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  1. Salvaged, perhaps, but that doesn’t mean turned into a good qb. I consider trubisky to be a reasonable comp. you can get to the playoffs with him if you minimize the damage he can do, but don’t rely on him to carry you through against the better teams.
  2. I think the average nfl team has drafted considerably better than the jets, which implies that some of the better drafting teams have an inherently better infrastructure to groom qbs. We’ve just had the worst situation, and we’re only beginning to fix it with a quality gm and hc.
  3. As a rookie he had 17 tds and 15 ints. He is who he is.
  4. For the older fans here it will be a tough sell to take a TE in the first round, no doubt.
  5. Guys get injured, it sucks. Darnold has proven to be injury prone. Maybe if he got rid of the ball quicker he wouldn’t take as many hits. But plenty of bad teams draft qbs without a great infrastructure and build it from scratch, but it starts with a good gm who can draft. When you’re drafting guys from ghoston to Kyle Wilson to milliner to Stephen hill to 2 safeties with your 1st and 2nd round picks you’re not building that infrastructure.
  6. Douglas could take less in draft capital, but get a player back in a deal. There’s ways around the pure draft chart value system. But i do agree with you, that trades this high in the draft are difficult to execute, so if the jets do decide to roll with darnold they’ll probably be faced with some less than flattering trade offers or the prospect of taking a wr at 2.
  7. My point about darnold is that you have to make him into a dinking game manager to win with him. The longer he holds the ball the more likely something bad will happen, sack, pick, fumble. You have to simplify the game for him, quick dump offs are key to this. But that only masks his deficiencies, it doesn’t fix them.
  8. There’s qbs from good schools who have inherent talent advantages, like burrow, who have to adapt to the nfl on bad teams. You either have the requisite skills or you don’t.
  9. We won’t know how sellable the 2 pick is until draft time. Usually, if there are qbs teams think are worth taking, you can trade out of the 2 spot. There’s also no rule you have to adhere to the draft trade value chart, you’re allowed to take less if you feel you’re helping the jets. If douglas does trade out i expect it to be with atlanta so the cost isn’t crazy and douglas can still get his guy at 4.
  10. And sometimes you just pick the wrong guy, which is hopefully what douglas decides mccagnan did.
  11. We all know that a good pass rush can change a game, that’s why the best pass rushers get drafted high every year. If a good pass rush can beat Rodgers, a good pass rush can beat any qb so that’s not an indictment for wilson. Of course, you can take the other side of the coin on your contention and say that a crappy OL can doom any qb.
  12. If it were that easy every rookie qb would get good at it. I think some have it but most don’t.
  13. I think the underlying assumption is that douglas can trade out of 2 if he wants. If not, ultimately i think douglas would take the best wr on his board.

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