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  1. At least bechton is getting beat by a legit all star and not some scrub. But yeah, he’s going to have to figure out how to stay with those pure speed rushers.
  2. Mims is probably 5th on the wr depth chart. Moore is clearly ahead of him. As long as they develop him, its fine. He does not need to be a stud they rely on day 1 this season.
  3. Camp just started, and he’s behind 3 good veteran wrs. Is that surprising? Also, mims fell to late round 2 b/c he was considered to be a raw wr who needed time to develop. His rookie year was basically a wash between injuries, darnold and gase. So now we’re here in year 2 and he’s starting out down on the depth chart after the Cole and davis signings. And the kept crowder. Looking at the whole wr picture, nothing about where mims is is surprising. Nothing. Now if September comes around and the word is that mims is still way behind, moore looks great and those 4 wrs are going to g
  4. His rookie year was a bit of a washout with injuries and the offense sucking so bad. If he’s still 3rd string by opening day and the word is that he’s far behind, then I’ll start to worry. Everyone knew he was raw when he was drafted, and now we’re all stressing b/c essentially the new jet coaching staff is acknowledging that he is, in fact, still raw.
  5. It didn’t help mims any that he was hurt much of the year and that the offense with gase/darnold along with a bs training camp really wasn’t helping him any either. So in many respects mims is a rookie, and starting from scratch. While it’s tough to predict where he peaks i see him as a #3 wr with good skill sets who won’t be a volume guy but will block and be a red zone threat. Hope I’m lowballing here.
  6. Mims fell in the draft b/c he was considered raw. And he is. And he’s. Behind Cole, davis and crowder on the depth chart and moore looks ready to contribute right away. Nothing mims has done so far contradicts his draft eval, talented, raw and needs time/coaching.
  7. But in today’s nfl, safety is not as important as other defensive positions. Good pass rushers are always most important whether it’s DE or olb. Then you have the stud DT position, guys who can stuff the run and push the pocket and disrupt the qb’s rhythm. Would you rather have Q or adams? Most gms and dcs would rather have Q. Then you have stud cbs, and though there aren’t many pure shut down cbs like revis, having a really good cb to put on a stud wr does more for a d than a hybrid safety who is a liability in coverage. So after all these positions, then you have safety, which in
  8. All i know is that we’re getting the raw deal.
  9. I know wilson isn’t here and that moore is working 2nd string, but then i see Morgan to wesco and i really question my sanity in continuing to check the tweets.
  10. Watch the jets trade for foles and then you have both sides digging in.
  11. The past 10 years, we’ve watched countless minutes of nfl games, read countless articles, analyzed tons of draft picks, played fantasy, etc. and you know what, I’d take 10 good seasons of jet football and one measly super bowl. For the time and emotional investment I’ve made in this team, I’d like to feel good when i watch the games, I’d like the jets to be relevant in the nfl. I’d like to have some league leaders on offense, some relevant fantasy players, some positive vibes from the national media. I don’t want a go for broke, i want a consistent playoff team.
  12. If the jets can essentially recoup a 2nd rounder they spent on him that would be another douglas win. Maye has also been injured a fair amount, he does not fit the jets new Uber athletic mold and he likely won’t be a jet next year anyway. But if douglas sees him as a locker room leader for the youngsters they maye want him around anyway.
  13. Was just thinking this, the only thing worse than taking safeties in rounds 1 and 2 are overpaying them.
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