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  1. Not the first time he busted Brady ... Godell bent over and let Robert Kraft pound his p**p chute instead of doling out the punishment to cheaters that was deserved
  2. Cersei is a sexy dirty naked b*tch though !
  3. Been with much - much - much ... And did I say much ... worse ( even sober )
  4. USMNT not going to World Cup

    Agree! there actually is a lot to like about soccer played at the highest levels. the scores often being so low makes it difficult for the casual fan to turn into a full blown fan. The injury time is very annoying ... It's been awhile since I've actually paid full attention to a game ... But I did not remember it actually being shown to the players/fans so that they knew how much time they had to complete a play... That can't be right can it? and the end all - be all for me is the flops ...OMG ... This is the part of soccer that just disgusts me to no end. ... If I want to see a bunch of p*$$ies who can't act their way out of a paper bag I'll put on a Rosie O'Donnell or Justin Beiber movie
  5. ASJ has 1 more TD than his stats indicate ... Would love to ink him in for several years at fair $$$. our TE group has been a 0 for the last several years ... Having any impact at all this year has been a glass of icy cold water to a fan base dying of thirst !
  6. However much responsibility goes to the HC - OC - QB - et-all. They all need to Quit being allowed to bury their heads in the sand ... Walking around with no clothes on ... Or whatever fable/limerick/nursery rhyme/words of wisdom we chose to use. ADDRESS THE D*MN PROBLEM !!!!
  7. DC Kacy Rodgers employs the "Matador" defensive scheme
  8. How can this not be a regular talking point of the reporters , & fans in judging the HC & OC ??? This dysfunctional team doesn't give the GM power over holding them accountable ... Then get the goofy owner in England ... Or his doofus brother in NY to do something about it! if they can't do that at least get a mentally challenged midget clown to come dance around midfield in pre game ... Then have his big move be to p**p his pants while he kneels down during the National Anthem
  9. Goodell is a d**shy piece of $h*t! so is Brady
  10. Maybe by next Monday Bowles will learn about it
  11. Truth is not important.... It's simply a circle-j*rk fest for Parcells & the biggest d**shbag cheater of all time
  12. Funny "Nickel" is in the thread title ... And one of Bowles egregious mistakes is trotting the $h*tbag Skrine out on the field series after series 🤓😵💩
  13. Overstated time management? I don't think so ... This & the game plan adjustments as the game is played are the 2 things that really "stick in my craw". should the QB's get some of the blame for wasting TO's yes ...should the OC? Yes ... But def the largest part rests on Bowles head. Managing play calling / 45 second clock/ hurry up O (do we even have such a thing this year?) / plays coming in late from the sideline? ... These are the type of SNAFU's I want to be seeing improvements on over an HC's career ... But I'm not. was it Rex who put someone on staff just to send the plays in in a timely manor? Whoever it was .... Looks like we need to Do it again ... Self evaluation... If this can not be corrected by Bowles on his own then do whatever it takes to improve it. Is Morton in charge of all this during the game? Then. Tear him a new *$$Hole & let him know this can't be tolerated Heavy is the head that rests the crown ... It falls on you to do something Bowles . as far as the live game adjustments... I believe it was the Thurs. night game they posted stats on how many points we score per quarter. It was something crazy that basically said Q1 - Awesome #'s Q2 - Good #'s Q3 - Bad #'s Q4 - Pitiful #'s Eyeball test tells you that they are coming into games with a good plan ... Then as the game goes on ... We are not doing what needs to be done but the other team is. just like Time Management... There is plenty of blame the go around for this. McCown is a choker ... As the game goes on and gets tight he makes more stupid decisions... We are playing young guys who may not be quite as comfortable as teams with more seasoned veterans as the game wears on ... But just as above ... Bowles is at the top .... F that $h*t man !!! Tear into these guys making mistakes... Call running plays 5 out of 6 downs if we're up by 3 scores with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Talk to your RB's to finish the play inbounds ... Stick a younger guy in for consistent poor performers like Skrine ... The 3rd string RB did a good job as punt returner last week ... Let that be his job to lose this week ... Make some changes already ... Enough of just leaving the veterans in even if they are playing badly week in & week out !!!! anyway , I'll stop there ... If this doesn't save after hunting & pecking on the iPad for 30 minutes I'm gonna $h*t a brick !
  14. This ! Time management- use of timeouts , lack of halftime (or anytime adjustments), admitting you don't know who is or is not on your team to reporters ... The job of HC is too much for him ... I would love to see him make improvements in these areas over the second half of this season ... But why is there going to be a miracle light bulb going off after 2&1/2 seasons of being the burned out bulb on the Christmas tree ?