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  1. Augustiniak

    Bowles Says Penalties Are Not On Him

    he has, from the perspective that he will let his veterans do what they want b/c he needs them to win a few games to save his job.
  2. Augustiniak

    Bowles Says Penalties Are Not On Him

    no. but the secondary can practice better technique guarding wrs and the OL can practice not committing dead ball false start penalties.
  3. Augustiniak

    Bowles Says Penalties Are Not On Him

    he thought that making veterans do pushups would reduce penalties. how about reviewing technique and extra practice, or reducing playing time? in the end, this is all good - a team cannot move forward when your HC is not married to developing your qb.
  4. the biggest problem if he came to the jets is that bowles would use him the wrong way. if we thought the game plan was too conservative vs the browns, imagine what it will be like if they have bell. forget about stretching the defense. this team will become even more predictable than they already are.
  5. Bowles is coaching for his job. They’re going to play tight until he’s fired.
  6. Augustiniak

    ENJOY this football Sunday.

    One theme today so far is that offenses are attacking. Makes me want to throw up how afraid our coach is to attack downfield. No wonder guys are jumping the short routes.
  7. Disagree. Most teams do not have a true stud #1 wr or an elite pass rusher. But good coaches scheme to make the most of what they have. Doing pushups in training camp is not a good way to teach players to avoid penalties. If Crowell did that on NE, he would have either been cut or benched for the rest of the game. Then he’d learn not to do it anymore. If Johnson kept getting personal fouls on NE he would be benched, period. That’s how you teach players not to do stuff, give them real consequences. It has nothing to do with the types of players the jets signed. Bowles is an easy to read coach, he is still coaching for his job and though he publicly endorsed starting darnold he clearly is not on board with all the growing pains that this involves. Sitting on modest leads in the 2nd half and not going for the jugular has been a bowles hallmark with fitz, mccown and now darnold. The difference now is that they’re in the process of developing a qb and putting him in a Sanchez like environment will not work with chris Johnson running the team.
  8. Sounds like what Rex used to do to Sanchez, “just let our veterans, defense and coaches win the game and we will win if you don’t screw it up.” And the great irony is that vs. the browns it’s these units that lost the game.
  9. Augustiniak

    4 years of undisciplined football.

    His strategy sucks. His defense chokes. His players are undisciplined. He can’t finish teams off. Everything a coach is hired to do, he failed miserably vs the browns and the whole nation saw it. He’s been here nearly 4 years. What exactly has this coach shown to make anyone think he’s worthy of the job?
  10. He already threw bates under the bus, but now with the defense continuing to make stupid penalties and give up tds to lose games, blaming the OC for passing too much won’t cut it anymore.
  11. Bowles takes the offense into a cocoon whenever he has a lead regardless of who is the qb. I still can’t believe they didn’t take one shot downfield the entire game. After watching darnold run around and hit Herndon vs. the dolphins 40 yards downfield how would the coaching staff not think he can do it?
  12. Doesn’t help that you have a HC who is in pure self preservation mode and doesn’t care if he stunts the development of a 21 yr old qb by scaring him into not throwing downfield.
  13. This is irrelevant when you don’t throw much in the 2nd half anyway. With bowles it doesn’t matter who the wrs are.
  14. A big part of training camp was about minimizing penalties. I can’t see a guy on NE wiping his ass with the ball in the end zone b/c he would know that if he got a personal foul he would be cut the next day. There are no consequences for the stupid penalties on this team.
  15. This is exactly why bowles is a terrible fit with darnold. There will be other games against worse defenses where the jets will have a lead and have the ability to truly finish teams off and they’ll go into a cocoon again. In the end this may not be the worst loss, b/c a lot of the blame is (finally) being placed on bowles and all of the team’s issues that have been hallmarks of his regime. It’s bad when you have a 21 yr old rookie qb on the road vs a top defense and he’s not one of the top reasons you’ve lost a 14 point lead.

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