effing Anderson

    i dont know how you can play this guy
  4. this hats look fine , not crazy about the brown color but i like the logo
  5. fusionCA

    Monday Night Football Seahawks-Bears

    even with those 2 players we we still have Todd Bowles as head coach which mean we suck. just fire Bowles and use the 2 first rounders on a WR and OL
  6. fusionCA

    Monday Night Football Seahawks-Bears

    lol this 3rd and 17 bring shades of the 3rd and 17 call for Sanchez in the AFC championship great job Schotte!!!
  7. fusionCA

    My thoughts

    they are bad all around they have been bad for 3 years get your head out of Bowles ass.
  8. fusionCA

    My thoughts

    my definition is cant stop a 3rd and 19 with the game on the line in the 4 quarter
  9. fusionCA

    My thoughts

    Bowles is the defense , just like Rex anything that is good or bad in the defense is on him. this defense has sucked for 4 years now under Bowles how many years does he need to stop sucking at his bread and butter ? 7 years ? 12 years ? maybe give him the Gruden life time contract
  10. i understand he injured his hamstring , what is the point of signing an injured player?
  11. fusionCA

    Game Observations (MIA)

    any corner on this team is better then Skrine . he should not see any snaps , maybe special team but he could **** up over there as well. #1 reason to fire Bowles , why Skrine is on the field?
  12. fusionCA

    Supporting cast failures

    for the life of me i dont understand why Skrin is playing . he make so many mistakes , i truly believe he help the other team more then he help the Jets
  13. Herndon twice with rookie mistake after the catch not going out of bounds and not reaching with the football to the goal line
  14. this would be a penalty today
  15. Henry Anderson should play more guy can rush the QB
  16. what are you guys talking about? his leg was clearly on the line
  17. we have this game , just have to push more and no stupid play calls
  18. wtf was that is brian schottenheimer the OC?
  19. looks like this will be over turned but you never know this days
  20. this is on him , throwing across your body like that. whats wrong with a safe play to start

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