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    Attaching alligator clips to my gonads, wires to clips, the wires to a car battery.

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  1. Jets Sign Kicker Cairo Santos

    Cool first name, sounds like a middle eastern city. Coach of Jets reminds me of a middle eastern city too. Dumbasskis.
  2. We're going to miss Teddy... not happy u got him

    Posts quickly went from "Yo, what's up, Teddy is great, you suck" Gets a little grief Plays race card. That was quick.
  3. The honey badger is pretty badass. It runs all over the place.
  4. Mo strangling Manesh until his brain is deprived of oxygen, which ends his writing career and puts Mo out of the NFL works for me.
  5. What happened to the gold days of sports when the players were on coke binges? At least they were more energetic, which is an issue for Mo Wilk. Mo needs a recreational drug change up.
  6. Robby Anderson Deleted Tweet

    Springfield Va was like that. I thought "oh, it's a little big away from DC". Saw the house prices. I'm paying what to live like what? Hence, we are are 30 minutes further down 95 or out 66 or whatever.
  7. Robby Anderson Deleted Tweet

    That's funny. I'm closer to Manassas/Bull Run etc. I refer to it as part of the "Business Analyst/middle management belt". Aldie is up in Loudoun county. Not sure if it's in the fancy horse fence section though. My son's football team will play the team from that area when it gets to regional playoffs etc. Loudoun county is more of the "I own a company making a mint off government contracts" land. Lol. Been here 5+ years and still getting used to layout.
  8. Robby Anderson Deleted Tweet

    Score: 75. That's what I get for living near the Fairfax county line but not in it. Taking a Prince William County hit of 10 points. lolz.
  9. Robby Anderson Deleted Tweet

    Hey, two Nova guys, like me. I too moved here to live a better life based on the massive bloating of the federal government.
  10. Robby Anderson Deleted Tweet

    He could have used an English teacher or two as well.
  11. It costs a lot of money to keep a boyfriend in nice suits
  12. Even when driving, the world is too slow for Robbie.
  13. Be quiet or we'll call up that lab in Arizona and tell them to abuse Ted Williams' cryogenic head some more.