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  1. can’t see him posing for GQ .....still very happy about how the draft fell.
  2. Gramp because he is Darn old
  3. Dupe

    Happy Birthday Al Toon

    My favorite also.
  4. nonsense, So we need another qb, to keep our playoff run going in the event that McCown and Darnold go down?? wtf? Hell at that point losses help us more for a better draft pick. Might as well plug in Hack or Petty. Use those remaing picks to take a shot at a guy who could fill a need elsewhere.
  5. Great comment! He is so incredibly dull, the absolute worst.
  6. and who is the biggest douche of them all?... it hasnt stopped Brady one damn bit.
  7. He is such a Jet
  8. No, your putting too much stock in these numbers. Your going to need the stronger arm to throw fastballs in the NFL. The guys that dont have it are going to see a much bigger drop in percentages and success. Much tighter windows and defense backs with tremendous closing speed all over the field.
  9. In highlight packages you see WRs incredibly wide open by NFL standards. I dont see these completion pcts and accuracy stats translating. Its a different game. Evaluators must take into account what a QB is capable of doing.
  10. This looks to me like someone put some crazy numbers together to push Mayfield.
  11. The Jets will present smiles regardless of who we pick and I beliece they like 3 guys. But there may be one guy they are hopeing for (and maybe not). This would tell us if so and show that they felt one guy was significantly better or a betther fit. I vote stay. If the Giants are offering a swap then they are not picking the guy we want.
  12. Its good to have a speedy reciever who’s hard to stop