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  1. It's a lot easier to get ripped off for food if your team is playing well charging less for concessions is a red herring that sounds good but doesn't really do anything lasting for the fan base or create the goodwill that ownership really wants.
  2. Augustiniak

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    And what happens when the qb gets punched in the jaw?
  3. Augustiniak

    Antonio Garcia Released by Pats

    that's actually what i thought of, right after NE's long time defensive coach is being raked through the coals.
  4. i remember the book on him being that he wasn't a great athlete so at first blush i'm not sure how well he fits in the new scheme, but even if he can be an adequate backup, that's really cheap depth.
  5. did he play tackle or both G spots and C?
  6. also wondering about ben braden from michigan, he was an UDFA but he's the type of guy who could sneak onto the roster.
  7. it's interesting that the lions are getting crap for this yet he was employed by the pats for about 14 years, since 2004. and it only surfaces after the guy leaves.
  8. one question that comes to mind is, if a detroit reporter can find this, so could anyone on the patriots. it's not a stretch that Belichick does background checks on his employees, and if you assume this you'd have to also assume there is a decent chance that 15 years ago BB found this.
  9. but it's ok that the patriots employed him all those years.
  10. Augustiniak

    Breaking Down the Jets Tight Ends

    my guess is that herndon has a better shot of being a contributing TE than leggett. we could see healthy doses of herndon and flowers if these guys do well in TC. it's been written here a lot that the jets need to improve the OL and noone disputes this, but the jets can also help darnold by giving him a bunch of guys who can catch and serve as safety valve options. there's a chance enunwa never returns to form and that powell gets dealt, so you're looking at an offense where these rookies can contribute sooner than later.
  11. Augustiniak

    Darnold Starting and QB Development

    pryor will start and herndon may start. you may have two new starting rbs if powell remains the 3rd down back. plus anderson could get suspended. and this is before any injuries that may alter things.
  12. Augustiniak

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp.

    Do you think he wanted to deal with Rosen or mayfield on a daily basis, or have either of these guys determine his job fate?
  13. Augustiniak

    Dolphins claim Petty

    They can have hackenberg too.
  14. i heard beningo and roberts talking with kim jones the other day. they were saying that mccags favored rosen while bowles wanted mayfield. they were saying it would have been interesting to see who they picked but they assumed that mccagnan would have had his way. if this is true i'm guessing rosen would have been the pick based on mccagnan's preference for a qb with measurables.
  15. also, darnold played 2 years of college ball, not 4, so he had 2 fewer years to learn the technical aspects of football. much of what he did at USC was instinct. and he's not dumb, he did well on the wonderlic. i know we're all here getting ahead of ourselves but we have a guy who could be an all star in a few years. and he's all about football, no bs.