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  1. despite that it makes me want to punch myself in the nut-sack and projectile puke in unison ... i almost want winning that game to get the Cheats into the playoffs as the #7 seed
  2. if it's black's move then that is a stale-mate & you've just given him a way not to lose dohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The HC makes that call right? Gase believes he has a better chance to win with Darnold/Flacco. According to the person who makes the decision, no he should not (I'd love it to happen though)
  4. the f*cking sack-o-$h*t george lucas stole my childhood with that runny diarhea filled milkshake travesty known as episode 1
  5. love Allen Robinson ... can't imagine any chance he'll sign with us though ... even grossly overpaying
  6. Rivers doesn’t sniff Big Ben’s dirty jock Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. You are Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. less likely to happen than being the meat in this sandwich ... but we can always dream!
  9. alright, i'll remove the down vote you down syndrome b*stard!
  10. love me some Westy! bring him in as Head of Football Operations!!
  11. I keep wishing he becomes one of those always used pics in meme's (like chuck norris or leanardo decaprio) that is my dream for this season
  12. have always loved Robinson ... tough sell to get him here with a GM who isn't willing to overpay though
  13. lol ... they haven't thrown the big $ at him yet though wonder if they'll be able to use the IR time to force Jamal into taking less ... although we know they are pretty scr*wed after giving up that much draft capital
  14. this --- I'd rather just trade with the cheatriots for bill bellichick
  15. my bad ... i can't believe I mentioned Vinny T in response to these comments
  16. lol ... without looking into it, but just from our own history ... how about Vinny T ?
  17. Yes ... he didn’t do Sam any favors player-wise ... but 2020 was trial-by-fire for Sam to show JD what he had Unfortunately the results have been a complete and total failure Sam will be replaced after the draft Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  18. agreed 1970's that's an amazing play 2020 it's a WTF you f*cking dirty *$$hole play (deservedly so)
  19. when thinking just about him as a person, and nothing to do with the team, it is important to remember this kids been 21, 22, & 23 ... getting the $h*t kicked out of him ... both physically and mentally I was still doing keg-stands and thinking that the ugly girls i got to come back to my place, after nights out getting wasted, were hot (strange transition between comments time ... no, my wife is not one of those chicks) my wife kept telling me in that second half how bad she feels for him thinking about it, I do to --- hope he's able to have a successful rebirth after backing up somewhere next season
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