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    Attaching alligator clips to my gonads, wires to clips, the wires to a car battery.

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  1. I sense Robert Kraft made the call to Watson that sealed the deal
  2. Sorry. I got confused with the rest of the island.
  3. If any other team than the Jets drafted him, I'd be far less confident. The Jets will f*ck this up. It's what they do.
  4. It's nice. A small percentage of well to do NY'ers live there and the rest of the spaces provide a nice way for rich foreigners to park their money. Then there's a big ol' schwarma statue that tourists like.
  5. Mahomes effect makes it sound like one day Zach will be great. Kind of misleading.
  6. I'm not sure a sports psychologist could help but you should explore it. I see no good reason why anyone not born within 50 miles of either Shea or Meadowlands stadium should subject themselves to this steaming pile of dung. Even then people should be holding serious talks with themselves or a professional. So, were you breastfead as a child? Have you considered harming yourself (besides Jets viewing)? Have you ever experienced the yips?
  7. I feel like there could have been a healthy amount of death jumping at the Jets stadium too. I wonder why everyone picks the giant schwarma to commit the suicide on. Maybe it's ease of getting off it.
  8. Isn't there some nice expensive housing and a cool sculpture that looks like a giant schwarma instead? Probably for the best.
  9. You are from another land. There sure are no geographical, or sports xenophobic reasons, why you are tied to the Jets. Feel free to select another NFL team. One that displays general competence over the course of years or even, gasp, decades. Spare yourself. It's not too late. Most of the posters here are in Hotel Jetafornia, but unlike them, you can checkout AND leave.
  10. I just assume Jets fans aren't interested in any of that, since they've been in short supply for many a year.
  11. "Jamal Adams is like a 1947 movie about nuns" "That's because he's Black Narcissus"
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