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  1. He had reliable hands, but his play against the Browns in OT on 3rd and 9 cemented his status as a favorite of mine. He's 37 now, that's how old Derrick Mason was when he showed up here in 2011.
  2. My father acquired season tickets at the start of the 1-15 season, and seats were $25 a game. I think we held them through the first 3 years of the new stadium. Through the ups and downs since, Sundays were always a "dressed in green" day. I think this year was the first where I didn't have an 80, 28, or 24 on regularly every weekend. Kind of a bummer to think about now, but in the moment, watching the team lose terribly recently doesn't faze me. The other side of it is that the string of games they won didn't spark much more than a "we'll see when they come back down to earth." Could never change colors or step away from watching the game, and will still go to 1-2 games a year to catch up with friends and tailgate, it's just an unfortunate cycle or being hyped during the offseason and snapping back to reality. There's plenty of teams across all leagues that are perpetually mediocre or worse, so there's always that. Always next year.

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