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  1. one thing i liked about the broadcast is that they actually showed things from darnold's perspective and didn't just trash him. with the overthrow on the sideline, they showed the replay that #16 slowed his route. on the pick, they noted it seemed like a miscommunication. on the failed 4th and 1, they showed the replay and noted it was PI. bottom line, circumstances and other players have a big role in how the qb performs. i don't understand why so many here think that darnold should be playing so much better when he's constantly running for his life with a spleen protector throwing to 2 legit wrs and crap.
  2. the post has an article about it. gase and darnold both claim that they were 'on the same page' and complaining about someone else's missed assignment. sure didn't seem like this, but let's say it's true. who would that be, the RT?
  3. yep, he definitely wants to get it back quickly. like in miami.
  4. i could be reading a lot into this but i saw this as a watershed moment in darnold's career. he's playing with the residual effects of mono, wearing a special pad to protect his spleen, while running for his life on most pass plays, many of which are due to poor, predictable play calling on 1st and 2nd down that put the jets in 3rd and long situations. besides anderson and crowder the rest of his skill positions are crap (though v smith has used his speed nicely) and bell is at this point a plodding grinder who does not max out on the holes he gets. the kid has endured a lot of criticism and has handled it professionally and gracefully but beneath that stoic demeanor we all know he is burning for improvements on offense. let his frustration boil over. both douglas and gase know their tenures here are entirely based on making darnold look better. the jets will be drafting top 10 and i expect them to use that pick on a tackle, not a wr. but given the wr strength in the draft, and anticipating jamal adams asking for franchise qb money next season, you have to wonder how incentivised douglas will be to trade adams for multiple picks, and use an additional first rounder on a playmaking wr.
  5. should have been 3 with the non PI call on robbie.
  6. I would trade Adams for a 1st round pick plus and get a LT and wr in the first round and not look back.
  7. They should be attacking this defense. Darnold does not do well when they scale it back and play scared.
  8. Maybe they went for 2 because they fear the jets offense.
  9. as darnold is running for his life wearing the heavy spleen protector throwing to practice squad players, the announcers will be criticizing darnold's lack of development. can't wait!
  10. while this may be true, he's not the reason for the way this season has played out. they are currently even with darnold as the starter and that includes the opener when he had mono. they have a 4-3 record at home. the o-line may be the worst in the nfl. herndon didn't play all year. a good gm can make gase look good b/c the team will improve. then i'll worry about the coach.
  11. what a rag tag team around darnold. i can't wait for all the criticisms for how bad he is when wrs are running wrong routes and dropping stuff.

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