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  1. Not happy he got hurt but happy he won't lead us to anymore meaningless wins. Good guy and a touch competitor but I've hated every win he recorded this year. I'll take 2-14 over 6-10 any day.
  2. So, why do you guys hate McCown again?

    He's ******* 38! He'll be 40 when this team might be a contender.......
  3. Pretty clear that Petty / Hack won't play this year

    We haven't been able to find either one in over 10 years and you think we'll get lucky and find both this off-season? I guess a blind squirrel does find a nut every once in a while.
  4. 3-4: happy or ANGRY and why?

    That'll take care of itself in the spring.
  5. 3-4: happy or ANGRY and why?

    Unhappy that we have three wins. Would be much happier if we were 0-7 and had a shot at the no. 1 pick. SF and Cle are hard to "beat" this year so maybe it wil take 0-16 but would have been worth it. Don't forget that having the top picks means you pick first in every round, a huge advantage. Always feels good to beat the Dolphins so there was so pleasure in that win but the Cle and Jax wins made me ill. I know, I know....I'm a bad fan.....
  6. Early projection of 2018 NFL draft order

    Who the hell wants or thinks the players or coaches will lose on purpose? Anyone with a brain knows the players and coaches need play to win now, for their own careers and don't give a sh*te about draft picks. I think us fans that wanted to go 1-15 rather than a "hard fought and gritty" 5-11 wanted no McCown, No Kerley, no vet QB so Petty or Hack has to start. No Kearse.
  7. Brady doesn’t practice

    Very, very true. I had been hoping for 1-15 but there's just no way to do anything other than root like hell against the Pats. I mean, if it were week 17 and losing would lock up the top pick it would still be hard but I'd want them to lose. Sadly, a Rats loss is almost as good as a Jets win, in general.
  8. Get ready to wake up against the pats....

    I'm with you 100%. Even if we beat all the bums on our schedule we win what, 6-7 games at most? What the hell's the point? I've been a Jets fan for a looooooong time. I'd much rather just be really, really bad for a year or two, get some good luck for a change, and actually be bad enough to draft really high in a year when there's obvious franchise QBs to take. But we can't have anything nice so we're 3-2 and we'll take a fine OT prospect at number 7 overall, which would be great if we had a talented young QB....
  9. Get ready to wake up against the pats....

    Yup, there's a chance for sure. But we lose control and likely will have to pay a huge cost in draft picks or over pay for Cousins. Can try and trade for Alex Smith I suppose. But I was really hoping to bottom out and finally just have the no.1 pick and have a chance at taking a potential franchise QB.
  10. Get ready to wake up against the pats....

    Yes, Cousins is going to come here because we were a competitive 5-11. Yup.
  11. Get ready to wake up against the pats....

    We realize that going 5-11 or 6-10 does not ******* help this team at all but going 1-15 or 2-14 would give us the chance at a difference making QB. But you enjoy your meaningful wins.
  12. Hey, Marshmallows, what's going on in your heads?

    Not gonna work that way. Bills and Browns have waaaaaaay more ammo, in draft assets, to throw at teams. If the Browns don;t get a top 2 pick on their own, which looks like a pretty good bet.
  13. Eric Decker: Playing for sucky Jets made me miss Denver

    The 12 year old who rights for TMZ wrote that. Has to be a 12 year old, who else uses the word "sucky"?
  14. Realistic 2018 starting QB

    Have to lose to Jax and Cle.....just have to. I won't root for Jets injuries of course but if a few important players have to leave the game with thigh, shoulder, etc contusions I won't be as upset as I'd normally be.