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  1. Dupe

    Best photos of new unis

    the helmet color is horrible. no all white?
  2. how about this - lower a netted hoop above the 20 yard line on all kickoffs. If you kick it in you recover the ball, say at your 40. if not, the kick off is live. We could think of a lot of better ideas then these owners.
  3. Dupe

    Two Tight Ends

    I forgot about this guy. I like what I saw from him and it was more than one game. Id like to see him in the mix to possibly make the team.
  4. Dupe

    Trading out making less sense

    I strongly disagree. We need that bonified scary pass rusher. A guy opposing QBs look for every time. A guy who even though an OL shifts to his side still gets home for the sack/loss. If you have that you might even see Williams with a big year. I dont want extra guys who can play here or there. Picking this high is a rare a opportunity to obtain high quality talent.
  5. Dupe

    Le'veon Bell

    Is he that much better than Crowell who is 11 months younger?
  6. Dupe

    Mac has to trade down...

    To pass on Pace for a couple of jags. Brilliant
  7. The argument that Darnold was the better pick over Allen is invalid at this point as documented in the original post. Allen has thrown a lot of picks but Darnold has thrown twice that number.
  8. Fans fancy themselfs as GMs and not players nowadays. Seams many are into the off season more than the games. Higher picks means greater chance to land the guy they heard of. Of couse lots of research is done on the web and most fans know more about who should be picked, traded or released han the GM and his staff.
  9. Without a second round pick we may only draw one starter. We need OL but boy that really doesn't move the needle on what we see next year. I really would like to see a blue chip WR who fights for the ball ala young Brandon Marshall. We really need an ace target for Sam. Someone who comes back for the ball, makes the catch when covered and fights hard to prevent an interception. I saw a sickening lack of this this season.
  10. Bowles may be a poor coach but my impression in the last few games is that we we have less talent and are void of impact players. Its hard to falt the coach there.
  11. Yep. We have our QB. oh how it feels wonderful.
  12. Dupe

    Khalil Mack

    Thats what I say with fewer words. You didnt need to repeat it.
  13. Dupe

    Khalil Mack

    So what, they lost. They could loose without him to. .... wow
  14. Man how miserable so many of you are. If only Mac would get the chance to point out how fat your wives look or how stupid your kids are.

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