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  1. That's bullsh*t They change they call on the field, this is impossible to reverse Why the **** they changed the call on the field
  2. Quincy Williams took the wrong angle That's his main problem has a player
  3. 1 or 2 main games have audio When I use to live in Vegas I always went to the cesar palace sports book on the first days of the NCAA tournament Total chaos and so much fun
  4. Dallas is not the kind of team to let this kind of player leave , they will lock him up
  5. Minshew is good enough to be a starter in the league , not high end starter but I can see him go to the steelers next year and be successful
  6. College football crew always give a great broadcast. Just upgrade them to MNF
  7. this is like asking if someone comes in and give you a million dollar for nothing will you take it? Saleh is staying , JD didnt want Harbaugh last year and doesnt want him next year.
  8. My best wishes to you and your wife . I hope she gets better and get healthy . I know everyone here is pulling for her .
  9. JD never talks about negotiating and signing players to the press this sound like a leak from the agent , pay me now or I will take the best offer out there
  10. I believe this happened at the world cup soccer in 1982 , from memory the game was between Germany and Austria and they both need a tie to get into the next stage in the coemption , the game was played mostly around the half line and the result was 0-0 , I think after that the changed the rules and the time the games are played
  11. I just clarified it He basically blamed the oc for not telling Wilson to hand it off no matter what Wilson should have read the Play and defense better
  12. He says that they call the play for a sneak or a pass for Braxton and failed to communicate to Wilson that he should pass no matter what do Wilson tried to sneak the ball
  13. Saleh just blamed Wilson for running the wrong play
  14. Hug , shake hands , that's fine Echols was thinking about Brady signing his ball the entire 2nd half and that's why he was not focused and played like sh*t
  15. Maybe, also maybe echoles should have been down to his knees in front of Brady as well . All echoles was thinking about since the interception is to have Brady signed his ball and that's why he has an awful 2nd half, he was not focused on the game
  16. It was such a clown act Echoles is a professional player for the new York jets , not a teenager fan in love with Brady
  17. Echoles ask Brady to sign his football You know a loser when you see one and echoles is a loser
  18. That 3rd and 20 cost the team the game They were celebrating after 2nd down and paid for it
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