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  1. like the effort' --- with the Ozzie philosophy & JD history so far, I do expect to see trades & movement within the draft the return value for moving from 23 to 40, as others have said, doesn't seem to be enough though it does seem like he doesn't lock into a player ... but rather by moving around maximizing his payback is the focus. (i.e. - Mims) Also we should expect some trades out of this year for picks in the next couple of drafts --- anyway i don't believe we' be the ones to get Watson ... so QB at 2 should be the pick, be it Fields or Wilson --- also remaining rounds 1, 2, & 3 picks need to be primarily offense focused --- again, like the effort
  2. I could still swallow this pill ... barely
  3. Why Bears? I can see reasons for him wanting to play for Cowboys/ Raiders / Saints ... Bears have a great D ... would Russell himself be enough to turn around the O? Bears just feels weird to me Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. Death Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. Nice find always good to get a little more flavor to who JD is ... it definitely continues to validate the good qualities that most of us have seen in him so far. (of course until we see the results none of that matters) --- the whiny high-pitched name dropping *$$hole doing the interview won't shut the F up & let JD talk ... but other than that ... cool
  6. only if I get at least a 6th round pick in the 2022 draft
  7. This --- we are not a team needing an improvement at that one spot to compete right now
  8. only way he comes here is if Houston decides the #2 pick for their new QB they want is a deal-breaker for their plans from here (no other team can offer them this) unless another team gives them a crazy offer (which could happen & then we are $h*t out of luck) ... then, IMO, this is the only possibility which could land us Watson. we'd also need to give Houston some sort of at least semi-reasonable value to save face ... but JD should not bid against himself. #2, next year a first, & the year after a first would be the maximum I would offer if I was JD
  9. couldn't disagree more poor QB performance is worse that a QB competition --- "Two it sends a message that you are not really confident in either QB which creates QB factions within your team which destroys unity," we are not confident in Darnold being the man, all he has given us is reason to doubt him a rookie should not come in with the title that he already is the man ... let him prove it we hope for one or the other or both of these things to happen, but as of now they are both just that ... hope players are not dumb (except for Cromartie ... but he has a super-weiner exemption card) ... players prefer the best chance to win over a vote of undeserved confidence --- "Third they are inherently biased, it is usually obvious who will "win" agree that the incumbent should have the bias ... if he is outperformed then that makes the decision easy ... if he outperforms then over the next year or two there is still plenty of value in having the young QB in waiting on the team --- "If I were an owner it would be one of the few things I would mandate to a head coach. NO QB competitions" sounds like Woody Johnson ... thankfully it appears that he is not the person making this decision at this time --- "A team needs to pick a QB and be 100% behind that person until he proves he cannot handle it" again, couldn't disagree with you more. no handouts ... let the person prove he should have have the job ... this is not the National Third Grade Give Everyone A Participate Award League" The NFL is for professionals
  10. Quarterback competition in camp ... what's the downside? --- This is what I've been struggling to understand. I'm barely, if at all, seeing this talked about (from the talking head "experts" ... or even on this site) as a likely scenario to happen? The only 2 downsides I see are: --- 1. the likely value we get back on Sam All the talk I see going back and forth it seems like trading him before the draft, a 2nd round pick is middle of the road of what we can expect to get back What do you think a likely return would be that we could get back if we traded him during the year or after this season? IMO, a middle of the road guess would be a 5th round pick. To me, that is the first downside ... a 5th round pick vs a 2nd round pick (we could quibble on the actual #'s, but I think these are fair, middle of the road values) --- 2. We are not adding a top value prospect for Sam best case scenario we add a top performing rookie (be it RT, C, WR, Edge, CB ... whatever) Is that going to turn Sam into the answer? I don't think so ... he might improve and have a chance to eventually become the answer ... but there is no evidence to suggest a drastic improvement will suddenly happen Is doubling our odds of the most important player on the field being the answer a better decision than taking a piece to gradually improve our existing QB's performance and hoping he turns into the answer --- We have a question mark at QB The player that teams win or lose by is primarily the QB Why the F shouldn't we pick a QB at 2, keep Sam for now, let the 2 motherf*ckers battle it out in camp? We want the person who performs best under pressure ... let's see which of the 2 does. --- 2 chances of having our QB performance move forward instead of 1 Why the F wouldn't we want to do this?
  11. ljr

    The trade

    Hahahahahhahaa ... I bet Anderson would seal the deal! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. imo, this seems silly. his choices at HC and QB are the 2 pieces that most likely with determine whether JD is a success or failure tossing an extra 2% into his agents pockets is irrelevant
  13. waayyyyyy too early to say for the next 4 years he can lock himself in his office, dress up as Barney the purple dinosaur, play and dance around to the Y-M-C-A song on repeat over and over again, and j*rk-off all day to photos of barnyard animals and he'd still be better than the last 2 $h*theads we've had ... so that is good. --- His maneuvering before, during, & after the draft is excellent. He seems to be in charge and implementing his plans rather than just letting the draft board fall where it may to him. His moves with Mims looked like he had several players in mind with equal/close value and was willing to group target rather than just go after 1 player He punched a "from the ground up" total rebuild on his timecard to start his tenure which we needed He seems to have "big picture" foresight in attempting to build a team, not just grabbing shiny new pieces and sticking them on his roster. Becton has been a huge success at a huge need position He looks to have planned ahead with Jamal in drafting his replacement ... then the value he was able to get in that trade was outstanding. His working the payroll has been outstanding in positioning up for moves from here on. His (and Christopher) getting Saleh at HC was a big win --- However He failed to support Darnold last year The Fant contract was a mistake, an over-reaction to missing out on his first 2 choices at OL Letting Robbie go (I admit to being against overpaying him at that time) was a mistake Not doubling-down on WR in rounds 3-5 was a mistake. Going backup QB seems to be a luxury pick that we were not in a position to do yet Not having better help on the interior line was a whiff As of now, Other than Becton, we are yet to see enough from his picks to know if they were successful or not We are yet to see the new pieces he bring onto the roster through free-agency and other teams cutdowns. --- so in sum we are wayyyyy too early to say good or bad
  14. i could care less ... if i was Aikman though i'd be like "WTF ... shut your piehole $h*thead!"
  15. Top shelf liquor for OL & WR mid level liquor for CB & pass rushing DE Pabst Blue Ribbon everywhere else
  16. i would bet this has something to do with his stating this point of view --- https://awfulannouncing.com/nfl/matt-miller-announces-his-post-bleacher-report-plans-including-a-substack-newsletter-and-a-tv-deal-in-the-works.html Matt Miller announces his post-Bleacher Report plans, including a Substack newsletter and a TV deal in the works Back in October, we reported that Matt Miller, Bleacher Report’s first and longest tenured paid writer, would be leaving the company. With the NFL regular season finished and Miller’s contract now concluded, Miller spoke with us on his plans going forward. The biggest announcement being the launch of his new Substack, which he wrote about this morning. After a decade of covering the NFL and NFL Draft for Bleacher Report, it was time to change things up. This is that change. No more ads. No more click-bait. No more videos popping up while you’re trying to read. And no more slideshows (RIP). For those who want real, unbiased coverage of the NFL and NFL draft, this is where you want to be. There’s no boss to appease. There are no league partnerships to be mindful of. There will be real, informative, fun, entertaining coverage of the sport we all love and care about. The Draft Scout will officially launch in February after the Super Bowl. The publication will start as a free service, but eventually will become a paid offering. Miller is also aiming to announce a TV deal the coming months, but could not start those conversations until the exclusive negotiating window of his Bleacher Report contract ended. He assured me the conversations he was having were with larger linear and cable networks as opposed to a digital-only outlet, so perhaps you’ll see him contributing during a draft broadcast this spring. This is just the latest example of someone leaving a larger sports media company and breaking their work up among smaller, more specialized platforms, a trend which was accelerated when Fox Sports initially shifted resources away from their website a few years back. Another example in the same mold is Shams Charania, who left Yahoo Sports and moved his video work to Stadium and written work to The Athletic Specialized SubStacks and a surge of podcast networks have seemingly accelerated the trend of content creators having multiple platform-specific relationships in place. While larger sports media companies like ESPN and Turner continue to cut costs, this segmented approach will likely remain popular when talent moves on from one of those larger companies. However, it remains to be seen whether or not this is a viable path going forward.
  17. This --- not sure if i just haven't been paying attention, but i don't believe very many (if any) people are arguing for us to get 3 number 1 picks in this years draft --- Even fair trade for Watson (imo) most people are saying ranges somewhere between the equivalent of first rounders (including the #2 this year) plus firsts in the next 2 drafts ... all the way up to this, as well as a first rounder in the draft after that --- obviously the #2 pick is not worth more than Watson --- i think you've been hearing something that people are not actually saying
  18. only way he comes here is if Texans decide #2 is essential so they can rebuild with one of the new QB's ... and tell Watson it's NYJ or nothing this is a real possibility though ... Texans really need to find a way to save face ... and getting a shiny new QB is the best way for them to do it, imo
  19. don't scare me ... we just got rid of Crazy Eyes !!!!!
  20. looks like you have some very good info there i need time to prepare myself before actually reading it ... but these type of posts are on of the really great things about coming here
  21. I don't recall many people saying Becton is/was better than Wirfs most people feel they both have kicked *$$ we got enough legit issues ... no need to try and hocus-pocus a non-existent one up also
  22. speaking of ASSume ... many of us talk/work from our $h*tters
  23. This --- only qualifiers I'd have to this (obviously If Watson can be had for reasonable price you do it without a second thought ... for me equivalent of 3 three's or better ... including the #2 pick ... is reasonable) (I'll toss in an "if they get very good compensation 1st & 2nd / 1st & 3rd I can see them trading Darnold & bringing a hold the fort vet to compete in camp with Wilson/Fields) (I'll also go with ... if there is camp/preseason there will be competition to be the starting QB ... anything close to a tie and darnold/vet starts week 1)
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