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  1. ljr

    Hard Knocks episode 2.

    Scene about the bond with their jag 4th string TE Cajuste & his old man surviving several heart attacks was touching
  2. 18 year old Czech supermodels are wh*res !!!!!
  3. Sticky buns ?!?!? .... HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA ... You sure were right ... OT
  4. Sounds like a ton of us would also love seeing your GF!!!! if you tell me she also has a Kate Upton upstairs ... In addition to wanting to stab a NE Cheats fan for her man ... Then I believe we have found the perfect woman
  5. I think that counts as the garage there!
  6. Doesn't matter ... They all p*ss me off!!!
  7. He's just a loser from the loser school UCLA!
  8. Disagree on Donahue otherwise looks pretty good. also Cannon muffed those punt returns ... def hurt themselves with keeping that role
  9. He called the p**p - $h*t !!! 💩💩😱🙀
  10. ljr

    Word Association

    Coors 🙊
  11. ljr

    Word Association

    Brewski 🍺