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  1. gase wisely made the decision weeks ago that the focus should still be on what the offense will look like when darnold returns and not when falk is in there. it took all of one game with darnold healthy to realize what this team can be. if they can beat the patriots that would be 2 consecutive wins on national tv for fans to chew on.
  2. seriously. the two games that gase prepared for with falk as the clear starter were at NE and at phily, the last 2 super bowl champs. it was a futile situation, he knew it, the players knew it, NE and phily knew it.
  3. didn't he sprint for like 30 yards that was called back. i thought his energy was fine.
  4. Agreed. The cashman one would not have been called if it was on Dallas.
  5. translation, take the eagles in survivor pools.
  6. Regardless the jets are now the team that people in survivor pools check to see who they’re playing.
  7. This thread nearly made me forget that I’m supposed to be miserable b/c the jets are almost 0-8
  8. i'd like to think that douglass understands what he needs to do this offseason and that he really couldn't help darnold out much by the time he took the job.
  9. Exactly. It’s the cumulative frustration with an organization that seems to have ignored the red zone channel since it was launched.

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