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  1. He looked pretty awful once the age of Pittsburg's O line showed up
  2. I caught a little whiff of constitutional law and economics discussed. It's not too late to inject some race, religion and politics into this discussion. Hints: Maybe Watson is just a secular, educated person of color...
  3. I've changed my profile and cover photos in honor of the man who's about to do so much to change the fortunes of the Jets for the better.
  4. Can I now engage in some wild pessimism after all the wild optimism?
  5. Since Watson only counts for 10 million this year, even if the Jets had to carry Darnold on the cap (not likely) I believe they could sign more than one top free agent, though "marguis", I'd agree - especially if they wanted to build out the rest of the team. But Watson/Robinson/Tunney seems doable, along with a few cheaper FA's for DL/CB/RB etc But, Watson probably going back to the Texans and Jets will be stuck with the Ginger Blockhead
  6. Chad Spanishsomethingsomething >>> Matt Miller. But whatevs. Keep that pick and get a great player or moar picks or get some DW. Don't care. Jets in the catbird seat.
  7. Like every other good trade etc, depends on the cost. Obviously, VERY debatable among fans, but the Jets 2nd overall is very valuable. So that and another 1st and then let's see what else. Goes to high, I'm fine with Douglas saying STFU & GTFO to the Texans. Use the pick instead, trade back etc. If reasonable, do it.

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