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  1. What are the Jets trading for Deebo this time?
  2. What was Tanard doing? I blame his parents for unfortunate rhyming name
  3. I like that they are both good receivers in addition to being good runners.
  4. Somehow he gets drawn into nearly every Zach-a-thon debate. You gotta pay closer attention.
  5. What's wrong with a big meteor?
  6. Can you tell by the way he uses his walk?
  7. But, but, but what about Mac Jones?
  8. Just stopping by for the latest Mac Jones analysis
  9. I like to get my hopes up to maximize the feelings of crushing defeat and disappointment. This is also why I'm a Knick fan.
  10. Need moar Jets - Patriots - Zach - Mac Jones talk
  11. He's going into hiding from DWC
  12. Is Zach Ken O'Brien? Probably too high a bar eh? Richard Todd?
  13. Defense Wins Championships has him shook
  14. Jelking doesn't work?
  15. Polite way of saying fat
  16. Plenty of time to tend to the weed crop in retirement
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