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  1. Probably so they can send some kind of social media nudge, which is all it takes for millions of Americans to run off and self propagandize themselves all over the place
  2. Jets player accused of statutory rape coming right up
  3. Dr Strangelove would be a more appropriate name and icon for a Jets site
  4. I don't believe it's the Jets but I would never underestimate their ineptitude and I'm shocked you are. Frankly disappointing.
  5. Damn. What about the good old days when interns got sexually harassed instead of being forced to make up twitter PR.
  6. Sure? Why not try to understand what they are doing, even if it's bad?
  7. What do you think instant reply is for? Well, actually, not for point shaving. It's to make sure the refs don't point shave. Well, actually, it's not for that. It's so that when certain people lose really really large bets and they think it's the ref's fault, the reply exonerates the ref, so the ref is less likely to be shot in the face. It's not a coincidence the NBA went in bigger on "instant reply" after they formalized their legal gambling relationship. Ok, that's a slightly cynical take. But replay is more about gambling than the game itself, in any sport. The NBA move solidified the thought for me this year.
  8. Loss of that 6th round pick is going to deal a mighty blow to NFL cheating
  9. Glad to see the continued formalizing of gambling and pro sports. Need to get an NBA team in Vegas too, now that they are all in on gambling as well. MLB will follow. Also, please relax the laws on drugs, as I'd like to enjoy hookers and blow AT the Raiders game, instead of just after.
  10. Imagine if he REALLY headed up a religion? disciple: "Can you walk on water?" JD: "I float very well" disciple: "Can you restore eyesight to the blind?" JD: "I can improve your hearing a little" disciple: "Well, can you at least grant us eternal life?" JD: "No, but I can get you 30% off at your local funeral home!"
  11. I'm all for maximizing profits while screwing over more rural, poorer populations. It's the American way.
  12. Is overdosing on sleeping pills one of the correct answers? I'm pretending to be one of the Johnson brothers, right? I'm confused
  13. The Pats even used contractors for "plausible deniability" just like real government spy agencies do. Impressive.

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