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  1. “Could you be a dear and hand me the piss pot below me - I’m not getting up for a while.”
  2. i imagine there would only be a problem if beck was rehired by the jets in august. If beck is never employed by the jets again the league would have nothing to stand on.
  3. I really think we’re going D 2x in the first round with maybe a trade back from 10. There will be enough day 2 picks and FA for them to address wr.
  4. Wilson’s comments aside, is it that far fetched that douglas’ plan A this offseason is to sign an experienced wr, then draft 2 guys in the top 10 to revamp the putrid D, and then use day 2 picks for OL/TE/cb?
  5. On top of this, you have the crappy wrs and all the injuries. It’s not as if wilson was waiting for Stefan diggs and Keenan allen to get open.
  6. The best proof that wilson improved is with the eye test, not these random stats.
  7. easily especially with those good draft picks.
  8. First half he had davis, moore and crowder. The past 2 games there was crap at wr. Also completion % declined b/c wilson was throwing the ball away more.
  9. so in this scenario the jets don't take an edge rusher until the 3rd round and they have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds.
  10. in fairness to the lions, there's no qb worth taking at 1 at this point and this seems like one of those drafts where nobody is trading up for a top 3 pick anyway.
  11. some here see wilson running around and think he missed an opportunity to hit an open wr and instead chose that outcome. I think what we’ve witnessed the past month is that the coaches have finally got through to him that he can’t force passes over the middle just because there’s pressure. That’s what leads to turnovers and blowouts. The same people here complaining that wilson ran around too much when the OL failed right away, these same folks would be calling wilson out if he forced a few passes and saw a few ints on tipped passes. The jets were on the road with a scab offense against th
  12. these are the 2 biggest needs and the jets are well positioned to address both of them.
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