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  1. Iron Mike to the rescue!!
  2. Does this mean he’s leading a circle jerk ?
  3. hope to God we don't remain here ... but after week 1 it is where we belong
  4. in addition to the shared emotional trauma support ... this is the place to learn tons of information well deserving of the continued growth/traffic
  5. he has the NFL inbreeding so he might it will be a mistake by the team that does it though
  6. Perriman was 1 of many "wait and see's" this season. hopefully just due to Darnold's ineptitude yesterday ... but barely knew Perriman was playing Perriman week 1 - fail --- I was against overpaying Robbie as a borderline 1/2 WR ... he is a borderline 2/3 WR Week 1 we sure could have used him. Sam most likely would not have found him yesterday either though.
  7. Don't remember the "seeing ghosts" game (maybe out of emotional necessity) ... but other than maybe that ... this was far and away the worst performance I've seen from him
  8. 2020 - Sam's year to show us over 16 weeks what he's made of week 1 - F Minus
  9. he also gets blame for the $h*tshow we saw today he does not get an airplane banner yet
  10. WR should be no higher than a D- ... only one good play
  11. haahhahaahhahahahaha ... pick 6 babyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. hahahahahhaha ... brady crying like a little b*tch when he doesn't get the phantom pass interference calls like he used to with the Cheats!
  13. yo brother ... a little early to have started pounding the moonshine! --- your first sentence is a big exaggeration - I think this board actually has much less homer-ism than most fan sites. I think those posters are somewhere around 25% homers. I think the "were not going to be good no matter what" posters probably around 15%, I think the pretty strong majority have a very reasonable belief of "these things are strong" "these things are weak" "these things i'm hopeful about" "these things I'm fearful about" "i want to actually see them on the field before I make up my mind" ... jmo --- your 2nd sentence is a setting a very high bar on what you were expecting from him. - personally I wanted him to sit on the bench for the 1st half of season 1 ... so just being on the field all year (if you feel like nitpicking, for 13 games) and taking his lumps exceeded my expectations. he had a modest improvement in year 2, I'll call that a small degree of not meeting my expectations (did I hope for more ... sure ... but it is still a step up in the right direction). - my expectation for this year are 4,000 yards, 20TD, 10INT... jmo --- your 3rd sentence is just being an *$$hole ... again, jmo

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