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  1. I think alums stick up for each other and Sanchez knows what it’s like when you don’t have pieces on offense on the jets and you have to do more yourself. They’re buds.
  2. Darnold’s character is not under review. The puzzling thing with the world’s ongoing evaluation of him is that despite whatever he does or doesn’t do on the field, nearly every mistake or flaw is attributed to the jets, rather than to him. I think there’s a higher probability that a rook like wilson comes here with (hopefully) a revamped offense and looks good, than it is that darnold stays and begins to turn his career around as a jet.
  3. Very true and i never heard it worded like this or even considered it like this. But it makes sense because if he has a clean pocket he has to stand there and is forced to make reads that he can’t make. And since he’s not an innately accurate thrower, when the pocket breaks down and he throws on the run or when he’s in trouble there’s more forgiveness when the pass isn’t perfect. So many here have complained for years that darnold’s development has suffered from poor OL play. In hindsight, this may have masked his inherent deficiency, that he would not be accurate with a clean pocket
  4. And if you read into it you have to figure the offers thus far have been underwhelming.
  5. It sounds like the main point of this presser was to beg teams to trade for darnold.
  6. Once you accept what darnold is, the decision and expectations are easier. How many more years of him playing like this will it take for all these people from kiper to douglas to finally say that he’s just not that good and that he was way overdrafted? This is why parcells always wanted to draft qbs with 4 yrs of tape in college, because it was a credible sample for him to understand what he was getting. Well, we have that with darnold in the nfl. Sure he’s going to improve with better talent, who wouldn’t? They may keep darnold and trade back and do a good job of restocking the tea
  7. Maybe they will officially announce that darnold is their guy and the 2 pick is for sale.
  8. This is too early for the pre draft presser. Is there really one tomorrow
  9. sometimes i love wilson, and other times, i think saleh and douglas will keep darnold, trade back, stock the team as best they can with every position except qb and essentially defer the qb decision until next season with the understanding that darnold is not likely the answer.
  10. Q is good and could be great. and he's young. not a guy you trade.
  11. Seriously, darnold hasn’t been durable physically or mentally.
  12. I think the biggest problem that so many here on the forum have with keeping darnold and trading back, it’s not that we take pitts or chase. It’s that there’s still an underlying assumption that a year from now the jets will still need a new qb. It’s almost as if douglas is deferring the issue for a year, but odds are that darnold is not the answer even if they keep him and improve his surrounding talent. And at this point, if douglas keeps darnold and doesn’t draft a qb, darnold is douglas’ qb even if he didn’t draft him. And it’s a great question if douglas wants to be married to darnold
  13. If they stick with darnold they’re going to have to build that offense themselves without relying on FA. They will not get any worthwhile wrs, so they’re going to have to use multiple top picks to get them. Getting offensive linemen will result in paying too much as well.
  14. The problem is that if you read into this, the jets staff doesn’t love darnold but will keep him only if the guys in the draft don’t wow them. It has less to do with darnold, and more to do with their draft evaluations.
  15. Another great point. Now is their last chance to get value for him. If they keep him and he’s bad, you’re not getting anything for him.
  16. This is a dealbreaker with him, yes. There were too many throws with Robbie alone that he over or under threw his first 2 seasons. I think 3 years is enough to make a reasonable assessment of darnold as an nfl qb and not as an nfl prospect, that he can be decent as a system qb but simply isn’t the difference maker he was expected to be.
  17. Of course they are. Douglas has to play this to the end to maximize darnold’s trade value. Wilson at 2 plus all his picks is what he’s eyeing. And i would not be surprised if he trades back a few spots from 23 to get even more picks.
  18. At what point does everyone evaluate darnold by what he does on the field and not by what people think he can be?
  19. well i guess darnold is going to either SF or pitts.
  20. If so these concepts were conflated and it skewed darnold’s eval. Improvising like manziel doesn’t mean you can see the field well in the first 3 seconds you’re in the pocket.
  21. look, i think we as jet fans are so afraid of anyone leaving this team and having any degree of success we're inclined to hold onto these guys so they can't possible succeed elsewhere. the reality is that this team has been so bad that darnold would look better anywhere else, including with the new jet offense next season. but the point is, if darnold is at his core a system qb, how much better will someone like wilson be in the system than darnold? and i think what the rams did with goff and what SF did with garroppolo are great examples of how you can win with good coaching and strong ove
  22. if darnold's draft status was predicated on how he's done with the jets the past 2 yrs he'd be a 4th round pick at best and that's the flaw in the logic. at some point what he did at USC is largely irrelevant.
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