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  1. Get ready for some fun PIs this year.
  2. Have to wonder if the broader defensive philosophy is that if the DL can generate pressure, then the more speed in the secondary the better to get passes that aren’t on the mark.
  3. Dunn starting? After how he played vs the eagles.
  4. Unlike prior gms, i have faith that douglas has a solution. This is interesting, you’d think they could have traded him.
  5. It’s hard to see yeboah playing vs carolina. You have kroft and wesco and a bunch of wrs, and then you have a few rbs who are pretty much interchangeable in the passing game. I would think they’ll use some 4 wr sets with rbs lined up wide, and have wilson rolling out and throwing quick passes sometimes. This could really be an up tempo offense.
  6. I wonder how many TEs will be active opening day. We could see some interesting formations with berrios and Jeff smith along with the other wrs.
  7. Herndon has sucked for the jets and hasn’t been able to stay healthy. He doesn’t bring any one skill set that makes him valuable. The trade was a no brainer. The big question is, what are the jets going to do at TE and how does this impact the offense they want to run? They have plenty of wrs and rbs who can catch, maybe they’re going spread.
  8. Agree. And they have to have TE targets who can step in right away.
  9. “…or you can have what’s behind door #3”
  10. Douglas has to have something else. But at least herndon is gone. His hands are bad and he’s not a good blocker and he’s really not a good athlete. He added nothing.
  11. He passes the eye test, but there must be more. Maybe he’s not a factor in the passing game so he’s limited in that regard.
  12. Seriously, they may well have the youngest roster in the nfl this year.
  13. We focus on the bad starters, the guys drafted high, but also those backups. Just awful. You’d think that simply based on the law of averages that even accidentally they’d hit on a decent one. But no. Truth, they haven’t drafted a decent qb since Pennington, he’s the only one who has proven to be above average at any time. Maybe wilson breaks the trend. Also makes me wonder if the jets overall talent besides qb has been closer to average than i thought, but with the bad coaching and qb play they just couldn’t overcome it.
  14. Year 3, inconsistent, too many turnovers. Very similar to darnold, but i think jones is better. Better scrambler, better thrower. But overall, it’s unlikely jones ‘makes the jump’ in year 3 with that line. Barkley is a jag now. Who knows what they get from those wrs.
  15. That’s on gettleman, he drafted jones so he’s got to do everything he can to help him succeed. If jones can’t cut it this year, the giants will be in an interesting position, they have 2 firsts next year so they can target qbs but why would you let gettleman draft another one?
  16. I don’t see how herndon makes the team, he adds nothing. Wesco is a willing blocker and is the best FB option they have. Kroft looked good last week and has experience. Maybe yeboah pans out maybe he doesn’t but you can see he’s a more fluid athlete than herndon. Plus herndon’s hands aren’t reliable anyway.
  17. I hear you. But if the jets have injuries to wr and they need to put in another one into the game as a wr to help wilson, I’m choosing berrios. He can get open and now they have a qb who can hit him when he makes those cuts. Berrios and darnold was a bad combo b/c darnold was never good at those precision passing routes.
  18. I agree, adams runs with more authority and has more big play potential. Also we don’t know the extent of perine’s ankle injury and if it will sideline him during the regular season. But with Coleman, carter and johnson, it’s unclear where Perine fits beyond perhaps a goal line situation and even then I’d prefer adams.
  19. That’s right. The way to beat darnold is to keep pressuring him, he will make mistakes, he will turn it over. He could make 5 good throws in a row in a drive but the 6th could be an easy pick. And he’ll fumble, just keep at him.
  20. Thing about smith is that when will he really see the field when mims and moore are healthy. I know injuries always occur and that crowder has a year left, but these smiths are a jag.
  21. He grabbed it right away you figure he’s out a few weeks.
  22. Yeah but they do have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds next draft, in addition to FA.
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