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  1. There's a "more likely his wally piped" joke in here but I'm still working on it
  2. DeShaun Watson will find Anal Cleavage happiness away from the confines of Houston.
  3. Also, while it sucks the Jets are carrying X amount dead space money (since we aren't sure how much of the above includes some accounting cap charge) isn't there some good news in here that the Jets will have a decent amount of cap room next year? I get there are other things to consider though. Bobby may have signed the most awesome sports contract outside the one the Kentucky Colonels got to not join the NBA.
  4. I'm no football expert, by far. Can't even pretend to scout the game like some on here can. But watching Moore, against SEC competition, and there is a athletic fluidity and skill where it seemed like he was a just a level above the guys guarding him. I think he's going to be fantastic. Also, maybe Mims is just ok/good. Of course I hope he'll be better than that. But if he's just good, it's still putting a WR out there who is good, who is cheap and on their rookie deal. I'll take it.
  5. The thick neck Jets coaches and FO personnel provide all the old leadership Jets can stand.
  6. Old discussion at this point, but Moore's ability to find seams and get open is going to be really really valuable and helpful with an athletic QB who can move around and buy time to get passes off. Also, Moore seems to be able to function as a quasi RB, so maybe the Jets can run some of those options, which is extra interesting with the RB Carter, who seems to be a pretty good WR for a RB. Nice to see Jets got weapons for Wilson, but also weapons that make sense for how Wilson plays and the offense the Jets want to run.
  7. Morrissey can't take jokes. Figures. His music was always extra gloomy.
  8. Who should not apply for Jets coaching/FO jobs:
  9. I've biked there a few times, but it wasn't my regular since I lived in Queens. My brother lived on the UES and was a more regular user of the park and the loop. He said the loop was actually safer when it allowed cars, as cars drove it, bikes stayed to one side and it was ok. When they closed it to cars, it became overrun with thoughtless joggers and moms with strollers. Also, people would take chances crossing "against traffic" with bikes they'd never do with cars, or with greater frequency. Bikes are almost always the loser in the car vs bike battle so I just went wit
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