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  1. Mannion Round 3 or 4 (37 TD's to 15 INT's in 2013) TOM BRADY DRAFT ANALYSIS IN 2000 Round 6, Pick 199 – Tom Brady, QB, Michigan "A pocket passer who will compete for a practice squad spot with the Patriots . . . Drafted as a catcher by the Montreal Expos in 1995 out of Serra (San Mateo, Calif.) HS . . . Completed 62.8 percent of his passes with 20 TDs and six interceptions. Only Elvis Grbac had more TD tosses in a season for the Wolverines . . . Throws a great slant . . . At almost 6-4, 214 pounds, has some mobility . . . Platooned with sophomore Drew Henson . . . Was projected to go in the
  2. Sean Mannion Round 3 or 4 Surround him with a reasonable amount of talent and the #s don't lie. Broke every significant conference record in a pro style offense. Put up huge #s 2 years ago; 3:1 TD to INT ratio Needs a quality QB coach!
  3. Umm, D Smith immediately takes the top off the defense and catches EVERYTHING! Smith or DGB is fine by me so long as we have a legit threat to keep the opposing defenses honest and not stack the box against the run. Either one combined with Marshall, Decker and Kerley creates one on one nightmares. While tempting, we need to pass on Gregory here in Round 2 and hook up the offense.
  4. Round 2 Randy Gregory/Devin Smith Round 3 Duke/O Line Round 4 Mannion/O Line
  5. Offensive Playmaker DEVIN SMITH WR No Brainer If He's There...
  6. Now that we addressed Round1 without screwing up the gift pick (finally), we need an offensive playmaker. DEVIN SMITH WR Marshall, Decker, Kerley, Smith Smith to Smith - TD JETS!!! SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!!!
  7. I'd rather they start talking about next year's possible draft standouts.
  8. Playing Guitar NFL Network just jumped the shark!
  9. Unless he is LT 2.0, not worth trading up for... COOPER on the other hand, now that I'd consider. Game Changer that instantaneously improves JETS overnight!
  10. Mannion is the "sleeper" of the group... Round 4
  11. Agreed but we will never be a serious organization until we get a QB. Can't tell me this team is excited about going to battle with Geno Fitzpatrick. I hope we trade down as well but was just contemplating how trading up would work. Note: Next to the QB, RB touches the ball most. If stuck at 6 and Cooper and Mariota gone, we should take Gurley
  12. #6 and MO to Titans for pick #2, this year's 5th and their next year #1? Not that I want to trade MO but if we don't want to pay him $50 million+ guaranteed...
  13. I just don't see Titans trading down (ala Browns picks) for mid 1st round picks however, I can see Eagles moving up to 6th pick giving the JETS Bradford and their first round #20 pick and maybe a 3rd rounder this year. Then Eagles package the 6th pick in the this year's 1st round and next year's 1st plus add'l mid rounder next year for Mariota.
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