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  1. because all he's been hearing for the past 2 months is how good zach wilson is.
  2. But where they got the darnold eval wrong was that many think that if you can make off platform throws, you can also excel in the pocket. They ignored that darnold’s pocket skills were undeveloped and blindly assumed that would be the easy part for him in the nfl, since he can make the off platform throws. Guys like mahomes also killed it from the pocket in college, whereas darnold struggled.
  3. This should tell you we’re still going to acquire guys through training camp and need the flexibility to be able to do it.
  4. at this point, i'm wondering how strongly douglas would consider trading up to, say, 20, to get someone like jenkins, versus taking the BAP at 23 if he's an edge guy, versus trading back and taking a G or C 5 picks later.
  5. You don’t get to put items in your shopping cart in the order you want to. The bengals were picking first, we know how hard it is to tank to get that 1st pick. Bottom line, if your team sucks at drafting over time you’re going to need every position from qb to OL to wr to pass rusher. If you were the gm of the jets and didn’t take a qb at 2 you would ultimately be fired b/c the team would not get better quickly enough and you’d be considered a wimpy gm for not swinging with all these qbs here.
  6. One scenario not discussed ever, really. The two are not mutually exclusive. The jets could have still traded darnold and traded back to say, the 4-6 range.
  7. I think the reason this whole thing took so long was that nobody was offering anything for darnold. And if carolina had somehow traded for desean, there may really have been no takers at all.
  8. each team fields 5 starting OL, and there's lots of injuries. many rookies start, and guys like clark who don't have experience. there's guys who suck on one team that make on others like ducasse. you're not going to have can't miss prospects at every position.
  9. they have legit wrs, maybe no star but there's size, speed and production. maybe you should wait to complain about the OL after the draft.
  10. this plan lends itself to really beefing up the OL this draft.
  11. This could also be a clever way of disguising that they hadn’t finished their player evaluations to the point where they concluded there were 2 qbs rated considerably higher than the others. It allows douglas to continue to save face for trading darnold while complementing him, knowing all the while that a lot of the problems that darnold had in ny will not magically disappear in carolina.
  12. That’s how i interpreted it. But it’s all irrelevant.
  13. good now they can go cb at 23!
  14. True but what would the point of misdirecting when they don’t have to
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