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  1. Dupe

    Le'veon Bell

    Is he that much better than Crowell who is 11 months younger?
  2. Dupe

    Mac has to trade down...

    To pass on Pace for a couple of jags. Brilliant
  3. The argument that Darnold was the better pick over Allen is invalid at this point as documented in the original post. Allen has thrown a lot of picks but Darnold has thrown twice that number.
  4. Fans fancy themselfs as GMs and not players nowadays. Seams many are into the off season more than the games. Higher picks means greater chance to land the guy they heard of. Of couse lots of research is done on the web and most fans know more about who should be picked, traded or released han the GM and his staff.
  5. Without a second round pick we may only draw one starter. We need OL but boy that really doesn't move the needle on what we see next year. I really would like to see a blue chip WR who fights for the ball ala young Brandon Marshall. We really need an ace target for Sam. Someone who comes back for the ball, makes the catch when covered and fights hard to prevent an interception. I saw a sickening lack of this this season.
  6. Bowles may be a poor coach but my impression in the last few games is that we we have less talent and are void of impact players. Its hard to falt the coach there.
  7. Yep. We have our QB. oh how it feels wonderful.
  8. Dupe

    Khalil Mack

    Thats what I say with fewer words. You didnt need to repeat it.
  9. Dupe

    Khalil Mack

    So what, they lost. They could loose without him to. .... wow
  10. Man how miserable so many of you are. If only Mac would get the chance to point out how fat your wives look or how stupid your kids are.
  11. Man you guys “think” too much. Thankfully we can talk about games soon. A fanchise QB is much harder to find then good linemen. The GM did the right thing. There is no doubt that strengthing the line and protection overall will be a primary objective once the QB box is confirmed checked off. Having said that I think our line will be servicable to okay this year. There is much we can do to help, play action passing, te sets and blocking backs. I bet to the suprise of many, we will be okay this year.
  12. Its not the necessity that so many here think it is. If you have olbs that hold the edge, safties and corners can generate preasure and sacks. Sure it would be nice to add a plus or blue chip rusher but we will be okay this year. (we will get one eventually and ol reinforcement as well but finding “our Qb” was step one)
  13. Its possible TB gets cut.
  14. Dupe

    Rosen vs the Saints

    I really liked Allen, Rosen and Darnold and still do. I dont like camparing them to past QBs and think its rediculous to predict injury. The way Darnold carrys himself, responds to media and prepares make him an outstanding pick for us. Further, when the pocket breaks down he excels. He dosent get flustered, keeps his heads up and seems to make smart choces with althetic play. Just the right guy for the Jets and kudos to Mac for makeing it possible.
  15. Dupe

    Teddy Trade Thread (merged)

    What could we recoup for Darnold?

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