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  1. So the Jets are the mouthwash you drink to try and get drunk instead of hanging yourself? Me too friend, me too.
  2. Can't forget Judge and Betances coming back also. What a group of reinforcements. And I hear Ellsbury is almost ready to take the precautionary full body cast of!
  3. He really is acting like a woman scorned. It's sort of amusing.
  4. I really enjoyed reading your descriptions of our two knuckleheads. Made me laugh but is dead on. Man, we're a lucky bunch of fans!
  5. I know. Why in the world would they take a weapon away from Sam. Need to be adding to that list, not subtracting!
  6. completely agree. they really dropped the ball, so very jetsy of them.
  7. I don't think this really foreshadows much but I was reminded on one of my favorite lines from the Sopranos: "This is who leads us now?"
  8. Excellent. Browns will wrap up Press Conference home field advantage before you know it.
  9. Guy is allowed to share his opinion. I happen to also see value in Sam getting a comeback win on the road, in the cold, against a decent pass defense but there's no question that it comes with a cost. Having the first pick would be nice but having a FQB develop isn't chopped liver.
  10. I'm kind of in between your position and the all out tankers. I want Sam to improve and win a game with his arm but I don't wanna be 7-9 and give Toilet another year. 5-11, with Sam playing great in the two wins and the rest a bunch of games that continue to display how unprepared, uniimaginative this team is, lack of adjustments, etc. I mean, with a healthy back up who can snap the ball, how does Toilet even have a job today?
  11. Maybe it's b/c I loved Mike and the Dog from the early 90s on and have always looked at them and now him as pure entertainment, but I love the guy. I know he's a pompous knucklehead but I never get tired of listening. Kind of the same way I never get tired of Seinfeld or Led Zep. Maybe it's part personal nostalgia as I get old(er) and part fanboy. I don't give a sh*te what he says but I love listening to him say it.
  12. Man, that really sucks. RIP Burt. Is this part of what getting old is like: people you were big fans of as a kid/teen start dying?

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