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  1. i can't wait for the spin for why the scrub qb he takes in the 2nd round in 2018 will fare substantially better and eventually start for the team, as opposed to how petty and hackenberg have devolved. i wonder which scouts are working on this right now.
  2. year 4 of him but only year 2 of the true rebuild. whether that buys him more time we will see, esp. if he drafts a qb in the first round. that may actually buy him more time, if he takes an allen in the first, rather than a tackle. he could say you need a few years to see if his 'real' qb pans out.
  3. if mccagnan does this, doesn't go for it with a qb in this draft, then i have to conclude that he thinks his job security is more tied to not drafting a sanchez, then it is to finding a wentz.
  4. no open competition. mccown will be named the starter right after the draft.
  5. With the 12th Pick, the NY Jets Select…

    which works against getting a qb. he'll be happy getting tackle in the first round whom his scouts have rated the 7th best player when they're picking 12th and celebrate while 5 other teams get qbs.
  6. i say mark sanchez. not b/c he wasn't a calculated gamble by the only jets gm who has the guts to do it. but b/c tanny doubled down on him and didn't draft russell wilson b/c he had just paid sanchez.
  7. With the 12th Pick, the NY Jets Select…

    i'm still not sure what that does for us. even if darnold declares, the jets would need to either 1) trade with cleveland or 2) trade with SF, if they're ahead of the giants. if the jets can't trade up, then they're stuck again in the 6-10 range, deciding between taking a qb that mccags doesn't have rated as high as his pick, or taking another position and deferring the qb decision again to the later rounds. i just don't see mccagnan trading multiple picks to get his qb, and i don't see him taking a guy like lamar jackson and developing an offensive system he can thrive in. that type of creativity is what someone like elway will do.
  8. With the 12th Pick, the NY Jets Select…

    right. so if the browns take either rosen or darnold, the only way the jets would have a shot at the other guy is if the 49ers pick ahead of the giants, and the jets trade up. and i doubt mccags would part with the draft capital to trade up to that slot anyway. so he'll pick in the 10-12 range, most likely, and be faced with taking a qb like jackson, mayfield or allen, guys who in his mind are not ready to start, or he can take a safer guy like a LT who he can plug in right away like he did with williams/lee and his 2 prized safeties. mccags is not the gm who takes a qb at 12, say, who he has rated 20th on his board when there's another player he has rated 8th who fell to him at #12. and that's the biggest issue i have with him, he doesn't seem to grasp positional value. it's as if he's building his version of the texans from a few years ago who were loaded but couldn't do anything b/c they had schaub as qb. that's his blueprint for building a team.
  9. With the 12th Pick, the NY Jets Select…

    here's where i see the issue. even if darnold declares, you have the browns, who you have to assume will draft a qb, and then the 49ers/giants. if the jets want either rosen or darnold, they'll have to trade up with the 49ers, if they're even ahead of the giants, who could sit at #2 and take a qb. assuming those 2 qbs are gone in the top 3 picks most likely, there's a dropoff to the next tiers, who at this point i'm assuming include jackson/mayfield/rudolph/allen. if this is how it plays out, i don't see mccagnan trading up for one of these qbs. worse, i don't see him taking one wherever the jets pick in the first round. i think his philosophy is, don't screw up your first round pick, then take more chances. that's exactly how he darron lee/hackenberg scenario unfolded. he thought he 'couldn't miss' with lee, then took a flier on a qb in the late 2nd round.
  10. With the 12th Pick, the NY Jets Select…

    1st round, LT, 2nd round, qb like falk. right after the draft, mccags will say he still has faith in hackenberg, while bowles will have already anointed mccown the starting qb and the OC morton will state he doesn't intend to play any of the young qbs in 2018 b/c 'this isn't triple A ball'. while this is happening at one jets drive, the browns will be introducing rosen, the giants will be introducing darnold, and jackson, rudolph and mayfield will have landed on teams that intend to actually play them.
  11. what did bowles care, he wasn't going to play him anyway, he knew mccags was going to get him a vet to play.
  12. and yet, he's the gm for the foreseeable future. so i'm going to assume he's learned his lessons here, until after the draft when i get cranky again.
  13. maybe mccagnan has learned you can't draft a qb based on measurables. i'd be more concerned if the jets weren't doing their due dilligence on every draft eligible qb.
  14. i think that decision would be generally lauded, that's how you groom a young qb. then you'd have to finally get rid of at least petty or hack if not both.
  15. tanny traded up for sanchez, he was the only one with balls. parcells drafted pennington but that wasn't as controversial.