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    To many to list!!!
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  1. GoingToMyGraveGreen

    RIP Chuck Knox

    RIP ... so many forget he was with the Jets: On May 8, 1963, he was hired as offensive line coach of the American Football League's New York Jets by head coach Weeb Ewbank. Over the next four years as the lead contact for recruiting quarterback, Joe Namath, Knox helped build a line that would protect Namath, eventually leading to a victory over the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. Unfortunately for Knox, by voluntarily leaving the Jets in 1967 he denied himself what would have been the only Super Bowl ring in his career as the Jets won the World Championship in 1968.
  2. GoingToMyGraveGreen

    How good is Shane Ray

    Speaking as one who lives in Denver, Ray suffered a knee injury almost the first day (first year!) in camp....has not been the same since...shame because we was great in college...might be better in coverage though...otherwise, pass....
  3. GoingToMyGraveGreen

    Nick Mangold.. HOF 'er ? ? ?

    The Jets have had three great centers in their history....John Schmitt (#52 living in my home town Merrick! Hofstra alumnus and whose Super Bowl ring was lost and 40 years later found here in Honolulu (Waikiki) where I now live)...Joe Fields and Mangold...all anchored strong offensive lines.....
  4. GoingToMyGraveGreen

    what player personifies the jets to you?

    I doubt there are many Boston Celtic fans here Tom...great college career though...
  5. GoingToMyGraveGreen

    Move The Sticks 360 : Josh Allen Podcast

    Sorry - can't agree with this....although your concern is valid....I'd rather have Allen as a Second rounder.... Data point - Brett Farve - college completion rate (1987 to 1990): 40.7%, 55.8%, 54.1%, 54.5%.....TD to INt are pretty good until his last year.... https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/brett-favre-1.html
  6. GoingToMyGraveGreen

    Move The Sticks 360 : Josh Allen Podcast

    OK - I'm voting Josh Allen....here's why: For those concerned about his 56.3% completion average...over 20 passes.... he completes just .74 more passes ... 11.26 completions versus 12 (that's not even a full completion)...his average goes to 60%....pretty acceptable in the pros. Then if he completes 2.74 more passes per 20 throws (14 versus 11.26) his average goes to 70% - PRO BOWL. (not yelling here....just adding emphasis). He's that close. Do we not think that some professional QB coaching, Red Shirting some/all of his first year and better offensive talent around him cannot get him .74 or 2.74 more completions per 20 passes?...especially with some of his current defects that can be corrected? I'm more concerned with decisions....interceptions to TDs.....Allen's is 16 TD to 6 INTS...Hey I live in Colorado and I can tell you Wyoming is not a magnet for offensive talent....put good talent around him...good coaching and the JETS have a QB that can sling it in the winter (I grew up on LI - North Merrick) when it is hardest....my choice... Allen Rosen, like him in many respects but sounds too much like Ryan Leaf to me with his attitude....scares the (fill in the blank) out of me. He may be the most pro ready..but does not have the upside of Allen...
  7. GoingToMyGraveGreen

    Pauline Notes

    OK - you've convinced me!...I'm switching my team loyalty to Jacksonville!....and moving there too!...from Honolulu no less!...just don't know how my avatar name is going to fit in there....
  8. GoingToMyGraveGreen

    Screw you Patriots...

    Yeah...the ref tried to make is close.....hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  9. GoingToMyGraveGreen

    Screw you Patriots...

    For the first time...the refs call it right...
  10. GoingToMyGraveGreen

    Forget Cousins - Trade for Foles

    Yeah Baby!!!!
  11. Winters gets "somewhat of a pass" after having a torn abdominal muscle?....has anyone had one of these???? It's not just painful....it is torture!!!! I'm surprised he could even get out of bed! Dang....
  12. GoingToMyGraveGreen

    Takes from today's game (outside the obvious)

    Hey...the Patriots lost to the Chiefs...what are you complaining about????
  13. With between $60M and $80M (if they cut a few players) in cap space next year (plus perhaps some rollover from this year) I don't think losing some draft picks is going to matter much. They can buy the players they want. I just hope we don't sign any idiot contracts that kill us later on. With this much cap space I'm not buying the current "we're going to build through the draft" speak.... big spending will go on next year.
  14. GoingToMyGraveGreen

    Cheaters Gonna Cheat

    I believe this to be true - but the concussion protocols are there to protect the player even from himself. Aside from breaking the rules (what a shock!) if Brady is having concussions and not telling the team, then he needs to be disciplined for it....will it happen?....LOL....
  15. GoingToMyGraveGreen

    Cheaters Gonna Cheat

    I don't believe this was an accident or an inadvertent disclosure. When Gisele stated: "He had a concussion last year. He has concussions pretty much every -- I mean, we don't talk about it. He does have concussions," Bundchen said on "CBS This Morning" on Wednesday. I believe this was planned by Gisele and Brady to warn the Patriots not to involve Tom in a cover up and to place him on protocol when he has concussions. Gisele doesn't want a concussion-impaired husband in the years going forward. Who does? It will be interesting to see what the NFL does...simple solution: Just ask Brady if it is true and if not, why would his wife make a public statement he has concussions?

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