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  1. i think we all know what coming bama will wipe the floor with them
  2. I am shocked I was under the impression Woody will burst into the screen and fire both of them in live television like many here want
  3. The best thing about this is that now I can gamble against the steelers in arrowhead
  4. He call the time out with 3 seconds on the play clock Why does it matter ?
  5. Raiders should kneel down and punt
  6. Do you remember who we picked in that draft ?
  7. I will give all our draft picks for Justin Herbert
  8. its not the Jets fault TL went out of bounds on his run while he could got an easy TD
  9. the best thing about no more games this season is that we wont hear Kevin whine and cry never seen a bigger whiner in my life
  10. How do you call that a td on the field Refs are blind
  11. Stop crying The jets have no receivers. Who is catching the ball , Mims or Jeff Smith?
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