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  1. this is just another retroactive, fake tough move intended to rewrite his reputation among the ny media
  2. this move is in response to 2 things: 1) criticism for giving up vs denver 2) criticism for letting veterans get away with crap
  3. i also wonder if morton's admission was intended to put the heat on the head coach.
  4. the coaches, bowles in particular. the team has looked completely unprepared from play 1 in several games on the road.
  5. Bowles want Petty to fail?

    when you coach out of fear you get shut out like they did last week. at least this week they're in a dome. if they keep running on 1st and 2nd down again it will not reflect well on this coaching staff. petty may not be a true starter in this league but there are enough teams you can put him on and allow him to throw and he won't embarrass himself.
  6. the players mailed it in before the game, they came out very flat as usual on the road, just like at tampa and oakland.
  7. with petty's injury history he was going to get hurt that game. i think the coaching staff knows that while neither petty nor hack is the future, at least with petty they can score some tds and run some plays. the fear was that petty would get hurt and they'd have to play hackenberg and then the wheels would really come off the bus.
  8. i really think they were afraid that petty would get hurt and they'd be stuck playing hackenberg. the oline stunk.
  9. Actually what i thought he was saying was, let's not get petty injured as well, behind this line against this pass rush, b/c then we'll HAVE to play hackenberg and we'll all lose our jobs.
  10. When the coach can't lead and leaves it to a 38 year old journeyman qb and the qb gets hurt, the head coach quits.
  11. What he couldn't say was, he didn't want the terrible o-line to get petty injured b/c then they'd have to play hackenberg.
  12. this is what will happen year after year when you don't draft a qb and build around him. you become even more desperate, find a high-character guy like mccown, and cling to any leadership he provides that you will never, ever bench him. guys like leonard williams are nice to have, but no gm should remain gm if he thinks that drafting qbs should be treated like drafting other positions.
  13. they're trying so hard to change the culture on this team, it's affecting the positions they draft.
  14. Bowles want Petty to fail?

    in an odd way, he painted himself into a corner with this issue. if his team gets shut out again, it looks awful for him. if petty plays well and they win or score a lot of points, morton will probably get the lions share of the credit.
  15. Bowles want Petty to fail?

    this seems like an insignificant deal, petty and possibly hack playing now, but it very well may influence what the johnsons do after the season. they have to be aware that bowles thinks petty wasn't worth playing all year, so if he starts scoring tds with this ragtag offensive cast, bowles loses credibility even as his team succeeds. if petty sucks, oh well, he was only a 4th rounder.