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  1. Actually, the Jets can be in rather good shape regarding the 2020 cap – nearly $100 in cap....taking this into consideration (this according to overthecap.com and there could be contractual terms that might interfere with this analysis): Release Trumaine Johnson as a post June 1 cut: Cap savings $11M (Dead money of $4M for three years - tolerable) Do not resign Kelechi Osemele: Cap savings 11.7M (No dead money) Do not resign Kelvin Beachum: Cap savings $8M (Dead money $1.5M) Do not resign Ryan Kalil: Cap savings $5.4M (Dead money $3M) Do not resign Brian Winters: Cap savings $6M (No dead money) Adding to the the current $54.3M in cap space then with these players removed totals to $96.4M in cap space. Leaves a lot of holes to be filled...but we can have the funding to to it along with a ***decent*** draft. NOTE: I'm not trying to be cold hearted about this....these players have families and futures they want as badly as we do....

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