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  1. you were also probably calling for the Jets to sign Mosley , Trumaine Johnson and Bell how did that worked out for the Jets?
  2. so most of you now want once again to give out huge contracts to players like TJ , Mosley , Bell , players who dont want to play for the Jets and are just coming for the big pay check? no one here learned the lesson ? how did that turned out for the Jets in the past?
  3. Belichick is running a scam on the league he appoint this idiots to be coordinators by title only and behind the scenes he is telling them what to do. then by his recommendation they get hired to be head coaches , fail because they suck but in the process earn millions of dollars , get fired and then he hire them back for peanuts
  4. whats funny is that Jets fans dont want to pay Berrios and when the team fail to replace him(its very hard finding good receivers in free agency) those same fans will complain why the Jets didnt sign Berrios and have Woody pocket the money its a joke there isnt one wide receiver in the entire league better then Berrios who will sign with the Jets unless they over over over pay and we all know how that kind of thing usually end up for us
  5. Kevin proving once again he is a cry baby who has no ideas what he is talking about Kevin would have fired the Bengals coach after his first 2 years
  6. Josh Allen was celebrating too early Well he is not celebrating now...
  7. Kc defense Is like the jets Everyone is open all the time
  8. I believe cam Akers didn't hold on to the ball
  9. why do they need permission to interview Flores? he was fired
  10. Gruden was coach and GM , Mayock was there to get the title , do the leg work and leave all the big decisions for Gruden. Pete Caroll has the same setup with the seahawks
  11. huh? Groden hired Mayock and Mayock was working for him. it was the same like Belichick on New England
  12. Her husband will get Millions of dollars to do nothing the next few years?
  13. That's on gimmy g He took the snap before his lineman can be set
  14. For the 3rd time in this thread hurts sucks and should be benched
  15. This has nothing to do with Wilson. It's a stand alone statement
  16. Hurts passing the ball outside of the Tampa zip code
  17. I noticed in all the games so far that kickers are just good, almost never miss And the Jets can't find a kicker
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