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  1. I like the idea because I think he is special and special players are rare. We have lots of picks to pick up linemen. You can’t say JD isn’t isn’t trying hard to sure up the offensive line. If it turns out there is a superior OL prospect okay. But hell I like touchdowns and cheering for breakaway runs. Make him the pick.
  2. Yea sure. (wink) If Sam strolls out to play game 1 more than half of you fans are going to be booing mercilessly.
  3. Slick move by the dolphins.
  4. I hope we sign him. Lots of good points by KRL and others. Are some of you detractors the same who bitch about our team speed?
  5. But the thing is that that smiling face looks so much like Brady that I want to punch it.
  6. Wow, Crowder is one of the best guys on our roster.
  7. I disagree. You also misinterpret as I make no claim that this is what I want. Lots of you love spouting your edgy perspectives to generate replies or laughs. When looking at this from a logical perspective, that takes into account financial responsibility, where the team currently is talent wise and what JD is here to do it is pretty obvious. IMO there is a very high probability that Darold is back possibly with some competition. IMO there is a moderate chance that we draft a rookie with a top pick. (Given that you rarely get to pick this high and to restart the rookie salary
  8. A new GM, on year two of a promising rebuild doesn’t need to be hamstrung by a massive quarterback salary not to mention loss of hard earned premium draft capital. It’s pretty obvious that they are going to continue the course and see how it plays out with Darnold this year.
  9. I can’t believe how much some of you are willing to give up for him.
  10. Again, where is Elflein? He played real well for us at LG. A bonafide feature back really changes your identity and helps the passing attack. This has to be considered even more so now.
  11. I never heard of him before this week. I love the choice today.
  12. Some great posts today Bit! Where do you see Sewell and Becton lining up? I like the thinking. I know your not in favor of keeping Sam and I doubt we go running back with our second pick but can you imagine how good Sam will look with a guy like Harris running behind those road graders up front.
  13. I thought Pat Elflein has played well since being picked up. Few seem to include him when talking about our OL. He is nasty and blocks downfield. He may be a keeper.
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