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  1. likely, but i hope albright is right. i think we'll hire an offensive hc and a younger oc, but i think it will be interesting to see who declines to be interviewed b/c when they did this the last time around with no qb prospect the better candidates wouldn't look our way. i want to see if darnold's potential is enough to entice the better candidates to interview.
  2. from a perspective standpoint i think it does. if the jets want him out so bad that they think his mere presence is a detriment to the team, then yes, i think it hurts his ability to get another job. i think jackson has friends in cincy and plus they play the browns 2x in the next 6 weeks.
  3. secure people hire smart people around them. insecure people hire inferior ones so they can't take his job. either way this coach is gone. we're just not going to see darnold improve this year anymore.
  4. the jets could do much worse than getting guys who have helped develop wentz and goff.
  5. Augustiniak

    Bills Sign (then release) Terrelle Pryor

    he did his job, told them how to attack the jets defense. as if they needed help.
  6. then at least they're doing something right.
  7. Augustiniak

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    he's not stupid, he's trying to get his points across that the defense's failures are NOT his fault.
  8. adams is probably right about the team not being prepared, etc. but nothing he says will ever change anything. but if darnold went to the johnsons and told them he needed a new coach bowles would be in alaska by nightfall.
  9. Augustiniak

    ESPN-NYJ 73% chance at Top 5 pick?

    and while i really do want offense in the first round, if there's nobody worth taking where they pick and they get a real good pass rusher, well, at least the gm wouldn't be taking guys like coples and milliner. also i wonder if mccagnan will know he's probably going defense based on where he's picking so it will make him even more motivated to fix the offense in FA.
  10. Augustiniak

    ESPN-NYJ 73% chance at Top 5 pick?

    i would love a trade back, especially since they don't have a 2nd rounder (they have 2 3rds). but that's not how mccagnan thinks. he hasn't traded back in the first round yet. and truth the main reason he's going to keep his job as gm is b/c of his first round picks. so yeah, i expect him to stay wherever he is in the first round and preach BAP and probably take an edge rusher who will be pretty good. then he'll take 2 offensive players in the 3rd, one of whom will suck and never see the field and one who will be just ok.
  11. Augustiniak

    Why is Macagnan escaping the purge?

    plus all the tipped passes, makes you realize how predictable the offense is. should be a fun offseason with either mccagnan in desperation mode to fix the offense or a new gm coming in trying to show he's better than the last one. either way, we're trending towards a top 5 pick and joey bosa is not going to cut it this time, we need help on offense.
  12. Augustiniak

    Why is Macagnan escaping the purge?

    if they fire mccagnan they will have another one.
  13. Augustiniak

    Why is Macagnan escaping the purge?

    have to wonder if they know the o-line is such a disaster that the entire playcalling philosophy has been changed out of necessity.
  14. Augustiniak

    Why is Macagnan escaping the purge?

    who's the broken cb?
  15. Augustiniak

    Why is Macagnan escaping the purge?

    the rbs, mcguire and cannon, and the TEs, herndon and leggett. also let's use burnett, why was he inactive yesterday when anderson was out and enunwa was limping - so they could use kearse? the entire approach to young offensive guys is still the same with this franchise - embattled defensive coaches rely on the vets who either quit (kearse) or are clearly injured (enunwa) and hurt the team and the evaluation process.

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