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  1. Hypothetical On McCown

    oh shoot, i used voice to text and it did good of the most part. withdraw my comment with a blunder like that
  2. Hypothetical On McCown

    here is the script - we earn a playoff berth; we have a shot to knock off the Pats in the first or second round; we re-sign Mcnown; we draft best available player maybe it’s a quarterback lots of you guys find a way to complain but I’m taking it happily.
  3. the beer really is tasting good tonight
  4. loose but show some prommise in places. - thats better than a blowout imo.
  5. jets viewership down the most

    So if your wife were to dress real hot, smile at you, saw hey big boy take me to bed you would say, no thanks dear since we aent looking to have a baby? ... Im off to read Jetsnation
  6. jets viewership down the most

    Incorrect. Lets say you were 9-7 to make the wildcard. Compared to 3-13 thats 6 more weeks of enjoying a win. Thats 300% more fun and you can throw in the excitment of being in the playoffs.
  7. jets viewership down the most

    It has been incredibly beautiful and warm around here so far this fall. I think that is a factor. I typically watch everygame. Personally I always enjoy wins more regardless of the draft or our chances to make the playoffs. With all the negative talk the decision to go play volleyball or hit the beach instead has been an easy one so far. I can settle for watching the recaps. The weather will change soon and viewership will improve.
  8. Maybe we will be in a position where there isnt a qb to be picked with franchise potential. Maybe Mac will consider that the available freagent QBs arent worth breaking the bank for. Given these possibilities I feel better enjoying some unexpected wins and rooting for the guys we have. I would love a stud QB but it really is better not stressing about it. Eventually we will get one.
  9. Learn From History

    I concur with KRL and think most of you are all wrong and missing an important point. Perhaps you are listening to what posters say too much and not what you hear from coaches. What is the offensive's top priority? It not scoring points; its Not turning the ball over. That couples with the WCO and what you should expect to see. Hackenberg is going to be looking for the slanting recever who is covered one on one, or the mid range guy where there isnt saftey help. Thats where emphisis and development is going to be.
  10. Top 5, Top 5.

    Amazing that OJ has been mising from all of these posts. He was an electric breakaway runner that was big and shifty. Number two to Brown and its not even close. If you think Brown would be a jag today you are nuts or clueless.
  11. Wesley Walker Highlights

    Man Obrien looked off recivers really well.
  12. fast, young, hungry guys might make for a more fun season than you expect. The ball bounces some funny ways. They might not suck sufficiently for many of you.
  13. Devin Smith Out

    wow poor kid. I was looking forward to seeing what he could do.