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  1. Without trying to be cynical... This was where my mind went sorry for the kid ... And our 2018 season will lose some production but if we can bring Q back at reduced $ ,he & Darnold have a good chance to be together for the next 5 years or so
  2. Agreed ... This makes no sense from the cardinals position ... Why the h*ll would they do this trade ... Even if they get back a 2nd ... Or 2 thirds ... Doesn't make sense
  3. I didn't catch if anyone said this already. . Why would the Cards want to do this? did they have too much $ wrapped up in other players that they couldn't pay the 20mil per year? i can't believe they would think 3rd round for Jones is going to help Rosen ... Are they stacked at DE/OLB ? locker room cancer?
  4. ljr

    Sam met Namath again

    Only 1 other current or former Jet is even in the same "get me some tail" stratosphere as Broadway Joe!
  5. ljr

    IF WE WIN!!

    If we win we'll be 3-3...same as the defending SuperBowl champs! we should have an equal chance as they do to make the dance !!!!!
  6. ljr

    IF WE WIN!!

    If my aunt had balls ....
  7. ljr


    Middle of party ... Taking time out to start the game day thread at midnight ... You brother are the man!
  8. Skrine still being out is a big + for us
  9. ljr

    Locker Room After Game

    The HC certainly does not provide leadership
  10. Collinsworth = Ugly pathetic retarded babbling scarecrow
  11. ljr

    Pass Rush

    Agreed ... Although WTF has Bowles/Rogers been doing with bringing the house on 3rd & 19's .. Pressure not able to get to the QB ... & other team converts ??? 🤕
  12. Bowles s*cks at coaching CEO's who kick FG's down 3 scores in mid 4th quarter s*ck Bowles s*cks at CEOing

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