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  1. Augustiniak

    Ohio State Pro Day on ESPN Now

    Understand the concern with Bosa, but his brother has 28.5 sacks in 35 games. If the guy stays relatively healthy we have Abraham again. that said i think allen is going to be a stud. I think he’d be a great pick at 3 and wouldn’t mind if that’s what the jets did.
  2. Jets could get a haul this year and next year to move there, take the best center and address multiple needs in 2nd and 3rd rounds.
  3. That was an answer being asked about not being the first pick.
  4. I think the jets D will vastly improve with either Bosa or allen, i think they’re both going to be great.
  5. I think a huge decision is what they think of allen. If they don’t think he’s the real deal then a trade back becomes that much more important b/c I think Q is the absolutely wrong decision.
  6. If th jets take allen at 3 i can see them trading him before day 2 of the draft for a 3rd round pick. What may deflate his value more than his play is his suspension though.
  7. Augustiniak

    Trade down scenarios with reasoning

    i can see gettleman wanting to trade up with the 49ers b/c the maras refuse to trade with the jets. plus if murray/bosa go 1/2 then the jets could field other offers and haskins could go elsewhere. 'at the end of the day' the jets will be fine if they're completely sold on allen at #3, with murray/bosa gone. if they're not too keen on Q or allen then hopefully they can trade back a few spots, but the OL and wrs don't seem like true impact players, and if they go D after trading back you're looking at DL again. with the giants unlikely to engage the jets i think it's allen at 3, unless the giants trade to 2. if the jets somehow trade back i think it's taylor in a meat/potatoes draft where they finally address OL and add depth to wr, te and cb.
  8. Augustiniak

    Trade down scenarios with reasoning

    if the giants and jets swap picks i think the jets would do it with the expectation they're going taylor at 6 and not using that pick for a pass rusher, with the thinking that allen and bosa are gone and they don't want a DL there.
  9. Augustiniak

    Discussion on centers

    if the jets trade back in the first round it seems there's more than a 50% chance they go OL in round 1. if they stay at 3 i guess it's D. it's tough to see a draft where they go either Q or allen in round 1 at #3, then use one of those 3rd rounders on the secondary and the other on offense but not on the OL. i just can't see them doing this again this year.
  10. Augustiniak

    Discussion on centers

    didn't they draft tunsil in the first round under gase?
  11. Augustiniak

    Discussion on centers

    unless they get bosa i don't see this happening. i hope they're prepared to trade back.
  12. most are assuming that a team will trade up for haskins with us and that can happen. but also don't discount someone trading up for lock. we all know how teams panic with qbs. i can also see the giants not wanting to trade with the jets and giving the 49ers both of their 1st round picks, which could leave bosa for us.
  13. translation: "i'm all in on drew lock"
  14. Augustiniak

    CB Poole to the Jets

    Most of these cbs are the same, not worth spending a ton of money on them. Mccagnan got burned by Trumaine, not spending much for the cbs. Hopefully they upgrade the pass rush in the draft which will matter more.
  15. Augustiniak

    CB Poole to the Jets

    Of course we do. If they go defense in the first round and don’t trade back, it will be a frustrating draft if they go cb in the 3rd round.

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