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  1. The problem is that saleh has been talking moore up since training camp started and he’s sucked. And aside from one PI call, moore really hasn’t impacted any game at all.
  2. It’s pathetic that saleh is reduced to complementing moore by saying he’s affecting the game. Mims catches passes, moore is ‘affecting the game’
  3. Not surprising with such a young and inexperienced coaching staff. They’re so focused on the system and instilling a culture that they’re losing sight of how to maximize their personnel. Other teams scheme to get their best players the ball and put them in mismatches. If moore and mims were on other teams they’d be fun to watch and have in fantasy. With the jets, the coaching staff is handing out Cub Scout merit badges and trying to sell the fan base that this matters than the scoreboard.
  4. Very stubborn with wr usage. No mims and playing moore on the outside. And they sit there and wonder why the offense has no points in the first quarter.
  5. I think coaching is killing this team. Neither side of the ball comes out sharp. The defense is giving up long drives before it’s gassed and the offense can’t get first downs until the 5 minute mark in the 2nd quarter. It would be one thing if the defense was killing it but the offense sucked, but no, the entire team looks overwhelmed until the half is nearly over. Wilson does seem to process stuff better after he’s seen it, within games, which I guess is encouraging.
  6. They are meaningful. He averaged 15.5 ypc last year on 23 catches. He averaged 15.7 ypc in college. There’s enough credibility in the data that mims is a big play guy. As an actuary, i am confident in the reliability of the data here.
  7. Especially since wilson likes to move around and improvise and mims can really help out b/c of his size. Plus why not take a few flyers with him deep. He could really draw a PI with his size. I just feel like the coaching staff is making it harder than it has to be. Use what you have.
  8. Also i don’t understand why they don’t isolate mims in the red zone. Other teams take the biggest wr and throw it up to him. We use the smallest guys we can find and try to wiggle our way in.
  9. Definitely. Especially since the offense has so much trouble moving the ball and they were already in good field position. Dial up your best freakin play.
  10. It’s pretty simple, mims is an easy guy to find on the field. It’s not a coincidence that wilson is finding him much easier than moore.
  11. Also why not use mims when they get in the red zone?
  12. If we’re ranking problems of the team the biggest issue is the offense not getting first downs until there’s 5 minutes left in the first half. They’re a very young team playing from behind double digits each game and the offense needs to be functional for 60 minutes not 35.
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