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  1. I may be mistakin but Sam might have signaled that at the line before the play. Did you see that?
  2. yea, nice seeing 31 defending without a yellow flag.
  3. We need Atlanta taking time off the clock so their is less exposue to a possible (Darnold) injury with all the subs out there.
  4. Im in europe now and would love to catch the game friday. All my streaming sources such as optonline and direct tv are blocked. An option that dosent involve haking or jailbreaking would be nice. I guess Ill have to settle for game feedback on the site.
  5. lets just see what happens
  6. If he looks good this year he is not signing with us to be a backup or help us get more value in a trade.
  7. I dont fault Mac for Hackenberg. Yes he was a miss but you have to take shots at a franchise QB. A second rather than a first makes it much less costly. There was plenty to indicate potential. Law of calculated risk. it’s funny I have a friend who is athletic tall and strong. He’s a normal american guy. have a catch with him and he just ******* can’t throw the football. Its really unfathomable. How could this be for a normal guy growing up in the usa?
  8. I like the QB blend now. The guys that need it wiil get plenty of meaningful reps.
  9. can’t see him posing for GQ .....still very happy about how the draft fell.
  10. Gramp because he is Darn old
  11. Dupe

    Happy Birthday Al Toon

    My favorite also.
  12. nonsense, So we need another qb, to keep our playoff run going in the event that McCown and Darnold go down?? wtf? Hell at that point losses help us more for a better draft pick. Might as well plug in Hack or Petty. Use those remaing picks to take a shot at a guy who could fill a need elsewhere.