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  1. This years success all depends on the QB play, whoever it is. The Jets have a good offense and a great defense. If whoever plays QB, plays only average, (QB rank around 16) they will win 10+ games. So yes, they can win the division.
  2. RIP Garo. Loved the way he waved bye bye to the football when it was intercepted in the SB. Famous quote: I kickee footaball, I kickee footaball!
  3. The majority of Pats fans from Conn. were Giants fans before the Patriots won their first SB. I wonder were their loyalty is now? Anybody know?
  4. It's Tebow Time! Oh sh*t, he signed with Philly.
  5. That's what it seems like! They also want Kraft to implement all his lawyers resources, if "Tommy Boy" gets suspended, to exonerate him.
  6. There is talk amongst Pats season ticket holders to sue the NFL if Brady is suspended. Their reason; They bought the tickets with the assumption that Brady would play. They say the tickets are not worth the price if he is not out there on the field. What a joke! Bunch of IDIOTS! So to that reasoning, I guess any fan from any team can get their money back if a player they like is suspended. NOT! This shows you how loyal they are to the Patriots as a TEAM. You'll see. When the Patriots start losing regularly there fans will diminish. Can't Wait!
  7. He had 62 at practice. That's an O-lineman number! He needs to get 99, or better still, 00. That's what QBs will be seeing after he hits them.
  8. I want him back for our game! I don't want to hear any excuses if the Jets beat them.
  9. He would not be able to enter the draft next year. The League would not permit it. If a team drafted him in the 7th round, he would have to sign with that team, or not play at all. On the other hand, the team that drafted him could trade him to another team. Bottom line, a flyer in the 7th round would have been a good investment. If he was found to be involved with the killing, you cut him! It's only a 7th round pick. 90% don't make the team anyway!
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