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  1. Who the hell is going to want to come in to coach now? It would be a terribly difficult job that would make you look bad. It’s pretty clear that we are rolling with Gase until the end of the year or close to it. He is historically bad but I think there’s even a good chance he’s back again next year.
  2. Ive been looking forward to seeing his comments. Perhaps he feels there’s no need to write up the same old story. Probably he is disgusted. There were a number of areas and players where there was excitement to see potential and or growth. Almost all seems to be dashed at this point
  3. Its so great to hear good news and to hear from you!! Keep it comming. Lots of great stuff lay ahead.
  4. It really is ridiculous to guess at w-l record. As a fan you have to like that there are more guys you’re looking forward to seeing in action. After a few games we’ll see what we’ve got and extrapolate from there. One of these years we are going to be better than mediocre.
  5. This is just a ramble without insight. “When given #1 responsibilities last year Perriman was a beast, putting up insane numbers. He was a monster and will start this year as the #1 WR for the Jets. But he really is just a backup.”
  6. I don’t think so and I don’t think that’s our play this year. I think we are looking for improved line play where we win at the point of attack. Bell is the key. If we free him for gashes we have a different story. Then Darnold can distribute to a range of receivers most of whom with great speed. With limited star power at the WR position that is how we would have to do it.
  7. Because fans are loud obnoxious New Yorkers.
  8. Two of my favorites. I loved to pretend I was Rich Caster in touch football games.
  9. Its too bad we didn’t hold on to Terance Mathis. He was better than several on that list. All be it mostly for Atlanta.
  10. All you say is true. If we have vastly improved the OL like most of us think, we should be able to extend drives, increase time of possession and field position. Those things benefit a defense greatly.

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