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  1. Maybe, but just think about the can't miss DT we'll be in position to pick!
  2. not that surprised that he's so plugged in to the rape scene
  3. That and the Mayes int drop were the game. if either play is different we win.
  4. You also don't wanna run Bell into the ground, especially if this team has a shot at the playoffs in November. Nice to have Ty and Bilal to take a few caries and let Bell get a breather here and there.
  5. I think I remember Bellville being mentioned on the Sopranos. I think Uncle June was screaming at a 411 operator about it, like "Belleville you cocksucker!" Or not, it was a long time ago...
  6. So the Jets are the mouthwash you drink to try and get drunk instead of hanging yourself? Me too friend, me too.
  7. Can't forget Judge and Betances coming back also. What a group of reinforcements. And I hear Ellsbury is almost ready to take the precautionary full body cast of!
  8. He really is acting like a woman scorned. It's sort of amusing.
  9. I really enjoyed reading your descriptions of our two knuckleheads. Made me laugh but is dead on. Man, we're a lucky bunch of fans!
  10. I know. Why in the world would they take a weapon away from Sam. Need to be adding to that list, not subtracting!
  11. completely agree. they really dropped the ball, so very jetsy of them.
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