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    I like soup
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    Attaching alligator clips to my gonads, wires to clips, the wires to a car battery.

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  1. thebuzzardman

    Mike McCagnan 3rd worst GM in NFL?

    Very generous
  2. thebuzzardman

    Wonderlic Scores 2019

    Also, A goal of mine is to put two thoughts in your head every time you hear about the Wonderlic test: That it's named after everyone's favorite whore That, by association, when you hear player has a high wonderlic score, it creates uncomfortable thoughts. Well, for nearly everyone. I bet Tom Brady has a very high Wonderlic score.
  3. thebuzzardman

    Draft Speculation, Hopes, & Dreams (MERGED)

    I'd draft a bunch of sh*tty players, plow through FA money without addressing the offensive line, cash checks and hope to get fired early and enjoy more checks.
  4. thebuzzardman

    Wonderlic Scores 2019

    Always felt a little weird about a test that sounded like it was named after everyone's favorite whore. Well, I'm sure that's been covered on here over the years about 1,000 times.
  5. thebuzzardman

    LeVeon Bell Tweet

    Here's the pants pic:
  6. thebuzzardman

    Ignore rumors and study history

    For the current chief executive? * JETS WILL DRAFT FOOTBALL PLAYERS
  7. thebuzzardman

    Jets Game By Game Predictions

    Only 14 wins? What did the Jets do to you?
  8. I have this shed that needs painting. After it's done, I'll watch it dry, instead of watching the draft.
  9. Yeah, I'm pretty sure both red & blue have lots of supporters for no knock warrants, asset forfeiture etc etc etc, before any one party wants to go wrap themselves in the constitution etc.
  10. Solid points. But who is a worse human being? Robert Kraft or Jamal Adams?
  11. thebuzzardman

    Stick and Pick

    I thought this was another Kraft porno video topic.
  12. Jets in video session, made to watch Kraft porn after each loss After losing in week 2, Jets go undefeated the rest of the year
  13. thebuzzardman

    All Jets fans do is complain

    This thread sucks

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