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  1. Not gonna waste my time to watch it ... Would rather waste that time reading all your guys responses to it
  2. I bet he's probably done both in his day : yes: Probably had different assembly lines of ladies waiting to come in to his bedroom to all be pleasured at the same time ... Lines for each hand, each foot, mouth, & privates ... Cum one come all!!!
  3. If Williams falls to 5 someone should offer skins a boatload to get him ... Just not us, lol
  4. Bet she secretly went home & had some "alone time" thinking about him!
  5. Just the same as all his other info .... Somewhere between lie - exaggeration - falsehood - partially true - incorrect - twisted truth - tall tale - and lie
  6. If we don't go OLB at 6 I'm in ... Could be the steal of the draft ... Although Pat Kirwan on Sirius today was out there in Chicago and said he'd been walking behind Gregory at an event and thought it was a Safety in front of him based on the build. ... Certainly had production in college though
  7. Wonder if he's been with 2 or more ladies over 1000 times in his life?
  8. ljr

    Pick 6

    Beasley or Cooper. Beasley my choice but will be happy with either.
  9. Excellent post ... Give me Beasley or Cooper if we stay at 6
  10. My best guess at 6 Winston & Williams def off board Sounds like Fowler, Mariota will be gone as well We take Beasley or Cooper
  11. My guess would be Geno... I mean pick 6 will be gone in the 9-9:30 timeframe ... Sooo only if you hear we trade down
  12. I agree that it's likely smokescreen at this time ... Which is a bit surprising as that is where the value at #6 seems to be ... Along with WR ... So would seem to me he may be leaning towards Cooper/White or Mariotta
  13. Figures Pats play them week 5 we play them week 15 lol
  14. So far Beasley is my fav Agree on Gregory having highest ceiling ... Too afraid of the other stuff to pick him in the first ... If we didn't go OLB at 6 & he was still on the board I'd take him in the 2nd
  15. Here was what i got for those who were not able to listen. (naturally there was plenty of PC/overt friendliness on both sides ... as always on these interviews but some interesting stuff) Bruce Murray & Rich Gannon hosting Rich - eye-popping workout numbers, why did you stay at Kentucky & do them there? Bud - comfortable with the strength & conditioning coach. was making sure to complete his school course-load to get his degree Rich - you ran 4.56 in the 40 what did you think of that? Bud - was disappointed. i had been running 4.4 leading up to it but had tweaked groin a little bit. Rich - tell us about visits to the different NFL teams. Do you have any preference DE vs. OLB Bud - the teams kept their interest level close to the vest. all were saying nice/positive things. both teams that would use him as DE & those that would use him as OLB expressed interest. Bruce - what's one thing you want to say about where you'll be better? Bud - Don't know, but will be strong at either. I know i'm not anywhere near where my ceiling will be at this time. Rich - discuss your ability to drop back in coverage as well as rush the passer, and any other areas of your game. Bud - gave a basic description of how he's good at everything. Rich - what are you most proud of? Bud - being in position to graduate college & go to the NFL. What he's learned from the coaches at Kentucky. Bruce - have scouts been asking you about gaining weight for NFL team? you weighed in at 269 pounds. Bud - laughing, that is actually the first time i've been asked that. What teams talk about instead is me losing weight. Rich - what aspects of your game will you be best at as a rookie? Bud - Rushing the passer / recognizing plays Bruce - what teams have shown the most interest Bud - PC answer saying hard to tell / all teams keep it close to the vest Rich - Pass Rushing in the NFL you are going to need more than 1 move or OT's will stonewall you ... what will you be bringing here? Bud - Speed & explosiveness. I've been working on 3 great moves to rush with. Haven't wanted to do too many yet at this time. Plans to work with current NFL pass rushers on developing beyond those 3 in the future. Bruce - how are you going to spend the rest of the time while waiting on the draft? Bud - working out as much as i can. ________________________________ Of course we gotta take at the answers with a grain of salt ... but the kid def said all the right things.
  16. (summary below) Bud Dupree coming up on Sirius Radio after commercial break 2:40 pm et 4/22 FYI - they just announced it
  17. In general a pretty reasonable schedule .... Don't like tough game on the road @ Dallas week 15 before our home game vs Pats ... While they are home vs Titans the week before ... But as someone else already mentioned our game is on Sat night in Dallas so we have an eighth day to prepare ... So guess I'm nitpicking here. Good stuff!
  18. I'll be very happy if this is true
  19. people on both sides of the argument are upset over the length of time the investigation is taking ... but until the results come out i would think it's too early to call it a sham. from what i've read the Colts GM did bring the possibility up to the league office ahead of time. i believe the results of the investigation will have to be accepted as true ... the losing side won't be happy with this ... but that certainly seems like Goodell will make a decision after those results are in ... and all of us who don't like that decision will just be SOL about it
  20. Good Post! I'd pick Beasley > Ray ... But also like them both
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