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  1. It was also an odd contrast listening to saleh praise Elijah moore while explaining why the guy who caught the 40 yd throw wasn’t going to be playing next week. I mean, what happens if moore drops a few more passes vs NE, do you still continue to praise him in the media b/c he (allegedly) knows the routes? Saleh may have backed himself into a corner here, the wrs he puts out there have to produce something. Because for the first time in a long time in jet land, there aren’t many people out there who are going to be blaming the quarterback.
  2. And i wonder if that’s really what saleh was trying to say, that he didn’t want Wilson’s wr group to be mostly guys with no experience.
  3. More than anything it sounds like a coaching staff that’s playing favorites. They love moore and don’t like mims. After moore sucked last week, saleh praised moore as he was justifying not playing mims. All i can say is, they better be right. If they lay another goose by halftime, nobody here is going to care that mims doesn’t know the entire route tree. Those excuses will ring hollow.
  4. Seems like the 2021 draft was about getting players who fit the new system, whereas 2020 was about drafting players based on player evaluations and future development. It’s no surprise that bechton hasn’t adapted well to the new OL scheme and this new coaching staff doesn’t want to play mims.
  5. It was odd to see saleh praising moore after that game while saying that mims should not have even played. Of course they’re basing it all on practice and i get that, but ‘at the end of the day’ it’s about what happens on Sunday.
  6. Agreed that if there’s a failure without mims, that does not imply that he would fix it. However one inescapable conclusion would be that the coaching staff overestimated the importance of mims knowing the entire route tree, and may have underestimated the importance of having guys with his height/speed who have a huge catch radius who may be able to help a rookie qb in other ways.
  7. I think the next few weeks will answer this, assuming both crowder and Cole play. Do these guys make a difference to wilson? While crowder and Cole were never in this particular system, they likely have a more advanced understanding of the routes, especially compared to someone like mims. Assuming wilson is not getting hit every pass play, we’ll see how much of a difference these experienced wrs make to the offense. It would also help if moore got involved and contributed. ‘At the end of the day’, if the jets are scoring and moving the ball and wilson looks good, not many here
  8. I think it’s a combo of keeping crowder and signing Cole. Clearly this coaching staff wanted wrs with experience who didn’t need that much adjustment time to this system, and for grooming a new qb, that makes sense. The incongruity is that they jettisoned bless Austin saying the secondary is a youth movement (even though he’s what, 25?) while sitting mims saying he’s got to learn everything before they put him out there. The logic doesn’t fly especially when he averaged 15.5 ypc last year and he’s clearly a threat downfield.
  9. I think the thing they don’t want to say is that he’s a poor scheme fit with this offense and douglas doesn’t know what to do. They clearly value quicker wrs who change direction quicker which is why berrios played way more last week. Mims may have trade value, but they would need to have him play to establish it. So they’re in a bind. Right now they’re blaming it on knowing the offense.
  10. Saleh all but said that he’s going to be inactive this week. Pressure is on this offense now. The OL sucked. The running game sucked. Moore sucked. If they play Cole and crowder over mims and they still can’t score, it will be even worse to hear the excuses why mims can’t play.
  11. More than anything it sounds like he’s not the prototypical wr they want in this offense whereas Elijah moore is.
  12. Does claypool know the whole route tree? Probably not. But teams like the Steelers will figure out how to get him the ball.
  13. Plus they spent money on 2 FA wrs and kept crowder so it’s not as if they were planning on having mims in there at least right away. The writing was on the wall with mims when they kept crowder.
  14. Yet the guy can contribute. He has good hands. Seems like the same problem with bechton, douglas drafted these two guys before the current coaches were here and now they’re not good fits in their new systems. How can you have an OL scheme where bechton isn’t bulldozing guys?
  15. Last year’s draft class had a lot of good wrs, mims was considered raw and that’s why he fell.
  16. an interesting concept. what happens if bechton doesn't play the rest of the season, fant sucks and they move avt to LT and he's good? not sure you put bechton back at LT when he couldn't learn this system.
  17. who is the backup LT, i mean, fant had to know heading into the opener that if anything happened to bechton that he would move to LT.
  18. i'm sure zach wilson feels good right now.
  19. if we see progress each week, i think most here will be ok with it. we just didn't expect such a disaster right away but with the jets anything is possible.
  20. probably one of these things where guys will get injured as mims catches up and then he'll get rotated in.
  21. I wonder how much the jets coaching staff thinks that not having crowder and Cole hurt the offense vs carolina. Saleh is setting it up to have mims inactive this Sunday, and they know the OL must be better or else they’re going to get railed. After not scoring for nearly 3 quarters though, the offense needs to start scoring early.
  22. He’s douglas’ version of cashman.
  23. The carolina game plan on offense was smart, have darnold get the ball out quick to mccaffrey and not put the game on his shoulders. Darnold was reduced to a game manager and that’s what he should be in the nfl. The difference in the game was that carolina had the best playmaker in the nfl and the jets didn’t have anything close.
  24. I hear you on this. Yet, the jets have invested an early 4th round pick on a rb and a 2nd round pick on a wr in mims, and I’d hate to think the coaches are overthinking the play allocation time by not putting the potentially best playmakers in the game. I do think it will be quite telling what the coaches plan for this Sunday after seeing how wilson functioned much better in a hurry up offense when he was rolling out and slinging it downfield rather than a plodding predictable pound attack where you had 2nd and 9 much of the time.
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