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    I was at the home opener when Vinny injured his achilles and Tom Tupa jumped in at QB. Maybe not my favorite memory, but unforgettable.
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    Mud Bowl.
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    Just missed it by a year...
  1. You asked... Our kickers: Ficken, Naggar, McLaughlin 😲
  2. Can I take a break before diving into the 2022 draft? I’ve already watched so many highlights that the JustBombsProductions song is haunting my dreams…
  3. Every time i see WFT i think WTF?
  4. Dammit Bucs signed Borregales
  5. But can he jump out of a swimming pool?
  6. Jets drafted E Moore becuz they knew it would give them the inside track on signing Yeboah as an UDFA 🤫
  7. Jags signed Josh Imatorbhebhe who went undrafted because nobody could pronounce his name…
  8. Some corners still on the board: Regarding Keith Taylor at Senior Bowl practice week: “…Over the past five days, it became apparent that former Washington cornerback Keith Taylor brought his 'A' game to the practice field in Mobile, Alabama for the senior Bowl Practices and during the game today, he continued to shine, blanketing receivers and making life difficult for the opposing quarterback. One receiver who Taylor mirrored all day was Clemson wideout Cornell Powell. After one particularly excellent display by Taylor, NFL.com Draft Analyst Daniel Jeremiah said this... "That's just another phenomenal job by Keith Taylor Jr. who's having a really big-time game. It's hard to find corners that size, that can move like that. He's so fluid and to be able to find and locate and play the ball is a bonus. You don't find 6'2" corners like that can really run and play down the field like that.”… CB Keith Taylor Height: 6'2″ (96th percentile) Weight: 198 (74th) Arm: 31 1/8 (42nd) Hand: 9 1/2 (81st) Vertical: 34 (19th) Broad: 127 (80th) Bench: 13 reps (41st) 40-yard: 4.52 (30th) Short shuttle: 4.26 (38th) 3-cone: 6.85 (69th) Regarding DJ Daniel at Senior Bowl practice week: “Daniel (and McKitty) were named the “American” team’s practice player of the week at their respective positions at the all-star game’s Friday night awards ceremony, per Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy.” CB DJ Daniel Height: 5'11” (45th percentile) Weight: 183 (15th) Arm: 33 (93rd) 40-yard: 4.50 (40th) I also like these corners... CB Shaun Wade Height: 6'1″ (77th percentile) Weight: 196 (67th) Arm: 33 1/2 (97th) Hand: 9 1/4 (66th) CB Trill Williams Height: 6'2″ (95th percentile) Weight: 198 (73rd) Vertical: 36 (50th) Broad: 123 (55th) Bench: 20 reps (92nd) 40-yard: 4.42 (75th)
  9. A quick explanation of why these picks: 2 - Zach 23 - Caleb too good to pass up, so taking a chance with his back situation. 34 - Teven at RT. Fant's okay, but Teven has the upside at cheaper $$. 66 - McGovern can slide over to make room for Creed. 101 - We need CBs. Chris Simms loves Campbell for what it’s worth… 107 - Hopefully Hunter Long can develop and also push Herndon to produce. 146 - I’m hoping Eskridge can stretch the field for Zach’s deep ball. 179 - Patterson put up video game numbers in the MAC. Worth a flyer i guess… 186 - Jaylon Moore is a zone scheme fit, developmental tackle, OL depth hopefully. 226 - Kylin Hill is one of my favorite RBs in the draft. High character too, with what he did to make Mississippi change it’s state flag. PS - Regarding the Detroit trade, I picked up a 2022 2nd round pick, not a 1st rounder... The simulator glitched somehow and indicated "R1" when the trade was actually for a 2nd rounder. 🥴
  10. Great Job! I've been playing around with the simulator, so I thought I'd comment here, which I don't ordinarily do, I'm more of a lurker... Anyway I like most of your picks. A bit worried about Jaelan Phillip's history with concussions, but I'm a hypocrite because I myself drafted CFarley who has the back issues...
  11. I'm hoping someone signs Cole Christiansen (Army). He was their captain and had 16 tackles in one of their games this past season. Most importantly, he hired my band to play their blowout party on Presidents weekend -)
  12. If he makes it to the 6th round, grab Adrian Killins. If he goes undrafted he'll end up on the pats.
  13. mims still there... pull trigger?
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