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  1. LOL give me a break. Jets are NOT competing for last in the division. They are competing for first, no questions asked.
  2. Dude they are not more talented than the Jets. Come on now. They are slightly better on offense but we are slightly better on defense. It all evens out.
  3. lol c'mon, Hunter wasn't that bad. He was just made to look worse than he is because Sanchez could never make adjustments at the line nor read defenses. He held onto the ball too long making the rest of the line look bad.
  4. A lot of posters on this board do.
  5. none of which Geno Smith will ever be. What's your point, dumbass?
  6. Shhh, You're not allowed to be excited about picks on this board. The SOJF board police will tell you that because some 2nd round backup DT from 1989 didn't work out, just like every other Jet pick ever, the Jets will never have a good draft pick.
  7. So true. Wilson is really, really good. His efficiency is off the charts and he always seems to make the right play at the right time with minimal turnovers. As crazy as it sounds, I think he's quite underrated. If Seattle were to let Wilson go loose, he'd be putting up Luck/Manning/Brady numbers year over year. He's worth $25 mil+ per, easy. If I were the Jets, I'd pay that much for him, possibly more.
  8. LMAO You called it. Well done. Just shows how ******* EMBARASSING THIS ORGANIZATION IS. Two runs in a game, from the STARTING PITCHER! GARBAGE, ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!!! SELL THE GODDAM TEAM WILPONS, SELL THE TEAM!!!!!
  9. And you're the one whining about the whining. So what does that make you? You think you're such a big man, being "above" the situation? **** you, you self-righteous prick. You thinking you're better than everyone on here, it's sickening. I can't stand people like you.
  10. I can't stand Rex. The guy is nothing more than a fat arrogant buffoon. I mean he just HAS to hog the spotlight all the time. Why can't he just shut up and work behind the scenes instead of having to be in the spotlight by pulling a publicity stunt like this? I feel really bad for Buffalo fans.
  11. Anybody who doesn't predict at least 8-9 wins is a SOJF who doesn't deserve to root for this team. I'm boldly predicting 12 plus wins, easy.
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