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  1. I would say next year give up the 1 b/c they need the 1 this year for a tackle, and next year’s 1 should hopefully be worse if Rodgers plays well. So I’m thinking a 3 this year and a conditional next year depending on how the jets do.
  2. He would be the worst guy to trade for b/c he’s made of glass. At this point it’s hard to see a scenario where mike white doesn’t enter camp with a shot at starting unless the jets bid against themselves and throw a lot of draft capital to get someone.
  3. I think Rodgers has been kinda mailing it in the past few years, he’s been at odds with GB management in a major way since they drafted love and his off the field stuff hasn’t helped. Still, his accuracy is still very good and he’s been quite durable. I think the biggest question with Rodgers is, how badly does he still want to win? With Brady that’s never an issue, he’s chosen football over everything. With Rodgers, who knows. I think if his goal is to win a super bowl you’d be trading for a highly effective qb. If his goal is to maybe play a few more years and date supermodels in nyc, then the plan is destined to fall short. But he’s got enough left to make it interesting.
  4. That’s only b/c manning knew he could do and say whatever he wanted and gase would just say ok.
  5. The jets may also feel that getting back all the guys from injury would compensate for trading a first. Becton, hall, AVT and mitchell - plus any FAs they sign - would offset not taking a LT at pick 13.
  6. That’s the problem. If the jets were really just a qb away it would be worth it. But we’re so jaded by having so many years of virtually no talent, as soon as we get a few good players we think we’re just one guy away.
  7. The problem with the Rodgers move isn’t the picks, it’s that the rest of the team isn’t good enough to beat the best teams in the afc.
  8. My guess is 2 2nd rounders. Douglas won’t part with a first.
  9. Deal the 2nd rounder, then trade back from 13.
  10. We’ll learn what Carroll really thinks of geno soon b/c they have the 5th pick in the draft.
  11. Are they trading number 1 picks for Rodgers or going another route?
  12. Yes b/c the new league season doesn’t start for a while and there’s no guarantees. So they’re going to have to rope the coaches in first.
  13. Mosely can be replaced with a FA or draft pick, davis is a drop waiting to happen. Truth they just need their OL picks becton and mitchell to come back and play.
  14. The ‘crisis’ is that the jets can’t go on spending sprees to address needs. They need their injured OL guys back and they need to have another productive draft. Beyond all these potential cap casualties, if ZW were even ok this would not be an issue. It’s only relevant b/c they still have no qb.
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