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  1. Interesting to hear ... has there been anyone besides Manish saying this is true? despite the Ryan Kalil disaster, I like the idea that JD is willing to look under every rock. I dont view this as a smart move in this particular case. If we want him as a mentor, sign him as an assistant OL coach Not putting any credence to this story until I hear it coming from someone else as well
  2. again, not my point my point is 6.5 is a much different number than 10
  3. point was 6.5 is the average of how many games we are expected to win, not 10
  4. hope you're correct ... that's pretty far off from what the "experts" think though ... i understand gambling odds are targeting 50/50 bets on each side / target the vig, etc ... but there is still some relevance --- most gambling/prognosticating sites have us at 6.5 wins for the year https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2020-nfl-win-totals-odds-predictions-best-bets-model-picks-under-6-5-wins-for-giants/ https://www.sportsbettingdime.com/nfl/win-totals-best-odds/ https://www.lineups.com/betting/nfl-team-win-total-odds-2020-21/ --- an extra 3.5 wins from what the "so called experts" think is a very big reach your projections do sound either like you're a big "homer" (which we all know can't be true, lol) or you are setting your expectations higher than the team likely will achieve to prepare for them to not meet your hopes --- The part of your w/l list i personally would debate with you would be primarily those 1st 3 games ... you have @buff, san fran, @ indy labeled winnable/winnable/very winnable. we still have a lot of new pieces / question marks heading into the season ... so i think as a team we will be performing better and better as the season moves along. we're definitely going to be the underdog going into all 3 of those 2 road games & sf home ... i think 0-3 would be much more likely than even 2-1, little less 3-0 jmo
  5. This is unexpected to hear from you ... or maybe I just haven't realized you felt this way Do you really believe 10-6 is what we should be able to get with this team?
  6. nice read, thx! good to hear about the football blood-lines very hopeful about this kid
  7. worst case scenario I'm afraid, unless the whole team completely implodes, Gase has at least 2 more years left. JD starting his regime is the only mitigating factor that might allow the 2nd year and done scenario to play out. My recollection is that almost always an HC gets a minimum of 3 seasons ... one of those " it reflects very badly on the organization if this is not the case" type things ... someone please correct me if i'm wrong on this --- I'll root for best case scenario ... that the man can turn it all around ... and the 2 or 3 year minimum tenure will be a non-issue
  8. Thanks for posting Scott! yeah, like most position groups on this team, we have some potential at the TE spot ... we need the ands/ifs/buts to turn out in our favor though
  9. agreed of course how the pieces on the field (and in the coaching box) grow together throughout the year is what most/all of us care about right now over the 2020 W/L column --- also agree with you as well OP ... but (in good natured tone) you weren't really out there on a limb predicting 7-9 will OL as our weakest link, lol
  10. will start the year near the bottom for the 1st couple of games as all of the new pieces take a little time to gel ... i'll get onboard with end of year rankings moving up to around #20
  11. 1 year low price ... yeah, good deal ... never gonna happen but i'd take it!
  12. agreed and i like both of those characteristics about JD my concern with Fant was the limited body of work at OT, and moderate results so far. Also with it being JD's first signing to address OL after missing out on Joe Thuney at OG to NE, & Jack Conklin at OT to the Browns ... and the timing of it being immediately after the Conklin signing ... plus the amount of the deal being higher than expected ... felt a little different, imo. I like the 1 year out ... but that will only come into play if my fear about him is warranted --- very hopeful that JD knows his OL though
  13. like most of us ... wanted one more WR picked in rounds 3-5 I expect one of those veteran WR cuts to be brought in for TC/Preseason --- I'm fearful on Fant but very happy with all the moves combined, that he made to address our biggest need ... the OL --- He has taken a very strong 1st step to help both Sam & the team as a whole. yes ... that is enough ... for now

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