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  1. All i know is that we’re getting the raw deal.
  2. I know wilson isn’t here and that moore is working 2nd string, but then i see Morgan to wesco and i really question my sanity in continuing to check the tweets.
  3. Watch the jets trade for foles and then you have both sides digging in.
  4. The past 10 years, we’ve watched countless minutes of nfl games, read countless articles, analyzed tons of draft picks, played fantasy, etc. and you know what, I’d take 10 good seasons of jet football and one measly super bowl. For the time and emotional investment I’ve made in this team, I’d like to feel good when i watch the games, I’d like the jets to be relevant in the nfl. I’d like to have some league leaders on offense, some relevant fantasy players, some positive vibes from the national media. I don’t want a go for broke, i want a consistent playoff team.
  5. If the jets can essentially recoup a 2nd rounder they spent on him that would be another douglas win. Maye has also been injured a fair amount, he does not fit the jets new Uber athletic mold and he likely won’t be a jet next year anyway. But if douglas sees him as a locker room leader for the youngsters they maye want him around anyway.
  6. Was just thinking this, the only thing worse than taking safeties in rounds 1 and 2 are overpaying them.
  7. This. They’re going cheap on safeties from here on in. They’re going to finally draft and pay premium positions.
  8. Ghoston was the worst, or milliner. Why all the Sanchez hate. Btw he’s a very good analyst now.
  9. more often than not when guys flash right away like moore that's significant. i don't remember hearing that sanchez, geno and darnold really had several good practices in a short period of time.
  10. The jets haven’t ‘destroyed’ qbs, they’ve drafted bad ones. The only decent to good qb the jets have drafted (besides maybe wilson) in the past 20 yrs was Pennington, who was pretty good for the jets (until injuries derailed his career) and then was at least decent for miami. Sanchez and geno sucked everywhere and darnold is destined to have the same trajectory. Players are who they are. Jamal is the same player on Seattle.
  11. I like the narrative that ‘the defense won the day’. How many times did we get that spin when darnold sucked.
  12. And they’ll use another 1st or 2nd round pick next year to draft another wr to replace him. Very good.
  13. With davis, Cole, moore and mims, in addition to the rbs and whatever the TEs get, crowder’s targets will plummet.
  14. Maybe he’s finally feeling the pressure of having to live up to his billing. Doesn’t help that it’s been the Tebow show down there again.
  15. there's nothing wrong with berrios except when he's your best wr. on a good team he's the 5th best wr and a PR.
  16. when the jets didn't trade back in the 2nd and took moore, crowder's jet tenure became cloudy. it would be great to have him but clearly not at this price.
  17. Rookie qb rookie hc new wrs new offense new OC. Safe prediction.
  18. with sanchez, geno and darnold the ratio of tds to ints was usually very poor.
  19. yes, but no mims and other starting wrs.
  20. and he didn't even need a traffic light system to do this.
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