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  1. no pass rush 4 men rush didnt work didnt even come close
  2. not that this is the place , and RIP but his daughter is bonkers , I was in her house in Malibu a few years back (or what she claimed was her house , good expensive location but very neglected and in bad condition ) to give an estimate for a construction job and after meeting with her I refused the job because she is so insane
  3. so , based on this scout opinion the only way to measure how to hire a coach is where the defense (or the offense) he was in charge of was ranked? good stuff "At this point, the Jets have taken on more of LaFleur’s offensive personality rather than Saleh’s defensive personality." this sentence is a joke , one of the best attributes of good head coaches is to hire good coordinators , and its something the Jets had problem with for years
  4. yes a slap the thing is the liability issue here is such a big deal there is no way it was not pre planned i mean chris rock can file a police report t , he can sue will smith , he can sue the Oscars ,
  5. it loos a fake punch Chris Rock didnt even move that much , you have to move somehow from a punch like that they probably pre planned it weak
  6. I was expecting this thread one more thing for Kevin to cry about regardless of facts and logic cry baby cry
  7. DirtyJersey is wrong with the terminology it goes like this: you dont pay a sex worker to come , you pay her to leave
  8. Mayfield might go the Ben Simmons route
  9. Oh goody Now you have one more reason to cry
  10. I saw a post by Kevin , that's where i stop reading
  11. the day before free agency this place was full of fire JD threads and they keep moving the goal posts first it was sign anyone, then spend more money, then sign someone decent and good, now its don't even talk to me if its not a superstar signing jokes all around
  12. oh the tears the tears they are so sweet
  13. you mean complete jag like Cooper who 2 teams got rid of him and could only bring a 5th round pick? if Cooper was a top WR he would bring a much better pick
  14. you dont need to be on the website to have an opinion about signing players if Cooper is that good why did 2 teams got rid of him? you think Cooper want to play for the Jets? why would he?
  15. you were also probably calling for the Jets to sign Mosley , Trumaine Johnson and Bell how did that worked out for the Jets?
  16. so most of you now want once again to give out huge contracts to players like TJ , Mosley , Bell , players who dont want to play for the Jets and are just coming for the big pay check? no one here learned the lesson ? how did that turned out for the Jets in the past?
  17. Belichick is running a scam on the league he appoint this idiots to be coordinators by title only and behind the scenes he is telling them what to do. then by his recommendation they get hired to be head coaches , fail because they suck but in the process earn millions of dollars , get fired and then he hire them back for peanuts
  18. whats funny is that Jets fans dont want to pay Berrios and when the team fail to replace him(its very hard finding good receivers in free agency) those same fans will complain why the Jets didnt sign Berrios and have Woody pocket the money its a joke there isnt one wide receiver in the entire league better then Berrios who will sign with the Jets unless they over over over pay and we all know how that kind of thing usually end up for us
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