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  1. the way the nfl is now, you build sustainable success by having a real good qb and drafting reasonably well. if darnold is good and the new gm is legit, that's that blueprint.
  2. teams can change fortunes quickly, so this is nothing but click bait. it's going to be fun watching the jets beat up teams like cleveland on national tv.
  3. they will after they draft one in the first round next year.
  4. i'm actually more concerned about chuma, i met him too and he definitely needs to bulk up. thin legs and torso. good feet and long arms but i can see him getting overwhelmed this year.
  5. this is absurd. i actually met him at the rookie event. he had the best personality and attitude of the rookies including Q. very, very outgoing and personable.
  6. if cannon can take the next step he could be some sort of change of pace weapon. mcguire is a jag, period.
  7. i think cannon could be more of a weapon than mcguire based on speed/talent, and i think he'll have all of camp to prove it.
  8. just adding bell and mosley should improve it though. you're adding a top player to each unit.
  9. i wonder what he was doing that he tore it. were they even wearing pads? it's not like he pulled something running. how much contact is there with OL vs DL in the first rookie practices
  10. does anyone here really think that a tipped incomplete pass = an interception?
  11. undoubtedly the best part of this tweet is that they omitted ed reed's 12 interceptions in his first 2 seasons.
  12. Have to wonder if it speaks at all to an aging defense and candidates not loving Watson. The one difference in the jets this time around, from basically every other gm / hc search, is that darnold is on the roster.
  13. the stuff that he could get away with at OK won't fly in the pros. you're now the leader of men, not boys, and you put your teammates first.
  14. i also wonder if there is something to the timing of the hire. if the jets had reached out to the eagles, bears, etc., in jan/feb, would these teams have been more likely to try and block the hire b/c it was right before the draft?
  15. said differently, there are many reasons why a coach could fail. but if a gm drafts bad players, there's nowhere else to pin the blame.

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