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  1. He’s also not getting the same push in the run game and i think that’s more telling than what’s happening in pass pro. Still wouldn’t be surprised if his foot issue was worse than reported and he’s still fighting it.
  2. Wilson’s ability to escape pressure and throw on the run while scanning the field should be incorporated into game plans. I thought they should have used more roll outs today, and had moore/mims/Jeff smith going downfield to exploit this. His accuracy is great and for the first time I’m not cringing every time a jet qb throws downfield.
  3. It was telling that when bechton left, wilson seemed to thrive. Bechton hasn’t been right since he hurt his foot and for all we know he’s still playing thru plantar and not telling anyone.
  4. I think the game plan today was designed for running to set up play action with wilson sitting in the pocket but when the pass pro was so bad, they used berrios more for shorter routes. They seem to view mims as a wildcard deeper play threat right now, with davis/moore/berrios/crowder as more of the move the chains guys along with the TEs and rbs. Yet, the offense clicked when wilson went into 2 minute mode and started moving around and slinging it downfield. That’s not what the coaches want to do to have to move the chains but they can’t allow wilson to be a pure pocket passer vs NE and no
  5. The problem with bechton is that he’s not the dominant run blocker we hope he is, and then he’s slow in pass protection. You need to be good at something and right now he’s just not there, either physically or mentally. We saw it all preseason and the guy just is not locked in.
  6. darnold has always been bad in the red zone and today was more of the same. wilson 2 for 2.
  7. darnold is a game manager qb but he's not accurate. they'd be better off with bridgewater.
  8. botched a 3rd and goal where the wr was open but the throw was bad. typical darnold, bad in the red zone.
  9. mccaffrey is the offensive mvp, puts up 200 yards and carolina barely wins. darnold would have scored nada on the jets today.
  10. and also he was moving around more. and that's what they have to do, move wilson around the pocket rather than have him stand there
  11. He is always in between, moments of wow with moments of suck.
  12. So we’re rolling with Coleman, ty and carter. Should be fun watching the faster rbs. Also a homecoming for carter who played at UNC.
  13. Interesting no Perine or adams. They have no ‘big’ short yardage back. I guess both Jeff smith and berrios are active.
  14. Remember, the guy lost over 20 lbs b/c of food poisoning, he had to put that weight back on during tc while working out. So it’s been a hard nfl beginning for mims. But what an opportunity he has.
  15. I think moore is going to be targeted early and often. That’s why they didn’t trade out of that 2nd slot in the 2nd round, they wanted this guy and and they’re going to use him. Should be fun.
  16. Gonna be some rb screens and guys like carter lined up in the slot.
  17. Yes and i think we’ll see some Jeff smith and maybe even some berrios. And probably some rbs lined up in the slot too.
  18. Don’t forget about berrios.
  19. Also could be without crowder.
  20. Hey at least we didn’t draft jamaar chase who is blaming his dropsies on the nfl football not having white stripes so he can’t see it well.
  21. I don’t think being the best player is relevant.
  22. Looking at the roster, it seems the offensive pieces are much more in place than the D. You have the qb, LT, LG and (hopefully) 2 starting wrs in moore and mims. That’s about half the offense that’s brand new, and that’s before you consider anyone else. But it’s clear these guys are the foundations of the team now. But on defense, who besides Q is really considered a guy you’d expect to be here 2 years from now?
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