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  1. The problem with benching fant and not flacco is that it sends a message to the offense that it’s not flacco’s fault.
  2. If only we could play all rookies. It’s the veterans on offense that suck.
  3. No screens. No short passes. Letting flacco stand back there and launch. Terrible plan.
  4. Safeties suck. Maybe davis can emerge, that would just be amazing. I imagine with their first rounder next year they’re taking a front 7 player.
  5. They just need to get the offense clicking in the first quarter. Take the lead. Try to force some turnovers, force the panic. If they’re playing with a lead they can really establish the run in the 2nd half and use play action off of that.
  6. On the last td pass to wilson he chipped the edge guy out of the way. He has the feet.
  7. Playing a desperate 0-2 super bowl runner up that surely knows 0-3 is a huge hole to climb out of. The flip side is that the jets are home, the crowd will be nuts and the OC knows how to get the ball to the playmakers finally. So pumped.
  8. Plus going against the ravens d and then Clowney. It won’t get much harder than he’s already had. If the jets get a functional RT starter in the 4th round that’s amazing.
  9. On the play before you saw his coverage skills. Any secondary confusion will hopefully resolve.
  10. So AVT has a season grade of 76, which is the 3rd best of all guards. So that’s a good indication of a relative scale.
  11. Definitely confusion. It was not as if sauce got beat like Bryce hall. And speaking of hall, he was inactive.
  12. What’s the relative grading, what’s a good score?
  13. Smith, didn’t he catch the pass on the fake?
  14. Very true. The one thing flacco can do is stand in the pocket and sling it. And the jets have the weapons to utilize his arm. The ravens did not give him the pocket that the browns did.
  15. The Opposite Game. Everything that usually goes wrong for the jets went right. Offense, defense, special teams, coaching, clutch playing and rookie contributions.
  16. If there is one game that we point to as a turnaround for the team this may be it. It seemed like everything that usually goes wrong for the jets went right. Fake punt, on sides kick. Missed extra point. Bad coaching. Botched coverage. Clutch passing. Lots of rookies making plays. There’s another thread about what the nickname for this game should be. I think I’ll refer to it as ‘the opposite game’.
  17. This is the most young talent since the early 80s. We just need the qb to pan out.
  18. Berrios is also good. Nice to have options.
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