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  1. Def NE doesn't get that call made against them
  2. If she's from Utah I thought that was supposed to be 1 guy 2 girls
  3. Word Association

  4. Thank God I'm watching the horrible movie "Kong Skull Island" instead !
  5. Double

    Double team
  6. Lolol ... I got away a couple times in my teens & early 20's when I was young & dumb as well
  7. There are lots of positive highlight clips of him as well. there are also plenty of good &/or bad video clips of all the other 1-2 QB prospects coming out for the draft that you previously mentioned. you are strong in your not believing That the 2 guys this year will be legit ... Which you are entitled to feel. i have liked most of what I've seen from Darnold in particular ... We're never going to get him anyway so it doesn't matter ...but was there a particular thing that jumped out for you to so strongly feel that he is not legit ? Is it the INT's as your biggest issue, is that why you posted this video specifically ? i haven't broken down the so called expert comparisons between classes ... Have you? I would be curious to actually see the breakdown vs.the top guys in the last 10 years or so.
  8. Wonder Who the actual baby father was, that Brady spread his legs apart for while Montana was away working for that weekend 9months ago?
  9. Word Association

  10. Word Association

    A F T
  11. Basically I look at it this way in today's NFL without a 10-15 year franchise QB teams are F'd near 100% of us agree on that so then we get Into the math debate... Which I believe is what you are disagreeing with. how much greater do you think Darnold's chance to be legit is than Mayfield/Allen/etc. ? i'd maybe look at it as something like: Darnold 60% chance Mayfield 45% chance Allen less than 40% chance (you might have different values on them all ... But I would think those %'s are reasonable) A 3rd QB is likely off the board before pick 6 so I would say around a 20% improvement in the chance that our QB makes it for me that chance is worth the 1,2,2,1,2 JMO
  12. Not sure who or what you are actually referring to ... But as you posted this right after my " all in" on Darnold post ... I'll respond. i believe Darnold is legit ... JMO ... Haven't said different last year or this year ... Could care less about bragging rights a year from now ... But I would LOVE if Cleveland is somehow dumb enough to trade him for this years 1,2,2 & next years 1,2
  13. I'm all in on Darnold & def would try offering Cleveland the farm for him the others I can sway back & forth on ... I have a hard time offering too much to trade up to 3 if Darnold & Rosen are both off the board though
  14. Glad we paid for the national audience to see his true colors that we had to learn about him in 2016 if not before
  15. Lamar Jackson declared...

    I think Darnold's the real deal ... Otherwise agree about the warts