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  1. Or he was talking too much about getting his next contract. No way they were going to pay him a lot, and after the whole adams thing maybe they just figured he’s not good enough to want to deal with his whining.
  2. Make carolina earn any tds they get, make darnold drive the whole field and have to be in rhythm and complete multiple passes. And avoid the big PI calls.
  3. Particularly tough for avt who missed all preseason.
  4. Makes me think they’re going to really pound that ball and rotate the backs.
  5. Interesting that adams is active. Perine is probably still hurt.
  6. The way this draft unfolded really showed that this coaching staff and front office understands that you simply won’t win if you can’t score. Plus, and i keep writing this, but i think this young defense will really benefit from having an offense that can generate first downs and flip the field rather than the darnold era, getting the ball on their own 23, going 3 and out and giving it back to the other team when they start on their own 37, and it went on and on. The jets have a bunch of wrs and rbs who can all run in space and i expect them to use wilson on roll outs with a bunch of quick t
  7. Not if the jets are scoring. Plus i think the games can be closer than we think if the offense can keep time of possession equal or in the jets favor. With darnold the jets led the league in 3 and outs and that puts way too much pressure on any defense.
  8. seriously after week 1 there could be an injury and they need a body at a different position and zuninga is gone.
  9. If they thought bless was too old what must they think of crowder? truth i think they kept him around in case there were too many wr injuries in preseason and they didn’t want wilson throwing to newbies early on.
  10. Have to wonder if the jets knew something was up, why he missed practice the other day, and why they kept both Jeff smith and berrios.
  11. Besides can’t they always cut him and put someone else on the ps? No big deal.
  12. I had a different idea. Maybe the jets staff is looking to see who will be here in a few years, when they’re presumably going to be contending. Bless will be 28 in 3 years and is already saying he wants a huge contract. Well, if there isn’t much of a difference in actual performance among all these cbs, why keep the guy who is destined to be a contract headache who really isn’t much better than these other rooks? Douglas just dealt adams for this very reason. I think bless overplayed his hand, and the jets looked at all these cbs they’ve drafted and thought, well, these guys can hold the
  13. What’s wrong with that, especially since he really hasn’t played much, tested well athletically and plays a premium position? They can always cut him again, but they may as well try to work with him a bit longer since they really need edge rushers.
  14. Slightly different angle, but I’m sick of leading the league in 3 and outs. I want sustained drives even ones that don’t result in points. You want to help a young defense, win the time of possession so they’re not out there for nearly 40 minutes.
  15. I think he knows his team is short on veteran guys on defense after losing Lawson and davis, and he’ll look anywhere cheap to try to fix it.
  16. So does that mean Ashton davis is also not playing until after the bye week?
  17. I think they want to win games this year, but the roster just isn’t ready to truly contend. You know what, maybe the offense will be decent enough to keep them in games for a change, rather than relying on all those top defensive picks in the past decade to maybe keep the other team under 20 points so the jets have a shot.
  18. Whenever a jet draft pick doesn’t suck there’s a fear that he will blossom on another team and make the jets look stupid. Truth is that most guys the jets cut cant even cut it on the worst team and don’t make an impact elsewhere.
  19. You’d think the Lawson injury would flip him, but no, it’s bless Austin.
  20. Playing the odds that one of these guys can be at least decent.
  21. As far as the secondary goes, it seems like they’re going to use this year as a long tryout to see which guys to keep next year. The guys who stick will be battle tested and i expect them to draft a starting caliber cb in the first 2 rounds next year along with 2 pass rushers. As for TE, they’ll bring one in who won’t be much of a factor unless there’s injuries. Seems like they’re going to use that speed on offense to create space and use the rbs as extra wrs too. Could really be a fun offense to watch.
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