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  1. Even more so, when you don’t score in the first half you’re not winning. The jets offense has been so bad in recent memory, the gm spent the first 4 picks on offense. And the first 2 picks last year. And they still didn’t score a point in the first half. something has to change and quickly. This coaching staff will be under fire in short order if the jets offense lays another egg in the first half. Because this time, unlike other years, very few out there will be blaming the quarterback now.
  2. Yet good coaches make adjustments at the half and even during games that help their teams. Bad coaches don’t.
  3. If Cole produces it won’t matter that much. If the jets don’t score in the first half there will be more complaining.
  4. What’s interesting is that the players are aware of it.
  5. I don’t know the answer to this and I’m not sitting here disagreeing with what the coaches see. But, on the other hand, he’s tall, fast and can catch. Maybe his role isn’t running funky routes all the time. Maybe his role is to find a space when wilson is running around. He’s not like Stephen hill where he has hands of stone. And it’s not like the other wrs were lighting it up either. Davis and berrios were the offense.
  6. This. And the 4th and 1 run epitomized this, everyone knew they were running it including the carolina d. The jets clearly didn’t have the OL to get that done. The play should have been a play action fake to let wilson, their best player, do something . Instead they were damn stubborn and clung to this philosophical offensive mindset that the jets are nowhere near ready to execute.
  7. The broader point is that if wilson is going to be running for his life so much, guys who can improvise and make plays when the pocket breaks down (which seems like every pass play) are valuable. The ability to run a precision route from the slot for mims becomes less important. He’s big and can catch. He averaged 15.5 ypc last year so the long gains are not a fluke.
  8. Every play guys are subbing in and out, it’s hard to believe they can’t figure out how to keep mims in a position where he can function. I imagine that the good offensive teams would get him on the field and use what he can do best.
  9. Seriously, as long as they catch the ball, the jets need guys who can get it done.
  10. Overmatched is a good description and it usually applies to the offense.
  11. The OL wasn’t really overwhelmed physically as much as they were confused.
  12. I thought the 4th and 1 play epitomized what you wrote. We all knew the jets were running that play and all the panthers knew it too. The play had zero chance. The obvious call was to fake the handoff and have wilson roll out and give him the option to run or throw. The stubbornness and myopia of the coaching staff to adhere to their roots in the 49ers style offense was on full display there.
  13. None of this matters if wilson is always running for his life and slinging it downfield because guys like mims are big targets and as long as he can catch, he should play.
  14. I think things are going to come to a head sooner than later with mims because of how wilson looks and plays. Regardless of what saleh, lefleur and the offensive coaching staff wants, this is not destined to be a run heavy run first offense this season. Wilson can sling it with accuracy downfield and that’s what’s going to open up the run game. They need an attacking style offense that allows wilson to roll out and create more time and use the rbs more in the passing game rather than running tevin Coleman up the middle. Mims is actually great for this since his height and length produces a
  15. Very much so. Wilson wasn’t merely ready, he’s already one of the team’s best players and they’re going to have to get the rest of the offense to keep up with this guy.
  16. I hear you, but still, trying to look at this game as objectively as possible, the jets stunk for 3 quarters vs carolina, starting the most rookies in the nfl, have a lot of injuries and belichick always tortures rookie qbs. That recipe seems like more than a 5 point win for NE even on the road.
  17. Sometimes you get these new, young coaching staffs who are so intent on implementing their culture and their systems, that they’re too inflexible to adapt to a guy like mims who may not be an ideal fit in their offense, but can nevertheless produce. I think it will be telling how they proceed with mims, as well as with the offensive philosophy of pounding the run even though they’re not getting yards and putting wilson in 2nd and long situations. It’s kind of like the Mangini syndrome, every belichick disciple wants to be like him but there isn’t anyone else like him.
  18. I’m surprised the line is this low. This says it’s going to be a close game. I can’t imagine the spread would be this low if darnold were the qb here.
  19. Fair points. If you’re installing a system, do you run this system despite the results (first half) or abandon it when it’s clearly not working (second half)? Do you only play guys who know the entire system (berrios) or play guys who know only part of it (mims)? Ultimately these guys are graded on results, so if you’re not scoring, and if your rookie qb is getting hammered 10x/game, then the losses and criticisms will mount.
  20. This is the basic thing, there are style points to be had in losses in the nfl, especially for young rebuilding teams. For the bills, losing to the Steelers when you’re up 10-0 at home and you’re a super bowl contender, that sucks and there’s no consolation prize. The jets could have lost to carolina in many different ways, and we could all be pretty happy with it here and feel good about the future. Instead, we came away wondering if douglas can ever really fix the offensive line, whether bechton or mims will pan out or will the 2020 draft class be another epic fail. Yet, watching w
  21. Actually i thought he dropped in the draft because he was considered a raw prospect who needed more time than some of those other wrs last year. And that’s proven true, yet, he can still contribute. So i think mims is who his scouting report is.
  22. I think it does. If this year is all about developing players and installing an offense over the course of a season, they shouldn’t be benching mims because he can’t play all the wr spots. The objective should be to grow together.
  23. Yet the jets head coach has no problem flogging mims for not knowing every wr position week 1.
  24. True, you want to see improvement. But if they bench mims again and the offense doesn’t score in the first half, that’s what concerns me. Being stubborn to the point where they are hurting the offense and wilson. It was nice to see in game adjustments, and see the offense click. That never happened with gase or bowles.
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