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    I like soup
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    Attaching alligator clips to my gonads, wires to clips, the wires to a car battery.

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  1. F*cking Jets! Waived the best name on the team! Oh! He's back! Nevermind!
  2. Copy, then "paste as plain text." My eyes thank you. Done.
  3. Sucking for 6 years: Not cause for firing Sucking on a spliff for 6 seconds: Cause for firing
  4. If Darnold isn't back next week, I suggest the Jets start direct snapping to Bell and use Falk's spot on the offense for an extra blocker. I mean, It can't be any worse than the current results.
  5. Invest in a kilo of the best Bolivian blow and take a year off hanging out on an island paradise with a super model.
  6. He'll need them as he runs for life avoiding sacks
  7. I really liked this guy in "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" but after he made the NFL, not so much.
  8. I don't post as much as others, but I'm all for this internet transparency. The increasingly thickening buzzardman and family
  9. Using the posts on this forum to guide my choices, I can't come up with one player

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