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  1. I don’t think so and I don’t think that’s our play this year. I think we are looking for improved line play where we win at the point of attack. Bell is the key. If we free him for gashes we have a different story. Then Darnold can distribute to a range of receivers most of whom with great speed. With limited star power at the WR position that is how we would have to do it.
  2. Because fans are loud obnoxious New Yorkers.
  3. Two of my favorites. I loved to pretend I was Rich Caster in touch football games.
  4. Its too bad we didn’t hold on to Terance Mathis. He was better than several on that list. All be it mostly for Atlanta.
  5. All you say is true. If we have vastly improved the OL like most of us think, we should be able to extend drives, increase time of possession and field position. Those things benefit a defense greatly.
  6. I think think the real Joe knows more about this stuff including how guys will be used and what his strategy is for maintaining the roster over the next few years. Doing mock drafts is one thing but don’t over think these picks now. Rex and other coach’s have often harped on how valuable it is to have multiple weapons in the defensive backfield. I hope we don’t collectively hate or boo Davis because he wasn’t a wide receiver. Beningo for instance can’t stop moaning over the pick
  7. On draft day I was comparing bios on available guys. Mims’s stats and writeup was far and away better than anyone available. I have a hard time believing “rounding out his routes” accounted for the difference. I really thought they should have traded up to get him. I can't understand what the deal was. He seems like a good, motivated kid
  8. This guy is not competition for Darnald. I like developing our own guys in the QB room. He’s the back up and that’s valuable. A total bonus if in time he flashes a big arm and starter competency. Ps. He is cheaper than a vet backup and that likely is a factor.
  9. I agree, Joe Douglas crushed it. The roster needed substantial fortification and got it.
  10. Sometimes when I go to a restaurant there are so many awesome things I would love to try and yet I pick one or two knowing that I need to come back I really crave more weapons especially wide recievers. As of now though I like all the guys we picked. If you were surprised by a pick accept it as a learning experience.
  11. So many lament not picking up late wide recievers. Will we ever hear the names Duvernay, Bryan Edwards, Donovan Peoples-Jones and AGG? Probably not much.
  12. I forget nothing. I’m not saying anything about making playoffs. I guarantee nothing. There is no doubt that there has been an influx of talent on the OL. Surely we have to see what they bring and surely they have to develop together. Please also notice that I used the word suppose... When teams get their run game going it helps their passing game and their defense. The dynamics of everything you compare with other teams such as Buffalo change.
  13. Just suppose we get a run game going and you frequently see a push with our revamped offense line.... every thing changes then.
  14. I don’t get being down on any pick. We added speed, talent and character guys. A few have unique qualities. Lets see what we have. Feeling anything but pumped is dumb imo.

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