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  1. This place was amazing. Hands down the best place to watch a game. MetLife is a complete disaster, and this place shows how evident that statement really is. I can't wait to go back in 8 years.
  2. Got my tickets in 414 row 3.. Great vantage point it seems.
  3. Thanks for the help rex-n-effect. Going with my fiancé and and another couple, with a few random friends thrown in. Really excited.
  4. rex-n-effect Staying in Market Square which is a bit away form the stadium from what I understand. I would like to go to the JFK park Friday am, but after that, no real plans. Fox and Hound is around here, so I would probably go with something more authentic. Nightlife meaning a nice spot to grab a drink and hang out, not looking for the college experience again.
  5. Any tips for tailgates or nightlife for Friday?
  6. Going with a group of 4 others. I can't wait. Leaving Philly at 6am Friday.
  7. Anyone thinking of a tailgate? Or a get together? I am going to be with 5 others. Nice group of 6 people. Still need tickets.. Real pain in the ass looking for 6 seats together, but break up into 4 and 2. I am really excited for this.
  8. If anyone is willing to set up a tailgate, or a Jets meet up, keep me in the loop. Cant wait to get down there for this game.
  9. I sucked this week.. Will be back next week though.. Good luck to those who are live with a shot to beat the pros..
  10. I bought a PSL when the stadium opened in Mezz A.. I bought 1 ticket, and my friends followed suit in the same section and rows as me. We had a great time in our seats, but the seats just became way to expensive. I can understand 125 a game, but having to pay that in the lean years is really draining. In years past when the team stunk, paying 75 bucks, or less was OK. Now wit the dominance of StubHub and the secondary market in general, it will always be a buyers market. Sellers are really behind the 8 ball when it comes to high priced tickets now. This season I dropped my seats before the s
  11. Cashed with 4 of my 5 teams. All minimal cashing (20 bucks), but still cashing none the less. Again, Max, awesome job. Thanks. Look forward to week 5. Hopefully we can get more Jetnation people and less outsiders/pros
  12. Entered 4 times this week. Have had some nice turnouts in this pool. Really enjoy doing it. Thanks Max
  13. Bought tix from another member earlier in the week, now thinking about making it a family affair. Anyone selling 2-4 more seats ? Let me know. Thanks
  14. Totally agree. Some people will wear green jets jerseys not knowing about the white out, and they will look like eagles fans from a far also.. Pretty stupid on the Jets part. Their game day routines are so bush league..
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