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  1. It will be so much fun reading your observations.
  2. This video is so lame. It looks and sounds like they don’t even care. Carter may have more receiving yards than anyone they spoke of and he’s not even mentioned. Odds are he’ll be a bigger factor than any single receiver especially with a rookie QB.
  3. I was going to ask how much of a look does a 6th round draft pick gets in a year when we have a lot of rookies. History you site shows he’s got a shot.
  4. The draft was a dream come true. The infatuation with Jenkins is crazy. You guys with your silly mock drafts think you’re smarter than GMs who scout, interview prospects, family and coaches. AVT is an all around blue chip thats going to help turn an area of dire need into a strength. Be thrilled that the Jets managed to get him and stop straining your brain cells. You need them.
  5. This is sports and there is lots of turnover in the NFL. It’s not like work for us where you have to meet expectations... go ahead and match up rosters and you can shove those expectations. Im looking for us to find something that works, something that gives us an edge in some area and brings a new identity. Maybe it’s running left, maybe it’s hitting deep balls, maybe play action, or perhaps our pash rush is suddenly fearsome. Many times I’ve seen this where a team emerges out of no where. Hell, the Knicks are doing it right now. The point is as a fan, you don’t concede
  6. This will indeed be something fun to watch. Adams flashed in at least one game last year.
  7. Although you might color him red, Harvey Langi maybe should be on the linebacker list. I think he still is a Jet. —edit. I see we non-tendered him. Never mind.
  8. Who was the linebacker that came in mid-year and had a couple of amazing games? Maybe a guy from the patriots. For a bit he looked like the best guy on the team flying all over making plays. What happened to him?
  9. Ifs football, Every game you have a chance to win. Look what the Knicks did. Expect may be a strong word. I expect them to play hard, show promise and exciting flashes. We are going to run left and design plays for Zack to hit down field. Fighting for a playoff spot is not out of the question.
  10. I like the approach a lot. We added what we believe is a blue chip prospect. We know AVT is going to start and think he has the chance to be an all-pro level guard. I cheer that we added weapons rather than developmental fat guys. We really do have a lot of OL guys on our roster. Some of you are so hung up on Tevon and doubling up on OL most of whom would be no better that what we have.
  11. I hear the offense is heavily dependent on play action passing. If that is the case isn’t a threat at running back a prerequisite?
  12. They said the same thing about the Knicks. They aren’t going to win the championship but boy they are fun this year.
  13. I like the idea because I think he is special and special players are rare. We have lots of picks to pick up linemen. You can’t say JD isn’t isn’t trying hard to sure up the offensive line. If it turns out there is a superior OL prospect okay. But hell I like touchdowns and cheering for breakaway runs. Make him the pick.
  14. Yea sure. (wink) If Sam strolls out to play game 1 more than half of you fans are going to be booing mercilessly.
  15. Slick move by the dolphins.
  16. I hope we sign him. Lots of good points by KRL and others. Are some of you detractors the same who bitch about our team speed?
  17. But the thing is that that smiling face looks so much like Brady that I want to punch it.
  18. Wow, Crowder is one of the best guys on our roster.
  19. I disagree. You also misinterpret as I make no claim that this is what I want. Lots of you love spouting your edgy perspectives to generate replies or laughs. When looking at this from a logical perspective, that takes into account financial responsibility, where the team currently is talent wise and what JD is here to do it is pretty obvious. IMO there is a very high probability that Darold is back possibly with some competition. IMO there is a moderate chance that we draft a rookie with a top pick. (Given that you rarely get to pick this high and to restart the rookie salary
  20. A new GM, on year two of a promising rebuild doesn’t need to be hamstrung by a massive quarterback salary not to mention loss of hard earned premium draft capital. It’s pretty obvious that they are going to continue the course and see how it plays out with Darnold this year.
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