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  1. When you look at the jets schedule you realize they really don’t have to actively tank that much. They play the cardinals, chiefs, NE twice, Seattle, buffalo and the rams. This should be 7 more losses. More winnable games are dolphins twice, the colts, chargers, browns, raiders and broncos. Of the 7 more winnable games the jets won’t win more than 4. So with this jets roster, you’re probably looking at tops 4 wins. If the jets finish 4-12, which i consider a best case scenario, that’s going to get you a top 3 pick.
  2. The obvious play call at 4th and 1 was a qb rollout where darnold could either take it himself or throw to either a TE or someone else on a short route. Or even have someone sprinting to the end zone and hope to catch the defense off guard. Instead, gase seems to have a defeatist attitude where he’s content to lose because he’s got the built in excuses cued up and ready to go. Same thing happened last year when darnold was out with mono, gase capitulated, all too happy to punt and lose because he had what he thought were full proof excuses. At 4th and 1, his only thought should have been ‘what’s my best play to get this 1 yard’. Instead it appears to have been ‘I’m going to call a play that should work if every single player on my offense does his job better than every single player does his job on the defense.’
  3. It’s almost as if gase is trying to fail on offense so he can use it as a platform to express his frustration with the lack of talent on offense. And clearly he includes darnold on that list.
  4. A combination of shifting blame and inability to admit that something could have been better on his end. Darnold threw maybe 10 passes through 3 quarters but will stand up and the post game pressers and take all the blame. Gase blames his coaching failures on missed blocks.
  5. Inflexible to the point of being oblivious to criticism. And it’s unlikely to change anytime soon.
  6. All he’s done this year is drop passes and get the ball ripped out of his hands to ice the bills game. Looks like he needed a preseason to get the yips out.
  7. It’s not just the jets, injuries are brutal everywhere. But the thing is the jets have always ignored wr and we’re all just so sick and tired of it. Even in a clear tank year, there are many ‘style’ points to be had in the nfl. Guys flashing, rookies impressing. The jets ironically had two big performances by Q and beckton but it’s all overshadowed by not scoring. I think the 4th and 1 run to adams was the final straw for a lot of us, this play call said so much. It said that gase loves his play design that he doesn’t care who the rb is, that he trusts himself and Loggains more than darnold and that he doesn’t call plays based on game specific circumstances. Between the terrible wrs, herndon’s regression and the terrible play calling, darnold must be livid. Whatever darnold can become, he’s so far from that zenith with this team.
  8. Maybe v smith can return. And mims should be back in a few weeks. Douglas isn’t giving up any draft capital to get a near scrub wr with this team and this schedule. Jets still play NE 2x, KC and Seattle.
  9. If you can’t stomach it imagine how darnold feels.
  10. Not if your goal is to be down 21-3 at the half.
  11. I don’t think he has to. The only area he really tried to improve this offseason was the OL, which would help both darnold (in theory) or the next qb. The situation is setting up much nicer for the next qb.
  12. My hunch is that he already has. The way the Johnsons work is, there’s always one guy there who has their ear. For a long time it was tanny. Then it was Rex. Then mccags. Now it’s douglas. Douglas is the rasputin right now. He dealt adams for a major haul and beckton seems like a stud already. The entire thing is set up to make a major jump next year without gase and perhaps without darnold. I think douglas knows gase would wear out his tenure here quickly, and that he’d be last man standing. I doubt gase lasts the season.
  13. And again, he can help solidify this rep by having more of his draft picks play well. Getting mims out there and looking good, along with how beckton is playing, will go a long way towards showing that his offensive vision (sans gase) is off to a good start.
  14. It’s clear douglas didn’t spend as much as he could - but for all we know this directive came from CJ so that would only give him more support from ownership. Yes, at this point, gase is lost, that 4th and 1 hand off said it all. Then you see another sick darnold highlight at the end on that berrios pass, and you wonder what a real OC could do to unlock this all game.

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