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  1. Dilfer on Rosen

    It would be a surprise if either is available at 3.
  2. I'll say it again, the jets didn't trade a 1 and 3 2s for a guy who never won a big game in college.
  3. Nothing. Nobody knew the jets were trading up to 3 so early. Credit the jets for not leaking stuff to people like Jason.
  4. Dilfer on Rosen

    Let's be honest. Mayfield or Rosen on the jets means the end of bowles. He can't handle either guy. And bowles probably wasn't in favor of trading up anyway, it precluded drafting defense in the first round once and two times in the second. This is mccagnan teaming up with the owners to get a quarterback who can win and draw attention to the jets. Bates is much more involved in this process than bowles, and i get the feeling bowles is on the outs unless they draft allen. i definitely seem to be in the minority on this board but i think they traded up to 3 to get either Rosen or mayfield. I think mayfield will be a star in this league and in particular will thrive in bates' offense. Both guys have plenty of arm strength for the meadowlands and allen's style of play isn't what bates is looking for. Mayfield and Rosen are rhythm, precision passers and that's the wco, and i think we're getting Rosen if he's there and if not, mayfield. I think the giants take Rosen or trade to buffalo and who knows who they'll pick.
  5. Rosen too much a risk?

    I respectfully disagree. I think this is why bates is present at these pro days. It's his offense, bowles knows nothing, and mccagnan is entrusting the qb to bates to run his offense. Allen is a terrible fit for bates' offense, the worst by far of the 4. I cannot see the jets drafting allen for a variety of reasons, all of which have been written here ad nauseum.
  6. USC Pro Day on now

    I think this logic is more prevalent in the jets thinking than is being given credit. Basically every expert from boomer esiason to Mel kiper is predicting based on what they would do. They're not putting themselves into mccagnan's head or what guys are best for the system bates is running. cbssports.com has a good article about which qbs are good at which things. For the west coast offense the top two qbs in this draft are Rosen and mayfield and i think the jets come away with one of these two guys. I really don't think it's more complicated than that.
  7. Rosen too much a risk?

    Odds are darnold goes to cleveland, knowing there's a good chance they still get barkley at 4. And they can also take chubb if the giants take barkley, so they're good either way. i can't see the jets passing up Rosen if he's there. Rosen and mayfield are the best fits for bates' offense. I can't help but think it's one of these two guys, unless darnold somehow drops but again that seems unlikely. I think it's down to 2 guys actually.
  8. Rosen too much a risk?

    The general assumption when the jets trade up was that the jets preferred darnold and Rosen first. But what if mayfield is first on their board? What if he's 2nd behind darnold?
  9. Rosen too much a risk?

    Everyone here thinks the jets would take Rosen after darnold. But what if the jets are afraid of him, and their order is darnold/mayfield/allen. For all we know the jets would take mayfield over Rosen.
  10. USC Pro Day on now

    The ultimate smokescreen.
  11. I think he did get as high as he could. Cleveland isn't trading out of 1 and the giants probably haven't made up their minds yet. If the giants trade out though it will be during the draft when they can extort the bills' 2019 #1 pick out of them.
  12. Josh Allen

    Funny thing is, if Allen were mayfield's height he'd be an udfa.