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  1. I know. Why in the world would they take a weapon away from Sam. Need to be adding to that list, not subtracting!
  2. completely agree. they really dropped the ball, so very jetsy of them.
  3. Brady's a catcher

    Poll: Are you happy with the new uniforms?

    you're right about all 3
  4. Brady's a catcher

    Press Conference

    I don't think this really foreshadows much but I was reminded on one of my favorite lines from the Sopranos: "This is who leads us now?"
  5. Brady's a catcher

    Press Conference

    Excellent. Browns will wrap up Press Conference home field advantage before you know it.
  6. Guy is allowed to share his opinion. I happen to also see value in Sam getting a comeback win on the road, in the cold, against a decent pass defense but there's no question that it comes with a cost. Having the first pick would be nice but having a FQB develop isn't chopped liver.
  7. I'm kind of in between your position and the all out tankers. I want Sam to improve and win a game with his arm but I don't wanna be 7-9 and give Toilet another year. 5-11, with Sam playing great in the two wins and the rest a bunch of games that continue to display how unprepared, uniimaginative this team is, lack of adjustments, etc. I mean, with a healthy back up who can snap the ball, how does Toilet even have a job today?
  8. Brady's a catcher

    I'm Puzzled

    "Stop being a moron".
  9. Brady's a catcher

    Francesa talking Jets fans off the ledge

    Maybe it's b/c I loved Mike and the Dog from the early 90s on and have always looked at them and now him as pure entertainment, but I love the guy. I know he's a pompous knucklehead but I never get tired of listening. Kind of the same way I never get tired of Seinfeld or Led Zep. Maybe it's part personal nostalgia as I get old(er) and part fanboy. I don't give a sh*te what he says but I love listening to him say it.
  10. Brady's a catcher

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    Man, that really sucks. RIP Burt. Is this part of what getting old is like: people you were big fans of as a kid/teen start dying?
  11. Brady's a catcher

    That buzz you hear is all about Darnold

    I can't even let myself believe that yet. Baby steps. I don't think I could take buying in fully and having him flop. It's like I need/want him to be legit, top 8 QB that I don't wanna talk about it. Like a no-no in the 7th inning or something.
  12. Brady's a catcher

    Bourdain, R.I.P.

    Not a fan, at all. But I feel for any kid that loses his dad and I've lost someone very close to me to suicide.....just an awful, ugly and helpless situation.

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