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  1. They may be limited on how much they can practice together. My guess is this does not take away from that. I hope they all have a blast.
  2. Loved the interviews. Thanks for linking them here. I cant wait for football and am hopeful.
  3. 8-8 is reasonable but the upside has more potential than that imo. Heath is a factor to of course. The big plus it that we have a QB and a couple of playmakers which make games much more fun and interesting to watch.
  4. We are getting closer. If Darnold plays well watch out. If this is what it takes to land a good starter in a position of need do it. Imo thats better then a lot of develpemental guys.
  5. I feel the same. congratulations mega posters.
  6. the helmet color is horrible. no all white?
  7. how about this - lower a netted hoop above the 20 yard line on all kickoffs. If you kick it in you recover the ball, say at your 40. if not, the kick off is live. We could think of a lot of better ideas then these owners.
  8. I forgot about this guy. I like what I saw from him and it was more than one game. Id like to see him in the mix to possibly make the team.
  9. I strongly disagree. We need that bonified scary pass rusher. A guy opposing QBs look for every time. A guy who even though an OL shifts to his side still gets home for the sack/loss. If you have that you might even see Williams with a big year. I dont want extra guys who can play here or there. Picking this high is a rare a opportunity to obtain high quality talent.
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