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  1. It would be a cool thing for Sam to have this happen ... But other than us fans wanting it to happen ... I haven't heard/seen/smelled a hint about it actually occurring ... If anyone actually has please let us know
  2. That M*ther F'er never got up at sunrise !!!!!
  3. You think that's weird ... When I first read this I thought it said Shane Ray has had 3 anal surgeries πŸ’©πŸ™€πŸ˜±
  4. Not happy with Bowles & wish he'd been fired naturally also would love Darnold to tear it up in TC & Preseason enough to start week 1 but I think even Bowles realizes 6-10 with McCown starting all 16 games = 90% fired vs 2-2 McCown, 4-8 Darnold starting = less than 90% of getting fired jmo
  5. Bet he would have been able to hit the fairway & keep his chip shots on the green yesterday!
  6. We all know that we still have to wait thru TC & preseason ... If he still looks this good or better I could be talked into putting Sam in week 1 those 3 games in the 1st11 days scares me though i think week 4 was on the road my perfect world week 5 home is the dawning of our savior !!! jmo
  7. Thank God they are dumb liars !!!
  8. Been married since then huh? 😝
  9. Hope you Bill Cosby'd some Metamucil into his drink to pay him back!
  10. ljr

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    Chuckie must have been like WTF πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š is this πŸ’©
  11. Nahhh ... Being a bad coach is all that Bowles can handle
  12. True dat ... But there are a couple I'd choose over him due to my own spitefulness and residual hatred of his leaving us at the alter
  13. There is a better chance of me banging Kate Upton tonight (with no involvement by Bill Cosby) than of that happening. plus F that d**shbag !