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  1. i thought winters was fine yesterday. the problems with the running game began before yesterday.
  2. the problem with all those huge DL is that teams pass more than ever so stopping the run while nice doesn't mean as much as it used to except for a few plays. give me mauldin and another edge rusher to give the OL problems rather than the wilk/rich/williams trio that don't impact the passing game as much.
  3. just goes to show you the value of going through progressions quickly and not holding onto the ball too long.
  4. the problem is it is quite difficult to get even a jag qb.
  5. on the last bortles pick mauldin was chasing him bigtime. they should use him more, coples less.
  6. completely disagree. plus you have gailey and his system. who exactly is coming in who will be definitely better than fitz, and why would these teams let them go?
  7. i think his physical limitations aren't as limiting as they're made out to be. he threw a few nice longer passes yesterday, the cumberland catch, the tompkins catch, the one to decker in the beginning. he doesn't need to put the ball 40 yards in the air to score. they've scored 200 points in 8 games, 25 per game. that's enough to make the playoffs. 13 tds and 7 picks. he should remain the starter until they find someone better. this means entering next year as the starter as well, with petty as the backup. i know fitz may have the surgery and hopefully he doesn't miss games, but i can'
  8. i thought winters did another good job. no penalties, pass pro was good for the most part. the running game's woes are not his fault, they existed before yesterday.
  9. i think he should stick around for next year at least. geno still sucks and maybe if we're lucky petty can compete in TC. fitz is the veteran qb this team has needed for a while, someone who can run an offense while not being a threat to any younger qb who demonstrates he should start.
  10. seriously. they're 5-3, fitz has 13 tds and 7 picks, guys like tompkins and cumberland are contributing, and they have more potential on offense whenever smith comes around. the offense won the game, they scored 28 points and bailed out the defense. they're averaging 25 points a game, with nothing on defense or specials.
  11. if the jets let fitz go, who exactly are they starting? there's no way they give the keys to geno, the IK incident should have told mike enough about that. i think there's no way they let fitz walk, they really have no other option. and why would fitz leave anyway, assuming the jets made him a fair offer? most teams have either veterans or young guys they're developing, there aren't many teams that would want fitz anyway. bills-they already had him. browns, they have 2 qbs already. texans, they're drafting one. redskins, why would they take fitz over cousins, and they may draft one any
  12. the jags dared the jets to beat them in the air and they did. teams are not going to let ivory run all over them anymore. fitz had a 106.5 qb rating yesterday, and has 13 tds and 7 ints on the year. how does klecko say that sucks?
  13. the problem isn't that they're banged up, but that it's mostly on offense. the defense could get milliner and pryor back, but the offense is missing 2 starters on the OL, both starting wrs are hurt, the qb is hurt and who knows how badly ivory is hurt. then there's powell who hasn't played in weeks, enunwa who's suspended and owuzu who may or may not return. devin smith is still a non-factor b/c of injuries and being behind in learning the offense. nearly all the injuries are on offense. truth, i think winters did a good job yesterday, i don't recall a penalty and the pass pro was good fo
  14. doubt it. the jets do not have that many holes on the roster, they can allocate $ to upgrade OL since the defense is mostly set. i also expect them to take a tackle in the first round. again, don't underestimate fitz's desire to stay in one place, there were articles this training camp about how much he's moved his family around.
  15. priority offseason is tackle and upgrading right guard after colon leaves.
  16. i don't know why fitz would leave if the jets want him back. he's got a nice veteran line, skill positions and that's before FA and the draft, and (what should be) a good defense. perfect situation for him, and for someone who's moved his family around a lot, he'd probably prefer to stay put. he looked great yesterday.
  17. that would be amazing, if he could actually not miss a game. it's such a pleasure having a qb who knows what he's doing, it changes the entire football season. if fitz can play like this he could be here a few years, until petty or someone else takes over. 5-3 at halftime, predicted to be last in the division. ha!
  18. ivory is getting tackled behind the LOS too many times, you can't pin this on him. teams are daring the jets to win in the air, and the jets need to throw more on 1st down to keep them guessing more.
  19. the problem is, they say fitz may have surgery friday, after the bills game, which means geno would be the qb for the home stretch at least, with petty as the backup.
  20. ivory hasn't had any running room when the starters were in. defenses have been keying to stop the run and the jets need to pass to win. whether mangold is in or not isn't the deciding factor.
  21. what's the deal with folk? did he hurt himself in warmups?
  22. bummed they waived harrison. maybe they see potential in dozier and winters.
  23. with the all green and all red next thursday is going to look like the old school electric football guys running around randomly.
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