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  1. if darnold plays even decent the jets can get a wild card. the afc is wide open, even teams like the steelers, chiefs and jax are nothing special and they all made the playoffs. the dolphins and bills could be 3 wins right there if darnold is even ok.
  2. Augustiniak

    Schefter: Jets Releasing Devin Smith

    oh, so if he started camp and tore something day 2, the jets would be on the hook for the whole salary? if that's the case, then yeah, not worth having wasted money tied up like that.
  3. Augustiniak

    Schefter: Jets Releasing Devin Smith

    when would that money have kicked in?
  4. Augustiniak

    Schefter: Jets Releasing Devin Smith

    this must mean they don't want him taking away reps from other young guys like hansen and stewart, and may mean that pryor isn't that far off either.
  5. Augustiniak

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    I think the jets may not get a great offer for bridgewater, so he will likely be worth keeping unless he gets injured again. I get that a team like houston could definitely use a better backup but pairing Watson with bridgewater does not make sense b/c both are proving to be quite fragile.
  6. Augustiniak

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    If darnold is ready to start, there’s still no reason to trade bridgewater. There are a lot of teams the past few years who have drafted qbs and wouldn’t play him over their new guy and there are a bunch of other teams with established starters, so barring injury there are only a handful of spots for bridgewater to be in a better position than the jets. Besides, the jets can always use bridgewater as the backup qb if darnold starts and keep mccown inactive but have him on the bench as a coach. I know he’s being paid a lot of money, but that was done before the jets drafted darnold and before they signed bridgewater and had an opportunity to work him out and really test his knee. And it’s also possible that in 2019 the jets can have darnold and bridgewater as their 2 qbs and mccown is purely a coach. So i wouldn’t be in a rush to trade bridgewater unless there’s a desperate team with a bad injury which offers the jets a compelling offer. As soon as the jets get a few decent qb options i don’t want to think we’re burning a hole in our pocket with them.
  7. Augustiniak

    Why can't we be more like the Pats??

    wouldn't it be interesting if that's why BB has been so against Brady using him all this time and wanting him away from the team.
  8. Augustiniak

    Why can't we be more like the Pats??

    guy is 32 missed the entire year and his career is nearly over. it was worth the risk for him.
  9. i read somewhere that hansen was ahead of him in learning the offense and that's why he got more action. we will see, but hansen seems to have hit the ground running so far and if pryor is healthy, stewart may have trouble cracking 4 wr sets.
  10. Augustiniak

    New safety?

    better safe than sorry
  11. Augustiniak

    Can we talk Flowers?

    his lack of athleticism shows up on tape. but if he can catch and get tough yards in the running game and play ST he can make this roster. Rb is not a deep position, they do not have a stud or anything close to one, they're going to go by committee, guys always get dinged up and he seems to be able to block. if you already have all those wrs and add a decent TE you can throw in a guy like flowers to plow ahead and keep defenses honest. i wonder what the jets plan is for powell, he's 30 and makes a lot of money relative to their overall roster.
  12. Augustiniak

    Jets OTA’s - 5/29

    kearse is the type of wr you need to help break in a new qb. he starts if healthy.
  13. Augustiniak

    Jets add Speedy Receiver Jonah Trinnaman

    Mccags has typically drafted based on having a high floor, not necessarily a high ceiling. But with FAs he’s willing to take risks on better athletes who don’t have the tape. I can’t help but wonder if this signing relates to the new rules for kick offs and how they perceive value in having a certain type of returner.
  14. that's the real glaring thing this team hasn't invested in, nothing new here. but i can't help but wonder if mccags hasn't wanted to do this while he knew he didn't have a qb. we may never know. what we will see is what he does next offseason with a lot of cash and maybe a mid-1st round pick that he can hopefully turn into another 2nd rounder.
  15. Augustiniak

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    Didn’t know about Pryor. That really opens it up for someone like Hansen to become a real part of the offense.