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    I like soup
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    Attaching alligator clips to my gonads, wires to clips, the wires to a car battery.

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  1. Gase is more Boardwalk Empire Steve Buscemi than Airheads Steve Buscemi
  2. The Jets might not have the biggest names, or that iconic tall WR/end zone guy, but the WR corps, combined with Bells receiving ability and at least two TE's on the team that are legit offensive threats (assuming the kid drafted is legit) combined with any head coach not named Bowles and any offensive coordinator he hired, has me thinking the Jets offense will be pretty good. Bell Anderson Powell Enunwa Herndon Wesco Montgomery Powell? Not bad
  3. Nice colors. Now I don't have to take shrooms or smoke dope before getting on the site.
  4. I was really just making a stupid joke about his name "Meander"
  5. I think your intuition is on. Thank you for your service, from another member of the Airborne brotherhood.
  6. Montrel Meander - sounds like he should be a Free Safety
  7. I'm wary of "good defensive coordinators" who aren't able to spot the attributes of what is a "good defensive coordinator" in another human they hire to do that for them
  8. Is he doing it for the children though?
  9. Lot of people sensitive about golf on here
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