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    I like soup
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    Attaching alligator clips to my gonads, wires to clips, the wires to a car battery.

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  1. Warm in the winter, shade in the summer
  2. Hey Ho, Let's go! I do the same thing every time someone says "Hey"
  3. We can rule out sex crimes. Wonder what happened?
  4. The way Becton is holding those titties you know he's going to fatten up on some breast milk.
  5. Kid lacking the fire and desire to get started. Clearly inherited from the father. (figured I'd make this comment here as well)
  6. Kid not very motivated to get started. Clearly that's from the dad's side of the family
  7. He's training to be a doula and assist with his wife's post partum time. Should see him around mid season.
  8. I feel like this might be Defense Wins Championships with some medical supervision
  9. I'm impressed this fat ignorant gasbag still has listeners. He must be losing like 12 a day to strokes, so demographics working against him.
  10. For folks that liked SRV, Dave Gonzalez from The Paladins is SRV-like, or they share common influences, where DG is a little more rockabilly/jump blues: I could go on, with Hollywood Fats and a bunch of other guys, but just Dave for now
  11. Did either of these beasts sign yet to breed with the other defensive linemen?
  12. Worth every second. Thank god I got to see these two legends in concert, though not together. SRV, I saw two times, once at the West Side Piers, the other time...I forget where. I think The Ritz. Albert King was on a triple bill with Bobby Blue Bland and BB King. Pretty sure it was the old Palladium.
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