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  1. The concept that veterans will help the rookie qb. You know what helps wilson, having a line that can block someone, and having wrs who can make plays like mims.
  2. It was the offensive coaching that didn’t adapt until late 3rd quarter, so maybe they realize they don’t know everything. Their game plan in the first half was abysmal.
  3. I agree with you i think it’s stupid. Clearly the guy can have an impact on games and here you have a rookie qb with good deep ball accuracy and you keep mims on the bench. Why draft these guys if you’re not going to play them?
  4. I know, and that’s what it seems he does. Surely the coaching staff has to be in defensive mode when they keep this guy glued to the bench all game when the offense is struggling, he gets 3 snaps and one is a 40 yard completion. These coaches are still in the honeymoon phase, but if the offense starts out with another goose in the first half vs NE and mims ain’t playing, it’s going to get tougher for these guys to justify. They cut bless saying they wanted to give the young guys a chance. If they bench mims in favor of other wrs and they’re not producing, that’s a problem.
  5. True, better defenses are going to make that harder for him. And give the jets coaches credit, they shut them down in the 2nd half. And this is a defense starting basically all rookie cbs and very little experience overall. Actually darnold yesterday was the same guy we had for 3 years. A few good throws, some questionable ones, a nice td pass and then utter failure in the red zone. Gives you enough to leave you with some hope but overall, still a below average qb.
  6. Well you know what, they got their asses kicked in the first half on offense. No points. No red zone and only a few plays in carolina territory. If the coaching staff wants to hand out gold stars to who learns every wr position and that dictates playing time, well, they better produce. Nobody cares about how many positions mims knows.
  7. He averaged 15.5 yards per reception and is exactly the type of big play guy the jets need in there.
  8. If darnold didn’t have mccaffrey, we’d have watched a different game.
  9. But this isn’t a college team. Mims makes big plays. At what point are they simply cutting their nose to spite their face by not playing him? Instead of harping on what mims can’t do, why not exploit what he can do? He’s 6’4” with an incredible wingspan. If this coaching staff can’t figure out how to get this guy the ball and help wilson, i have little faith in them.
  10. This is called a new coaching staff outsmarting itself. They forced the old 49ers run first game plan all first half and got zero points. Ran every first down. Ran on 4th and 1 when it was clear the panthers knew what was coming and the jets couldn’t run all game. Stubborn offensive coaching staff not using everything they have. Let’s see if it changes next week, b/c NE will certainly be coming at wilson and the jets can’t have him sitting back in the pocket waiting to get nailed.
  11. It’s hard to imagine this board today, if the jets had traded out of 2 and taken, say, pitts.
  12. Panthers d game plan was good, over stuff the run and confuse an OL that hasn’t played together all preseason. Getting burned deep was a risk but a calculated one that nearly cost them the game if if weren’t for mccaffrey.
  13. Stubborn is a good word to describe it. They were trying to be 49ers east without the line or the rbs. They need to use what they have.
  14. I thought the game plan in the first half was the prior 49ers staff forcing a strategy when they didn’t have the personnel or experience to execute it. They should have known that teams would take away the run first and make the rookie qb throw to his young wrs and rbs. The offense only got going when wilson does what he does best, throw on the run. I hope they use more roll outs and quick slants and screens to get wilson out of the pocket where he’s so much more of a target. Ideally they want to use the run to set up play action but i think they’re going to have to come out slinging
  15. Isn’t it telling that the jags also looked terrible? that said, if the jets had more imaginative play calling on that 4th at 1 we could have won the stupid game.
  16. The game plan was flawed in the first half but yes i thought they will use the other rbs more. Need to get them more involved in the short passing game. More short passes to rbs, fewer wasted runs, make the defenses think more.
  17. It looked like a more athletic OL is better for wilson as he moves around well and just needs the LT to not get completely torched so he can step up or around the defender. The middle of the OL was also a disaster as carolina’s stunts nearly got wilson killed.
  18. I think they want to execute this dominant 49ers style running game and they don’t have the line to do it, and the entire 1st half was trying to run this offense which resulted in no points. Then they finally switched, let wilson throw and we saw what he did. They need to let wilson run his offense, 4 wrs with rb/te and let him roll out and get the ball out quickly. Spread these defenses out and make them cover 5 guys, wilson will find them enough. Then the running lanes will open up.
  19. Carolina won the first half, jets won the 2nd half. Jets offensive game plan in the first half is why they lost. Philosophically, jets wanted to come out with the mature 49ers offense of being able to run the ball effectively to set up play action. Problem was that Carolina brought the heat and jets didn’t change the game plan until late 3rd q. Hopefully they move wilson around more and use all the wrs to open up the offense b/c Wilson just might be their best player and they’re not going to be able to run the ball well until they show teams they have to play the pass honestly.
  20. Darnold was the same qb we know, chokes in the red zone and fades in the 2nd half when other teams make adjustments. The only difference today was mccaffrey, obviously. If you switched qbs today the jets would have lost 30-7
  21. I was disappointed they didn’t scheme more to get the ball to him, on bubble screen or whatever. I hope they learned a lot in this game about how to open up the offense when teams stack the box to stop the run game.
  22. At this point my guess is that his route running is still raw compared to the other wrs and they want guys in there who are better equipped to help wilson. Problem is, they need weapons and you know NE is going to take away the running game next week and wilson will be back there running around and you need guys like mims who can make you pay. They need to work him in, you need guys with his measureables.
  23. This. The entire offensive game plan in the first half was flawed. Carolina made sure to send enough guys to stop the run and generate pressure and this blew up the offense. No running lanes and no time for wilson to set. Once they changed things up in the 2nd half it looked a lot better. It was nice to see the adjustments for a change, but this does run contrary to what they want to do philosophically. Wilson throws so well on the run i think they need to have him rolling out a fair amount to help out the line and give guys like mims and moore time to get downfield. That will also help
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