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  1. not that this is the place , and RIP but his daughter is bonkers , I was in her house in Malibu a few years back  (or what she claimed was her house , good expensive  location but very neglected and in bad condition ) to give an estimate for a construction job and after meeting with her I refused the job because she is so insane 

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  2. so , based on this scout opinion the only way to measure how to hire a coach is where the defense (or the offense) he was in charge of was ranked?


    good stuff 


    "At this point, the Jets have taken on more of LaFleur’s offensive personality rather than Saleh’s defensive personality."

    this sentence is a joke , one of the best attributes of good head coaches is to hire good coordinators  , and its something the Jets had problem with for years 

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  3. Just now, Untouchable said:

    It wasn’t a punch it was a slap 

    And even then it was weak as hell

    Chris Rock is like 5’8 140 and he was more shocked than anything.

    Anyhoo, Hollywood is garbage lol

    yes a slap

    the thing is the liability issue here is such a big deal there is no way it was not pre planned 

    i mean chris rock can file a police report t  , he can sue will smith , he can sue the Oscars , 

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  4. the day before free agency this place was full of fire JD threads 

    and they keep moving the goal posts

    first it was sign anyone, then spend more money, then sign someone decent and good, now its don't even talk to me if its not a superstar signing

    jokes all around 

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  5. 1 hour ago, varjet said:

    The Jets will never improve as a team if they let their average or better players walk while still having cap space.   They just will keep spinning their wheels.  

    Any developing team like the Jets will have players that are overpaid.  Its either that or the Jeff Smiths of the world.   

    But Berrios would have taken a guaranty for half of what he will get if he was offered the money before October of last year.  Steve Ross and the Dolphins hate the Jets, if for no other reason than here are too many Jets fans in their stadium.  They can pay Berrios an extra $1mm to try and swing 2 games/year. It will actually work.  

    what , what ???

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  6. 1 minute ago, oatmeal said:

    We don’t have a top WR, respectfully WTF are you talking about??? Please name the top WR on our roster already, I’ll wait…


    Jet fans are so comical, one thing y’all know how to do is crown complete jags, that’s one thing that’s always been consistent here 

    you mean complete jag like Cooper who 2 teams got rid of him and could only bring a 5th round pick?

    if Cooper was a top WR he would bring a much better pick 

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