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  1. Anywhere for us to see who they have visited? ... Could give us an insight into our round 3 thoughts
  2. Same ... But the gaps between keep getting smaller ... and I'm dangerously close to swapping 2&3 lol
  3. I live in the ATL ... Word of mouth is that he will stay a Falcon ... Just posturing for upgraded contract ... with Falcons having every intention to work it out together with Julio
  4. Tigers have home games Sat night & Sunday day (as well as Monday night) ... So I would think the buddy would try to have an option with that involved somehow as well
  5. The line where they talk about Todd McShay being a former college player was shocking to me too ... I always have pictured him more as the kid jumping up & down at the back of the room, hand raised as high as it can be, screaming out Pick Me !! Pick Me !!! ... But the adults know better & just ignore him. so I had to google it Aahhhhhhhh ... Not wishing him ill will ... But That sounds about right for a little weasel , lol Manish & Serby would be proud
  6. Would be surprised if O'B was even on the list def would love to see the order he liked Elway, Blackledge, Kelly, Eason, O'B, & Marino in now as well
  7. 1 - talking heads are just getting viewers/clicks right now ... Majority I'm sure still believe SD to Cleveland at 1 ... If by some chance they F it up then I think there is < 5% Darnold is on The board After the Giants pick. Much more realistic SD - Barkely - (our choice Rosen vs. Mayfield). 2 - as long as it's offense cool ... Hope & expect board to also be weighed to a certain degree by position group also in OL - RB - TE - WR order. 3 - no butcher knife = no interest.
  8. Been Darnold - Rosen - Mayfield in that order all the way through this process ... But I gotta say Mayfield has been making my "desire for" get closer & closer the more I watch him
  9. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    The Russell Wilson - qb2b special with Baker is on Espn2 right now - FYI
  10. At least 1 more than his older brother
  11. Please be true if Rosen makes it to us at 3
  12. That's why I went out & imported one from another country (wife that is, not horse) ... She has no idea of all the better options available in this country ... And that she needn't be saddled with Jets fandom ! Long may her ignorance reign !!
  13. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    Wonder who the highest score was? .. Also wonder why most times people don't pronounce the "t" in Pointdexter ... But I guess that's besides the poin