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  1. That second half is nothing special. Hugh Douglas is an omission. In the 5-6 range IMO. Boy, why did we trade him a way.... Victor Green was a really good Jet but again nothing special.
  2. Of course I was kidding. How sad to say that our punter is our best player. Of course this is a joke to but boy sometimes thats how it feels.
  3. over analysis on cashman. you cant expect studs who can start at positions of need in the 5th round. you take shots on guys that have some traits you like, ie freak athlete or smarts or non-stop motor or some stand out tape, etc. With good to decent drafting, these guys provide depth and fill the ST squad, with luck you get an eventual starter. I cant see the point of lamenting question marks at a few positions. The staff sees where there is weakness and it makes preseason more interesting to see how such spots are addressed.
  4. I like or D a lot however, Put our defense on the field against our offense. I bet Darnold gets them down the field pretty damn often and would rack up a significant amount of points. Therefore, Offense wins.
  5. I can live with that list of concerns. Thanks for the great report.
  6. The new green looks really really good.
  7. I was thinking that 100mph on the highway in a nice car is very easy to do and a driver could even get up there inadvertently. But in an Armada, ugh.
  8. Savage has had my favorite avatar for years
  9. Insane to list Daniel Jones. O’Brien needs to be in the Jets List. Jim Zorn needs to be on the Seahawks list. Though they never made the playoff’s in their early years, he was an icon there. I still think of him and wild scrambles when someone mentions the Seahawks. Watson still has done nothing yet.
  10. They may be limited on how much they can practice together. My guess is this does not take away from that. I hope they all have a blast.
  11. Loved the interviews. Thanks for linking them here. I cant wait for football and am hopeful.
  12. 8-8 is reasonable but the upside has more potential than that imo. Heath is a factor to of course. The big plus it that we have a QB and a couple of playmakers which make games much more fun and interesting to watch.
  13. We are getting closer. If Darnold plays well watch out. If this is what it takes to land a good starter in a position of need do it. Imo thats better then a lot of develpemental guys.
  14. I feel the same. congratulations mega posters.
  15. the helmet color is horrible. no all white?
  16. how about this - lower a netted hoop above the 20 yard line on all kickoffs. If you kick it in you recover the ball, say at your 40. if not, the kick off is live. We could think of a lot of better ideas then these owners.

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