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    Attaching alligator clips to my gonads, wires to clips, the wires to a car battery.

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  1. Not so sure. Gregg Williams won't be able to sneak up on him.
  2. Todd Bowels He DID say "crap head coach" after all
  3. I don't know. I'm not an NFL scout. I'll try to find an opinion on him and die on that hill via 10,000 message board posts though. Give me a sec.
  4. I picked other, so I could choose "The day I became a fan of the team" F*ck you shea stadium and f*ck you to my parents, for having us live somewhat geographically close to it, so that this became my football team.
  5. Pretty sure it's a byproduct of having at least two awful GM's in a row, who followed a GM who wasn't all that great either.
  6. Well, according to experts on here Darnold sucks, so it doesn't matter who he's throwing to, he wouldn't hit them with the pass anyway.
  7. Wasn't "playing scared/too conservative" the complaint leveled against Bowels? I believe the proper term is called "playing talentless" Which applies to the coach and 95% of the team

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