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  1. All this speculation goes out the window If we show up with a top tier run game. After the yearly reset unexpected things happen all across the NFL.
  2. My thoughts on this thread - Nice to see KRL enthusiastic again. I enjoy his contributions but it was clear the persistent loosing was a drag. I suspect that Sauce will get more sacks then Walker, the Edge picked #1. Many were calling for LBs to be picked. Im looking forward to seeing how Nasirildeen and Sherwood are coming along. They “flashed” some prior to going down for the year. Moves so far indicate that the staff may have some confidence in theses two.
  3. This is so good. I hope I can watch it more in the future
  4. So I was wondering from a Xs and Os perspective is it better to run left or right? I can remember great teams of the past running to the right. Maybe because most QBs are right handed? Clearly a strategy would be to mix it up but there might be a “strong side”. Fant has shown he can be a quality pass protector on the left or right sides. Running Hall behind Becton seems like a great starting point for an offense. I can see Becton being positioned wherever it will help in the run game. We really would benefit from him coming in “fit” and hungry.
  5. Yes tough division. Somewhere in the 8-9 range with some promising wins and most all of us will be happy. Every year is a fresh start in the NFL and unexpected things happen. Teams expected to do well sometimes falter and it can snowball down hill. Win our first three games and your outlook will completely change. I’m not predicting this just can’t wait to see how this group comes together.
  6. We need a few more guys for training camp fodder.
  7. Apparently accurate. He sill on the board.
  8. JJ doesn’t have to do it himself. With Lawson on one side, JJ on the other and Quinton up the middle who do you double team? It’s going to be fun. Johnson is going to have a chance to make a nice impact as a rookie. Love his attitude and what I think is sincere desire to be here.
  9. I hear Dean is considered small and needs time before starting. He could indeed last till 38.
  10. Yep. Will it turn out that Thibs rotates in on passing situations and is a vulnerability on the run ala Aaron Maybin? Maybe. His film showed that that was a concern coming into the pros. No such concern with JJ.
  11. This upcoming draft is so much fun and of course pivotal to our future enjoyment. It’s interesting to see which guys and traits JD will value more. I think it’s right that the first pick will be for an edge with a slight chance of an OT. But I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the WR at 10. After a long time favoring Williams I recently came to thinking that London will be the pick and that he will really help Zach. I recently saw a number of interviews with Garrett Wilson. To go along with his fantastic tape and testing, he is really bright and articulate. I now would love for him to be our new wide out. I can’t wait to hear all the right answers for who we should pick! (ie. what our draft class turns out to be)
  12. Please let it be so. Two future stars. We need this so much.
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