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  1. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    Flowers is awful , he is worse then Mo. mo is good but lazy and dont want to try after he got his money. Flowers is just bad all around
  2. Sunday Games Thread

    so Peterman playing the Chargers is what it looks like if Hack would have play?
  3. they are playing in Carson , not even close to Anaheim
  4. Todays games...

    Cousins looks good this drive
  5. Todays games...

    AJ green wants to be Mike Tyson
  6. Thoughts

    Forte is getting cut in the off season
  7. Thoughts

    trade deadline has passed
  8. how soon people forget how Martin missed easy FG's any chance he got , while i dont think Catanzaro is good , the fact is that Martin is worse and Catanzaro made some good kicks for us this year.
  9. does anyone know who was the QB the Niners started today? how many here heard about him? he can start and Hack cant? its either Bowles hate him for some reason or Hack is the worst ever QB to be on an NFL roster
  10. nothing that you can think of
  11. what about Kizer ? he sucks but he play , his team just like the Jets is not going anywhere this year. maybe he will be out of the league in 2 years or maybe he will have a good long career but at least Cleveland letting him play and see if he can play.
  12. 100 yard INT return for a TD playing Miami and Matt Moore
  13. How bad are Bowles & Rogers?

    lol how the **** did Matt Moore killed us so bad last week??? i mean WTF Bowels should be fired just for that game alone
  14. Some thoughts

    average age doesnt matter , you talk like the only ones who play are 23 and under McCown,Kearse , Kerley , Forte , Powell, Wilkerson ,Mclendon , Skrine , D. Davis , Beachum , Winters , Carpenter , Caleiborne , Wesley Johnson are all starters over the age of 26 they are all vets young team my ass they are just bad , plain and simple
  15. Tankers will love this Mock

    Woody will never draft Josh Rosen who talk sh*t about Woody's boss in the white house every week
  16. so for 2 years people here complain that Bowles sit on the football to end the 1st half with time outs or not. and when he try to score(playing a team that scores a lot mind you) people now complain why he didnt sit on the football... there was nothing wrong with trying to score , i hope he does that every game. McCown made a bad throw , thas all there is to it
  17. so is he saying Todd Bowles sucks and dont know what he is doing? na . i cant believe it , no way
  18. Brett Hundley

    Fitz with the pick at his own goal line...some things never change
  19. how they 2 drives before when it was run run run and 2 three and outs. the Jets comes out gun blazing passing all over the place and suddenly they take the it down and run through the middle every down. of course its on the coach , continue with what works until they can stop you
  20. Todd Bowels is just awful its amazing. he started the game with nothing to lose so he let the offense play open and pass. as soon as they are up 14-0 he go back to his patent conservative run the ball approach can they fire this pos already ?
  21. Baker Mayfield is the kind of player who fail most times then not in the NFL. i would never waste more then a 5 round pick on him
  22. Brady doesn’t practice

    maybe he broke his vagina , you never know