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  1. Jamal is getting advice from his dad and other former nflers. He knows that it’s way harder for safeties to get mega contracts than other positions. From the time he was drafted, the jets have taken a qb, a LT and a potential dominant pass rusher in the first round. Throw in Mims who will be paid if he’s good. Douglas isn’t interested in overpaying for a safety and as the team improves, Adams’ relative impact should decrease. adams knows his window for a big time contract extension with the jets is closing so it’s hard to blame him for continuing to whine in the media and via social media. That’s his generation and that’s his individual personality. But with mccagnan gone so is his leverage and if the jets do extend him it won’t be for close to the money he thinks he’s worth.
  2. What would be worse for him: the jets losing with him or the jets winning without him?
  3. Best offensive line and best wrs in college. Stood in the pocket like Brady vs the jets. Seems destined to be very average in the nfl.
  4. Great point. Those are home games for him.
  5. If they beat Buffalo in the opener they’re styling.
  6. Also important to remember there’s an extra wild card spot and the entire division plays the nfc west.
  7. Could easily see rams sucking and browns imploded by the time we play them.
  8. put pressure on allen and he will make mistakes. the jets were doing that week 1 last year, then Q and mosley got hurt and the defense was rudderless. but this will be about how the jets new OL comes together.
  9. they are, and it's the only thing interesting at this point between these teams.
  10. pretty standard, now that brady isn't there the pats aren't the biggest draw either.
  11. watch them have the jets go to seattle week 2.
  12. bills will be favored to win the division.

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