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    Attaching alligator clips to my gonads, wires to clips, the wires to a car battery.

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  1. thebuzzardman

    Should they just IR Darnold?

    It might help the revenue stream?
  2. He's like 7-up. The Un-Bobble.
  3. Epic game by the Jets. Maybe Bowels finally gets fired
  4. thebuzzardman

    Bowles' ineptitude - when did it happen?

    That moment he put pen to paper on the NY Jets head coach contract
  5. Theological question. When Adams leaves, does it mean God hates the Jets? And if he stays, does it mean god loves the Jets, and if he does, why is that not considered a cruel god?
  6. thebuzzardman

    What happens if McKown pulls a Fitzmagic

    What we need is less cowbell
  7. thebuzzardman

    Randy Fichtner (PIT OC)

    At least we could look forward to posts calling him a "Randy Fister" when he turns out to not be good
  8. He should have been a banker. Would have gotten a bonus instead of jail time.
  9. thebuzzardman

    Darnold in a walking boot. Not practicing.

    Probably sprained an ankle chasing a Winter's snap
  10. thebuzzardman

    This Jets/Vikings game is a MUST WIN. Here's why.

    Damn. Now I'm conflicted.
  11. Enjoy your win. If your team's defense is horrible, the Jets may be able to offset the 45 points you are about to hang on their defense.
  12. thebuzzardman


    Jets exceeded Giants win total for the season today

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